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My Twin Sister and I

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When you’re twins you can sometimes feel each others emotions, feelings and pain.

I’m her brother, slept in the same crib, then the same bed for the first 10 years of our lives. We knew we were different and we touched each other but it was just childish curiosity. During our 10th year we were told we were to big to sleep together so we were put in separate rooms. It took both of us weeks to sleep right. I would wake up and she would be in my bed sleeping naked and other nights I couldn’t sleep so I’d get naked and crawl in bed with her. By the time we were 13 we were doing better until one night when I was at a sleep over with a friend and his 15 year old sister came into our room, undressed me and sucked my dick. After a really short time I came for the first real time in her mouth. I was embarrassed to stay with them and went home. The next day she told me about a strange dream she had and showed me where her bed was all wet and sticky. That changed our relationship forever. A couple nights later I was sleeping and started strangely dreaming, something felt good and I realized I was hard, warm and wet down there, then I exploded a load of cum. I had heard about wet dreams but soon realized my sister had sucked my cock and I came in her mouth. Man it felt good. I didn’t know a 13 year old boy could even do that. SIs turned around in bed, fully naked and cuddled up close to me as we did when we were younger. She was just getting little tiny tits that I really hadn’t noticed before but there they were. So I kissed one, then sucked it. She moaned and asked me to keep sucking both of them. So I did. I got rock hard again and she said, “There’s something I want to try” to which I said, “OK”. She had me move over, laid on her back, made me get on her and with legs up, guided me into her pussy. She said it hurt so I started to pull out but she said, :NO Stay in and push”, so I did. It was real tight and dry so I pulled out and spit on it, then it slid right in as she moaned both in pain and pleasure. “That hurts, push it all the way in”, she said over and over. I was not believing anything could feel this good. She was real wet now but neither of us knew she was bleeding. I only pushed in and out a few times when I exploded in her. It made me push violently into her and nothing can explain the feeling. We did that two more times, then cuddled and went to sleep. As I was just barely awake I heard her say , “I love you”. That was 25 years ago now. We live together and sleep and make love together, Neither of us have ever been with another person. I love her so and she loves me. We have experimented with sex over the years and I eat her pussy and her ass and she suck my dick and my ass. I especially like fucking that very tiny ass of hers. I cum real hard when I fuck her ass. We are both 5′ 8″ and 130 pounds. She has really nice tits and I have 8 inches. We are nude almost all the time at home and cuddle all night in bed.We are the perfect couple.

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  • Reply Lady Ann ID:22lw6s4v9c

    Nice story. But it would be much better if you would learn, or take time, to use paragraphs to group related sentences.

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    Your going to hell

  • Reply HomelessTreebranch ID:5rueso7hd9b

    Welp see ya after you’re judgement day because looks like mine is today and were all going into the place

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    That is one hell of a sleepover to go to.

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    Kinda sounds fake

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