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Little Anal Alice (Grandad)

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Alice spends the weekend with her strict Grandad, and as usual…

Alice seems like an average, 12 year old girl just on the edge of womanhood, but Alice is different from other girls. She suffers from hyper-sexuality disorder. She is obsessed with sex, the kinkier, the better. Alice especially loves her little bottom to be used by men. Alice is staying for a weekend with her widower grandad.

Alice was lying on her stomach, her skinny little behind thrust up into the air, as her grandfather’s rough hands spanked her. The sensation of his palms connecting with her flesh sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body, making her nipples harden against her t-shirt. She moaned softly, arching her back and pushing her hips further into the air, desperate for more.

Grandad, a man who had raised five children before his wife’s untimely death, was no stranger to disciplining a rambunctious child. He had always believed that a firm hand was the best way to teach a lesson. But even he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of arousal as he spanked his granddaughter’s bare bottom. The way her bottom jiggled with each smack, the way she squirmed and whimpered in pleasure, it was both disconcerting and arousing.

“You know better than to go out without your panties on, young lady!” he scolded, his voice a mixture of anger and desire. “This’ll teach you a lesson!”

Alice whimpered, her cheeks flushing as she felt the sting of his palm connect with her bare skin. The sensation was unlike anything else she had experienced before; it was both humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. As Grandad continued to spank her, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was enjoying it as much as she was.

Finally, he pulled his hand away, leaving her bottom sore and throbbing. “Now, get up and go to your room,” he said sternly, his voice betraying his struggle to maintain control. “And make sure you wear panties from now on! If I catch you without them again, you won’t be able to sit down for a week!”

Alice scrambled to her feet, her heart racing with a mixture of relief and anticipation. She was sure that her grandfather’s punishment hadn’t been entirely about teaching her a lesson; there had been an element of pleasure in it for him as well. As she slinked off to her room, she couldn’t help but wonder what he would really do if he did catch her without panties again. Would he spank her again? Or would he take things further?

Her room was small and cozy, with a single bed, a tall mirror and a small desk. As she shut the door behind her, she kicked off her shoes and undid her denim skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there for a moment, her bottom still stinging from the spanking she had received, before reaching behind her and slowly pulling her cheeks apart. With a contented little sigh, she looked in the mirror, at her tender red bottom and exposed little ring.

Alice knew that if she wanted her grandfather to spank her again, she would have to do something to deserve it. Anything to get him mad enough to discipline her again. The thought of him grabbing her by the hair, pulling her over his knee, and spanking her hard made her heart race with anticipation. His big rough hand slapping against her sensitive rear.

She crawled into bed, her fingers finding their way to her wet, swollen little folds. She closed her eyes, imagining her grandfather’s reaction if he were to walk in on her right now. The thought sent a shiver of excitement through her body. She spread her legs wide, exposing her smooth, aching pussy to the cool air, and began to slowly stroke her clit, imagining it was his rough, calloused hand that was touching her.

Alice moaned loudly, her hips bucking into the air as she worked her pussy with both hands, getting her fingers slick and slippery. Her imagination ran wild, picturing her grandfather walking in on her, his eyes widening in surprise before they narrow with anger. She could almost feel the heat of his gaze on her body, his strong, rough hands grasping her shoulders and forcing her down onto the bed.

Her other hand, still slick with her juices, slid further down between her legs, seeking out her tight, puckered little anus. She spread her cheeks apart and slowly, teasingly, began to probe at her hole, circling it with her finger. The sensation was intense , and it felt so right.

Her grandfather would be so furious, so disappointed in his little princess. His big, strong hand would slap against her bottom over and over again, making her so sore, so wet.

Alice’s hips rocked up into the air as she probed her tight rear hole, while her other hand dug deeper into her wetness. She could feel the orgasm building inside her, growing more urgent with each passing moment. Her grandfather’s rough voice echoed in her head, telling her what a naughty girl she was, how she deserved to be punished.

Her asshole aches and her pussy throbbed, she lost herself as her pleasure intensified. Her breath came out in ragged gasps, her fingertips pressing harder against her clit as she imagined her grandfather’s hand doing the same. She was so close, so close to release.

And then, as if he could sense her building climax from across the house, she heard his footsteps on the stair. Her heart skipped a beat as she froze in place, her hand still buried deep inside her aching sex.

She listened, her breath coming in ragged gasps, as his footsteps grew louder and closer. She knew he was coming for her. Her grandfather was going to find her, just as she’d hoped he would. She braced herself, her heart pounding with anticipation and fear. The door swung open, revealing her grandfather’s furious expression.

