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Sleepovers at Aunt Barbs #3

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After weeks of frustration , I was ready to do anything that I could to fuck Aunt Barb’s hot 29 year old body.

It was over a week from when I had snuck into my sleeping aunts bed room. I could not get the sight and touch of her partially clothed body out of my mind. She was so great to me helping with college classes, showing me about, and making me feel at home. She would tease me as we sat about watching TV especially when we both had to much to drink. Most nights she set around in only her panties and a tank top which made hiding my hard cock difficult.

I was a old 19 year old hot blooded college guy, I could not take this situation any more. So I researched a variety of sleeping pills and found that enough Ambien mixed with alcohol in drinks could bring on memory loss. That person would be completely oblivious to the night before. I went and got a prescription for it . My goal was Friday night for which either of us would have to work or be up that next morning.

After I got home from classes, my aunt had made a lovely supper for us. We sat around talking about each of our days then I helped her clean up. She had made herself a drink and pulled out a cold beer for me. We both then showered and got changed into night clothes. I slipped on boxers and t-shirt, My aunt showered next , then returned in short open robe , panties and tank top. We sat on the couch together watching a movie. During which I drugged my aunts drink when she was in the bathroom. She then continued drinking it without ever tasting any difference .

My aunt would always sit next to me when we were watching movies, our bodies, arms and legs touched. Her scent and the hotness of her skin would drive me wild, aunt or no aunt I had to have her. I felt her head lay against my shoulder. She jerked waking up, then told me that she was super tired . She got up swaying as she tried to walk . I got up with her and lead her to her bedroom where she flopped down on the mattress. She mumbled senselessly as she tried to cover up but did not finish. I left her to clean up and to give the drug time to make her completely unconscious.

I raced around the house picking up, I was so fucking excited that my cock swelled up to a throbbing erection. I went back to my aunts room, she had not moved laying partway crossed the bed. I pulled all the covers off , aunt Barb did not move , her breathing remained deep and slow. I shook her leg , getting no response I picked it up and let it drop back to the bed. She made to response so I slipped her robe off , her arms were limp and unresponsive to me. Filled with excitement I pulled my shirt off and dropped my boxers. Then I took a hold of her slender sexy legs and slowly dragged her body to the end of the bed. Holding both of her legs against me I pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. Resting both legs on my shoulders I dropped down to the floor spreading my aunt creamy thighs wide. I could smell the scent of her sex , I inched closer so my mouth could taste that beautiful cunt of hers, The 3 Ambien that I had spiked her drink with were working. She did not respond and anything that I have done to her. I spread her vagina lips so my tongue could sink into her as deep as it would go. Her taste was amazing , she became wetter and wetter as I played. I began working my fingers into her cunt. I explored her insides noticing that she got wetter the harder that I fucked with my fingers.

I could not wait to get my cock deep inside her . I stood up with the legs still on my shoulders , leaned ahead until my cock lined up with her very wet vagina. Pushing forward I felt my thick head spread her open ,the walls of her tight vagina closed tightly around my shaft. I was a virgin I had never got this far with any girl or for that matter woman. I could feel the excitement building, my lube making her tightness all the more wetter. I pushed harder until my aunts vagina accepted all of me. I started to hump back and forth. Oh the feeling of my hard cock throbbing inside her. I started to fuck her harder and faster , I felt my cocks head hitting a hot hardness inside her, she was so fucking wet as I tore in and out. My balls slapping against her wet ass cheeks . I continued fucking her for 15 minutes more Then all of a sudden my balls exploded sending a forceful spray out my cock and inside my aunts body. I could not stop it felt so wonderful the more I fucked her.

Exhausted I fell forward pushing her legs up against her chest, I laid there feeling her insides sucking my cock and draining my fluids from me. My aunt just laid under me so lifeless and unknowing what had happened. I became real brave and took ahold of my aunts tank top and pulled it off of her baring both of her breasts for me to play with. After exploring both firm breasts by squeezing them and sucking her hard nipples, I then took a hold of her panties and slipped them off too. Aunt Barb was now completely naked for me to enjoy and explore. She had her pussy trimmed out so that only a thin strip of brown cunt hair topped her mound. I rearranged her body to the middle of the bed then joined her. I began to fuck her again , As my cock entered her my cream squeezed out running down her butt as more in. She was a sticky mess, I had a hold of both her ankles up in the air while I thrusted in and out. Aunt barb was breathing hard and heavy as my cock when in and out of her. I bent over kissing her breasts and nipples then worked my way up to her mouth. Her tongue seem to respond to mine as I sunk it deep into her mouth. I was so fucking horny that I kept up fucking her for hours, I could not get enough of her.

I experimented with her body as the night went, fucked her in the ass, fucked her in the mouth and came numerous times more all over her body. It was about 4 am , I was exhausted and my aunts body a wet cream filled and covered mess. I did the best to clean her up, then got her dressed in her panties and tank top covering her back up on the bed. Having never done this before I worried that she would know that she had been fucked . Its not like she was a virgin , she was married before and knew what sex felt like after. I had her room back to normal , I had wiped up both her and her sheets as best I could. But I was very nervous now and sleep would escape me this night. The next morning I looked at the clock it was 11:15 am, I had to pee. My aunt was not up yet. She finally stumble out of her bed around 1:30pm. She was hung over real bad, she had been in the shower then came out in a robe . Her wet hair hung down partly in her eyes and face. I had made coffee and poured her a cup as she sat. Her robe had parted showing me that she had no bra on. Aunt Barb did not no why she felt so confused , she drank her coffee and then excused herself to go back to bed.

Aunt Barb slept for another 4 hours, when she woke she could not remembering going back to bed or anything. She did not mention hurting or feeling anything different than normal. She was clueless to our sex last night so far. I was in love , tonight would be wonderful as I take her again..

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    I want to fuck

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    Should take her while she is awake it showes she would be ok with it next time you in boxers she’s In her panties show her you are hard have her look or just have a drink and talk to her how amazing she is and kiss her on the lips holding her tight but love the stories hot

  • Reply The wanker ID:8bvvy07zrj

    Yes!! That’s how you do it. Balls deep in cunt and ass. 5 🌟 from me!!

  • Reply FredKurt ID:28xm3mjm9b

    Damn ur aunt seems hot🍑🍑🍑