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Training Samantha part 4

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The weekend finally arrived. The first time I would meet Karen. I was a little nervous and then the Volvo pulled into the driveway and out comes a short stocky woman with a cute face. She looks like a therapist then I open door I had Sammy right beside me. We were greeted with a big smile. She looked at me and said aren’t you handsome and Sammy is beautiful.
I let her in. She put her bag on the kitchen table. She said get over here and give me a hug and said the same thing to Sam and hugged her. Can We all go sit in the living room and she asked if I would leave and leave her and Sammy alone Was a little nervous but I was excited too because I’ve been talking to Karen for a long time and I know she’s more perverted than I am so leaving my daughter with a pervert that going to fuck her is very exciting if your a parent you know what I mean if you are turned on by you daughters I asked how long she said I’ll call you when I need you but you should take a water with you. I must’ve been outside for over two hours and I got a call to come in when I walked in. Karen was at the back door. Sammy was nowhere in sight, Karen said I want to see that cock that you wanna put inside. Your little girl she took my cock out and started stroking me. She said I got your little girl totally nude on your bed right now. she’s so obedient I’m sorry but I had to eat her pussy , so I made her cum before you did. But she very wet She said when you go in your bedroom Sammy‘s already lubed up I took some KY on my fingers and I put them inside your daughter when I was eating her she says your daughter is very expressive when she has an orgasm. I never experienced someone shaking like she shakes. It got me very wet then lead me by my cock into the bedroom where Sammy was totally spread facing the doorway. She looks at Sammy and says your daddy‘s gonna fuck you now, remember what I told you I took off the rest of my clothes and got on top of my daughter I grabbed Sammy‘s leg bent it up to her chest. This is the first time I’ve seen my 10 year old daughter in this position, her flat chest, her face and her puffy little lips all in one visual with the head of my cock lined up to her puffy little hairless lips, and then I took the plunge sliding into her. She let out grown I grab her other leg and I push both her legs into her shoulder. Putting ankles on my shoulder I’m an aggressive mood right now. I’ve been thinking of how I would do this so I start thrusting into her. She’s so tight even with the KY it is a little hard to get inside her she’s so tight i get half my cock inside Sammy and then I start aggressively pumping the sounds coming out of her rambling words her shaking her groans her asking how long how long almost if she’s in a delirious state this excites me more and I get more aggressive Karen lays down the side of the bed stroke Sam head telling her she’s doing good and looking at me and saying go ahead dad you wanna fuck her hard This only gets me more aggressive and deeper inside Sammy Sammy starts turning her head left right and I think she’s trying to scoot away but she can’t. I’m on top of her. I’m aggressively fucking her she’s so tight and Karen continually says fuck her fuck her harder , at this time my balls slapping against Sammy’s little ass Sammy’s cries turn into more pleasurable as she’s getting stretched out the pleasure, overwhelming the pain and still squealing, looking down at my little girl watching my cock in her hairless pussy I’m pumping my cum inside my daughter, but I’m still hard. I’m hot as a rock , I continually pound Sammy Sammy takes it. I slow down im exhausted, but I still slowly pumping her full depth I can get in which is about 3/4 then start French kissing my daughter we have to stop every now and then because we’re breathing so heavy , I feel sensation like I can come again so I start up fucking her again. Sammy looks at me with surprise on her face. Karen looks at me and says fuck her go ahead. You can do it for the next 10 minutes I pound her again, and I achieve a second orgasm , Karen start touching and telling her how good she did she looks to me and Sammy and says you all have to do what I told you you agreed. Remember? she looked at me and said go take a shower because in an hour you are doing this again Sammy looks at her and goes huh? I look at sam and smile when I finish my shower, I walk into the bedroom and Karen is between Sammy Legs eating her. I sit on the side of the bed and start sucking on her flat chest a little pink nipples. I start licking her ears. This drives her crazy. It’s one of her sexual spots if I’m ever wanting to play with Sammy, I have to do is touch her ears, I’ve never sucked them and lick I see another woman eating my little girl and think to myself just two weeks ago. I didn’t even touch her now. her little pussy is fill with my cum and a woman is eating it out of her. I instantly got hard again. Looking at Karen and I say do I have to wait another hour Karen said absolutely not moves out of the way and opens my daughters leg Sammy looks at me nervous as I slide into her for a second time And I aggressively fuck her again she starts talked dad dad, dad, dad as I pump each thrust tour. I can’t explain how it feels to be inside a 10 year old other than it’s the tightest most hot feeling on my cock in to look down at that precious little innocent face all sweaty Pleasure and pain, excitement, and fear. The sounds. I fuck Sammy 6 times that day. And this is just to beginning what comes next. I wasn’t even for prepared for
Stay tuned
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  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1eg0a31r5l1u

    Y’all people are really warped. It’s ok to read or write stories but this excites some you entirely to much . I mean I’ll be your daddy if you’re old enough but not your real daddy . If there are this many perverts that openly admit fucking underage girl plus there own daughters there has got to be some kind of police monitoring team . That’s going to come to take you to a better place someday . With your confessions all over these comments.

    • Dadof1g ID:e5sufx16mee

      All stories here are for entertainment purposes only and are fiction how you get here? Seems that you’re pleasuring yourself looking at stories too, and you found this one
      did you come?

  • Reply Yourlilslut ID:1dj2zkgds3iw

    Damn i want my daddy to fuck me like that

    • Jlanceman2020 ID:1e43l258xq5e

      I’ll be your daddy. Sc me

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Can’t wait for the next chapter

  • Reply Dadof1g ID:1dt5cbb3vh4v

    My apologies I should have proof read this before I posted it, but I’ll let you in on a little secret as I was writing this Sammy and I were laying on the bed and she was sucking and stroking me so it was a little difficult to type

    • MrNobody ID:1cu47tfuvhbb

      Have her proof read it while you play with her maybe, keep the fun going