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My brother lets his friend rape me

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Raped by my brother (again) and his friend.

Now that my brother knows he can cum inside my pussy without any worries, he spoke to my mother, who is mourning at my grandmother’s house, and told her that his house was being renovated and that he needed a place to sleep.
I found out about this when I was arriving home, after a walk to get my thoughts in order about the child I’m carrying in my womb.
To my surprise, I saw him in his boxers eating in the kitchen.
What are you doing here Chris, I ask irritated.
Mom let me stay in the house for a few days until the work on my house was finished.
But you don’t have any work on your house, you liar.
No, but Mom doesn’t know that, hehehe.
Chris, don’t think anything will happen, because it won’t.
Ohh, come on sis, that blowjob you gave me in the morning before you left the other day proved that you liked it too.
It’s true that I liked it, but I was out of my mind and it won’t happen again.
Having said that, I go to my room to take a shower to wash off the sweat from my walk.
In the shower, I’m invaded by the spectre of pregnancy.
I can’t have this child.
And if I do, everyone will think I’m a whore because I don’t know who the father is.
What will my mother say when she finds out?
Will I be a good mother?
And if it’s a girl, will she be submissive like me?
Meanwhile, all my thoughts and doubts were interrupted by my brother’s entrance into the shower.
Chris, get out of here.
I told you I don’t want to.
He grabs me against the wall, starts sucking my tits under the shower and lifts my left leg with his hand and says, come on sis, I know you want to.
He starts to push his cock between my pussy lips and I can already feel his cock hitting the entrance to my pussy.
No Chris, stop, stop doing that.
Without saying a word, he shoves his cock all the way inside me.
Ahhhh, sis, so good.
I hold on to him so I don’t fall, and he thrusts into me with some speed, moaning and panting.
A few minutes later he starts panting loudly and his cock starts to get really hard.
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, he moans more loudly.
I get ready to receive his baby-making juice.
He gasps louder and louder…
Oooh, oooh, oooh, I’m going to cum, and he explodes inside me.
I feel several streams invading my insides and I feel some sperm running down my legs.
He thrusts a few more times until he’s flaccid and pulls out of my pussy.
Fuck, sis, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, fucking you in the shower was divine.
I’m glad you liked it, now get out.
Not yet, he says, turning me against the shower glass and starts rubbing my clit.
Pressed against the glass, I start moaning softly, I feel like I’m going to cum if he doesn’t stop. My body starts to betray me again and suddenly he stops and I feel his hard cock entering my cum-filled pussy.
Take it, take it, take it, you slut, he moans, penetrating me from behind with some violence.
My tits and head slam against the glass, which almost breaks with every thrust he’s giving me.
Suddenly I start to tremble and have a huge orgasm, letting out a huge cry of pleasure.
Ahhhh, ahhhh, Chris, don’t stop, don’t stop.
Overexcited by my moans, he cums hard again in my pussy and every time a stream of cum comes out, he thrusts so hard that it feels like he’s going to pierce me.
Chris, satisfied, leaves, leaving me standing over the shower with my pussy dripping cum down my legs.
I wash up again, clean myself off and go to bed exhausted.
I wake up around 11pm hungry and go to the kitchen to eat a salad.
The house is silent, Chris’s bedroom door is open and it’s dark.
He must have gone out with a friend.
Good, I think, so I don’t have to put up with him.
I finish eating, still sleepy, watch a bit of TV in the living room and end up falling asleep on the sofa.
It was certainly dawn when I woke up to the sound of two voices hovering over me.
When I opened my eyes, Chris and a friend were looking at me with lustful eyes.
I cover my tits with a pillow and say, “What do you two want?
Sis, every time I look at you I just want to fuck you and Bruno here wants to do you too.
Chris, this is going too far, let me go to my room and I get up quickly.
Bruno pushes me onto the sofa again and starts to undo my pants, Chris grabs me and says, “Sis, if you didn’t want to be fucked, you wouldn’t have come into the living room in just your panties.
Let go of me Chris, I’m in my house and I can walk around as I like, besides I was alone, let me go.
Bruno was already naked when Chris pinned me down on the sofa.
With my legs in the air, I struggle and start slamming my legs against Bruno, who calmly pushes them apart, gets between them, rips off my panties and immediately shoves his cock inside me.
Ahhhh, I scream in panic and pain.
That’s it Bruno, fuck her hard, she likes it.
My brother urges him on.
Gasping loudly, Bruno slams into my pussy again and again, without mercy.
Aaaah, aaaah, fuck, what a good pussy she’s got, bro.
Sucking on my tits, Chris says.
My sister’s body was built to be fucked, take the opportunity to fuck her hard and cum inside her pussy man.
Ooooh, yeaaa, aaaah, what if she gets pregnant bro? Oooh so good.
She’s already pregnant, says Chris.
These words trigger something in Bruno and he starts moaning, I’m going to cum, aaaah aaaah I’m cumming.
Bruno’s cum quickly fills me to the brim and starts dripping into the crack of my ass.
Hold her now man, it’s my turn, says Chris.
I don’t even resist anymore, I just stay still and let them finish.
Chris quickly fills Bruno’s place and he too immediately puts his cock inside me.
My pussy is already boiling, Chris thrusts in at full speed and doesn’t even notice that my moans, unlike his, are of pain and not pleasure.
Bro, your sister is enjoying you fucking her, look how she moans.
Idiotic, I think. They don’t even know the difference.
Oooh, oooh Chris gasps non-stop and thrusts hard.
A few minutes later, he starts moaning loudly and looking triumphant, he shouts, ooooh yeaaaaa, I’m cumming and empties his balls inside me.
When he’s finished, he pulls his cock out of my pussy and the cum spills straight onto the sofa.
Man, is my sister a good fuck or not?
No complaints, bro, says Bruno.
They pull up their pants and walk out of the door, leaving me exhausted on the sofa, my pussy overflowing with cum.
I feel used and dirty, I take a shower to clean myself up, lock the bedroom door and go to sleep until the next day.
When I wake up, I take advantage of the fact that my brother isn’t here and I pack my bags and go to my own house. Because I was only here to keep my mother company, and since she’s not here I’m leaving.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Jboney07 on telegram we have lots in common 😉

