Met at party

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Met a milf at a party and she fucked me against a wall.

I was at a friends party where I got chatting to a tall blonde in a boob tube and short black skirt. We passed a few minutes flirting and ended up sitting opposite each other for a while. I got a good picture of her on my phone which I don’t think she knew, she was flashing her crotch. She looks great in stockings, long legs.
Later still, she was a bit drunk and agreed to pop outside for some air, even though it was rather cold. I soon had her against the wall kissing and feeling her tits, largish ones very gropable with no bra. She got very turned on so I went for the skirt and very soon had three fingers inside her snatch, up her knicker leg. She came quite soon.
I got my cock out and put it in her hand, she pumped it gently.
I worked her skirt up and pulled her panty crotch to one side and tried to slip my cock up her. She muttered that ‘no we can’t, Im married.’
I still managed to slip my cock in and again she muttered that we shouldn’t, but also moved her bum down to make my job easier. I three thrusts I was all the way up her and humping nicely.
We fucked like this for a few minutes and she came first. I shot my stuff up her and held it in until I was soft. I pulled out and zipped up quickly.
As I turned there was a bloke looking on, scared me silly. He asked ‘are you done mate?’ and I said yes. ‘Great’ he said and quickly replaced me ih her slit, and she said, ‘no, I can’t, Im married.’

I went inside and had another quick drink before leaving in case there was a husband around who was not impressed with things. I found out later her name is Karen and she and her husband had traveled a fare way to attend the doo, so I think all is good.

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  • Reply Ewan ID:1dkfth4llc99

    Sounds like a real dirty slut, wonder how many more cocks she had that night?

  • Reply Pete ID:8fjh0h2eqxu

    Sammy, WTF?

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    My wife moved closer to the couch and was just about to put her hand on the couch when she looked at the coffee table and just put her hands on it she let her pussy and ass show so that everyone could see her wet box

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    My brother in law got up and walked into the kitchen and asked if we wanted a glass of wine when I looked over at my wife she was taking her panties down and asked if they were ok with that

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    Well my sister just looked at her and said that she looked beautiful and then she went into her bedroom and came out wearing a nice pair of panties and high heels

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    Wow I just have to say I couldn’t even imagine what it was like when I saw my ex wife come out of the bedroom in just a pair of panties when we were staying at my sisters house years ago