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My brothers dilemma

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The time my brother asked for my advice about girls

I was twenty-two years old, still living at home with my mother and eighteen-year-old brother Leon.
One Saturday night, there was a knock on my door. “Come in!”

“Hey, Pippa.” It was Leon. “Do you have time for a chat please?”

My brother looked very nervous. “Of course. What’s up?”

Leon stepped into my bedroom and closed the door, checking mom wasn’t around first. “Is everything ok, little brother?”

“I’m sorry to come to you with this, Pippa. I just don’t know who else to turn to.”

“Ok, sit down and relax. I can see you look stressed about something.”

“Thanks.” He sat on the end of my bed beside me. “Well, there’s this girl in school.”

“Oh, I see,” I smiled.

“The thing is, I really like her, and I know she likes me too.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“We’ve been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now. Nothing serious, but she’s invited me round her house tomorrow. Her parents are going out for lunch. Netflix and chill were her words. It’s going to be the first time we’ve been alone together, properly alone I mean.”

“Are you thinking she wants to have sex with you?” I cut to the chase.

“Maybe?” my brother shrugged.

“Leon, answer me honestly. I won’t judge you, okay?”

“Ok,” he nodded and sat up straight.

“Are you still a virgin?”

“I know it’s pathetic at my age, but yeah.” My brother slumped and looked down at my bedroom floor, suddenly looking like a loser.

In all honesty, I was surprised. My brother is a good looking, sweet, genuine guy. He stands 5’9 with a toned, athletic body and a gentle personality.

Leon looked up to me because I was always there for him. I’d given him dating advice before, when he was sixteen, about to go on his first date to the cinema. I advised him on the appropriate behaviour etc. and the signals to look out for from his date.

Fast forward two years, and I was surprised my brother was still a virgin, but also proud he wasn’t one of those typical high school guys who couldn’t wait to stick it to any girl prepared to spread her legs.

“Leon, it’s fine. Don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed about it. So what if you’re still a virgin. Be proud. I wish I was still a virgin,” I joked. We both laughed.

“The thing is, Pippa. The guys in school are always bragging about sex and blowjobs. I haven’t even touched a girl. I’ve kissed girls for sure, but that’s it!”

“You mean you haven’t even put your hands on a girls’ breasts?”

“Only over her top, never had the balls to go under it, let alone get them out and play with them.”

“Why not?”

“Too worried about scaring her off.”

“Oh, Leon,” I sympathised. My brother really was an innocent sweetheart. Too innocent.

“Sad, I know,” he grumbled.

“Ok, wow! Where to start?” I stood up, trying to think of a way to help my little brother before he went to his girlfriend’s house and made a complete fool of himself.

“I just want your advice on how to approach tomorrow.”

“What’s your girlfriend’s name? Is she a virgin?”

“Donna, and yeah, she says she’s a virgin. I believe her.”

“Ok, and has Donna actually indicated she wants anything to happen tomorrow? What kind of girl is she?”

“She’s amazing. I think she’s intelligent and beautiful, but some of the boys say she’s frigid and I have no chance with her. I really like her, Pippa. It’s not about sex.”

“You’re so sweet, Leon, but even girls don’t want a guy to be too sweet. What vibes are you getting? You’re both eighteen and virgins, going to be home alone chilling in front of Netflix.”

I cast my brother a dubious look. Surely, he wasn’t that naïve.

“I don’t know if she wants to have sex. I doubt it. We’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks. We’ve kissed, so I’m expecting we’ll be doing that, but I’m worried if I try to touch her, I’ll ruin everything.”

“Do you want more than kissing? Does she? You know what I’m talking about, right?”

“Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I think we both want more. I know I do. I get hard every time we kiss.”

I laughed and sat back down. “Trust me brother, Donna definitely wants you to touch her. You have to be mindful though, move too fast and you might trespass on her boundaries.”

“That’s exactly why I’ve come to you. I’m a guy who hasn’t even felt a pair of tits before. I want to do it right and not get carried away. I want her to enjoy it. If that’s all that happens then I’m fine with that.”

I thought for a few moments, unsure of the best advice to give my little brother. Not knowing this Donna girl at all, and not knowing how reliable my brother’s knowledge of her intimate past was, I had to think carefully.

“Ok, it’s really quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to be confident. If she’s as frigid as your friends say she is, then chances are she’s either rejected all of their advances, or she’s had a bad experience. Guys can be assholes when they have a girl in their hands. You think with your dicks all the time. Which sometimes is a good thing,” I laughed. “But not when the girl is looking for genuine affection.”

“So, what do you suggest?” Leon sighed, totally lost.

