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Dolly’s Uncle Part 2

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Dolly’s Uncle takes it one step further.

My Uncle and I had no been playing with each other for 3 months and school was about to let out for summer and I couldn’t wait. I bound out of class as the bell rang and quickly ran to my Uncles car in the pick up line at the front of the school. I jumped in the car and gave my uncle a kiss on the cheek.
“I missed you Daddy!”
He smiled and laughed saying he missed me to.
“Are you excited for Summer baby?”
“Yes Daddy, I am so happy for summer to start.”
“Oh Dolly, I have so many fun trips planned for us.”
“Yeah, I can’t wait.” I put my hand on his thigh as we pulled out of the parking lot.
Once we got about a mile from the school, my uncle started to unzip his jeans and put his already erect cock out. He then grabbed the back of my head. “Baby, Daddy needs you to put that pretty little mouth on his cock.”
And of course I did as I was told. I lowered my mouth onto his cock which was already starting o leak precum just from being with me.
I truly loved sucking his cock. I loved how he moaned and stroked my hair. “Oh fuck Dolly! Your mouth feels so good sucking Daddys big cock.”
I continued to suck him off the whole 20 minute drive home. Once we pulled into the garage, he shut the car off and used both hands to hold my head down further on his cock as he began to fuck my face. He had taught me to make it extra wet and loved the sound of his 10 year old slut gagging on his cock.
“Hold still for Daddys special juice baby.” He moaned and kept using my mouth to masterbate himself until he finally exploded down my throat. His cock convulsed in my mouth and his forceful jizz choked me as it shot out of him. He held my head in place on his cock until he was done.
I sat up swallowing every last drop and I loved it. We quickly gathered my stuff and headed inside.
We hung out the rest of the afternoon just touching and cuddling and laughing.
I could tell something was off. “Daddy is something wrong?”
“Well baby, I don’t want you to be upset but I am taking a lady out for dinner.”
“But I thought we were having a sleepover tonight?”
“We are baby but Daddy has to go for dinner, I promise I won’t be home late and Jason will be here to keep you company.”
“Do I get to sleep in your bed Daddy?”
“Yes baby, and I will come and snuggle you as soon as I get home.”
For some reason he thought I would be more upset then I was and kept asking if I was ok. I got annoyed so got up and told him I was going to go swimming.
Just then Jason came home and said he would go swimming with me.
I put on my bikini my uncle had bought me with tiny triangles that covered my now budding chest. I wouldn’t say I had breasts but the buds and just started to get puffy and shown way too much through my bikini.
I went out back to the pool with my towel while my uncle went to get ready for his date.
Jason was waiting for me on a lawn chair.
“Hey Dolly, did Dad put sunscreen on you yet?”
“No can you help me?”
“Sure, come here and lay on your stomach.”
I laid down on the lawn chair facing down as he squirted the sunscreen into his hand.
I felt the cold lotion hit my skin and his hands on my back. He quickly started rubbing it into my skin moving down my body slowly making sure to not miss a spot. I noticed as he got closer to my ass he slowed down a bit. My bikini showed about half of my bubble butt. And I could tell he was turned ib by his breathing. I recognized it from experience with my uncle.
He did rub sunscreen into my ass but went very slowly and was squeezing my checks and spreading them as he rubbed in the sunscreen.
“Roll over”
I rolled over and he started on the front of me. He ran his hands under the edges of my tiny triangles. One finger grazed the side of my pussy areolae.
“Damn Dolly, you are getting so grown up so fast.”
“Thanks I guess”
He continued rubbing my body with sunscreen adding more as he got to my thighs. He spread my legs so he could get close to my crotch. I knew his rubbing my body had made me super wet and my suit being light purple would definitely show a wet spot.
Just as he started to say something, my uncle came outside and Jason finished quickly.
I sat up and my uncle said he was leaving. He asked Jason to come inside for a minute and I heard my uncle yelling at my cousin. “Don’t you dare touch her, she is only 10, whats wrong with you. Do you want to go to jail? You turn 18 next week, use your head.”
Jason came out and jumped in the pool. I asked him “Did uncle leave?”
“Yup, he did, why?”
“I was just curious.”
We started swimming around and I asked if he wanted to play pretend?”
His eyes grew wide… “what kind of pretend?”
“Well, I can be the mommy and you can be the daddy.”
“Sounds good, I am in.”
I saw to the other side of the pool. “Pretend you are conibg home from work, ok?”
“Honey, I’m home!” He started swimming towards me.
“How was work?” As I pretended to make dinner he swam up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “It was ok, I missed you today honey.” Then he gave my neck a peck. I giggled.
“You did?”
“Yes I did, I couldn’t wait to get home and show you something special!” I could feel his large erection pressing into me. Then he spun me around and wrapped my legs around his waist. His erection now pressing against my slit. I was grateful the bathing suit was between us so he wasn’t actually touching my pussy since Daddy had said no one could but him.
We continued to play without much excitement but he was trying to get me to do dirty things and flirting like crazy.
“Lets go inside and order pizza. Then we can play pretend inside too.”
I nodded and got out of the pool. He helped me dry off and told me to go change. I went into my uncles room and got my clothing from the drawer where I kept my stuff. I noticed my uncle had bought me new panties so I grabbed a pair and threw on a sundress then headed downstairs.
My cousin had ordered the pizza and was sitting on the couch in his boxers now. I sat on the couch and laid my head down to watch tv.
I don’t know how long I was asleep but when I woke up my legs were spread open and Jason had one hand holding my panties to the side and the other was jacking off his cock. He didn’t see my eyes open so I kept pretending to be asleep. I heard him cum and felt his load on my thighs dangerously close to my pussy. I then heard him taking pictures of my kitty and cum on me. He wiped it up then I woke up. For some reason him taking pictures of me really turned me on. As he saw my eyes open he jumped then quickly settled down.

