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Knob Alley

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My friend said he came over to hang out with me, but he sure spent a lot of time over by the window.

Across the street was this cafe with a portico, but after dinner. They brought the tables and chairs in, and left the bar open. We’re right off the college drag too, so we had lots of college students there getting drunk, and even in this weather, they got pretty wild out on the street.

The thing is, there was also a group that hung out in the alley way around the corner. If you looked out, from my window, you could see right down the alley, and what went on down there. I told him about that, and he acted like he didn’t believe me, but then he came over to see for himself.

He pulled his phone out, but he didn’t take any pictures. “I thought you said they don’t get busy until after 2 AM.” Just to check the time, then he pulled the side of the curtain away to look out again. Stuck his phone back in his pocket, after he just checked the time.

Sure enough, this guy pulled up at the alley, and Liam held the curtains over by the side. “What’s going on down there?” I got up off my bed to look out the other side, but I kept the curtains barely open. So, they couldn’t see from the street, if anybody bothered looking up, but the answer is prostitution.

You see, that place is a hangout for singles, but then guys strike out. So the working girls hang out in the alley to make some money. It was raining pretty bad, but they had umbrellas, and one of them leaned over the window holding one up. You could still see down the neck of her low cut top, but then the driver shook his head, and pointed.

“He didn’t even go in the bar, so he’s not drunk, I guess.” Liam said, for no reason, other then to make conversation, but he sounded nervous.

“Yeah,” I didn’t know what else to say, but then the hooker stood up, and went back to talk to her pimp. I guessed, that’s what I always thought they were there for. You know, guys dressed flamboyantly, this one even had a feather in his hat-band, which I thought was kinda swash-buckly? He didn’t dress piratey other than that, he just wore suits, but in neon colors, and this time he had on a pink shirt. A bright saturated green tie to match the suit, but meanwhile, the guy pulled back, and tried to drive his mustang right up the alley.

“Can you believe that they get away with it right out in the open?”

“I don’t know,” I’ve been watching it for years, honestly. It wasn’t even that weird to me, but then the pimp unzipped his pants, and the driver reached out his window, to pull it hard. “Maybe they’ve got a deal with the bar.”

“He’s gay,” again, William pointed out the obvious. Liam for short, there’s already a bunch of Wills, Bills, Billies, and so forth. So, he went by Liam to be different, I guess.

“Yeah, I guess. Or maybe he just likes the money.”

“No, not him. He’s obviously a fag, look at how he dresses.”

“Like a pimp? That’s why he dresses like that, so you know he’s pimp.”

“You’d think that the cops would pick him up, just dressing like a pimp.”

“Well, dressing like that isn’t illegal. Yeah, pimping is, but lots of black guys do it, and even call themselves pimps, when they aren’t. Not really, but he’s getting hard.”

“Yeah, but the guy in the mustang. He turned down perfectly good pussy for a dick to suck.” He rubbed his pants, and I licked my lips before he looked over, so I stopped. “You want to try it?”

I looked out the window again, and sure enough. The pimp was up against the door, where you couldn’t see, but then a couple girls came over with umbrellas.

“Huh, yeah. I bet you’re really hard just watching that.” he put his arms around them, to stick his hands in their tops, and squeeze some titties while he got his dick sucked by a guy. “I’m not gay, at all you know that. Right?”

He unzipped his pants, and shrugged. “Gay, or bi curious, who cares? It’s better to get a blowjob then not getting your dick sucked.”

“Okay, but you promise to suck me off too, if I do it?”

“Yeah,” he patted my shoulder, and pulled me down, but I never wanted to put a dick in my mouth before. I mean, whenever the boys at camp waited for you to fall asleep, and the first one got messed with. Sometimes, I was the first one, I tried to stay awake, not knowing what they’d do, but sometimes, they’d put their dicks in your face.

Sometimes they just put your hand in hot water to make you wet the bunk, or piss in a bowl, and use that. Sometimes, they’d hold in farts until somebody nodded off, so they could squat over your cot, and let it rip in your face, but they didn’t pull their pants down, or anything. That would be gay, like trying to make somebody suck your dick in their sleep isn’t gay. That somehow makes you gay?

Or bi-curious? I don’t know, and I don’t care, but this wasn’t so bad. “Huh yeah.” He felt up my neck, and patted my head, “Suck it in and out.” He guided me, in and out instead of humping my face, but I just looked forward to him blowing his wad, so then it was my turn.

He pushed my head back, and started pumping it, but slowly. So, I got up, and rubbed myself hard in my pants. “Go on,” he nodded, “You can get it out.”

“It’s not hard yet,” but I unzipped my pants and fished it out anyway.

“Huh, let me handle that.” He didn’t even look down. He looked me right in they eyes, then they rolled up, and he shook. “HhuhH!” His eyelids closed, but I think he left them cracked a little so he could stop and aim it. Right at my dick, that got hard the minute he shot his wad all over it. “Huh, uh!” He leaned back up against the wall, and squeezed it, so the last drop came out, and he shook it off. Limp, and floppy before he pulled his underwear up, to drop them back inside. “Huh, you better pull your pants down, and hold your shirt up.”

“Okay,” I was just excited to get a blowjob, from anyone. Yeah, I started to suspect that Liam might actually be gay, but I was so hard, and horny, I didn’t care. He pulled my pants down, and pushed me back to the bed before he got down, on the floor. He licked his lips real good, and then he held down my stiffy, so he could lick up the top.

