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Lucy’s summer Holiday #2

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Part 2

Lucy was tired hungry and in agony. Her mouth dry from the four panties stuffed in her mouth. Her lower face heavily wrapped in duct tape
Lucy’s screams could only be heard with in the four walls were she hung from her bound wrists. Rope held her ankles three feet apart then tied to steel rings that were bolted to the foor. Lucy could do nothing, her limbs stretched to their limits.

” wow lucy you look beautiful hung up like a piece of meat. Dont you think?”. Bill said with a big smile.

“Pffwease!!! Pfeh me ouf!”.

Lucy try telling bill to let her down ” im sorry lucy bill said but i cannot understand you with that gag.”

” look it’s obvious i cannot let you go right. I mean if i did we all know i’d spend the rest of my life in jail. So i’v come up with a plan. As everyone thinks you are camping and bush walking for two weeks. In that time i plan to let your boyfriend take the blame for your disappearance

“MMMMMMPH! NUUUMMMPPHHH! Lucy tossed her head from side to side. Tears filled her eyes as panic set in.

” Now now settle down. It’s not like im going to kill you. No no i’d never do that. Instead you will remain here in this room as long as im happy to fuck and torture you. Then when that desire wears off…. well let’s just say i know a few people in other countrys that would pay a lot of money to have a slave like you”.

“NNNNOOOPPHHH! Iwww be goof! I pwomif! Lucy said

” I know you’ll be good lucy. You really don’t have a choice do you?. But for now i’m going to leave you naked and bound. I’ll be back in a few hours. Your mother should be back any minute. So i need to get up stairs. Hahahah see you soon lucy”. Bill walked over to the door stopped and turned to lucy.

“Um lucy!”. Bill said. ” i really am glad you have decided to stay here, in your new room. I just cannot wait to test your pain levels and continue fucking your delicious little body”.

“Wwwhhafff hey comfff bafff! Lucy yelled.

Bill closed the door and headed up stairs.
Lucy hated bill for what he has done. “One day he will rot in jail”. Lucy thought to herself.

It was around 10am. Bill was sitting at the kitchen bench enjoying a cup of tea. In his mind pictures of lucy in all sorts of bondage positions appeared in his head. Bill jumped when he head the door open.

” fuck no”. He said as he looked down at his rock hard cock pushing against his jeans.

“Theirs my man”. Julian said as she walked over to bill. ” well did you miss me darling?”. While julia looked at the bulge in bills pants.

“Ohh y-yes i did”. Bill said.

“I don’t know whats going on bill. But the last couple of days you seem to be horny all the time. Hhmm… but i like it. Julia giggled as she walked over and gave bill a kiss on the lips.

Bill pushed julia down onto here knee’s. Julia undid bills belt and opened his jeans. Bill’s cock popped out and stood to attention.”on my god bill it’s so hard”. Julia said as she started wanking his cock while she sucked the head of his member. The whole time looking at bill. Julia new this would be quick. Bill’s eyes closed, he grabbed julia by her hair. His hips pushing julia’s head until her chin slapped against his ball. Julia gagged and tryed to pull away but bill held her tight pushing his cock as deep as he could.

” uhhh fuuucck”. Bill yelling as he push and pushed . Yes yes baby im going to cum.

Julia loved sucking bills cock as long as he did’nt cum in her mouth. Bill would always pull out then spurt his juices over julia’s face. But this time was different. Bill just could’nt stop thinking about lucy bound and gagged down stairs. Bill pushed julia’s head hard until his balls slapped against julia’s chin. His cock deep in her throat giving julia no option but to swallow all his cum. Julia pleaded as she looked at his wild eyes. Julia tryed to pull her head away but bill was far to strong. All she could do was punch his thighs while gagging as he shot his load down her thoat.
Julia coughed then tryed to spit out any remains of her husbands cum.

“What the fuck was that bill” julia yelled as she wiped her mouth. ” you know i hate the taste of cum jesus”.

“I dont know what came over me baby. I’m sorry but i missed you so much”.

“I could’nt breath fuck. You have never done that”.

Julia marched off into the bedroom. Moments later bill could here julia taking a shower. Bill opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. He smiled as he walked over and turned the tv on.

An hour had past and julia had fallen a sleep in the bedroom. Biil had made his way down stairs to see lucy in her new room.