“Alice!” he growled, his eyes immediately drawn to the sight of her spread out on the bed, her legs splayed wide apart, her fingers still buried deep inside herself. His nostrils flared, taking in the scent of her arousal. “What do you have to say for yourself?” he demanded, advancing toward her.

Trembling with fear and excitement, Alice struggled to find the words. “I-I’m sorry, Grandpa,” she stammered, her voice barely audible over the pounding of her heart. “I didn’t mean to bad you. I just… I just… it feels so nice”. She trailed off.

Her grandfather’s eyes narrowed even further, if that were possible. “Nice?” he growled. “Nice? You think it’s nice to act like a common little slut?” He took a step closer, his large frame towering over her. “You’re going to get the spanking of your life, young lady. And this time, I’m not going to go easy on you!”

With that, he yanked her roughly off the bed by her hair. Alice yelped in pain as he forced her over his knee, her bottom high in the air. She felt the cold air against her bare bottom. His big hand came down hard on her cheeks, making her cry out in surprise and pain. The stinging sensation spread across her bottom as he spanked.

His hand came down harder, slapping moistly against her dripping pussy. Alice arched her back, unable to contain a moan as the combination of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her. Her hips bucked forward, seeking more contact with his hand. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you, you’re such a little slut,” he hissed, spanking her harder and harder.

The stinging sensation was replaced by a burning ache as her bottom grew hotter and more sensitive with each slap. She could feel her juices trickling down her thighs.

Her grandfather’s hand came down harder still, slapping her bare bottom over and over again. “My god girl you’re dripping wet?” he growled, his voice laced with anger. “You like it when I spank you, don’t you?” He spanked her harder, making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

Alice whimpered, her body arching into the sensation. “Y-yes, Grandpa,” she managed to choke out between sobs. “Please don’t stop.” She felt her hips lift up, seeking more contact with his hand.

Her grandfather paused, his hand still suspended in the air. He took a deep breath, trying to regain control. “Very well,” he growled. “Since you seem to enjoy it so much, I think we’ll have to try a different punishment.” With that, he roughly yanked her off his knee.

Alice stumbled, falling to the floor with a thud. Her grandfather grabbed her roughly by the wrist, pulling her across the room to the large wooden table. He roughly pushed her face-first down onto its smooth surface, her t-shirt riding up her small breasts pressed tight against the cool wood.

Her grandfather paused, taking a deep breath as he looked down at her exposed, vulnerable body. His anger gave way to desire, and he couldn’t help but admire the sight of her beautiful ass.

She looked so innocent, yet so unbelievably wanton. Her little t-shirt was pushed up, over her tiny breasts, the nipples hard and erect with arousal. Her naked ass pushed up in the air, her plump, pink labia on full display. And of course, there was her ass, still sore and red from her punishment, the perfect puckered pink hole of her anus winking at him.

Her grandfather couldn’t help but take a moment to savor the sight, to revel in the power he had over her. He lowered his face close to hers, breathing in her sweet, musky scent. “You’re such a dirty little girl,” he growled, his voice low and threatening. “I think it’s time you learned your lesson.”

Without warning, he thrust his rough, calloused thumb into her exposed preteen asshole, causing her to yelp in surprise and pain. At the same time, his index and middle fingers curled deep into her pussy, filling her up and making her cry out even louder. He felt her body tense under his touch, her hips bucking helplessly as she tried to escape his grasp.

“That’s it,” he growled, relishing the feel of her tight, wet insides. “You like that, don’t you?” He thrust his fingers deeper, curling them, searching for her G-spot. She moaned, arching her back in surrender as her juices flowed freely down her thighs.

Her grandfather’s thumb continued to probe and stretch her ass, causing her to whimper and squirm beneath him. “You’re so tight,” he whispered, his voice rough with desire. “I can’t wait to claim you properly.” With each thrust of his fingers, he pressed harder against her sore bottom, making her cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Her body trembled with the onslaught of sensations, her hips bucking helplessly as she tried to meet his touch. Her nipples hardened even more, pressing against the wood of the table as her breath came in short, ragged gasps. “Grandpa…” she moaned, her voice barely audible. “Please…”

Her grandfather smiled darkly, his thumb pressing deeper into her tight rear hole . “Please what, Alice?” he growled. “Tell Granddadwhat you want.”

Alice whimpered, her words slurring together as her arousal spiked. “Please… more… I need… you… INSIDE ME GRANDDAD” Her hips bucked wildly against his hand, seeking the release she craved.

Her grandfather smiled, his thumb continuing to probe her ass while his fingers pumped harder and faster into her soaking wet pussy. He could feel her tightness beginning to give way, to his probing digits.

