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Becoming prego

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A wish upon a star leads to big changes.

This is 100% fiction.

It was a stormy night I was your average 16 year old looking at porn. My single mom in her room next door. She always encouraged me to be myself and not be afraid of being judged. Dad was no longer around he bailed when I was young to young to remember him.
Mom and I were very open with each other often walking around either in underwear or just nude. Mom had long wavy brown hair that hung to her shoulder blades, firm natural DDD breasts, shaved pussy, nice firm ass. We owned a German shepherd Shadow. He was about 5 years old, light grey fur. And stunning green eyes.
He often slept in my room.
Mom walked into my room completely nude asking if I need anything. I told her yeah a wish to come true as I stroked my 7 inch dick she smiled and asked what wish was that. I turned to face her and told her my wish to have a pussy.
She giggled and told me you do it’s called an ass pussy.
I told her no a real pussy and still have a dick.
I pointed at my balls and she said I have an idea.
She left and came back with sexy black laced booty panties, stockings, black garter belt, and black lace bra. Told me put them on she helped me get the bra on and told me wow your cute as fuck.
I blushed and in a cute voice I tried sounding feminine said thank you mommy. I sat on the bed she crouched in front of me and lightly touched my balls through the panties asking is this where you wish you had a pussy. I the touch came as a shock so gasping I nodded yes.
She giggled and told me if you wish maybe it’ll happen.
She asked what type of porn I was watching I told her taboo porn mom and sissy son, some beastiality porn. She asked why those I told her I think it’s sexy and hot.
She stood in front of me rubbing her body asking do I fantasize about her I tell her yes. She leans forward her tits barely hovering over my cock. She kissed me asking if I wanted sleep with her that night. I nodded not believing what I was hearing as she took me be the hands leading me to her room and pulling me onto her bed. Causing me to fall on top of her. I pulled myself up as she did same. The bulge in my panties growing and pressing against her pussy. She gasped feeling it press into her.
She smiled telling me she hasn’t had sex since her birthday the year before. I told her I know I jerked off to you moans.
She smiled and reached down pulling the panties down and taking the opportunity I slid forward and into my mom’s pussy. She gasped as I slid all the way in. I kissed her the way a husband kisses a wife. After a few seconds I stop humping her and ask where should I cum she told me cum in me. And as she said this i began blowing load after load after load into her.
After I asked what if you get pregnant she smiled and told me then you’ll be a daddy or mommy.
I didn’t push the issue anymore that night we continued to make love.
The next day I woke up and found her in my room on the phone. As I entered she turned smiled and hung up. She told me get dressed I have a Dr. appointment. She told me not those clothes the ones on my bed.
I went back she’d picked a mini skirt, black and white striped halter top, and red heels. After getting dressed she got dressed in a similar outfit making us almost look like twins. She did my hair in pig tails, and her’s in a ponytail.

We drove across town to the Dr office and she filled out my paperwork; turned it in the nurse looked it over smiled at me then took it back. We sat there a few minutes before a very handsome tan skin man came out calling us back. I sat on the bed, mom sat on the chair in the corner. I was blushing with every complement he gave me.
Mom explained what I told her the night before. Walked over kissed me on the forehead as the doctor extended the bed and asked me lay down and spread my legs. I did and felt his hands touching my balls and my growing cock. I gasped and in my most feminine voice said sorry.
He told me don’t worry about it it’s completely natural. He touched my ass and looked up at me asking if I really wanted my dream to come true. I told him yes I’ll do anything. He said ok and told me to follow him I asked if mom can come he said no she will be here when you get back.

