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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 20

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Part 20 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chav’s and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro Conclusion with this story

Moving on from Danny

A week later from my last encounter, I am heading into the gym and who should be on the desk but Danny. It seems that Paddy has given him a job on the desk, checking people in. I go and exercise and then I head for the showers. Sadly, this time Danny doesn’t join me and the few times I go again he doesn’t either. One day I arrive fairly late and as I am leaving, he is at the desk with Trudy. He is chatting away to her, they are both laughing and chatting, and he is seriously flirting with her. He sees me and says, Hi and gives me that cheeky grin. I say hello, and he says that he’s finished and do I want to come over to his flat for a drink. I hesitate and then say, sure. My heart is racing, and I am thinking of what could happen. It isn’t far to his block of flats. Through the entry door, and then a lift up two floors, and then into the flat. In the hallway propped up to one side is his motocross bike. We can still easily get past, and he says that his mum has gone to visit his grandmother, so the house is empty. We sit on the sofa, and he asks if I want a drink. I say sure and he is back within a minute with a coke. We sit chatting, and I am feeling a sense of sexual tension, and then doorbell rings. He seems not to be expecting anyone, but he gets up and opens the door. Hey April, he says, I can hear him chatting, it seems that he had asked her to come over, but she said she was busy, but I guess whoever else she was going to see was busy so she invited herself here.

Here I am wanting to have some fun with Danny, and she turns up. I am hoping that he will remember I am here and get rid of her. Instead, he invites her in. She looks over at me and smiles and says Hi Paul, not seen you for a while. Danny sits down and April is now sitting in the middle between us. She says, I didn’t realise you would be here, turning to me. I said nor did I know you was coming, in a short rebuke. She just smiled again, I don’t think she realised the sarcasm in my voice, or if she did, she didn’t show it. Well, so what have you two boys been up to? Danny says, we have just got back from the gym. I was working there today too, and exercised early, and Paul came in later and we ended up back here. She smiled and says, well, all you fit boys around. She looks at me and says let me feel your muscles and she grabs an arm. Oh, very nice, you are coming on well. Now your turn, and she grads Danny’s arm. Of course, it is thicker and more muscular than mine, oh yes, she says, and then moves her hand down his tight-fitting gym top. Oh yes, she says, nice body too Danny, and then her hand goes down to his crotch and she grabs it and she says, mmm nice package there too. You can see how much Danny is reacting to the attention and she slips her hand under his trackies bottoms. Mmm she says, something is awake. And you can tell she is stroking his cock. His face is suddenly next to hers and then they are snogging heavily within seconds. It is almost like I am not there. He suddenly grabs his gym shorts and pulls them down along with gym tights as far as his Nikes. His pre cum leaking fat cock is exposed along with her hand stroking it. You need a closer look he says to her and guides her mouth onto his cock. She is sucking away, and he looks at me with a satisfied look and grins. I go to get up and leave and he says, no Paul stay a bit. I reluctantly sit back down. It should be my mouth around that cock. It doesn’t seem to bother him having sex in front of me. He then says why don’t you jump up onto it. She gets up, takes off her Ugg boots, slides off her trackies and panties and climbs on top of his cock, impaling herself onto it. She starts to ride him, facing each other and they are kissing as she is in charge of the up and down motion. He suddenly grabs her and pushes her down so that her back is on the sofa, and he is on top of her, the top of her head is against my leg. He starts to pump away on top of her. He looks up and says, Paul, take your cock out and let her suck on it. I would rather Danny sucked it, but I don’t think that was going to happen and at first, I was reluctant.

I have a girl I said, no matter she’s up for it and its ok. I don’t want to argue with him or look stupid, so I get off the sofa and drop, my trackies and my semi hard cock pops out. She takes it into her mouth like she is a pro, though she has had plenty of practice by all accounts. She is sucking on it and although it is nice, I am more pleasured by the view of Danny’s cock pumping in and out. I can see the almost flat top of his wide cock stroking in and out. He swaps between looking at her sucking me and watching his cock pumping in and out. He is starting to speed up and he is really going for it. I can tell he is close and then suddenly he is groaning and shooting his baby batter into her, breeding her, but for a pill she is taking. Pumping away but with shorter strokes, he comes to a stop. It makes me nearly cum, but I hold out and remove my cock from her mouth and he goes and kisses her and smiles. They stay on top of each other for a moment and then Danny says, OK Paul, your turn and looks and gives me that smile that just makes me want to melt. I pause and he motions me again to get on top. I want to be the one laying there now, taking Danny’s cock, or fucking his bubble butt. At least I will get to feel Danny’s cum round my cock I think, and if I fuck her for a bit Danny might finish me off. I climb on top and slide my cock in. It does feel as nice as my girlfriends though more lubed because of the cum. I start to pump and look up at Danny, who smiles back. His semi hard cock is still bobbing up and down next to me and he must know what I want, and he comes over and offers me his cock. I get my mouth round it and I am sucking on it, and I feel it harden in my mouth. It is no longer about fucking her, though it is stimulating my cock and she is enjoying it, it is about his cock in my mouth. He has his eyes shut and he is taking in the sensation. I realise that although this is one of the hottest experiences, for Danny it is all about getting his cock stimulated and not so much about with who. Still, I feel it throb and he grabs my head as before, while I am still trying to buck my arse up and down with some rhythm and he suddenly groans and cum’s in my mouth, I can feel it throbbing and even though he has not long cum, he can still deliver a sizable load from his large clean shaven throbbing balls.