“I suggest you follow your heart. You’re a good guy. You’re sweet and loving. You’ll know the signs. It’s natural. When you’re kissing Donna, simply recognise her responses.”

“I was hoping you’d give me a bit more than that?” my brother frowned.

“Donna is creating the perfect setting for you both. No interruptions and you’ve already kissed. Make sure you have protection, but keep it hidden just in case sex isn’t on her agenda. Go there with no expectations. Then, when you get close and inevitably start kissing, gauge her responses. You’ll know if she wants more. Kiss her nice and slow. Don’t rush it. Hold her and don’t get too excited with your hands unless she starts getting excited, signalling she wants more.”

“That’s pretty much what happens. Except Donna doesn’t take the lead. So, we end up just kissing.”

“She’s waiting for you, Leon. Inexperienced girls rarely take the lead in fear of messing it up or leading you on too far. You know what guys are like. How many of your friends shoot their mouths off about girls who don’t put out? And the girls who do? You already said they brag about having sex and blowjobs.”

“I know, but I’m not like them. It’s the same for guys too, you know. I’ve seen guys reputations get destroyed by girls because he shot his load too early, or because his dick was too small. Anyway, I’m not even worried about that. I just don’t want to start groping her and then fuck it up.”

“First of all, don’t grope her!” I laughed. “This is not happening whilst drunk in an upstairs bedroom at a house party. If she’s not taking the lead, then you have to. Consent is key. Ask her softly what she likes and wants while you’re kissing. If she’s enjoying the kiss, move across her face. Kiss her cheek, neck and ear lobe. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll tell you. She won’t panic and kick you out because you kissed an area she doesn’t like.”

“The kissing isn’t a concern, Pippa. I’m happy kissing all those areas. But when I want to bring my hands in on the action, I get doubts in my head. I know it’s not normal for a guy my age, but that’s how I feel. Then the anxiety creeps in and my head is fucked.”

“Trust me, Leon, with your attitude, you’re going to be fine. You’re already putting Donna’s feelings before your own. I’m starting to doubt if you’re actually a guy!” I joked, it was poor timing, very poor timing indeed.

“Thanks, sis, I came to you for help, not to have my masculinity questioned.”

I quickly put my hand on my brother’s thigh and smoothed it back and forth. “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry.”

“I know you didn’t,” he sighed again. “I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening.”

“Leon, please don’t leave like this.”

“It’s fine, Pippa, honestly. “I just need to man up. Get over these dumb nerves and go with the flow.”

“You’ll be fine. You have a gentleman’s heart.”

My brother left, leaving me wondering if I’d been any help at all. But what else could I have said? I believed he would be fine, but somehow, I felt he left just as nervous as when he first opened up to me, possibly worse.

Putting my little brother’s problems aside, I went for a shower, and as always, when I’m under the pleasant feelings of hot water, I became aroused.

Over nothing in particular, I simply became turned on as I soaped and washed my full breasts. My nipples became hard, and my clit began to throb.

Standing beneath the main shower head, I picked up the smaller hand shower and began to rinse the soap from my body.

Taking my time to caress each breast with my free hand, I then smoothed my hand down my tummy and over my shaven pubic mound.

My body was already tingling when I reached my pussy and slid my index and middle fingers either side of my clitoral hood.

I spread them apart to reveal my throbbing bud, then directed the hand shower a few inches in front of my clit.

As the jets sprayed against my sweet spot, pounding it with hot pressurised water, I leaned my back into the corner of the tiled wall and let the water do all the work. Moaning and panting in no time, my mind began to wander.

Visions of my brother and his girlfriend Donna entered my thoughts. She was blurry because I didn’t know what she looked like, but I could see my brother clearly, expertly caressing his girlfriend just the way I liked it done to me.

In my fantasy my brother wasn’t aggressive or too grabby, he was gentle and attentive. In no rush to unclothe me.

Wait! What? I was suddenly the blurry girl in my fantasy. I could see myself kissing my brother as he touched my breasts through my clothing. He was rubbing them over my t-shirt. Leon then confidently put his hand up my t-shirt and played with my breasts over my bra.

The next thing I saw in my mind was my brother removing my t-shirt. Once it was off, he started touching all the exposed fleshy parts of my breasts which weren’t covered by the bra. His fingertips gently grazed along the top edge of the black lace bra I imagined myself wearing.

Leon grew in confidence, kissing my neck and throat before he moved down into my cleavage. Touching and kissing the sides of my breasts, he slid his hands round my back. I helped him by raising my body off the bed. I visualised myself gasping just as hard in my fantasy as I was in the shower, because I imagined my virgin brother unclasping my bra as if he’d done it a million times before.

