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I lost my virginity to my dog

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used to play with my dog as soon as I got home from school and before bedtime. She would beg, bark and scratch to lick my pussy.

I used to play with my dog as soon as I got home from school and before bedtime. She would beg, bark and scratch to lick my pussy, ass hole or lick my mouth. I never wanted to say no. I wanted her to have as much as she wanted. I always wanted to encourage her love of pussy and it was worth it. Every single day she’d eat me out, make me cum and love me deep inside all my holes, mouth, pussy, ass and in my clit. My legs would hurt from being spread open so long

I’ve only ever tried to date other zoophiles because dog tongue and dog cock are too good to live without. Most people think it’s an amazing turn on when I show them k9 porn. If they don’t cum from it I just dump them.

I’m married, in an open marriage and my husband loves that I’m a real dog lover. He doesn’t eat dog cream pies, suck dog dick or take the knot which is the only bummer.

If you lost your virginity to dogs I think it’s a great way to learn how to orgasm and have multiple orgasms because if you never say no to them you end up cumming a half dozen times back to back. It’s perfect! Mine never stop licking and go hours a day eating me deep, making me cum. I need it so much to cum good.

Yeah, I could never date someone not into dog fun. It’s so fun and makes me cum hard. It’s nice when guys are into it too because they learn how to really make a pussy cum from watching the dog lick.i prefer men gay for dog cock.its so loving when guys let their dogs cum. I adore guys that suck dog cock or take the knot. Women too but there’s something so sweet about a guy that takes knot. Makes me drip wet and cum seeing a guy really take care of his dog’s dicks needs.


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    Thanks for the replies but I’m not looking for chat at this time but you can find me online with my handle.

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      Where online?

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    Love to chat hun! Hot story got me off!

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    I fucked pony mares when I was 16 to 21. I would take dog cock in my ass in a heart beat for some hot fuck like you !! 👅😋🐕🐴

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    I love your story please tell us more stories

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    I’m interested in talking if you have anyway to contact

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    Lucky! I’m dying to try dog! F39nwuk

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    How can I get ahold of you

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      [email protected]

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