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Giving My Son “The Talk”

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I had just gotten out of the shower, my month long pregnant belly had not started showing yet. I toweled off and walked through my bedroom to my closet to get dressed. The master bedroom had it’s own bathroom attached on one side, and a walk-in closet on the other. I usually walk through my room naked after showering and today was no different. I stood there looking at myself in the full size mirror, looking at my ass, my tits, everything. Just then I noticed my son was standing right behind me in the doorway. He my oldest son at 11 years old, I was no 33 years old and had three other children. I was startled at first but covered my breasts and pussy before asking him what he needed.

“I was just hungry, could you make me a snack, please?” he asked.

“Of course sweetie, just let mommy put some clothes on first.” I replied.

Instead of leaving he just walked right up to me and pointed at my boobs and asked, “Mommy what are those?”

“Those are mommies breasts. I use them to feed babies, like you when you were younger. They have a special kind of milk that makes babies grow up big a strong like you.” I told him.

“Can I see them mommy?” He asked.

“Actually sweetie, I think you’re old enough now, I should give you the talk.” I said to him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean where I teach you about your body, and mine, how boys and girls really work. You think you’re ready?” I asked.

“Yes!” he said.

“Ok, well these are my breasts, you can also call them boobs or sometimes titties or tits, but for now just call them boobs.” I said uncovering myself, “Now this part down here is called a vagina. Most people just call it a pussy though. It looks different from your area because I’m a girl. I’ll teach you more about it when your a little older but there’s a hole inside where I make babies, and when they’re done, they come out through here and you have a new baby brother or sister! Do you want to feel my boobs or my pussy?” I finished.

“They feel soft and squishy, mommy, and your pussy, how did I fit through such a small hole?” he asked as he explored my body.

“Well you see when it’s time to give birth, mommy’s pussy expands open and it gives the baby more room to fit, that’s what all the folds you see are.” I told him.

“What about my body mommy?” he asked.

“Well as you know, you have a penis, there’s many nicknames for it as well, but when you’re older it’ll be able to grow stiff, and when that happens, with a girl you like and who likes you back, you stick it inside of her vagina. This is called sex, and when you do it you reach a point where the sperm that forms in your balls will just shoot out, inside the girl’s vagina and travel up inside her. If you’re lucky, these sperm will fertilize one of her eggs and she’ll get pregnant. There’s so many different sexual acts to help with this but that’s for you and your girl to discover together. Do you have any questions?” I told him.

“Is that how you got pregnant mommy?” he asked.

“It is, when mommy and daddy got married they choose to only have sex with each other. That’s how you and your brothers and sisters were born.” I told him.

He just touched my boobs playing with my pink nipples. I thought about my next move then decided to go for it. “You want to learn something else?” I asked.

“Sure.” he replied.

“There’s a way you can simulate having sex. It’s called masturbating.” I told him as I slide his pants around his ankles, “You take your penis in your hand like this and rub it up and down. You can go at whatever speed feels good to you but this makes your brain think you’re having sex. Do you like this feeling?” I asked as i jerked my son off in the closet.

“It feels really good, mommy!” he said back.

“That’s it baby, just look at mommy’s boobs. Feel how good it is!” I said stroking him. A few minutes later his little body twitched as he shot out his first little load of cum onto my tits. I had been kneeling in front of him as I stroked and he shot two small bursts on me. “Good job! You did it! What a big boy you are!” I told him. I cleaned him up and told him to go wait outside while I get dressed. I wiped up his cum and put my clothes on. That night was no different than any other, although I planned how to give my daughter the talk next, once she gets her period.


Hope you enjoyed this smaller story, I promised myself I’d be a sex positive and open parent so hiding away nudity from children wouldn’t make sense. In fact, I think it should be normal for parents and children to be nude around each other. A young boy seeing boobs or a girl seeing her father’s dick is far less damaging long term than all the violence a gore on TV. I’m not saying have full on sex with/ in front of your kids, but don’t make them think their nude bodies are something to be hidden.

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    I agree completely with you Courtney.

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    Can you do a story on me Courtney ??? Britney

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    Wow! This was absolutely hot! As were all your other stories! Really love your stories! Please keep em coming!
    (Still sad the other series got discontinued though, but excited nevertheless :D)

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    Your gonna have to let him use you as a cum dump for the rest of his life he pleasured his wiener u better be good at sucking

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    You should have stuck those 36-DD’s in his mouth Courtney and let the poor boy feed so he can get big and strong like his dad !! Love your sister slut Britney

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