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Lea gets a new Daddy

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10 year old Lea goes to her best friends for a sleepover and wishes her friends dad was hers.

At 10 years old, Lea was the oldest in her 4th grade class. She had an August birthday so she didn’t get to start kindergarten till she was nearly 6. But it didn’t seem to bother any of the other 9 year olds. Lea was a tad bit taller than the rest of the girls and maybe a bit more mature but that was it.

Lea’s best friend was Angie. Actually she was kinda her only friend. They sat next to each other in class, ate lunch together and spent recess together as well.
On lucky weekends, Leas excuse for a father would allow Lea to stay over at Angie’s and this was always the best time ever. Lea got so bored at home and relished the time she could spend away from it.

Angie’s dad Mr. Solt was also a hoot to be around. He was the kind of father that Lea wished she had. He was active in Angie’s daily life and it was obvious he cared about her more than anything else in the world.
Mr. Solt was a single parent but Lea didn’t yet know the circumstances around why. She didn’t ask and Angie didn’t tell. But it didn’t matter because this weekend was sleepover weekend and Lea could hardly wait for school to let out on Friday.

Mr. Solt picked up Lea and Angie right on time and wishes them away to a fun weekend. However… Halfway through the evening, Angie developed a bit of a cough that progressively got worse as the evening turned to night. Mr. Solt was of course tending to Angie the way any caring parent would. They ate dinner and watched a movie while Angie rested on the couch and apologized a hundred times for being sick.

Lea of course told her it was quite alright, that she would rather be here with a sick best friend than at home with a drunk father. The movie finished at the girls moved on to Angie’s room.

Angie was still coughing a lot, so Mr. Solt gave her some nighttime cough medicine, and within a few short minutes Angie was out like a light. Lea wasn’t tired at all and found herself bored almost instantly. She wandered around Angie’s room looking at all her collectables and toys but nothing seemed to jump out at her with interest. Lea finally left Angie’s bedroom and headed towards the kitchen. Perhaps some food would settle her energy down.
Lea turned the corner into the kitchen and Mr. Solt was there making himself a sandwich.

He smiled as he looked up and saw Lea enter. “Hey kiddo. How’s Angie feeling?”

“Like an owl during the daytime Mr. S”, Lea answered.

Mr. Solt chuckled warmly before responding, “Are you hungry doll? There might be a scrap of stale bread around here somewhere that you can munch on.” He smiled from the corner of his mouth.

“Very funny”, said Lea as she cracked a grin. “Yes please to the stale bread though. That’s my favorite. Also some pond water from out in the backyard too if you don’t mind”, She smiled wide this time.

“You got it munchkin!”, Mr. Solt said as he started making another sandwich.

Lea hopped up on the barstool and put her hands on the countertop. As she watched Mr. Solt make her sandwich, Lea realized that she enjoyed coming over here just as much for Mr. Solt’s company as Angie’s. He was funny, and always seemed to be in a good mood unlike her own father who was bitter and cranky and drunk most of the time.

“Can I call you dad”? Lea suddenly asked. She immediately blushed and started fidgeting in her seat.

Mr. Solt paused making the sandwich a moment while he thought it over. “I don’t think your father would like that very much honey”.

“He wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t even notice. He doesn’t notice me really at all” said Lea lowering her eyes to the floor.

“Hmm. Well…. I suppose you can call me dad while your here if you want to. But not anywhere else ok pumpkin?”. He said as he handed her a plate with her sandwich.

“Okay…” Lea paused for a moment and picked up her sandwich. “Thanks.. Dad”.

Mr. Solt smiled and walked around the counter with his sandwich. As he walked by, he leaned down and kissed Lea on the top of her head before going to sit on the couch.

Lea felt electrified through her whole body. She felt so warm and loved. She finished her sandwich quickly and went and sat on the couch next to him. He didn’t say anything, he just lifted up the blanket he was under and Lea crawled in and snuggled up next to him. He put an arm around her and began flicking through the TV channels.

“I love you Dad”, Lea blurted out. She blushed again but she didn’t care. She meant it and she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed.

“I love you too little one”, he said.

