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My time at summer camp

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I didn’t want him staying in the cabin without me so I had to help him with his big problem

It was the first day of summer camp and I had just got assigned my camp. I am happy too only to get the two bedroom my roommate hadn’t come in yet so I got first pick off the beds, I picked the bed by the front door.

My roommate came in as soon as I was done making my bed and we both made eye contact. He had a shortcut full of curly sandy brown hair and the build of a Twink, probably around 5’7.

“We’re roommates” I nodded at his pretty obvious question, and he took the empty bed, pushing his suitcase underneath the bed, “wake me when it’s time to eat”.

I didn’t know his name, so I just shook him, “they are having lunch. Get up” he opened his soft blue eyes “it’s lunchtime” “I can’t go right now I’ll be there in a minute” I didn’t want to leave him in case he was a thief decided to poke around my stuff so urged him to come with me.

He took off his blanket, “suck me off then” his tone was very frustrated with my pleasing that he go with me. I looked at the notable tent in his pants, “can’t you just jerk off or something”? I had hopes that would make him get up and go outside for the bathroom “no you wanted to stay so now get on the bed and suck me off come on” I actually always wanted to try cock, so I didn’t protest. I always knew I was gay but getting on the bed putting myself in between him and watching him lift his hips to take off his pants it became more known to me that I was.

“Go on” he urged me and I lowered my head, I did wonder if I should tell him I never actually done this before, but I was sure he would just tell me if I did something wrong. The tip of his head hit my mouth. I licked his tip, it had a very natural taste, something familiar I couldn’t put my name on. I took his tip inside of me and started to just work with that.

He grabbed my hair and I could him tugging at it, using his hands to guide my head up and down as he used my mouth? I wasn’t doing much of anything, as soon as I attempted to deep throat his cock, he took over. My mouth was overflowing with spit, so I allowed myself to drool. I used my hand to stroke his shaft while I sucked on his tip when he let me, giving me a break from him roughly fucking my throat.

This went on for a few more seconds, but then he pushed my head all the way down, and I took all of him in. I attempted to push away, but it was too late, he thrust into my mouth and filled it with his load. “Fuck”! He said in a more upbeat tone and I took my mouth off his cock, I still had his cum in my mouth, not really sure what to do with it. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me down on him and kissed me, my ass was right on his dick and I could feel him humping me. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to cum again or not, so I did the only thing I could think of. I pulled away from the kissing “lunchtime” I had swallowed his load and I desperately wanted food to get the taste out of my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved sucking his dick, but as he started at me across the dinning hall, I couldn’t help but feel gross. Maybe it was because it was my first time doing that, or might be it was because I didn’t even know his name, whatever it was, each time we made eye contact my stomach flipped.

We got back to our cabin, “want me to suck you off”? “Huh” I was confused even though I heard him, “you know tit-for-tat type shit, just pull your pants down. I’ll do the rest” My mind was hesitant, but my hands weren’t they jerked down my jeans and my boxers, revealing my soft dick. “Aw” he cooed, and I instantly regretted my decision. I know I was small, “You’re not going to tell anyone are you”? I shook my head, “n-no” I let out a gasp as his hand grabbed my dick. His hands stroking me felt way different from my sister’s or my aunt’s more rough and less careful. He stroked me like he was eager to see my load.

He looked up at me from his spot between my legs, and I think he could tell I was already close. I wasn’t moaning or anything, but I could feel my eyes roll back, and I did let out some unintentional whines. I couldn’t help it. I never had a man touch me in this way before. I had to force myself to stop from fucking his hand and I just let him do the work, but he stopped suddenly just leaving his hand there, and I whined “I was almost there” I announced “I want you to cum in my mouth” before I could object I felt his tongue surround my tip and my body seemed to pull forward I could feel the wetness of his mouth surrounding my dick. The feeling of getting sucked off and knowing it was by a man, and I was fulfilling my gay dream, made my body light up.

“I’m going to cum” I told him and he deep throated my dick before going back up and staying at my tip, seeming to tease me. “Fuck…fuck” I came in his mouth and he didn’t gag like me or even keep it in his mouth, each time a string of my cum hit his tongue he would sallow it. My dick went soft within the next second, and he took his mouth off me with a pop. He got up and smiled, “did I do a good job”? I was confused why he thought he didn’t but nevertheless I nodded “good job”.

(This was rushed, so I am sorry lmao hope you like this one. I appreciate all feedback)

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    You are definitely a faggot.

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    My 1 time was at a local state park my family was camping I met two grown men who lived in a rv. They took me in the rv and fucked me. Then the other came in and fucked me and sucked me off