“Oh my God! Yes! I’m gonna cum!” I panted.

Leon oozed confidence and delight at seeing my breasts for the first time. He didn’t dive in and grab them as if they were big balls of dough, needing to be flattened and slapped about.

No, he delicately touched the areas around the sides of my breasts. Very gently tracing a fingertip along the sides of my sensitive curves, downwards and across my underboob.

My brother’s soft lips then gently kissed my breasts for a few moments. His tongue licked around each nipple in turn. He tasted my dark areoles, turning my already hard nipples sensitive. They were crying out in agony. Then my brother suckled on one teat and then the other. Back and forth he teased every inch of my breasts.

A question suddenly popped into my head. Do you want him to fuck you? Do you want your brother to slide his cock into your pussy, Pippa?”

“Oooooooh, fuck! Yes! Fuck, yes! I’m cumming, Leon. I’m cumming!”

My orgasm was so intense, I dropped the shower head inside the bathtub and it sprayed water straight up at the ceiling. I didn’t care. I started rubbing my clit and shoved a finger into my wet, aching hole. I fucked myself hard until my clit became too sensitive and my orgasm subsided.

“Shit, Pippa!” I gasped, picking up the shower head up. Where the hell did that come from? What if he heard you?”

I finished showering and sheepishly stepped out of the bathroom. Relieved to see my brother’s door was closed. He was busy playing video games online with his friends.

Mortified that I’d just wandered into an incestual fantasy involving my little brother, I shivered and closed my bedroom door.

Sitting at my vanity unit, I dried my hair with my bath towel wrapped around my body. I tried to concentrate but the thoughts kept returning. No matter how hard I tried to ignore them, they just kept coming back.

There was another knock on my door. It startled me and I panicked. “Hang on! I’ve just gotten out of the shower! I’m still in my towel!”

“It’s only me, Pippa!” It was my mom.

“Come in!” I sighed, turning off my hairdryer.

Only popping her head inside, my mom told me to order a takeaway. She was going out for drinks with her boyfriend, and she wasn’t going to be back until morning.

For the next ten minutes I sat motionless with a towel wrapped tightly around my body, clutching the hairdryer while I stared into space. Then suddenly a thought, an idea, a wicked idea, popped into my head.
I stood up and put a matching black lace bra and panty set on, then slipped into my loungewear blouse and shorts. With a few deep breaths, I walked out of my bedroom and knocked on my brother’s door.


“Mom said to order a takeaway. What do you fancy?”

“Pizza’s always a winner!”

“Double Pepperoni?”

“Yes please! Give me a shout when it arrives. I’ll come down and eat with you!”

I went into the kitchen to order the pizza and immediately poured myself a large glass of wine. By the time the pizza arrived, I was halfway through my second glass.

“Leon! Pizza’s here!” I shouted up the stairs.

“I’ll be down in five!”

We sat and watched an episode of Friends while we ate our pizza. Leon was chuckling away, but I was sat across from him, one eye on the sitcom, one eye on my brother, biding my time to bring up his dilemma again.

“I’m sorry about earlier, Leon,” I said, pausing the TV. “I don’t think I was much help.”

“Forget about it, Pippa,” he shrugged. “It wasn’t exactly something a brother should ask his sister.”

“Come on, Leon, you know that’s not an issue. I want to help you.”

“You already did. You’re right. I just need to be myself and let everything happen naturally.”

“No, Leon. I want to help you.”

“Huh? What do you mean.”

“Let’s say Donna wants you to do more than just kissing, do you know how to remove a girls clothing and touch her body? Touch her in a way that will arouse her and not kill the fun and excitement you’re both experiencing?”

“You know I haven’t done any of that,” my little brother frowned. “That’s why I asked you for some advice.”

“I can only tell you what I like. Most girls will be similar, depending on their mood.”

“Will you tell me what you like? I mean, not in a weird way. Just tell me how a girl likes to be touched. I don’t want to grab or hurt Donna by being too rough.”

“You’re more in danger of being overexcited. Donna will get a buzz out of you being excited about her body. But she won’t just want a kissing, groping session. She might, but I doubt it.”

“So will you tell me how to do it, please?”

“I can do better than that. Finish your pizza and come to my bedroom with me.”

“Pippa? What are you saying?” Leon looked shell shocked.

“I’m going to let you practice while I tell you what to do.”

“Practice how?”

“On me, dummy,” I giggled. “How else are you going to learn. By tomorrow, you’ll be able to control your emotions and seduce the clothes right off your girlfriend. Who knows, you might even lose your cherries together.”

“Fuck! Are you serious? Your tits are massive compared to Donna’s.”