The pizza came and not much more happened. It was 11pm and he said it was time for bed. He carried me up to my Uncles bed and started to tuck me in.
“Dolly you are so beautiful and I loved playing house with you today. I hope this summer we can do it again.”
I said yes please and slowly started to drift into sleep.

Finally around 2:30 my uncle got home and I could gear him stumbling and banging into things.
The bedroom door opened quickly and I called out “Daddy is that you?”
“You know it baby.”
He stumbled to the bed ripping his clothing off.
“Baby, daddy needs your pussy in his mouth. Climb up ob my face”
“Are you ok Daddy?” He was acting very differently, much less loving and sweet.
“Do as you are told!” He barked at me.
“Yes Daddy” I got up and straddled his face as his tongue started to molest my virgin hole. He held me down by my waist and started to suck my clit extremely hard. I felt a wave of energy shoot through me and I was suddenly exploding all over my Daddys face and as I convulsed on his face he ate even more vigorously.
Then he lowered me down and was quiet for a minute.
He raised himself to hover above me.
“Baby, Daddy needs to come inside you but you are not big enough for my cock, so Daddy is going to use your ass.”
I gasped. “Daddy I’m scared.”
“I know baby but don’t you want to make Daddy happy?” He leaned down and kissed me passionately before flipping me onto my stomach and pulling my ass up into the air. He spit into my asshole and started to rub it. He pulled a toy from the drawer and held my head down as he got ready to insert the toy into my ass.
“Daddy is big so I need to open you up a bit first.”
I whimpered into the pillow. “You will need to hold still for me baby. Ok?”
I shook my head yes.
“Thats my girl, now hold still for Daddy or I will have to ounisg you.”
He slowly slid the toy into my ass then started to move it in and out. “Dolly you are such a good girl for your Daddy” he leaned his body over mine and whispered into my ear “fuck yes baby,Daddy is going to fuck your tight little pink 10 year old asshole.”
He pulled the toy from my ass and I felt his cock press against my asshole. As he pushed I felt a lot of pain and whimpered loudly. Again he pushed my head down into the pillow. “Last warning whore, one more loud noise and I will have to punish you. Now hold stillso Daddy can raoe your asshole.”
Without warning he slammed his cock into me and I started to cry. He spit on it more and slowly started to work in and out of my ass. His moaning was so amazing and he laid on top of me and kept telling me how good I felt and what a good girl I was as he pumped in and out of my ass.
“Oh baby, Daddy is going to cum in your ass. Tell Daddy you want him to breed your ass.”
“Daddy, I want you to breed my ass.”
“Good girl… here it comes.” He moaned loudly almost letting out a growl as I felt my ass filling with hot liquid. He fell to the side and collapsed to the side of me. “Go to the bathroom and clean up.”
I walked to the bathroom feeling very sore and like I had to poop. I cleaned myself up and headed back to bed. Daddy was already asleep so I curled up next to him and went to sleep.
Even though I cried and it hurt so bad, I loved how happy it made him and was glad to be the girl he got to cum inside before bed. Something about his cum in my ass turned me on. And I looked forward to more.
As I drifted off to sleep, I saw Jason in the hallway with his cock out. Had he seen the whole thing?

More to come…

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