Lea looked at him and reached up. She grabbed his face and pulled herself into him. She kissed him right on the lips and held herself there. He didn’t make any move to stop her. He started kissing back so Lea shifted her legs and swung herself into his lap, putting a leg on each side of him. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and he did the same. They twirled their tongues around and Lea felt him move his hands down and he cupped his hands on both her butt cheeks.

“Oh Daddy” moaned Lea. She didn’t know why but she suddenly felt the urge to feel Mr. Solt with her bare skin. So she lifted her nighty off and began to tug at Mr. Solt’s shirt. He let her remove it and she pressed her bare torso against his as she kept kissing him.

Very suddenly Mr. Solt sprung up and flipped Lea on her back on the couch. He began loosening his belt and taking his pants off. So Lea pulled her shorts and panties off together and tossed them on the floor. She was nervous but as soon as Mr solt was naked and was about to lay on top of her, her legs seemed to spring all the way open by themselves.

He climbed on top of her and swung the blanket over them. She could feel his thing pressing against her flower.

“Can I put it in sugar?”

“Yes daddy. I love you daddy. Oh my…” Lea felt her pussy lips part for the very first time as her new daddy’s cock penetrated her virgin flower. It hurt so much, but she felt so safe and loved and wanted that she didn’t care. She opened her legs as wide as they would go and Mr. Solt’s dick slid all the way in breaking her cherry and causing Lea to shriek in pain.

Mr. Solt froze and looked at her in the eyes with concern, “Are you ok my little love?”

“Oh I think so dad. It just hurt. But now I’m scared I woke Angie up” Said Lea with concern.

“Oh Bunny… I gave Angie a little extra cough syrup cause she was coughing so bad. She could sleep through a tornado right now. She’ll be out till noon tomorrow guaranteed” He said as he began slowly pumping his dick back and forth inside Lea’s pussy.

“Oh dad. Oh Daddy. Oh my God! Oh Daddy!” Moaned Lea, shaking off her fear of being caught by her best friend. She got louder and louder as Mr. Solt fucked her harder and harder.

“OH GOD! DADDY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! OH OH!” Lea shouted at the top of her lungs.

Mr. Solt was all the way deep inside her furiously pumping his dick in and out. He pushed as far in as it would go and laid his whole body weight on top of Lea’s tiny body. He put his mouth up to her ear and whispered so softly.
“Tell Daddy to cum inside you baby”….

Lea had absolutely no idea what this meant, but she didn’t care one bit. She turned her head towards his and kissed him deeply before gently saying…
“Cum inside me Daddy”.

“Oh yes again pumpkin” He shouted.

“Cum in me Dad!” She said loudly. Then she began screaming it as Mr. Solt tensed up and pushed his dick as far in as it would go.

Lea felt an intense hot gush of liquid shoot of of Mr. Solt’s dick and spread all inside her. This must be what ‘cum inside’ meant. It felt so amazing and she kept saying it over and over as she felt more and more come out.

“Cum in me daddy… Oh yes Dad. Cum inside me. Cum in me please Dad. Oh my God”

Mr. Solt collapsed on top of Lea, breathing heavily and covered in sweat. Lea could still feel the tip of his dick pulsing as he filled her up with his love.
And still, she kept telling him..
“Cum in me Dad”…

Mr. Holy finally managed to find his words.

“Oh I did sweetness. I most definitely did”.

“I love you so much daddy”. She whispered.

“I love you too little Lea”. He whispered back as he started making out with her.

“I hope we have a baby” Lea blurted out before she could stop herself. She became embarrassed and scared that she might scare him away.

But Mr. Solt smiled big and said “I was hoping you would feel that way. I’ve been wanting to breed you since the moment I laid eyes on you. It’s the reason why I came in you. I want another child. One that looks just like you munchkin. I don’t know how long it will be till you can even get pregnant, but I’m going to keep cuming inside you till it happens.. Your mine now. Do you understand that? You belong to me now baby girl”.

“Yes daddy. I understand. I belong to you. I’m yours now.”.

“Good girl…. I hope your ready cause I’m getting hard and I’m going to cum in you again”. He said with a grin.

“Cum in me daddy” said Lea with a loving smile.

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