“Been peeking, have you?” I laughed.

“No!” my little brother squirmed. “But you can’t miss them. You and mom are both busty. I get plenty of stick from all my friends about it.”

“What kind of stick?” I wondered.

“My friends follow your social media. They tell me they want to fuck you. The ones who have met mom call her a MILF. It’s annoying to be honest.”

“Well, let’s not get side tracked. Finish your pizza and meet me in my room.”

“Forget the pizza, I’m ready now.”

“Calm down. Now you’re showing your inexperience, inexperience that will put Donna off in an instant,” I giggled.


“Give me a few minutes to get ready. You can wait outside my door until I call you into my room.”

Inside my bedroom, I stood with my back against the door, shocked to my core. I couldn’t believe what I’d just offered my brother. I couldn’t believe he accepted so readily. Inhaling several deep breaths, I paced my bedroom knowing my brother was standing outside.

“Are you ok, Pippa? We can forget about it, if you want?”

I didn’t answer him. Instead, I collected my sleep mask and a scarf and put them on my bed before finally opening the door.

“Are you ok?” Leon asked once more.

“I’m fine. Come in and sit down on the bed.”

“Are you sure? It’s a bit weird, isn’t it?” My brother moved awkwardly, taking his seat on my bed.

“That’s why you’re going to be blindfolded,” I told him. “You need to concentrate on what you’re doing, not who you’re doing it to.”

“I’m cool with that.” Leon’s voice was as shaky as my hands.

“Put my sleep mask on and then I’ll gently tie the scarf around your head.”

“I can’t stop shaking,” he chuckled nervously, staring at my chest. “I never imagined my first pair of tits being my …”

“Shhhhh!” I shut him up, placing my finger against his lips. “Just close your eyes and relax.”

Leon took a couple of deep breaths before he slipped my sleep mask over his eyes. I then wrapped my scarf around his head, covering the sleep mask.

“Can you see anything?”

“Pitch black.”

“Ok,” I sighed nervously. “Now pretend I’m Donna. Imagine we’re on her bed when I kiss you.”

“We’re going to kiss?” Leon gasped. “I thought I was only going to feel your tits?”

“Relax. Stop talking and pretend I’m Donna.” I was so nervous; my brother’s understandable questions were quickly getting on my nerves. I sat down beside him, face on.

“No more talking,” I told him. Leon agreed as we settled on my bed together.

It was a very strange and surreal feeling sitting beside my blindfolded brother. I closed my eyes and turned his face towards mine. We were both breathing heavily, nervous and excited.

A soft gasp escaped my lips, right before our mouths opened and our tongues touched. I put my hands on Leon’s face, and he put one hand on my waist. My brother was a good kisser. He kissed me gently, using his tongue while he smoothed my waist with his hand.

“Notice my breathing. Notice how I’m using my tongue. Pay attention to my responses,” I whispered, then continued the kiss.

“You kiss better than Donna,” my brother breathed, shuffling closer and putting his hand on my lower back.

“Think only of Donna,” I reminded him, but even I was beginning to struggle. I was turned on kissing my little brother.

Leon pulled back and kissed down my chin. I stirred as he planted soft kisses across my neck to my ear lobe. I couldn’t understand his lack of confidence, where Donna was concerned, he was good, grazing my sensitive erogenous zones with his soft lips. He so far had nothing to worry about.

Wanting to take control, I restrained myself and let my brother continue. I needed to see what he would do. After a few minutes, he actually overstayed his welcome on my neck. He was clearly haemorrhaging on what to do next.

I deliberately didn’t reciprocate his actions. If Donna was indeed frigid, then my brother would have to take the lead. Eventually, realising he wasn’t going to do such a thing with me, I gave him further instructions.

“Don’t stay too long kissing my neck. Return to the lips and start moving your hands towards my breasts. Do it slowly. This is not a one-night stand.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do if it was,” Leon joked, which did make me giggle.

“Just take it slow, Donna is not going to spread her legs for you because your kissing has turned her on. Be yourself a follow your instincts with Donna’s feelings in mind.”

“Ok, Pippa,” he groaned then kissed me passionately, moving his hand up and down the side of my body.”

“Donna!” I reminded him again.

“Sorry, I meant Donna,” he corrected himself, reaching the side of my right breast. His hand lingered there for a moment, kissing me softly, before my brother’s hand moved round my body and down to my lower back.

My hormones were truly alive and kicking, with no idea how far this was going to go. Leon moved his hand and slipped it under my blouse, smoothing my bare back for a moment. He then brought it round to my tummy.

