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My first time was with my uncle at just 15

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When I was 15 my uncle who was 41 had to watch me for a week during that summer and little did I know the kind of person he was

Hi my name is Ang and the story all started on a Tuesday my parents just dropped me off about 3 hours before, me and my uncle had just been watching TV and talking when he asked if I could go to the shed and grab his toolbox because he forgot he had to fix the door to the room I would be in after a while I couldn’t find it so I bent down and got on my knees to search under a big shelf with lots of stuff on it when I heard my uncle come asking whats taking so long he stood behind me and before I could realise my dress was down to my waste and my ass was completely visible he grabbed it and started feeling on it I was in shock I didn’t move or say anything, he asked where I was hiding this the whole time he pulled me up and asked me if I wanted to have some fun I said yes because I was scared to say no he then walked me to his room and ripped off my dress and underwear. He instantly started groping me and grinding on me he then put my hand in his pants and that’s when I felt his massive cock it was about 8 inches and super thick after he took his cloths off he layed me on my back got on my and then rammed his cock in me at once as hard as he could it broke me and I started blessing but it didn’t stop him he kept pounding me and sucking on my nipples I couldn’t even scream I was in so much pleasure I swear my eyes rolled to the back of my head I was dick drunk he kept going for another 30 minutes before stopping. After he saw I was completely week and could barely move he stood up brought me to the ground on my knees and started to face fuck me grabbing me by the hair ramming his dick on me after about 10 minutes he rammed his dick down my throat and held it there while busted the biggest load I had ever seen probably 9 ropes of cum he then made me swolow and slapped me saying how I was his and that he would use me whenever he wants.

I hope you guys like the story we did alot of things things during that week Ill be writing more stories this was about a year ago I’m now 16 but if you guys ever wanna text, sex or masturbate on camera together just email me [email protected]

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