As he opened the door lucy hung from her wrist only inches from the floor. Her body full of sweat. Lucy’s eyes full of tears as she shook her head from side to side. Yelling into her gag to be let down.

“Pffweese pffet me pffown”.

“God dam girl….. what a sexy cunt you are!”.

Lucy could only look at bill with her terrified eyes. Her small frame glistened from the beads of sweat all over her small 5.2″ frame. Bill walk towards lucy. She screams into her gagged when bill pulls and twisted her right nipple.
Bill then walked over to the wall and pressed the green button. Slowly lucy was lowered to the ground. Her head hung down In front of her. Lucy was exhausted.her muscles hurt from being hung for so long.
Bill was now standing behind lucy. He wrapped his hands around lucy and squeezed her breast. Slapping pinching her firm breasts.

“Nmmmphhh!!!” lucy yelled into her gag.

“God you make the cutest noises when i’m hurting you. Just wait until the torture really starts”.

Bill laughed while he bent down and grabbing lucy’s firm white ass cheeks. He slappes her left ass cheek then slappes her right ass cheek. He continued
slapping her ass harder and harder until lucy’s ass was bright red.
By the time bill finished. Lucy was a total mess. Her eyes were red and full of tears. Snot ran out of her nose and over her tapped up mouth. She wanted to die. For this to be over. Lucy just didn’t think she could take any more humiliation, torture and rape.

Lucy began to panic when she felt bill stretching her ass cheeks


Lucy was now begging her stepfather to stop, shaking her head. Pleading into her gag while bill smelled and licked her virgin hole.she didn’t want to be fucked in her ass. Lucy twisted her body and tryed to pull herself away. Yelling into her gag while pulling at the ropes. But this just seemed to make it worse. Lucy was scared and could not stop it from happening. Bill pulled out his throbbing cock and spat on his fingers. Laughing as he rubbed it on the tip of his cock. Bill grabbed lucy’s ass cheeks with his finger and thumb and pulled them apart. A small gap formed in her anus. Way to small for bills cock to fit. But that didn’t stop bill as he pushed hard until the head of his cock forced it way in. Causing agonizing pain for lucy. Lucy felt like her ass was being torn apart. Crying into her gag, her body shaking from pure terror.

” take it out please. No no your killing me” lucy yelled but all that past her gag was muffled crys.

Lucy could do nothing as she pulled at the ropes. Her eyes wide with the look of fear and pain. Shaking her head begging this monster to stop.

Bill pushed his hard throbbing cock deep into lucy’s ass his pace was hard and fast. His balls slapped against lucy’s perfectly round butt. He could feel lucy
tightened her sphincter. Her hole became warmer and warmer. Bill smashed his right hand over lucy gagged mouth and nose. His left hand played with her cunt hole.

“Uuhhh fuck lucy your ass. I can feel you trying to push me out. Oohh jesus”.

Lucy yelled into her gag. “No no not my pussy”. Her muffled crys only excited bill more. Lucy couldn’t believe her own body betraying her. Her body wanted this vicious rape so badly that she was willing to respond to bills every need. Lucy could feel her orgasm building fast while bill fucked her ass pounding her as hard as he could. Then when she felt him shoot his load in her ass lucy lost control sending her over the edge. Bill pulled lucy back hard until her head rested on his shoulder. He looked into her eyes and squeezed her nose shut. He was suffocating her.
Lucy looked into his evil eyes as she tryed to pull away but bill’s grip was far to strong. Lucy was being fuck to death. When bill saw lucy close her eyes he pulled out his cock and removed his hand from her face.

” sleep well my slut cause tomorrow is another painful day”.

The next morning

Bill and julia were sitting in the loungeroom with chef Detective Roberts. He explained that lucy’s boyfriend had now been charged. That he would be spending the the next 20 years in jail.

” Did he tell you where um…. julia said and began to cry”.

“No but i can tell you now. Yes the case is closed. But we will not stop looking. Im sorry that’s all i can tell you” the Detective said as he shook bills hand and walk out the door.

Bill hugged his wife julia. ” come sit down darling. How about a cup of tea”.

“Thankyou dear, but what do we do now?”. Julua said

Bill with his back turned. He smiled, thinking what next?

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    Part three

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