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Work wire returns

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After I left the company (please read the Minnesota Goodbye) I decided I had, had enough of work wives. Call me soft but the reality of leaving Claudia like that really hurt for a long time. Besides a new job with new responsibility and new routines were enough to keep my mind on my work when I was at work for quite a long time. That is until they hired Nicole.
Nicole was five foot tall, 105 pounds, with long blonde hair that hung down to her ass. Speaking of ass Nicole had the most perfect ass I have ever seen! Large and heart shaped it was a thing of beauty by itself. Paired with a set of tits that wile on the small side were perfectly for her size. She was everything I like physically in a woman rolled into one package.

Drawn to her beauty Nicole and I became fast friends at work. 17 years my younger I would flirt with her expecting she would think nothing of it. I would also treat her special making a big deal of her birthday and bringing her coffee on cold days just to be nice.
As our friendship blossomed Nicole began to tell me more about her personal life and it wasn’t long before she revealed that her marriage wasn’t much of a marriage at all. On her birthday as I surprised her with a bottle of wine and a free lunch she shared that her husband hadn’t even wished her a happy birthday.

Both shocked and saddened by the mistreatment of this beautiful woman I resolved to at least make her time at work enjoyable. Flirting with her, complementing the way she was dressed, and remembering her on holidays became the norm and before too long I had another work wife. The difference being this one was young enough to be my child, and frankly the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

One day as we chatted over a morning coffee Nicole handed me a book. She told me that I should read it because the main character reminder her if me. Looking over the cover and told her I didn’t care much for romance novels, but she insisted it wasn’t really a romance novel and I had to read it. Grudgingly, I agreed and tucked the book away in my computer bag.

That evening as I sat watching TV my phone chirped with a text from Nicole.
Opening my phone it read “have you read the book yet?” I sent back a one word response NO… and laid the phone down. Again the phone chirped: “Read it before I need to return it to my sister.”

Somewhat annoyed at myself for agreeing to this nonsense I dug the book from my bag and began. Much to my surprise it was in fact not a romance novel it was rather an erotic book who’s main character was in the style of the 50 shades craze a Dom who was introducing a new female companion to the BDSM lifestyle.

As I read the erotic tale. My mind went crazy with all that giving me this book implied. Since she told me that I reminded her of the main character what exactly was she trying to say? Did she long to be in a BDSM relationship? Did she think I was in the lifestyle? Did she find me attractive? Did she want me to dominate her? My mind spun with the thoughts. I was 17 years older than her. She was hott as fuck. Could she really be wanting me?

The story in the book was compelling. I was captivated by the characters and I finished it in one night. The next morning as I prepared to head to the office I got a text from Nicole. “Hey I’m not going to go in today, can you drop the book by my house on your way in today?” I quickly sent an affirmative response and got into the shower my mind still spinning with all the possibilities giving me that book implied.

An hour later I pulled my truck into her drive and headed to her front door. Knocking on the door I heard a faint cry for inside that the door was open. Opening the door and entering the foyer I heard Nicole say that she was in the living room. As I made a right and headed to the large room I was stopped in my tracks by the vision waiting for me.

In the middle of the living room floor sat Nicole. Totally naked, she was sitting on her heals and knees, with her legs speared as far as she could go. Her petite pussy was completely shaven and her hard nipples were standing at attention begging to be pinched and pulled. Her long straight blonde hair hung down her back to below her ass and I thought to myself “My God” “She’s acting out the book!”

As I stood there taking in the vision in front of me I began to peel off my shirt. Kicking off my shoes I unbuckled my pants and shed them on the floor as well. Sliding my boxer briefs to the floor as well I began to stroke my already hardening cock and walked over to stand in front of her.

With my cock at full erection now I growled at her to “open her fucking mouth.” Grabbing my rock hard cock I slid it into her waiting mouth and putting a hand on her head I slowly began to fuck her mouth. As the warm wetness surrounded my cock my thrust began to be more aggressive and it wasn’t long until the head of my shaft began to feel the opening to her throat. The excitement overwhelmed me and with the hand on her head I pulled her in shoving my cock deep down her throat. Surprised by the sudden assault Nicole gagged and pulled away from my cock.

“I’m sorry” she choked out. “I’m not very good at deep throat .”

“You better get better” I hissed feeling incredibly turned on by her submissive demur, and I shoved my cock into her mouth again although I tried not to gag her so unexpectedly this time. She began this time to moan and milk my cock with passion. I put both hands on her head and fucked her mouth properly. After several minutes she stopped again to catch her breath and I bent over and passionately kissed her lips.

Grabbing a handful of her long beautiful hair I pulled her up and led her to the ottoman in front of the couch. I then made her bend over it face down and positioned myself behind her soaking wet pussy. Placing my left hand on her back I grabbed my cock with my right and began rubbing its head slowly up and down her soaking wet bald lips. Working from her clit to her anus I spread her pussy juices all over the head of my raging hard dick and her pussy that had begun to swell with excitement. “Fuck me she begged, please fuck me!” With that I smacked her right ass cheek with my hand and left finger shaped welts behind.
“ I’ll fuck you when I get good and ready!” I growled at her and peppered the left cheek with my hand as well. The second spank drew a yelp and then a wimper as she submissively started to beg my forgiveness. “you better be sorry” came my response and with one violent thrust I drove my rock hard organ into her vagina slamming its head into her cervix causing her to squeal from a mixture of pain and pleasure, whilst instinctively trying to crawl away from the sudden and unexpected assault on her pussy. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I exclaimed as I grabbed her with both hand and pulled her back to me slamming the head of my cock once again into the bottom of her vagina. This time she arched her back and let out a cry of “Oh my God!” As i began to control her movements with my hands on her waist and started fucking her with long strokes that had my cock almost exiting her virgina and then slamming into her cervix in long hard thrust.

