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Homeless 3

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More fun with Erin and Maya my sexy rescues

If you haven’t already read Homeless 1 & 2 please read first.

So after Christmas day I enjoyed Mother and daughter together. While I was at work I was constantly receiving naughty photos and videos from both Erin and Maya. Their teasing became a normal part of our relationships. I would immediately come home and fuck one of them or both of them as soon as the work day ended. I wonder what New Years would hold as I started to look at them both in a new light. I had fallen for both of them and I feared having to choose between them to pursue a long term relationship with.

New Years Eve

My Saturday morning started out like any other as I woke up holding both Erin and Maya in my arms while they slept. I was laying there watching them sleep when Maya’s eyes slowly started opening. Good morning, beautiful! I say looking into May’s eyes. Maya blushes and buries her face into my chest. Maya eventually gets up and goes into the bathroom and I slip out of bed and walk into my closet. After getting dressed I walk back into my bedroom and see Erin kissing Maya passionately before Maya pulls away and looks at me blushing. Erin just turns and smiles at me. I see you two have a secret romance going on. Maya looks shocked and denies a romance with her mother and Erin just smiles and blushes.

Later that day I went to the store and bought champagne and different finger foods for tonight. When I return home I find Maya recording her mother masturbating while she too plays with herself. I quietly place the bags in the kitchen and put the champagne on to chill and go to my den. Erin comes into my den and drops to her knees between my legs and begins to unzip my pants. She wraps her fingers around my cock and begins to stroke it. She eventually wraps her lips around the tip of my car and slowly pushes deep into her mouth. I can feel it going down her throat so she is deeper and how my balls are resting against her chin. Erin begins to suck my cock eager to make me come. Out of the corner of my eye I see Maya standing naked in the doorway rubbing her clit and biting her lower lip to keep from moaning but from her body language I could tell that she was close. What site Maya masturbating for a sight of her mother giving me a blowjob sent me over the edge, cumming sending shot after shot of my cum down her throat. Maya also has an orgasm standing there.

Later that night the three of us are sitting in the living room enjoying each other’s company, Erin sitting to my right and Maya sitting to my left taking turns kissing me. The level of arousal in the room was high and I thought that my life was absolutely perfect. As I enjoy the moment Maya leans over and begins to passionately kiss her Mother sending my arousal through the roof. Erin and Maya making out over my lap as I watch and caress their backs. After a while they begin to unbutton my shirt, running their nails down my chest leaving scratch marks down my chest. I begin to kiss them, taking my time to make out with each of them.

Maya whispers in my ear “My Mother and I have something special we want to share with you.” With that Mays and Erin stand up and move to the center of the room and begin making out, allowing their hands to roam over each other’s bodies. Maya pulls away and begins to undress Erin, by first slipping the straps off her shoulder allowing her dress to fall to the ground and then unclasping her bra and dropping it to the ground. Erin followed suit by first removing Maya’s dress and then her bra. They take their time making out with each other allowing their hands to roam over each other’s bodies. Maya begins to kiss down her mother’s neck and cross her shoulder eventually making her way down to her breast taking her nipples one by one into her mouth, nibbling and pulling at them with her teeth. Erin lets out a soft moan, as she grabs Maya’s head and pulls it closer to her breast. Maya pulls away and pushes Erin until fall on my lap. I put my hands around Erin and cup her breast and begin to pinch her nipple as Maya removes her mother’s panties. Maya lowers her face to her mothers pussy and starts to kiss it, taking her time to tease Erin. Maya moves her tongue to Erin”s slit and runs her tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and sucks on her clit. Erin moans out loud grabbing my arms driving her nails into my skin Maya continues to eat her mothers pussy and Erin begins to moan loudly as she approaches her climax. Maya pulls away, refusing to allow her mother to climax. Maya continues to tease Erin with orgasm sliding her fingers into her mothers pussy attacking her g-spot as she goes back to eating her pussy. Erin moans are becoming deafening and her arms tighten as Erin draws blood. Once again before Erin can climax Maya completely pulls away and Erin whimpers.

Maya grabs for my crotch and does my pants and begins to pull them down. I lift my hips to allow her to pull them completely off. Maya grabs my cock and positions at her mothers asshole.
I begin to press against her rosebud. The head of my cock slowly enters Erin’s ass as her muscles tighten around my cock as I finally bottom out inside of her. Maya leans forward and begins to nip Erin’s pussy lips before sucking her mothers clit into her mouth causing Erin to explode all over her Daughter’s face. Maya then drove two fingers into her mother’s wet pussy and finger fucked her for some time then she added a third, a fourth, and eventually her thumb. OH GOD! I moaned as i felt Maya begin to fist fuck her mother. Erin began squirting all over the place causing her ass to clamp around my cock so tight I thought her ass was going to break it off. Maya fisted her mother for about 15 min never allowing Erin to stop orgasming. When Maya finally pulled her hand from her mothers pussy Erin was nearly exhausted that her daughter had to help her off my lap.

With my raging hard on still looking for release I grabbed Maya in my arms and began to passionately kiss her. I needed release, it no longer was a matter of want. My mind has entered into an animalistic mindset. The only thing I was thinking about was the release as I groped Maya’s breast and pinched her nipples. I literally ripped her panties off her body. She dropped to her knees and sucked her mothers ass juices off my cock. It took every ounce of my remaining willpower not to cum in her mouth. After 15 min Maya stood and straddled my lap and lowered herself down my cock. She was slowly riding my cock and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood up keeping Maya attached to me and laid her down on the couch and began to fuck her long, deep, and hard. Maya’s body lost in uncontrollable pleasure as her moans became louder and louder. I look over to the recliner to see Erin masturbating scream out in pleasure as well. My body and sense cannot take it anymore and with one final deep thrust I cum deep into Maya’s womb.

Erin quickly moves between her daughter’s legs and begins to eat Maya’s pussy trying to eat my cum out of her Daughter. As I watch the scene unfolding my cock quickly recovers and begins to show new life. I walk over a kneel behind Erin and shove my cock into her pussy shoving her face deeper between Maya’s legs. I am amazed by the tightness of Erin’s pussy, it is as tight as the first time I fucked her. Erin was pushing her hips back against me trying to get me deeper. I started to fuck her deeper and harder causing her to moan into her daughter’s pussy. My balls finally exploded into Erin’s womb which triggered her own orgasm and she moaned into Maya’s pussy, the vibration causing Maya to orgasm.

We all collapsed on the couch panting and in pure bliss. After my cock completely softened I pulled out of Erin and got up and went to the kitchen and got each of us a bottle of water. Coming back into the living room I sit down between Erin and Maya. I look at the clock and it says 12:05 am. I kiss Erin and Maya and say happy New Year’s and I love you both. I wrap my arms around them and they both kiss my cheeks and say we love you too.

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  • Reply Perv ID:1dj1dbq6nm6o

    marry mom adopt daughter