With a growl, he pushed her roughly off the table, and she landed with a soft thud on the floor. Her grandfather towered over her, stripping his clothes off. Revealing his huge, throbbing cock jutting out from his body, the head glistening with pre-cum. It was easily the biggest cock Alice had ever seen, and she felt a flutter of excitement and nerves. Wondering if she could take a cock that big.

His cock was like a huge, twisted root, the shaft curving to one side. The head was enormous thick and uncircumcised, and the veins running along the shaft were prominent and pulsing with each heartbeat, his huge balls hanging below.. Her grandfather grinned down at her, his eyes dark with desire.
“Are you ready for your punishment, Alice?” he asked, his voice dark and menacing. She nodded, unable to speak past the lump in her throat. He grabbed her by the hips and roughly positioned her on all fours, her ass high in the air.

He rubbed the head of his massive cock on her little preteen lips, coating them with her juices. Her sore, red asshole gaped open, and he couldn’t resist pushing a finger deep inside, curling it to massage her little ring. She moaned, arching her back in response.

Finally, he positioned himself at her entrance, the broad, veined head of his cock pressing against her tight little pussy. With a growl, he pushes forward, forcing his way inside her. Alice screamed in agony as his massive cock stretched and filled her little cunt. Her insides felt like they were being torn apart, and only his head was inside her.

“Breathe, Alice,” he growled, his voice low and commanding. “Take it.” He thrust forward again, forcing another inch of his massive cock into her, and she cried out in pain. But she did as he said, breathing deeply, trying to relax her body around him.

As he began to move, she could feel his cock stretching and filling her tiny pussy. Each thrust sent shockwaves of pain through her body, but also triggered a rush of intense pleasure, that made her sphincter twitch. Her grandfather’s slow, shallow strokes made her body jerk and twitch almost uncontrollably.

She felt herself beginning to adjust to his size, to take his cock deeper inside her. With each thrust, he pushed a little further, inching closer to her womb, claiming her little by little. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her fingernails digging into the floor as she fought to stay quiet.

Her grandfather’s strokes grew harder and faster, his breath hot on her neck. He groaned deep in his chest, his hips slamming forwards again and again, driving his cock deeper inside her. She could feel him swelling inside her, his girth stretching her tight little pussy almost to the breaking point.

She arched her back, moaning, she felt like she was about to come apart at the seams. His cock felt impossibly thick, his length forcing her to strain to take him. Her walls squeezed and milked his shaft, her sphincter twitching and fluttering. She could feel the head of his cock pushing inside her cervix, and she threw her head back, gasping for breath as she felt the pressure building inside her.

Her grandfather growled, thrusting harder still, his bulbous head battering her cervix. His hand slipped under her body, roughly kneading her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her already overloaded senses.

“Tell me you want it,” he grunted, his breath hot and ragged in her ear. “Tell me you want your grandfather’s cock in your ass.” His fingers moved , spreading her sore, bruised cheeks apart, revealing her tight little hole. With his other hand, he grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back, making her push back and, present her ass to him even more.

She closed her eyes, moaning as his thick, callused fingers pressed against her anus. She wanted it so badly, wanted him to claim her in every way possible. “Please, Grandad,” she whispered, her voice shaking with desire. “Fuck my ass.”

He growled, his hips slamming harder into her, his cock pounding her cervix with each thrust. His fingers pressed deeper into her ass, stretching her tight ring, trying to force her open. She arched her back, pushing back against him, wanting more of his thick cock in her pussy, and his thick calloused fingers in her asshole.

Her body was aflame, every nerve ending tingling with need. Her sluck juices flowed freely down her legs. Her grandfather’s ong thrusts filled her, his breath coming in ragged gasps. She could feel his cock begin to throb inside her, and knew that he was close.

With one powerful stroke, he slammed his hips forward, driving his cock deep into her cervix. Her eyes widened in pain, but she didn’t cry out. She knew he wouldn’t stop, and she loved being helpless. His hand gripped her hip tightly, holding her in place as he roughly fingered her asshole. He pressed and prodded, stretching her tight ring, trying to break her. His fingers felt so rough, invading her sensitive flesh, leaving her bruised and sore.

But she didn’t care. She wanted more. She wanted him to claim her completely. Her body arched, her back bowing upwards as she took him deeper, her ass clenching around his fingers.
He pulled his fingers grom her sucking little rear hole, and she felt the head of his cock press against her anal sphincter.

“You ready for this, Alice?” he growled, his voice thick with desire. She nodded, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps. He pressed forward, slowly at first, then with increasing force, until she felt the broad, blunt head of his cock started pushing past her sphincter, stretching her tight, preteen ass.

Her eyes widened in pain, tears welling up in the corners, but she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her ass had been abused before, but his cock was brutal. Her grandfather’s fat purple head, popped inside her sphincter, making Alice scream. He gripped her hips tightly, his fingers digging into her flesh, forcing his way past her resistance.

