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Little Anal Alice (Playing in the Park)

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Alice goes to the park and plays on the swing.

Alice seems like an average, pretty, 12 year old girl just on the edge of womanhood, but Alice is different from other girls. She suffers from hyper-sexuality disorder. She is obsessed with sex. Today while flashing her pussy on the park swing, she accidentally exposes herself to her school teacher, Miss Jones.

Alice was sitting on a swing in the park, her tiny bottom resting against the hard wooden seat, her slender legs dangling in the air. She was wearing her short denim skirt that barely covered her pert little behind, and as always, she wasn’t wearing knickers.

As she swung back and forth, enjoying the breeze on her skin and the slight friction against her throbbing pussy. She had her skirt hitched up slightly, revealing her hairless mound to anyone who was paying attention.

Unbeknownst to Alice, her form room teacher, Miss Jones, had just arrived at the park for a relaxing stroll. As she walked past a row of swings, she notices Alice playing.

Miss Jones couldn’t help but notice the way Alice was sitting on the swing, her bottom perched on the edge, her legs open, so that when she swung it revealed her little pussy to the world. Her heart raced as she realized that Alice was completely exposed to her.

Taking a seat on a nearby bench, Miss Jones watched Alice swing back and forth, her tiny breasts bouncing lightly with each movement. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the girl, and the more she watched, the more aroused she became.

Alice, however, was completely oblivious to Miss Jones’ presence. She continued to swing carefree, occasionally adjusting her skirt or wiggling her hips, unaware that she was putting on a show for her teacher. In fact, if she had only glanced over in Miss Jones’ direction, she would have seen the teacher’s face flushed with desire and her hands clenched in her lap.

As Alice swung higher and higher, the breeze against her exposed pussy only served to heighten her arousal. She wanted nothing more than to touch herself, to relieve the ache that was growing inside her.

But then she noticed Miss Jones sitting on the bench, her gaze fixed on Alice. The teacher’s expression was unreadable, but there was something about the way she was watching that thrilled Alice. She knew Miss Jones had noticed her exposed pussy.

Alice smiled coyly and pretended not to be aware of Miss Jones’ presence. She continued to swing slower now, occasionally glancing over at her teacher out of the corner of her eye. Her heart raced with anticipation as she wondered what Miss Jones would do. Would she confront her? Or would she enjoy the show a little longer?

Alice decided to take matters into her own hands. She gets off the swing and walked over to the roundabout, making sure her short skirt rode up just high enough on her hips, as she did so. She smiled shyly at Miss Jones before climbing onto the roundabout, her bottom perched perfectly on the edge of the seat.

She leans back, kicking one leg out behind her to get the roundabout spinning. As she spins around and around, she hitches her skirt higher, exposing a little more flesh. Her little bottom wiggles in the air, teasing Miss Jones as she watches from the bench.

Alice reaches behind her, grabbing the metal safety bar that runs across the top of the roundabout. She climbs up and straddles it, her legs on either side of it, her skirt hitched up, and the cool metal of the bar pressed against her smooth lips, as the roundabout continues to spin.

Miss Jones can’t believe what she’s seeing. The young girl in front of her is not only exposing herself, she’s also frotting her bare preteen pussy on the playground equipment. The teacher’s heart races and she feels a familiar ache between her own legs. She knows she should leave, but she finds herself unable to tear her gaze away from Alice.

Alice feels the cold metal of the roundabout pressing against her bare lips, the feeling is intensely arousing. She rocks her hips back and forth, moaning softly as she’s already building to climax. Her eyes meet Miss Jones’ for a moment as she spins, and she feels a thrill of daring course through her. The teacher’s expression tells her that Miss Jones is in to this, as much as she is.

As the roundabout begins to slow, Alice dismounts and pulls her skirt down, adjusting it modestly around her waist. She walks over to Miss Jones, trying not to appear too obvious as she adjusts her position on the bench so that her legs brush against the teacher’s. “Hello Miss Jones, how are you?” she asks innocently, her voice girlish and light.