That does it and sets me off and I cum into her pussy, shooting cum in there, my mind goes to me imagining it shooting into Danny’s mouth and it makes my cock throb and fire some extra shots. Danny removes his cock and wipes it with his hand. He goes into the kitchen, and he is back with a kitchen roll. He says this will help clean up. His shorts and leggings are back up, I can still make out the remnants of his semi. I have withdrawn my cock and I seem no longer interested in April and she grabs at the tissue to wipe where her hand is placed to stop all the cum leaking out of her. She starts to clean up, I decide wet cock or not I need to pull up my boxers and trackies, so I am back to respectable before long and Danny’s gym top has been replaced. It is time for me to go, it is as much fun as I will get from him today and it is almost that awkward stage. So, I say, better go Danny, catch you later, bye April and thanks, she smiles and says keep in touch Paul. I head out of the door, and I am walking back home, while I do so I need to think about today. I know that before long he is likely to want another round with her before she leaves his house, but I am done.

It is two weeks before I visit the gym again, and I really should have been going 2 or three times a week, but things never seemed to happen like that. I went to the front door; I know they were supposed to be open, but it is locked. There are lights on and I am thinking, its either one of the staff have gone to the toilet or Danny is there, possibly with Matt. I cannot say I wasn’t a bit jealous of the idea. There was another way into there the gym if it was open, and I thought I would take a chance. Down the side of the gym was a walkway, which led to a gate. The gate was open and now my only hope was the door to the outside area was also open. As luck had it, it was, and I quietly opened the door. The showers and changing room are empty, and the gym area is also deserted, but as I go towards the reception, I can see there is another room next to the reception office with the door almost fully open. This was or had been a room where there would be people treated for sports injuries or given a massage, but it was rarely used these days if at all. I looked in on the room and I can see that Danny has his back to me and lying face down on one of the low treatment beds with her arse in the air is Trudy. He is obviously fucking her, pumping away at her pussy, his trackies around his ankles being held there by his Nikes. I carefully open the door into the reception area and then I position myself so I can just make out a rear view of his fucking. Although he is concentrating on fucking her, he soon realises someone is there and he looks round and sees me. I am busted but he just gives me the cheeky grin he always does and continues to fuck her. Now he knows I am there, and he isn’t bothered by it I can move in much closer. I am almost inside the room now and I can just make out his cock fucking her. At one point he takes out his cock, and turns and shows it to me, stroking it and smiling, it fully clad with a condom pulled tightly and smoothy around his cock, and then plunges it back in her. He is really pumping into her now and I can only think he is getting near, and yes, he suddenly says, I am gonna’ cum babe, and I want you to feel me shoot into you. She moans and he then pistons her and then is slamming his cock inside her with deep hard pumping thrusts. The rubber is catching his cum and stopping it from fertilizing her, as his cum tube throbs a bit load into her cunt area. One thing you can be certain of, is that his cum impregnates without protection. He moans a couple of more times, and I must decide what I am going to do. Do I want to get caught by Trudy, who I am sure hasn’t seen me. No, I decide I will retreat to the changing room and let them get cleaned up. I head back to the changing room, I am rock hard, and I really want to wank, but I am not sure here is the place to do it, so I sit on a bench, and decide I will just get changed and have half an hour. The door suddenly opens and in strolls Danny, who walks right up to where I am. He looks over at my grins and then drops his shorts and his semi hard cock is there, still clad in the rubber, with the end of it full of cum. I thought you might want this lad or at least want to help me clean up. I pull off the rubber and then offers me his cock. I take it into my mouth and start to suck on it. Even semi hard it is still thick enough and smooth. I suck it for a minute and then he stops me and takes his cock out of my mouth and then pours the contents of the rubber into my mouth. I take it as if I had not eaten for a week. Savouring the flavour. That’s it he says, take it all in, he is now clean of cum, and I have swallowed his swimmers into my mouth. He then says, as if what had gone on just then had never happened, we are closing now Paul, and you will have to leave. I am taking Trudy home, and Paddy is not there tonight so my luck is in for round two. He almost throws the rubber at me and then leaves the changing room. I leave the way I came in, almost stunned by what had happened. When I get home, I grab into my pocket for my door keys and discover that I had hurriedly placed his used rubber in there, or had I intentionally done it? I go into my bedroom, and it is still slick from all the cum and the outside smells of pussy. I slide the condom onto my cock, which has gained its stiffness and I am wanking away, soon to be shooting into it as Danny had done not that long ago.

