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Femboy sissy

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Mom and I lived in a small town in the mountains of northern US. I was very feminine for a boy and had long hair and kept my eyebrows done thin and my body completely smooth and hairless arched feminine and my nails done and painted and toes painted and loved wearing makeup and lipstick.
Well it was morning an I put on light makeup and lipstick and was going jogging. I had put on nylon shorty shorts and crop top half shirt. I had jogged about 6 miles and stopped. When a pickup pulled up and asked me if I was alright I said yes. He asked me if I wanted a ride back home but he had to go opposite direction first. I said sure an got in. We talked for a few minutes and he said that I was very pretty sexy feminine boy he asked me how old I was and I told him 15. Well he asked me if I was attracted to guys. I said that I was. I asked him if that was a problem and he said that it wasn’t.
As we drove he rubbed my smooth tan thighs and belly. I told him that the only hair on my entire body was my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. He took my hand and looked at my long painted finger nails and then he said that he would like to see me 100% nude down to my toes jokingly. I thought about for a minute as we drove along I was tired of the dildos and maybe I could get real cock. So I said do you want to really see me completely naked. He didn’t hesitate about it said yes but I don’t think you will do it. So I kicked off my tennis shoes and booty socks and removed my crop top and shorts and thong. He said that I wasn’t lying about being completely hairless and smooth my entire body an I was very sexy. I said thank you and I asked him if he was gay as he felt my smooth hairless tiny cock and balls. He yes he was an likes young feminine boys like me as he pulled off the road down a dirt road that ended in a very secluded tree covered area. He stopped and shut the truck off and got out and opened the camper shell and had me get out and get in on the mattress he had back there.
He got completely nude and got in by me and we kissed passionately his hard cock rubbing against me as we did. I rubbed his chest and stomach then played with his cock and balls. Even though he was only about 6 1/2″ it was thick. Since we were on our sides kissing and making out he was rubbing his fingers on my boi pussi then he put something wet and slippery on it and slid his finger in me then other one I pushed back let his fingers go all the way inside of me. He had me moaning in pleasure when I just went down on his cock and started sucking on it. Well it didn’t take him very long before he said that he was going to cum. Then he tensed up and moaned shooting his hot load in my throat and mouth I swallowed every single drop of it.
Couple of minutes later I was laying back beside him kissing and talking. He said that he couldn’t believe that I lived in the area and that I was really completely gay feminine and a true sissy. He said that he had to molest boys my age and go to bigger places to find someone. We kissed passionately again and he started kissing and sucking on my neck gently. He asked me if I wanted him to give me hickey’s. I said yes I do. He sucked my neck hard all over and I was extremely horny from it so was he because he was hard again.
After the hickey’s he pulled me on top of him. After few more kisses I surprised him we I sat up and put lube on his cock moving so it was at my sissy boy pussy and slowly pushed back onto soon it was completely inside of me I rode him slowly I moaned in pleasure. He said that it felt so good and then said to me you are truly a real sissy femboy. I said I more than a sissy femboy I really am a feminine crossdresser. Then he rolled me on my back and fucked me more after a good 30+ minutes he shot his hot load deep inside of me and my tiny cock came also . We kissed very passionately afterwards and he said that he would love to see me completely dressed as a girl. I said he could.
He looked at the time and said it wasn’t even noon yet he said what time do you have to be home. I said that I don’t have to be home that as long as I am before 2 in the morning and asked him why. He said that he would love to spend a few more hours naked with me. I told him that I would love to. He took pictures of me and us together very naughty ones and fucked me few times. It was about 6 pm when he dropped me off at home. He was a bit I worried about what mom would say about it but I told him that she was fine with it. He kissed me passionately and asked me when he could see me again and I said that he could pick me up at 8 am tomorrow morning and that I was going to be completely dressed as Paula a girl. He said ok. I got out and went in the house.
When I got in the house my mom said to me well it looks like you had more fun than a jog. Well her and I never kept any secrets from each other so I told her everything that happen. She asked me if I was going to see him ever again. I told her about him and that I was going to meet him at 8 am tomorrow morning completely as Paula.

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  • Reply Birob ID:3i7n2ilexij

    Very hot…
    Not sure if I want to be Paula or her boyfriend..

  • Reply Emma ID:1edyitvw3d12

    I need this in my life.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Definitely need part 2

    • JAIEDENE ID:1e9evbj5hzo9

      it’s so hot wish I was hooking up with Paula I would have sucked his cock.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Let me know if you need some advice on wearing sexy vintage lingerie like open bottom girdles and garter belts with fully fashioned nylon stockings and 5-inch stilettos !!! once you dress up on what I just mentioned, all the guys will be lining up and bending you over and screwing you and the black guys will be breeding you with their 11-inch dicks !! let me know how you made out with me dressing you up !!! Britney

  • Reply Carrielover69 ID:1ed81rmyyuaf

    Absolutely beautiful definitely need a part two