His jizz off the top, right where he shot it, and that’s when I knew he was gay. I mean, I’ll suck you if you do me is one thing, but cumming on my junk, just to eat it off was the gayest thing I could imagine. Right then, but it was all right. Not like holding his dick in my mouth, or even when he guided my head in and out.

That wasn’t bad, but then when his hot wet mouth wrapped around it. “Oh!” I was in heaven. “Yeah, that feels good. Just like that, oh man. You really know how to suck a dick?”

He just nodded, and held it pinched on the bottom, but then air sucked in, and he made a “Smup!” Sound. Then, he sucked it back in, and his cheeks went tight. I thought about closing my eyes, and trying to imagine a girl down there. Like I had a million times before.

Yeah, sometimes they pulled up their short tight dresses, and their panties down to do it all the way. Bent over they trashcans, or picked up, and pinned to the wall, but most times it was just hand jobs, and blow jobs, with their tits busting out their tops, and the guys getting 2 good handfulls to hot-dog them like buns, and something to catch it when they cum.


“Mh smup!” He pulled back, so just the tip was stuck in his mouth, but it swelled, and he rubbed the bottom with his thumb. Felt my balls with his fingers, and before my eyes closed, he looked up. Right in my eyes before I blew my wad in his mouth, and his tongue licked the tip in between each hot gush so I hunched, and shot another one for him to swallow.

“Huh!” he wiped his mouth, while I dried my softening pud in my underwear, and zipped my fly back up. “Huh, how was that?”

“Amazing.” I just got up on the bed, and crossed my legs. I thought about laying down, and closing my eyes just to enjoy all the feelings from my first time having sex, but that just reminded me of all they stuff they’d do to you at camp. If you’re the first one to fall asleep.

“You are gay, huh? It’s okay, I liked it, I really did, but there’s no reason to keep it a secret after that.” I thought I caught my breath, but then after saying all that, I had to catch it again.

“No, I’m bisexual, I guess.” He laughed, and got out his phone. “But it’s late, and my ride’s here, so I have to go. I love you.”

He just left me, stunned with that. Revelation, that he was in love with me, but he just said it. Real quick through the door before he closed it, and left. He looked both ways, up and down the hall to make sure nobody heard him, but I don’t know how to feel about that.

Betrayed? Not really, I mean if I was gay, or bi I guess. Maybe I am, but I thought he was my friend. Just my friend, and I never really was a best friends kinda guy. I mean, that’s not just a girl thing, of course. Lots of boys have best friends, but does he want me to be his boyfriend now?

Do I want to boyfriends with him, now? I don’t know, we’re not even in high school yet, and sure it’s coming up, next year. If we pass, and then we’ve got all those boys in gym class to worry about. What if I get a boner, with all those guys changing, and their hairy balls just hanging out. Swinging in the wind, and their bare butts.

He doesn’t want to do any, butt sex, does he? That would be super gay, and I couldn’t help giggling like a girl, just imagining it, but I got up, and went to the window. to wait for him to come out, and I guess in a way he did, to me. But then, I saw the Mustang parked out on the street.

The pimp, and his honeys were back underneath the portico, by the trashcans. Okay, that building used to be an old Victorian house, before they cut off the top floor, and built it up to put in apartments, but they kept the wrap-around porch to set up tables, and chairs for the restaurant. Then, they took the porch out of the side, to keep the trash cans underneath the portico, but that’s what it’s called.

The Portico, Restaurant, and Bar. That’s how I know it’s called a Portico, and not a Porch, but from up here on the 2nd floor. I’ve got a good view down the stairs from the front porch to the portico in the alley. Where the hookers, and pimps wait for last call, so the guys that struck out can come down and around to get some action.

“Huh?” Liam just leaned in the window, and hit the horn. So, the guy came out, and he went around to the passenger side. While the driver got in the driver side, and leaned over, to give him a kiss.

“Oh my God, that 2 timing bastard!” I shook my head, and got my phone out. “I’m actually jealous?” I wish I’d thought to get his license plate before he drove off, or better yet when he was pulled into the alley, but it was too late now.

So, I texted him. [Liam, WTF is going on, you know him?]

[Yeah,] he sent back, [I told you he was gay.]

[How old is he?]

[None of your business, are you jealous?]

[No, but I’m a bit confused that you said you loved me, but then I found out that you set up this whole thing with your boyfriend.]

[Well, he’s not my boyfriend, really. Per say…]

[I don’t care, if he’s old enough to drink then he’s way too old to be picking up 13 year old boys in his car, and taking them for rides.] And all the gay stuff that comes from that, but you know. He had to learn how to suck a dick that good from somewhere.

[Okay, I’ll break it off with him tonight, and you’re right. I should probably get a boyfriend closer to my age.]

[Like me?]

[You want to be my boyfriend?]

[Yeah, I thought you’d never ask. GTG, bye.]

[Love you, bi.]

“Huh!” I just sat back, and realized, what just happened. “He tricked me!” I threw my phone down, not even caring if it hit the floor, and broke the screen, but “I don’t care.”

I can’t help how I feel about him, now. “All though, if he’s serious about being bi, maybe we can do a threesome with a girl some time? Yeah, that would be great.”

But then, I shut up, and stopped talking to myself, before my dad heard me.

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  • Reply AP

    I really like your skill in writing non-liniar erotica. You know that there’s going to be heat there but you’re just not sure where or when… or how. Good stuff.

    • Psiberzerker

      Thanks! Yeah, I like surprises. Don’t want to give it all away in the beginning, because then why read it to the end?