“Yes,” I sighed, aroused, then his hand gently felt it’s way to my tummy. I sensed he wanted to go higher, closer towards my breasts. “Do it, Leon. Feel them.”
We were still kissing softly. Despite being brother and sister, it felt natural. A few minutes of kissing with his hand feeling my tummy, my brother pleasantly surprised me.

Leon started kissing my neck again, but at the same time, he moved his hand smoothly onto my bra covered breasts. Feeling a woman’s lace brasserie for the first time in his life, my brother groaned as he slipped his other hand under my blouse.

“We’re past the point of no return now, Leon. No girl is going to stop you touching her breasts in this situation. But don’t be hesitant, keep it flowing,” I whispered breathlessly.

My brother groaned and kissed my lips again, slipping his moist tongue back inside my mouth. He gently massaged my breasts over the bra as we kissed for a few minutes. His timing was pretty much spot on now.

If Leon kissed and touched his girlfriend like this, she’d know exactly where his hands were going and when. She’d have more than enough time to let my brother know if she wanted him to stop, but I was confident she wouldn’t once he had his hands under her clothing.

“Can I remove your blouse, Pippa? I mean Donna?”

“Yes,” I breathed heavily. “But keep kissing me as you do it.”

My brother may have been blindfolded, but he quickly found the buttons lining the centre of my blouse.

“Keep everything moving slowly,” I gently reminded him, as he practically popped the first two buttons in a second.

My eyes were drifting open and closed, catching glimpses of my brother. It wasn’t particularly sexy with him being blindfolded, but I couldn’t let him have the image of my breasts engrained on his brain forever. He would have to remember the experience of touching them instead.

On instinct, Leon popped the final button then pushed the blouse from my shoulders. He was definitely in unchartered territory now. We stopped kissing and I got rid of the blouse altogether, while my brother placed his hands on my breasts and started feeling them up again.

Moving his hands around gently, massaging my swollen mounds through the bra, we resumed kissing. Not with tongues this time, just simple, erotic kisses. I sucked his top lip then his bottom lip and slid my hands up his thighs.

“Remove my bra,” I whispered softly.

Leon didn’t hesitate for a second. He brought his hands up to my bra straps and slipped them over my shoulders and down my arms.

“Move slowly and slip your hands around my back. Find the clasp and I’ll tell you how to unhook it.”

“Ok,” he trembled, then his arms were around my body.

“Feel the clasp,” I sighed heavily. “That’s it. Take each end of the strap. It has three eyelets. Yes, you got it.”

“I’m so turned on right now, Pippa.”

“Donna… now pull the straps an inch away from my back. Yes, now push both sides of the strap together and free the hooks from the eyelets.”

I was soaking wet between my legs at this point. I’d just coached my little brother in live time how to remove a bra, my bra!”

“Fuck, Pippa!” Leon groaned.

“You did it!” I sighed, as the tension around my bust completely relaxed.

Leon then pulled the black, lace bra away from my body and dropped it onto my bedroom floor.

“Now, gently feel them again. They’re very sensitive right now. Let your hands rest on my breasts. Don’t do anything else.”

“Is that what you like?” my brother croaked.

“It’s what Donna will like if she hasn’t let a guy feel her breasts before. This is about her as much as it is you, more so in fact. Your hands resting on her bare breasts will fill her with anticipation.”

“Your tits are so big,” Leon responded lustfully.

“Oh, Leon, that’s perfect,” I moaned in return, feeling my brother’s warm hands on my breasts, his outstretched palms covering my erect nipples.

“They’re so soft. Your tits feel amazing. I’m solid as a rock,” my brother gasped. I suspected he was dropping hints now.

My brother and I were breathing heavily. I needed to have my shorts and panties torn from my body, be thrown onto the bed and fucked hard. Leon was probably thinking something similar as he gently pressed his fingers into my breasts.

The kissing had now come to a halt. I wanted to let my brother enjoy this moment as much as I was. So I watched him while I melted under his innocent, delicate touch.

Studying his gasping lips, his sighs of excitement, his chest rising and falling as he tried his very best to remain calm, I dared myself to remove his blindfolds.
Why deny him the full experience? I asked myself. He’s highly unlikely to tell his friends about this. I certainly wasn’t. I glanced down and watched my brother’s novice hands feeling my breasts.

“Explore them for yourself, Leon,” I breathed. “Show me what you’re thinking but remember to treat them with care.”

“I wish I could see them, Pippa. They feel so good,” he sighed, moving his hands under my breasts and lifting them. “How big are they?”

My brother had a meaty bulge between his legs, straining against the front of his pants. I bit down on my lower lip and reached round the back of his head.