Miss Jones clears her throat, trying to compose herself. “I’m…fine, Alice. Just out for a walk. It’s a lovely day for it, isn’t it?” She can feel Alice’s legs pressed against her own, and the contact is driving her wild. She’s never been in this situation with a student before.

Alice smiles, letting her fingers play with the hem of her skirt. “Yes, it is. Do you want to see some more of the park?” she asks, her voice low and suggestive. Without waiting for a response, she slowly pulls the front of her skirt up higher, revealing her wet puffy little pussy.

Miss Jones’ eyes go wide with shock, but then she can’t help but stare in fascination. She’s never seen a young girl’s private parts this close before, and the sight of Alice’s smooth, hairless pussy is too much for her to resist. Her own heart is racing, and she feels a desperate need to touch herself.

“That…that would be nice,” she manages to say, her voice barely audible. “If you’d like to show me more…” She trails off, conflicted but unable to stop herself from encouraging Alice’s advances.

Alice smiles mischievously, taking Miss Jones’ hand and leading her towards the park’s changing block. The structure is nestled between two large trees, providing privacy from the rest of the park. It’s a perfect spot for what they have in mind.

As they enter the changing block, Alice closes the door and locks it, the click of the latch echoing through the small room. She turns to face Miss Jones, her heart racing with excitement and anticipation.

Without another word, she pulls the older woman into a passionate kiss. Her lips are soft and yielding against Miss Jones’ mouth, and her teacher responds eagerly, her tongue darting out to explore Alice’s mouth. Their kiss deepens, becoming more urgent as they cling to each other.

Miss Jones’ hands find Alice’s bare bottom under her skirt, squeezing and massaging the soft flesh. She pulls the skirt up higher, exposing Alice completely. The young girl moans into their kiss, her hips bucking forward, seeking contact. Miss Jones takes advantage of the movement, slides her finger over Alice’s slick lips from behind.

Alice cries out, arching her back, her eyes fluttering closed. The sensation is exquisite, and she can feel herself growing wetter for Miss Jones’ touch. She pulls back from the kiss, gasping for air, her chest heaving. “Oh, Miss Jones…,” she whispers, her voice breathless.

Alice takes the initiative and drops to her knees. She pulls the older woman’s yoga pants, and paties down over her hips, revealing her tanned, toned, smooth thighs. She kisses Miss Jones’ body, nipping at her soft skin with her teeth before trailing her tongue over her smoothly waxed mound. The taste of her teacher’s arousal fills her mouth, and she can feel the heat emanating from her sex.

Miss Jones gasps as Alice’s tongue dips into her folds. Her hands find their way through Alice’s long, brown hair, gripping tightly as she loses herself in the sensation. Alice teases her, licking and sucking at her clit before thrusting two fingers deep inside, curling them as she finds her teacher’s G-spot.

With a moan, Miss Jones arches her back, her hips bucking up to meet Alice’s touch. She can feel the pleasure building inside her, threatening to consume her.

Alice smiles up at her teacher, pleased with the response she’s getting. She continues to lap at her wet folds, occasionally flicking her tongue over her clit, driving Miss Jones wild. Her fingers work in tandem with her tongue, thrusting in and out of her teacher’s tight channel.

Miss Jones gasps as the sensations become too much to bear. “Oh God, Alice…,” she moans, her hips bucking up off the bench. Her orgasm builds and builds, coursing through her body like a wave. She arches her back, her cries of pleasure filling the small changing block. Alice feels the walls of her teacher’s channel contract around her fingers, and she knows that Miss Jones has reached her climax.

She continues to lap at her wet folds, relishing the taste of her teacher’s arousal. Her fingers pull free from inside her.
Alice pushes Miss Jones down onto the low changing bench, and climbs up over the bench, straddling Miss Jones’ head. She positions her aching pussy over Miss Jones’ face and lowers herself down, onto her eager teacher’s tongue.

The sensation of Alice’s hot, wet little folds enveloping Miss Jones’ face is almost too much to bear. She laps at the young girl’s pussy and clit, flicking it with her tongue as she thrusts her tongue deep inside her. Alice moans and gasps, her hips moving erratically as she loses control to the sensations, grinding down on her teachers face.