I realise that Danny is still playing the field and even though it seems he likes me or maybe even pity’s me, any sort of deep relationship with him will never happen. It would be difficult to just have casual sex with him, as my desires are more than sex. I want him to hold me, kiss me and treat me like I am his. That is never going to happen, so I need to admit to myself that my life partner will have to be found somewhere else. Maybe Sophia will take me as I am, and I can have the love I long for. I am soon to go to college in any case, so things may change. I think Danny sees himself more as a straight bi than a gay, but maybe I am wrong? I decide I don’t want to go back to that gym, all of the last few weeks has messed with my feelings, and it isn’t right for me. I decide it is time to find another gym and I end up going to one where Kadan has started going. Before too long I am leaving this town and heading away for college if I do well, and maybe a new start.

Author notes: He does indeed go away to college and Sophia visits regular, and in the end goes to the same one as him. On the outside he remains the geek that he has always seemed, but he still manages to have lots of sexual fun.

Conclusion by the Author

Paul becomes a manager at an I.T company, which makes automated production lines, and pays well. He still has the same girlfriend, Sophia, and she has moved into the new build house with Paul, and they are soon to me married from what I understand. Her Family are paying for all the wedding costs, so he has not got to worry about the expense. But he also enjoys some casual fun with guys, and that is how I met him. He relates the stories to me, which afterwards, become the inspiration for these stories/memoirs. Matt finds a boyfriend and moves to Devon, and they open a small tea shop in a holiday town. Nick settles down and has a child with a married wife who he meets and then gets pregnant after a meet up in a nightclub. Not sure he never strays from the home as regards sex but he’s certainly more level-headed than in his youth. Steve moves in with Sam and they remain a couple, though not married, but his swimmers seem to do the work and he has 3 children, with possibly a fourth on the way. He seems happy and content, though I have heard that he has visited a ‘gentleman’s club’ for some fun, which is likely to be more than just a lap dance with a girl. He also becomes a bit of a sneaker collector, chasing after those rare pairs. Rachel meets a banker guy at the bar she’s working in when she moves to London and now lives between London and the south of France in a very expensive villa. April dates Kadan, and he convinces her to go back to school, and she gets a law degree. They are both together and she is far from the days of where she needed plenty of men, but I think Kadan has to perform regular, so I do wonder how long that will last, more worryingly so as she lives in the same street as Steve. Scott meets up with Becky and he makes her pregnant again, but this time he marries her. I can only imagine how it works when he moves in with Tara and Ian, I suspect that are all having sex with each other, though not with the children. Ryan joins the Navy to get away from all the women and angry fathers who are after him. Jack gets caught with a large drugs haul and is in prison, he is due to come out soon, to be back with his wife and their child. His sister Sue suddenly starts to dress like a tomboy, and she now has a girlfriend. Tina my sister, gets a boyfriend called Dez, but he knocks her about, and one night when he starts hitting her outside a nightclub, someone comes over and knocks him out. Next thing I know she’s moved in with the knight in shining armour who it turns out runs a gym and now she also works there too, the strange thing is his name is Danny, who would have known he came back on the scene, and his old ways of playing the field are long over it seems, though Danny does hint that it might not always be the case? They have a little boy who’s called Paul after her brother (for some reason). I hear from Danny about some of his sexual exploits and maybe I will write about them sometime.

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    @cracksniffer, I am sure that he met up with Danny more times than he said he did to me and also with April, but so far he has not said. He did have quote a condom fetish, so I am sure he eat the contents when he got the chance.

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    So wanted Paul to swallow Danny’s creamy cum from that rubber!! Thanks for a great series of stories! Very enjoyable!