“32DD,” I answered, doubting he understood what that really meant. I then removed the scarf and my brother sighed in anticipation.

“Please,” he begged.

“Remove the sleep mask, Leon,” I giggled.

The knot in my tummy tightened as my brother let go of my breasts and removed the mask.

“Oh my God! Pippa! Wow!”

“We have all night,” I smiled. “So take your time.”

His bulging eyes were transfixed on my naked breasts. I watched again as his hands came up and cupped them. With my head tilted down at my chest, I continued watching my soft flesh yield to his touch.
His hold grew slightly urgent as he dug his fingers deeper into my breasts. I giggled at his rapid panting as he began to squeeze, groan, lift and grope. This was definitely his first time handling a pair of breasts.

“Can I suck your tits?”

“Do you know how?” I knew he didn’t. “I’ll guide you again. It’s important you know how to treat a girl’s nipples.”

“Tell me how you like it, Pippa, and I’ll do it.”

My brother was behind his years, excited but obedient, I couldn’t wait to have him doing exactly what I wanted to my nipples.

“Are you ready?” I smirked.

Leon shifted back slightly then leaned his body forwards. It felt like we were in slow motion as I watched his mouth open, and his moist tongue appear on his bottom lip.

“I’m ready,” he panted.

“Put your mouth close to a nipple of your choice and lightly blow. It stimulates the tiny hair on the skin. It drives me wild.”

“How light do you like it?”

“Pretend you’re softly blowing out a candle. Mmmmm, yes, just like that,” I moaned, arching my spine. “Very gently use your fingertips and trace them over my breasts as you blow. Uh, yes, mmmm, that feels nice, Leon. Trace your fingertips all the way to my areoles. The dark skin around my nipples. Then gently scratch my nipples. Oh yes, perfect.”

“Your tits are covered in goosebumps. You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“You wouldn’t have gotten this far if I wasn’t,” I whimpered. “Now put your hands on the cups of my breasts. Use your thumbs and index fingers to play with my nipples. Yes, that’s it. A little harder.

Mmmmm, yes. Harder. Uh, yes. Now pinch the base of my nipples and pull them outwards, lessen your grip as you let them slip from your fingers.”

“I’ll cum in my pants soon,” Leon chuckled.

“Kiss my breasts, Leon. Soft kisses from my underboob to my nipples. Yes! That’s it. Now trace your tongue around my areoles with the tip of your tongue.”

“Mmmmm,” my brother moaned, moving his head back and forth, tasting and teasing the dark pigment of flesh.

“Now suck my nipples. Grope me… suck my hard nipples!”

Leon sucked my right nipple first. He pushed my big mounds together and licked the rock hard, sensitive nipple before taking it inside his eager mouth.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him right in. My soft breast squashed against my little brother’s face. I needed more after he moved to my left nipple and sucked hungrily on that one.

Standing up, Leon looked dazed as he turned face on to look up at me. I stood between his legs, looking down at him and put my hands on his shoulders as I pressed my full breasts into his stunned face.

My brother’s breath was hot against my skin. Donna was in for a treat if my brother could remember his first lesson in breast play.

With his face buried in my cleavage, I stepped back and cupped the left breast, bringing it to his mouth as if I was about to breast feed him. Leon’s lips parted and he eagerly accepted the hard teat.

I gasped and groaned as he sucked hungrily and grabbed my backside. Squeezing my ass cheeks, my brother moaned around my nipple and sucked a little harder.

My body began to shake as Leon turned aggressive, not too aggressive, but enough to start pulling down my loungewear shorts. The male in him was trying to take control.

“Ah-ah!” I giggled, slapping his arms, but my brother was determined. He fought to get my shorts and panties down while switching to the other nipple.

“I want you, Pippa! I need to fuck you!”

“Do you know how?” I teased him.

“I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I need to stick my cock in you!”

Leon succeeded in getting my shorts and panties down below my ass cheeks, squeezing the exposed flesh and pulling them apart, but the waist bands remained high around my front. My most intimate parts were still concealed.

Knowing they wouldn’t be for much longer; I matched my brother’s aggression and pushed him back hard.

“Damn, Pippa! You can’t leave me hanging like this!”
Ignoring his whiny frustration, I got down on my knees and pulled on his pants. Leon looked shocked once more, but he lifted his hips and helped me take them off.

“Are you going to suck me off?” he gasped, when his thick cock sprang free. It wasn’t much bigger than maybe six inches, but my brother had some girth.

Again, I ignored him, offering him a mischievous smirk instead, as I took his smooth, solid shaft in my hand and gave it a few firm strokes.

“Ohhhh fuck, Pippa! Oh my God!”

