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The human breeder 2

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Sue sits slumped over. Cold and exausted. She can hear the slow, steady and heavy footsteps coming down stairs.

“So pet. You going to tell me your answer?”

Henry has food and a milkshake. He places it on the floor. Sue stares.

“If I let you fuck me you’ll let me eat right?” She asked in a horse broken,voice.

“I’m a man of my word”

“Fine…rape me then”

Henry unties her, kicks her to the floor and pulls out his dick. He gets close to her face and slams his 7 inches of girthy dick down her helpless whore throat. She chokes and starts crying. She’s trying desperately to survive. Anything and everything just to live another day. But as her air runs out she wonders how this will keep her alive. How suffocating on huge dick will keep her alive.

He tanks it out and she gasp for air. He lifts her ass high up while she’s destracted and slams 4 of his hard inches into her tight virgin whole. She gets to scream but can’t quite get it out.

Blood is dripping on Henry’s dick. He knows he has her virginity. He slips out to the head then rams back in. Getting in another inch. And another. Until his dick is fully in her needy cunt.

Henry grabs hold of he mouth and uses it to ram in and out of her helpless body. When his fingers are all slobbered up he shoves them in her ass. She cries.

He stretches out her little ass. Watching the pain and fear radiating from this sluts body. Before he knew it, he fills her womb.

After a few moments he leans over and whispers in her ear. “You better get pregnant whore”

He gets off her and ajust himself. He kicks her food to her and climbs the steps.

“See you soon my pet.”

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