She felt his cock head pass her ring, forcing her open, stretching her so wide it burnt. She tried to push back, wanting more, but she was losing control. It feels like she has a baseball bat up her rear hole, and she loves it.

“You’re so tight, Alice,” he groaned, his voice ragged with lust. “So fucking tight.”

Grandad worked another couple of inches inside her tiny 12-year-old pucker. Alice didn’t know where she was, all she could feel was his cock stretching her, filling her up. Her ass felt like it was on fire, but in the best possible way. She gripped the carpet in her fists, digging her nails into the fabric as he continued to push into her, claiming her.

Her ass was his, and he was going to make her his until she could take no more. She felt his girth split her apart, stretching her tight ring wider than she’d ever thought possible, and only half of his length was inside her abused little little ass.

Grandad pushed relentlessly into her until his pubes were against her bum. Her rear hole no longer puckered but stretched smooth by his girth. The sensation was too much. Alice went limp, passing out. Her grandfather continued to thrust into her, not caring that she’d lost consciousness. Holding her little hips in place as he pushed into her.

His hard, strong hand came down on her pale bottom cheek, making her entire body jerk. He spanked her over and over, the sound echoing in the room. He could feel her body loose beneath his strokes, but that only made him harder. He kept fucking her, his long strokes pulling almost all the way out so his fat head pulled at her sore, red ring before burying his length to the hilt.

She came back to reality, realizing she’d blacked out. Her grandfather was still pounding into her, his strong hand slapping her pale bottom with every thrust. Her eyes closed and she let out an animal moan, then started slapping her own clit hard, as he fucked her. The sensation was overwhelming and she started to cum , her ass clamping down on his cock as she pushed back onto him.

Her asshole sucked at her grandad’s pole, as he took long deep strokes, her little ring nearly prolapsing on each outstroke. He could feel her ass squeezing and milking his cock, and it was driving him wild. He gripped her hips tightly, their flesh slapping together with each brutal thrust. He knew he couldn’t last much longer, his balls already tightening in preparation for his release.

She felt his thrusts grow harder, faster. He was close, she could feel it. She arched her back, pushing her ass back into him, wanting to feel every inch of his cock inside her, increasingly numb asshole. Her hands clawed at the carpet , as she moaned in pleasure.

Her grandfather let out a hoarse cry, his body shuddering as he released his seed deep inside her. He growled her name as he unloaded, his thick cock pulsing with hot cum, filling her ass, stretching her to the limit. Alice felt her own orgasm pulsing through her entire body at the same moment, and she moaned in ecstasy.

Her ass clamped down on his cock, her sphincter milking him dry. He held her hips tightly as he rode out the last of his orgasm,. After several long moments, he pulled his softening cock from her ass, making a slurping sound, as the head slipped free.

Alice lay there, breathing heavily, her body spent. She felt a cool breeze on her sweaty skin as her grandfather stood up, and then she felt him lift her into his arms. He carried her over to the bathroom and gently set her down on her feet in front of the sink.

She looked up at him, her eyes glassy with desire and satisfaction. He smiled down at her, his expression a mix of pride and lust. “You’re such a naughty girl, Alice,” he whispered, running a warm, wet washcloth over her reddened bottom. “You took it so well. Did it hurt?”

Alice nodded her head, her eyes drifting down to where, his cock hung. “Yes, Granddad. But thats ok, I liked the way it felt… It felt like you owned me.”

He smiled, and she leaned forward, taking the semi-soft head of his cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head and sucked gently, making him moan. She bobbed her head, trying to take him deeper into her mouth, but he was just too big even for her. Her tongue swirled around his head, then down his shaft.

Her hand slid down, cupping his heavy balls. She weighed them in her hand, feeling the warmth and strength of them. She rolled them between her fingers, feeling the weight of them as they moved. His balls were so huge she felt so feminine and submissive holding them in her hand.

Her other hand still wrapped around the base of his cock, and she used it to guide it into her mouth. She took a deep breath and then bobs her head, sucking on his purple tip. Her tongue danced around the underside of his cock, teasing him. She looked up at him through her lashes, her lips wrapped tightly around him, feeling him grow harder in her mouth.

He was getting close, she could feel it. His hips began to move involuntarily, his fingers digging into her hair. Without warning, he erupted, his cock throbbing as it spurted his hot cum onto her face, her chin, her tongue. She swallowed as much as she could, relishing the taste of him.
As he finished, she took his softening cock out of her mouth and carefully licked the last of his stray cum from his balls and shaft. She looked up at him, her eyes shining with love and desire. “I’m sorry I made such a mess,” she said, her voice quiet and trembling. “Please don’t punish me grandad.”

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