Rolling back the foreskin, my mouth salivated at the emerging head, leaking sticky pre-cum. I was about to give my little brother his first blowjob.

Take his cock into my mouth and suck it. If Donna was prepared to give my brother a blowjob, then she’d have a lot to live up to. I love sucking cock.

I looked at my brother lying back on his elbows, glaring with anticipation. I could see the amazement in his eyes, wondering if I was actually going to do it. Damn right I was.

I opened my mouth and took him to the back of my throat. My brother collapsed flat out on my bed, groaning up at my bedroom ceiling. Delighted by his inevitable response, I softly scratched my finger nails up his thighs, using only my mouth around his cock.

“Ohhh, Pippa! That feels fucking amazing!” Leon moaned, as my head bobbed up and down, deep throating him. “Can I cum in your mouth?”

My brother was leaking pre-cum onto my tongue, I knew he wasn’t going to last long. I stopped bobbing my head and took hold of his shaft again. He hissed under my touch then I concentrated on just the sensitive tip.

With my free hand, I cupped his balls and gave them a few gentle squeezes as I swirled my tongue around the tip. Leon cried out, asking again if he could cum in my mouth. I locked my lips around the head of my brother’s glossy dome and massaged it with my tongue, still squeezing his balls softly in my hand.

If he didn’t know he had my permission to flood my mouth with his cum by now, he never would. But as he grunted his third plea for my consent, I took pleasure from the control I had over my little brother.

The last time I gave a guy his first blowjob, it was my first time too. Doing it now, with so much more experience at giving head, added to the fact it was my brother, had my pussy contracting like crazy.

“I’m gonna cum, Pippa! Fuck!” Leon roared, grabbing the sides of my head and bouncing it up and down in his lap while he thrust his hips upwards. “Yes! Fuck, here it comes, Pippa!”

My brother bucked his hips wildly, grunting and chocking me. He then pulled my head downwards and grabbed a fistful of my hair. I could have denied him, I hated having cock forced down my throat, but I didn’t.

Leon cried out like the virgin he was, losing control as he pumped his warm, sticky load into my mouth and down my throat. I was tasting my brothers cum. Then I was swallowing it … every last drop until his balls were empty.

When his cock finally stopped twitching inside my mouth, and his cum was deep inside my stomach, my brother released his strong grip on my head and let go of my hair.

“Wow, Pippa! That was the best feeling ever!”

Knowing I couldn’t possibly expect the feeling to be returned with the same level of success, I took matters further into my own hands and whipped my shorts and panties off. Leon gasped in amazement that I’d revealed my shaven pussy to him. I then straddled his legs and walked my knees up the bed until I was straddling his face.

“Lick me. It’s my turn to cum,” I demanded.

“What do you want me to do?” He sounded so dumb.

“I just told you,” I smirked, hovering my soaking wet hole over his face.

“How do you want me to do it?” For fucks sake, Leon, I thought.

As I lowered my body, Leon murmured something, but I couldn’t hear his words with my pussy grinding against his mouth, smearing juice on his face.

My little brother was enthusiastic, I gave him that. I flicked my hips and rubbed my clit faster while he moaned into my pussy, creating small vibrating sensations.

I groaned above him, feeling my orgasm about to explode. I began to bounce up and down, tightening my legs against his head. I hoped my brother wasn’t expecting this level of depravity from his girlfriend.

With Leon’s tongue buried deep inside my pussy, lapping up my juices, I strummed my clit, giving it a few harsh flicks, then I exploded in orgasm, gushing all over his face.

Climbing off my brother, panting, I noticed he was hard again. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, catching his breath. I smiled and moved down his body, raised myself a little higher and took his cock in my hand.

“Please do it!” he blurted, as if he had a say in the matter. I smirked, positioning the tip of his cock at my opening.

“Are you ready to become a man, little brother?” I teased him, rubbing his cock along my slit. “Do you want your big sister to ride your cock?” I was in filth mode now.

“Yes! Do it, Pippa!” he begged.

Tired of the teasing, desperate to have a cock inside my pussy, my brother’s cock, we glared into each other’s eyes as I lowered myself down his shaft.

Leon grunted and slammed his clenched fists into my bed. His swollen head parted my lips and entered my soaking wet pussy. I continued lowering my body, slowly sitting down to welcome my younger sibling inside. I clamped tightly around him.

There was no escaping now, only incestual pleasure awaited us.

Leon’s breathing came in short, sharp gasps as he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. I reached behind me and cupped his balls, hoping he could produce another impressive load, this time to fire into my hungry hole.

“You can sit on my cock anytime you want!” he gasped.

“I might hold you to that,” I giggled.

