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Lesbian with my daughter 2

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i clear her pussy from the rest shaving foam having in front of me a red stimulated shaving teen pussy

It pass a mouth after event all this time joan not asked me to do 69 again she was scared or i dont know but i have one chance again to have fun with her pussy when she was doing a bath and end i get in inside mum what are you doing its time to be a rirght girl for this reason i take a shaving foam and a razor blade what do you want this things mom its time to shave this hairy pussy no i will not let you come on dont doing like a little girl sit at bath and open your legs you will like it and you will thanks me later.
Ok mom but if i dont like it i will let it hairy again i sigh as you want joan she sit in the can and she open her legs then i apply shaving foam above her puberty hair to know this the perfecty time after bath where its wet then i take razor and starting slowly shave it all this time joan hadnt take her eyes of me i am happy you watch me because next time you will do this alone this we will see mom whatever you want joan i like right mom i had to show you this after big patience and hair i finish with water i clear her pussy from the rest shaving foam having in front of me a red stimulated shaving teen pussy you have right mom is so different than when it was hairy but why its red and it itched me its is logic for first time we shave it dont worry it will pass maybe with a little masturbate what is you opinion mom.
She put her hand above her pussylips and start rub you arent cheek of masturbate in frond of your mother because all this time i was in my knees in frond of her why mom you wasnt cheek to do sex with your daughter at bedroom but you want it so not talk i aswered her while for your pussy i know a better way to stop itched you i put out her hand of her pussy and i put my mounth near it no mom shut up little bitch i open her legs more i fall in four and i start kiss it around it where it was hairy previously it was smelling so nice now then i start play with some bites her pussylips doing joan moan her pussylips was so soft and this red stimulated color her pussy doing me crazy putting my tongue inside her pussy and i start moving it very fast joan was keeping of bath very strong mom neither marinela doing so good pussylicking my god mom with a big scream i cant hold anymore and a lot of pussy liguids come in my tongue and mounth and i like a good mother i drink them all of course.
I fell with my back at bathroom mat while joan still sitting in the can with her eyes closed you and marilena must learn more for sex i cant believe you mom after your daughter you want suck and her friend why not maybe and you two together my god mom you are a big bitch shut up little bitch i am not allowed you talked like this in your mother understood we are looking each other and then starting laughing among us ok but when we are all together to keep a right level dont worry mom then we hear outdoor opening and my second daughter say she is back she must not found us there together go to your room to dress i will do a bath after all this and we continue like a normal family until next story.

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    All lesbian girls should die a early age or get dick up their bodies when they are still young

  • Reply [email protected] ID:7ylren2k0b

    Loved it so hot

  • Reply Davi ID:1ah770leqri

    Wow it was great

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    mom should have let her keep her hairy bush!to me it taste better than to shave it!

    • Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hl

      Yes, I agree with you. There’s nothing better than sucking cum droplets from a hairy pussy.

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      I fully agree with you WARREN K…

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    Eat your other daughter also. Eating two is better than one.

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      It always is…