I followed him to another room and stripped to my lingerie like he told me to sit on a operating table. He gave me a shot and IV line and kissed me like a lover I could see the bulge in his pants. He pulled his pants down freeing his 10 inch cock and huge swollen balls. I gasped seeing them. He helped me off the table and I fell to my knees and took his cock in my hands as I began to lick it before sucking it I could only take about 3 to 4 inches before gaging. After a few minutes I felt his cock beginning to twitch then felt hot thick liquid shoot down my throat he was cumming the first time I ever tasted cum. It wasn’t super salty more sweet.
He pulled out my mouth still cumming and hit my chest I looked down I had breasts C cup breasts. I gasped touching and rubbing them. He smiled and told me we weren’t done yet crying I said ok I want more. He had me bend over the table while he grabbed a bottle of lube. Used a generous amount on my virgin ass, then a generous amount on his monster cock. He leaned forward whispering in my ear I should try relax I’ll feel some pressure. Suddenly I felt his cock beginning to slide into my ass. About half way in I moaned out and thrust my hips back and took the rest of him. I was moaning my cock flopping my tits growing more. I reached down to jerk off suddenly noticing my balls were gone in their place a smooth pussy.
And suddenly felt his cock being to cum in my ass. At same time I began to blow a load. After I asked how is this possible?
He told me the drugs he gave me were female hormones, and the longer he fucked me the quicker they worked. I said but we only been back here an hour he told me no we been back here 4 hours.
He helped me get dressed and took me back to my mom. She gasped and smiled as I ran into her open arms crying mommy am I pretty. She nodded kissed the Dr and whispered something.
We went out to eat at a local drive up dinner. The young man came to the window took our order and couldn’t take is eyes off us when walking away I could see a small bulge beginning to form. We giggled about it. I was still trying get used to my breasts, and the feeling of a pussy now.
Mommy it feels good can you touch me please? She smiled and leaned over kissing me rubbing my pussy through my panties.
The waiter brought us our food we talked for a few minutes then took off for home. Once there she took her clothes off sighing about being free at last. I did same she pulled me close our bodies touching as we kissed. She told me my new name is Amber Snow. I smiled crying tears of joy.
She asked if I was hungry I told her yes she said ok go lay down I’ll bring you food. I walked into my room laid on my bed when suddenly I felt Shadow’s cold wet nose against my pussy. Then his tongue.
I began moaning as mom came in smiling as I reached orgasm as a woman. I looked down and saw the red tip of his cock revealing itself. I reached out rubbing his sheath revealing more before getting lower and began sucking it mom came over her hand blocking the Knott from entering my mouth. He began cumming I swallowed as much as I could the rest shot on my face and tits. Mom leaned down kissing me. I looked at her asking can Shadow make me pregnant. She shrugged her shoulders and said I don’t know baby why?
I told her I want him to fuck me and her to help. She smiled and told me ok I got on all fours and mom slapped my ass a couple times Shadow got the message mounting me thrusting forward till finding my virgin pussy. Once finding it he slammed into me I felt something tear screaming out. Mom told me it was my hymen, before kissing me as Shadow was breeding me like a bitch in heat. Just as I was getting used to him I felt his knot pop in I screamed out in pleasure as I felt him begin to fill my womb with hot doggy cum.
He tried to pull out after he was done but we were stuck and now ass to ass. After a while he popped out. That night I again slept with my mom we continued to make love eventually Shadow came in and I assumed the position as he fucked me again mom sliding under me and we 69 while I was bread by my dog. After that night. Things were never the same I found out I had gotten pregnant with Shadow’s puppies, mom was pregnant with my baby.

Part 2 coming soon.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    This is a very hot totally fantasy story.
    A really good story. Unrealistic? Sure. Fun? absolutely.
    Did I enjoy reading this? Of course. Very good writing skills. Great fantasy.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:1dmwwkr127j9

    No human/ puppies possible. Too

  • Reply Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

    Hot, goldenbiguy on kik to chat about the puppies….

    • Cappy ID:2px1mem974h

      Way, way, way, tooooo impossible to get turned reading about. But good try. Rewrite it making it sound believable, and this will be a very hot story. Keep writing. 😀

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Story is too far out in left field, try to keep in the realm of reality (even if it’s only fantasy).