“Please do! Fuck, Pippa. You’re so hot!”

My brothers cock swelled inside my body as I brought my hand back round and placed two hands on his tight abs. Pausing for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes, my brother put his hands on my hips, and I just had to start moving.

Easing myself up and down his thick cock, I began to make love to my brother. Despite everything we’d done up until now, it really hit my that I was fooling around with my sibling. As if reality was saying:

“Hello? Pippa? This is your brother you’re fucking!”.

That only added to the eroticism of my experience. I knew Leon was thinking the same, as he moaned beneath me and gently moved his hips. For a virgin he was doing just fine, matching the pace of my movements.

I’d ridden bigger cocks before, but nothing could compare to having my brother inside me, under my spell, grunting and groaning, claiming his virginity as he became transfixed on my big bouncing breasts and hard nipples.

“Play with them,” I said softly.

As soon as the words left my lips, I was already falling forwards, placing my hands either side of my brother’s head and dangling my swollen mounds above his face. They hung so heavy that he need only open his mouth and I was able to dip a sensitive nipple inside.

Groaning in unison, I rocked back and forth while Leon brought my swaying breasts together and sucked on my nipples. It lasted only a few minutes.

“I’m gonna cum again!” my brother moaned.

“Not yet!” I told him, stopping my movements and pulling my soaking hole off his throbbing cock. “I’m going to put my legs on your shoulders. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!”

We quickly moved around the bed until I was flat on my back, with my spread legs wide in the air. My brother stared mesmerised at my gaping, shaven hole.

“I’ll teach you how to lick it properly tomorrow. Now put my legs on your shoulders and shove your cock inside me. Use my pussy until you cum!”

Leon shuffled on his knees and guided his cock towards my hole. I finally rested my legs on his shoulders and rubbed my clit.

“That’s it!” I spat. “Now fuck me!”

My brother groaned a deep sigh as he pushed his fat cock into my pussy and started pumping me fast. My breasts wobbled and bounced up and down, left to right, as he fucked me like a man.

“I’m gonna cum, Pippa!” my little brother cried out.

“Yes! Do it! Cum inside my pussy, Leon!”

I rubbed my clit harder and faster, desperate to start cumming in time with my brother.

“Uhhhh! Fuck! I can’t stop it! Uhhh! I’m cumming! Fuck! I’m cumming inside you, Pippa!”

“I can feel it, little brother! I can feel you hit cum filling me up!”

“Uhhhhh! I can feel you gripping my cock!”

We climaxed together, brother and sister, sharing something wildly taboo and sacred.

“Oh fuck! That was awesome, Pippa! Did I do good?”

Coming down from my own intense orgasm, I breathed heavily with my brother’s cum deep inside my womb.

“Yes, Leon,” I sighed. “You did good.”

“You won’t get pregnant, will you, Pippa?” he looked scared, instantly reminding me he was only eighteen.

“I don’t know, we will find out in a few weeks, I guess,” I teased him.

“What?” he panicked.

I started laughing and couldn’t stop. “No, silly. I’m on the pill.”

“Phew,” he chuckled. “And did you mean what you said?”

“About what?”

“About teaching me how to go down on you.”

“Pour me a glass of wine while I have a shower. Be ready when I get back and you can practice on me.”

“But, but … what if I get hard again?”

I laughed, he had so much to learn it was almost unbelievable. “Then you’ll have to fuck me again, won’t you?”

“I’ll go get your wine!”

Leon shot off naked down the stairs while I walked naked to the shower, leaking my little brother’s cum. I had unearthed a new kind of relationship with my brother that night, one we both went on to enjoy for a very long time.

Oh, and yes, my brother did take Donna’s virginity the next day, shame she didn’t take his. She believes she did. That’s what really matters.

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  • Reply KattyLou ID:2wcnr0tk0j

    It’s a very special feeling when your brother ejaculates in your vagina and you get to carry his seed inside you, even if it doesn’t reach your egg.

  • Reply BBoy ID:2sw28cszzbl

    Soooo fucking hot!

    Reminds me of a girl I was fucking. One day she was drunk and high while we were in her room, and I started teasing her she should go into the living room where her brother was and fuck him (I saw how jealous he was of me, so I knew he was lusting after her).

    At first she refused, but then I started fingering her and whispering into her ear how hot it would be to have her brother fill her pussy with his cum. She eventually gave in and went to the living room to give her brother the time of his life, but not before I fucked her first and came inside her (her request, she wanted me to fill her up first).

    One of the hottest fucks I’ve ever witnessed. Siblings were meant to fuck each other.

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    Great story or sisters and brothers should help each other when they need. That’s what family does

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