The scent of their arousal fills the air, making it heavy and thick. The sounds of their passion echo off the walls of the changing block, drowning out any other noises from outside. As she feels Alice’s muscles begin to tense and spasm, Miss Jones knows that her student is about to climax. She increases the speed and pressure of her tongue, determined to make Alice feel as good as possible.

With a loud moan, Alice’s body goes rigid and her hips buck violently against Miss Jones’ face. Her orgasm’s so powerful, she pisses herself, hot urine sprays out of her, soaking Miss Jones’ hair and dripping down her chin. But Miss Jones doesn’t pull away. Instead, she opens her mouth wide, eagerly drinking in Alice’s sweet, salty nectar. The taste of it mixed with Alice’s arousal drives her over the edge as well.

She thrusts her tongue deeper, feeling Alice’s walls clamp down around it, milking her orgasm from her. The sensation is intense, almost painful, but in the best way possible.

As the last shudders of Alice’s orgasm fade away, Miss Jones pulls back, panting heavily. She feels sticky and warm, covered in a mixture of sweat and piss. A look of resignation spreads across her face as she realizes she’s going to need a shower.

With a wink at Alice, she stands up and pulls her yoga pants completely off, and sheds her top. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up,” she says, her voice still breathless from their passionate encounter. “There’s only one shower cubicle, so we’ll have to share.” She steps into the shower stall, gesturing for Alice to follow her.

As they stand under the hot spray together, soaping up their bodies, Miss Jones can’t help but feel a new sense of closeness to Alice. She reaches out and runs her hand through Alice’s wet hair, tugging gently. “That was amazing,” she says, her voice still husky from their exchange. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

Alice looks up at her teacher with a shy smile. “I’ve wanted to do that with you for a long time,” she admits. “You’re so beautiful and sexy, Miss Jones.”

Miss Jones blushes at the compliment. “You’re very flattering, Alice. But you know we can’t let anyone else find out about this, right?” She leans in closer, their bodies pressed against each other under the water. “This is just between us. Our little secret.”

As she says this, she tilts her head and presses her lips against Alice’s, their lips soft and wet from the soap. The kiss deepens, their tongues dancing together in the back of their mouths. Alice wraps her arms around Miss Jones’ waist, pulling her closer still, as if afraid of losing contact with her.

She pulls away, looking into Miss Jones’ eyes, seeing the desire and passion reflected there. She breaks their embrace, trailing her fingers down her teacher’s stomach, over her hip, until she reaches her wet pussy. She kisses down Miss Jones’ body, feeling the soft downy hair tickle her lips as she gets closer and closer. Finally, she reaches her destination, and presses her lips to Miss Jones’ puffy folds, feeling the warmth and wetness as they part to allow her tongue inside.

Miss Jones moans, arching her back as Alice begins to lick and suck at her, her hands running through Alice’s wet hair, urging her on. She gasps as Alice’s teeth scrape lightly against her clit, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The sensation of Alice’s tongue lapping at her is almost too much to bear, and she can feel her own orgasm building, growing closer with each passing second.

Her hips begin to move involuntarily, grinding against Alice’s face as she tries to find some sort of release. She bites her lip, fighting back the urge to cry out, knowing that the sound of their passion would only draw attention to them in the confined space of the shower. As the intensity of the pleasure builds, she feels a warmth spreading through her body, starting deep within her core and radiating outward.

Just as she’s about to lose control, Alice pushes her finger up into her asshole, filling her up and causing her to shudder violently. The sensation is overwhelming, and she can feel her orgasm crashing over her in a wave of heat and release. Her entire body goes limp, her knees buckling as she leans heavily against the shower wall. She lets out a long, shaky breath, feeling the aftershocks of pleasure wash over her.

Alice looks up at Miss Jones, her eyes shining with desire and satisfaction. She swirls her tongue around Miss Jones’ entrance, gathering up her juices, before sucking on her clit once more. The combination of sensations is almost too much for Miss Jones to bear, and she feels another orgasm building deep within her.