  • Reply Sammy1999 ID:45mjkspeoib

    a girl i know was sexualy assulted and that was 5 yrs ago she s still getting help t really fucked her head up so i gotta call B S on these rape stories please stop this shit

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Then why are you here ! you hypocrite !

    • sisterlover ID:82e7ya6thl

      Oh please my little sister had her virginity taken when I pretty brutally raped her. She’s fine now… married, good government job got a mortgage in her 20s with no family help…. can’t have kids though. Guess I was a bit too rough oops. You know after I broke her genitals having the most intense pulsating orgasm ever. I took half an hour calling her a disgusting dirty slut. You think guys want some bitch who got used by her own brother. That’s my cum all down your leg and in your hole…..your dirty and it ain’t gonna wash. I told her she was mine and kissed her very obnoxiously. We’re always going to have something special between us. I took your virginity that’s something girls remember. I told her I loved her and put my hand over hhole. I just left her there torn clothes, bleeding and crying. She never said anything but she hasn’t spoken to me in two decades……bet she still remembers it nothing really domintes a woman’s psyche like rape…it’s kinda sad really.

  • Reply We're all going hell ID:fzq7a65m2

    Britney if this is real tell the police and get help fuck your mom being mad you were raped go to the police and get help

    • Britney66DD ID:1dvyp45aekrj

      I can’t. My mother would eventually find out that I had been having sex with my stepfather. That would ruin her.

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    To him he is not committing rape on you. He is blessing you with his seed

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      That’s right my little sister Susie ! you tell him !

  • Reply Kinkyman ID:1e8d2ri3yu4p

    Do u like writing about rape. I hope this stuff is fictional

    • Britney66DD ID:1dvyp45aekrj

      True story every word unfortunately

    • Tonguepleasureforyou ID:cmea9188rj

      After my daddy started raping me at age 7, I started liking it. I became a cock slut for him and his friends. Will you rape my tight holes now?

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    After reading this Britney ! I’m ashamed to say that what your asshole brother is doing to you is making me want him to also fuck me ! like he’s doing to you ! I think because I’m ovulating this week is why I kind of changed my attitude towards him ! Am I wrong Brit ? If I hurt you please let me know and I’m so sorry It’s my hormones ! Britney

    • Britney66DD ID:1dvyp45aekrj

      It’s ok BRITNEY. I understand. I don’t take it personal. I know it’s my fault. I should be more cooporative when he wants to fuck me. But i’m tired of being used.

  • Reply The Wanker ID:2vpqv6te8k

    Nice story and very descriptive!! Would have loved to have taken a turn raping you!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Those boys don’t care if your moans are pain or pleasure! They’re just typical male sexpigs. Enjoy!!!

  • Reply We're all going hell ID:fzq7a65m2

    Yo Im hoping this is fake but if it not call the police and Tell them and he got you pregnant so then it show that he did rape you just get help if this is true

    • Britney66DD ID:1dvyp45aekrj

      My mom would kill me if she knew this happend. I can’t tell anyone.

    • We're all going hell ID:fzq7a65m2

      Britney if your story is true tell the fucking police

  • Reply Tay ID:1dltt8juqyju

    I’m sorry that happened Brits but honestly i feel like you should tell the cops even if you feel ashamed your brother is a bitch and definitely should die a horrible death also maybe you could give up your kid for adoption but that’s just my opinion and I’m young asf also I’m here for you if you want to vent I’m not that good with feelings tho

    • Britney66DD ID:1dvyp45aekrj

      I’m ashamed od want is happening to me. I don’t want my mom to know about this ever.