I continued to pound her pussy with violent trust until she began to squeal “I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum!” Grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her head back and smashed my cock into the bottom of her vagina one more time. Nicole let out a guttural moan and her entire body started to shake. Her pussy began to clamp down on my cock as if trying to milk the cum it so desperately longed for. Her orgasm came in waves and she screamed repeatedly “ohGod, oh my God!” Over and over whilst I continued to ram-rod her pussy with my rock hard dick. Finally, as the waves of her orgasm slowed she collapsed flat on the ottoman eyes closed breathing labored legs spread pussy swollen as I slowed my pace and fucked her more tenderly.

After some time I slid my cock out of her and kneeled down between her legs behind her. Spreading her marvelous ass with both hands I began to lick her cunt from clitoris to anus. Taking time to suck her clit like a tiny penis and tongue fuck her vagina and anus while I was there. Nicole woukd let out soft whimpers in response but was still far to overcome with sexual euphoria to do much more. Sensing and tasting that her pussy juice was beginning to flow again, I swept Nicole up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Placing her gently on the bed I positioned her head hanging over the edge with her long hair hanging nearly to the floor. Standing over her face with my still hard dick touching her lips she willfully opened her mouth and I began to slowing fuck her beautiful face.

Reaching out my hands sought her swollen, bald, mound. I began to massage her clit and then let my fingers enter her dripping wet vaginal opening. While she lay there submissive to my every desire I fucked her mouth with my cock and fingered her pussy with two and three fingers at a time. When I began to feel her excitement start to grow I removed my fingers and cock from there wet holes and grabbed a pillow. Ripping the pillowcase off I rolled her onto her belly and stuffed her arms into the pillowcase. Playfully binding her arms behind her back. I then rolled her onto her back again spreading her legs wide I lined my throbbing cock up with her gaping vagina opening. Again with one violent thrust I hammered my tool home bouncing again off her cervix which lead to a loud squeal.

With her hands bound behind her back I pushed her leg up to her chest and began pounding her pussy with all the strength I could muster! It wasn’t long till I could sence the orgasm building inside her and when she began to scream in euphoria it was all the more I could take. My cock began to dance and blow ribbon after ribbon of hot cum deep insider her love hole.

I collapsed from the exertion onto her beautiful body as my dick twitched and expelled the last of its load. Sliding my cock out of her I stood up and pulled her head to the edge of the bed being sure to keep her arms bound. I then placed my half limp cock over her lips and told her to clean it.

With her arms bound she began to lick and clean my cock and balls using just her tongue and mouth and the movement of her head. Watching her work quickly brought back my erection. And I flipped her over on the bed and positioned her ass on the edge. Stepping forward my again hard cock found its target and I began to fuck her from behind on the edge of the bed.

Holding her arms down, which were still bound by the pillowcase, I began to massage her tiny anus with my left thumb. Her hole puckered and she squirmed to get away but my thumb soon entered her rose shaped opening and my fingers clamped down on her ass controlling her movement.

“NOT MY ASS!” She screamed in protest but the combination of my cock fucking her and my thumb in her ass overwhelmed her and she once again submitted to the pleasure she was getting. After she relaxed I removed my finger and my cock and started to line its head up with her rear opening.

When she felt my swollen head touch her anus she jumped up on the bed and pulled her arms out of the pillow case. With a scared look on her face she begged me not to fuck her ass and said I could do anything else to her body but not that. Seeing her paniced look I climbed on the bed and lay down next to her. I then pulled her into me and our lips met in a long passionate embrace.

When our kiss finally broke she began kissing her way down my chest and when she reached my cock she eagerly gobbled it up. Wanting to make up for not giving me her asshole she sucked me like a woman possessed, worshiping my dick and urging it to fill her mouth with its cum. I picked her up by her waist and put her pussy in my mouth and we began to ravage each other in a 69 position. It wasn’t long till she was grinding her slit on my tongue and bucking like a barrel racer. Suddenly her pussy began to gush as she reached yet another orgasm.

Giving herself over to animal lust she dove down on my dick again milking the long shaft with her mouth and massaging my balls in an attempt to coax them into releasing their contents for her. Again my dick began to jump, shooting a stream of hot cum first down her throat then filling her mouth. She released my dick from the suction of her mouth then laying her head down on my hip began nuzzling it and kissing it with great appreciation and passion.

Quietly we laid there our bodies sweaty and my face covered with her love nectar. As she drifted off to sleep I kissed her pussy one more time and gently rolled her off me and onto the bed. I softly kissed her lips and went to dress in the living room. Leaving the book on the coffee table open to the next chapter as a suggestion for what we should re-create next.

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