But just as she thinks she can’t take any more, Alice pushes a second finger into her asshole, stretching her tight opening and sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her muscles tense and release in a rhythm that matches the motion of Alice’s fingers, and she lets out a moan that’s part ecstasy, part desperation.

Miss Jones puts her hands, head and chest against the shower wall and sticks her bum out for Alice, offering herself up completely to her student’s ministrations. She feels so exposed and vulnerable in this position, but at the same time, it’s the most exhilarating and liberating sensation she’s ever experienced. Alice’s fingers and tongue circles her anus, teasing and prodding, before plunging inside. The sensation of being penetrated in this way is overwhelming, and Miss Jones’ body convulses in response, her orgasm crashing over her in a wave of heat and release.

Her muscles relax, but Alice’s fingers continue to move inside her, keeping her on the edge of pleasure and pain. The sensation is almost too much to bear, but she knows she doesn’t want it to end. She looks down at Alice, watching her work, and feels a surge of desire well up inside her. Miss Jones reaches down to frantically rub her own clit.

Alice looks up at Miss Jones, her eyes dark with lust. She pushes her fingers deeper, feeling them slide against Miss Jones’ inner walls, and begins to move them faster, matching the rhythm of her hips. Her tongue darts in and out teasing Miss Jones’ ass, taunting her.

With one final thrust, Alice pushes her knuckles all the way in, fisting Miss Jones’ asshole, and holds her there, feeling the tightness and warmth envelop her hand. She looks up at Miss Jones, watching her face contort in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and knows that she has to give in to her own desires.

Miss Jones lets out a strangled moan as Alice’s fingers begin to move inside her, thrusting in and out with a brutal force that she’s never experienced before. Her muscles feel stretched to their limits, but she welcomes the sensation, craving the feeling of being completely filled and owned by this little girl. Her hips buck wildly, meeting Alice’s thrusts as she violently slaps her own clit, her fingers working furiously to bring her to orgasm.

Alice leans forward, bracing herself against Miss Jones’ body as she begins to thrust harder, deeper. Her tongue swirls around the massively stretched entrance to Miss Jones’ ass, teasing and probing. She looks up at her teacher, watching her face contort in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and feels an overwhelming surge of power course through her. She’s in control here, and she’s not about to let go anytime soon.

With her free hand, Alice reaches around and finds Miss Jones’ clit, already swollen and sensitive from their encounter. She circles it with her thumb, applying just enough pressure to drive Miss Jones wild. The sensation is almost too much for her to bear, but she doesn’t want it to end. She wants to feel Alice’s fingers inside her forever.

Th wet sound of Miss Jones ass sucking and farting around Alice’s fist filling the tiny space of the shower stall. Alice’s fingers relentless in their assault on Miss Jones’ asshole.

Miss Jones’ body is stretched and pinned to the wall, every muscle straining as she tries to contain the onslaught of pleasure coursing through her. Her vision begins to blur, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she nears the edge of orgasm. Alice’s hand gaping her entrance, stretching her, and she feels a final surge of desire wash over her.

Her muscles tense, and she lets out a long, shuddering moan as her body is wracked by an intense orgasm. Her juices pour down Alice’s hand and onto the floor of the shower, and her asshole clamps tight around Alice’s fist, milking it. Alice takes advantage of her teacher’s helplessness, and keeps her fist clenched as she pulled it roughly from her teachers ass.

Miss Jones cries out and slumps forward, her body trembling from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She looks down at Alice, seeing her face flushed with lust and triumph. She realizes that she has just experienced something incredibly intense and totally insane with her student, and a new wave of bliss washes over her. She reaches out, gently cupping Alice’s cheek in her hand.

“That was… incredible,” she whispers, her voice barely audible over the sound of the running water. “I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Alice smiles up at her, her eyes full of mischief. “I seem to have that effect on people,” she giggled.

Miss Jones’ cheeks flush a deep red as she returns the smile. “You certainly do, Alice. You certainly do.”

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