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I left my bestfriends mom and girlfriend pregnant (REAL STORY)

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You basically know me and my bestfriend but for the new people that read this post, I am 17 years old and my bestfriend is 14.(His name is Tony and you already know him because I had sex with his mother.(Story is up)) After the incident between me and his mom , nothing changed in our relationship but our relationship with his mom has gotten even stronger . We talk about everything and mostly about girls etc. Recently , Tony was going into dates with a girl named Sofia . She is 10/10 with thick ass and boobs , but she also has a beautiful face she is born in 2010(13y). We advised him what to do and say in the dates and when he left , I stayed home with his mom and fucked the fuck out of her. The excuse I used to tell my parents was that I was going out, but they didn’t know that I was sitting at Tony’s house and fucking his mother, which Tony didn’t know either. He was taking her out 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours . For example Wednesday , Friday , Saturday from 8 to 11. I was taking advantage of his absence and I was making his mother legs shake for hours . She was literally begging for that dick and I really couldn’t resist a 10/10 milf . During sex , I was dominating her in every position and she was moaning a lot . For those who don’t know I’m 24cm and really thick (due to my genes andI have photos and videos).His mom was completely obsessed with me , she was going crazy for me and was touching me all the time , even Infront of Tony . So one day Tony came back from the date and he said that his girlfriend wanted to fuck , had a strange attitude etc . At this point , tony has a tiny dick (7cm) and cannot nut at all . We realised that we had a problem . We sat down at the table and realised that the only way to fuck was with a dildo or something else , but without her noticing . Tony rejected all of those and said that I’m the one that has to do the job .His mom liked the idea also . So basically, Tony was letting me fuck his girlfriend. I accepted this idea under 1 rule : unlimited sex with his mom .Tony was hesitant at first but he agreed . The plan was that he will bring her for a sleepover and when they are ready to have sex I will show my cock , in order to get her attracted.(Tony’s idea) . About all this his mom had a weird attitude and I felt like she loves me more than her own son , because of his inability to fuck . I was getting compliments daily like : my man , my boy , son and complimented my fit body. The day came and Tony and his girlfriend went to his room to spend the rest of the night while Tony told his mother to give me a handjob , in order to get as hard and big possible. I was extremely hard and ready to cum when I heard Tony calling me . Completely nude , I entered the room and his girl was absolutely shocked .At first she didn’t like the idea of me fucking her but she was forced by Tony. She was also a virgin . She started by giving me a blowjob and after a while I started to fuck her on doggy style (no condom). Her pussy was extremely tight and she made loud moans as my huge dick slowly entered her small tight virgin vagina . We switched multiple positions but for her all of them was a pain in the ass. In order to nut , I put her legs in her head (something like missionary) and put my best efforts. After some minutes of intense screaming I finally nutted inside her and she wrapped my head around her arms and started kissing me . Afterwards she went to the bathroom to wash and as soon as she finished I went to wash myself too. When I asked her how she felt she said that when I nutted she said something warm moving in her pussy . Also , she hugged Tony because he is the reason she got so pleased and they cuddled after. I went back to his mother bedroom and she said that based on the screams I fucked her well . We had some light sex and went to sleep. The next day in the breakfast table Tony’s mom was hugging me , touching me and made Tony uncomfortable. When Tony asked her about it she said that it was the part of the deal and I’m a real man . Tony had an argue with his mother but after, he accepted the whole thing . His mom started asking me for a baby and Tony couldn’t say nothing about it .I had doubts about this and said who is gonna raise the baby , who is going to be the father and said that I’m to young to have a baby. We had a discussion and if his mother found someone to help her raise the baby and sign in paperworks that its his baby I would get her pregnant . Tony was slowly turning into a sissy overtime and he said he liked the idea .(Deep down I knew that he didnt like it at all but I didnt say anything). Imagine someone your age having a baby with your mom and say that you have no problem with that . I used to spend half on my Day in Tony’s house and had tons of discussions regarding anything. After a political chat , Tony admitted the fact that he was an extreme right wing supporter (neonazi-fasism). For those who don’t know they are mostly against other races . He doesn’t want immigrants and other races in his country but both of his mom and his girlfriend are getting fucked by me , a guy from other race . When I asked him about it, he just washed it away and said that I’m an exception and he treats me like his own . Instantly, his mother was pulling me to go to the sofa. There she got layed and I started giving her backshots. With Tony watching his mom getting dominated by me , he asked to record so he can nut with nut .(That’s what he said ). He got his iPhone and started recording a video of me destroying his mom . The video lasted 4 minutes because I nutted early inside his moms pussy . Immediately Tony called his girlfriend over inorder for me to fuck. Sofia got here and didnt even greet Tony she pulled my pants down and asked for dick . For over 40 minutes of me fucking her in every position and way , Tony had a video. I finished inside her and layed down . I was exhausted. Sofia was nutted everywhere in her body and her legs were shaking so much that Tony lifted her and took her to the bathroom. Tony had my sperm in his body and his girl . His mom came to reward me and gave me the best head of all time . When I saw Sofia leaving the other day , I told her to get a pill , because I nutted inside her . She didnt get the pill and her body couldn’t control that much amount of sperm so she got pregnant. After some time she called Tony and she didn’t tell it to her parents yet. To save the situation, Tony’s mom gave her the pills that she used to put her baby down and let’s say everything went well and the baby was successfully put down . Tony and his mom had a discussion and he agreed with me having a baby with his mom again . When we all agreed , his mom went insearch for a cuckold father .You couldn’t feel Tony’s life these days , imagine your bestfriend getting your girlfriend and your mom pregnant. Everything we did was a secret . His mother after some search found a guy to handle the paperwork and that night I let her pregnant . For the virgin boys down in the comments everything has a proof .

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    Respect brother

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    You living everyone’s dream bro

  • Reply T ID:2qkzii2eh

    Almost every detail in all yours stories are different but you still say they’re all true. Your just lying out your ass. Your writing is garbage and your English is terrible too. You can’t be a liar and SHIT at writing a story too

    • Lerbisto ID:5sowhxud0

      Yeah, seems like being a big bullshitter and a good storyteller would go hand in hand lol

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      You hate just because your cock is small and you can’t fuck