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Dirty old man

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Nothing better than fooling a young couple

Yes I am a dirty old man someone you shouldn’t trust lol. So I am unemployed living off what my parents left me and what the government gives me. So one day I am eating at fast food restaurant and the pretty young girl sitting behind me is on her phone talking to ho I believe is her mom. She is asking for money to pay her bills after she thanks her mom and tells her that will help but still needs more she hangs up. This is my opening I hope I turn to her tell her I am sorry I could help but over hear some of your conversation and I like to help a little. She says thank you but know. (Very sweet girl) I explain I am a widower and have money and she reminds me of my daughter’s. (All lies I’ve never been married I do have kids but don’t know anything about them) I give her a hundred dollars she again tries to say no. But I beg her to take it. She does and can’t thank me enough I tell her this is my pleasure and please take my number if you need anything please call. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. And I leave sure enough about a hour later she texts just to say thank you again. This starts our conversation I find out she is 22 married no kids but her and her husband are trying. He was hurt at work and is out for a while so bills are getting behind. I tell her I completely understand and how when I was younger my wife and I had to struggle also and it was so nice to have someone just to talk to I get so lonely. My kids live out of state and I don’t really hear from them except on holidays. We hang up and I jack off things of getting in her pussy somehow. Two days later I texted her just to say high and this started another conversation. I ended up meeting her for lunch and gave her another hundred dollars. She texted me again later thanked me and we had a conversation but this time I started turning it to sex talk and that again I am just lonely. We texted for the next month each time I tried to talk a little more about sex stuff what her and her husband like and don’t like what I enjoyed when I had sex. Finally she ask for money but this time I said we should have a sugar baby arrangement. She said no and we didn’t text for over a week then she texted hello how was I doing. A little small talk no sex talk or money talk the next day she texted again this time she made a sexual comment and the conversation got better. She said for her to be a sugar baby I would have to get tested and use a condom she was trying to get pregnant. I told her I would get tested no problem but I didn’t want to use a condom. There was no danger with pregnancy after our 3 daughters I got a vasectomy. She still wanted a condom I went to doctor got tested and ask about having a vasectomy he gave me some papers about it. So she and I had lunch and I showed her my test results and then pulled out the paper about the vasectomy made sure she saw a little but not everything. To make her feel comfortable that I was fixed. She tells me she talked to her husband and they need the money but I do have to wear a condom and it has to be at my house and he doesn’t want to meet me or know anything about me or what we do. I agreed to everything but the condom I reminded her I got tested and was clean and that I was fixed. I told her I really miss sex and I really wanted to enjoy it. She reluctantly says ok so now I am so freaking horny I can’t stand it. I don’t want her to change her mind so I ask her if she can come over tomorrow. She agrees this gives me sometime to get things ready when she comes over. She is so nervous I give her a beer and offer her a pill to help with her nerves it’s a muscle relaxer not to strong enough to get her to look comfortable in my bed. She doesn’t know it but we will be recording this fuck and many more. I put a little black tape over the red light on recording camera. We go into my bed room we start by taking off her clothes then having her lay on my bed legs over the edge so I can eat some sweet young married pussy. Knowing her legs will get tired she lifts them up on the bed giving a wonderful view of her pussy and face for my camera. After I eat her for a bit I move up on the bed I put my cock between her beautiful tits ask her to hold them together. I start fucking her beautiful titties she tells me this is a first for her. I then use my hand not blocking my camera to lift her head to get the head of my dick in her mouth. I then tell her how good this feels but what I want to say is you look so beautiful with a cock in your mouth. Now it’s time to fuck her and hopefully I can help her and her husband out with there first child. I get her doggie style she is now relaxed she is facing the camera I push myself inside her I ask her to look at me so beautiful I start fucking her hard pulling her hair I want the camera to get her face and titties while she is fucking. Alot of men are going to watch this. I am building up to nut I want her to know this so I tell her I’m about to cum she says OK. I grab her hips and go hard then hold her tight as I fill her pussy with sperm. I am hopeful I am the one breeding her. Well it’s been 3 months I have fucked her every other week now she and her husband are expecting their first child she is so excited. So am I also hoping to give her and her husband a second child next year.

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    That’s so
    Hot I love this aww he was so sweet

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjfqgi20c

    One of my daughters friends she was 20 I was 45 had a fight with her husband. She knew me well from staying with my daughter all the time when they were little. She was a sexy little thing growing up. She still was only 5 foot tall. Cutest smile.
    Long story short she ended staying in my daughters old room my daughter was away in college.
    So she needed money so I give her some. After about a week I knew she was going to end up back with her husband she was talking to him on phone a lot more.
    She still never told him where she was staying.
    So we were drinking alittle and she was complaining about how they fights cause of lack of money.
    Conversation turned to I told her she needed a sugar daddy.
    A lot like your story.
    She laughed it off. I pull out money and say would 300 a week help you? She looks at me. Seriously stop by one hour a week . No one needed to know. She said what if I get pregnant? I said it would be your husbands. I said I can’t have kids anymore. Little lie but like u I hate condoms.
    So we fucked that night. Was missionary and quick lol.
    Didn’t want her to be uncomfortable and not want to again.
    Fucked her 3 more times before she went back to her husband. By the 3rd day we were sleeping in same bed.
    She would come back weekly. She actually would have orgasms. She ended up pregnant don’t know if it was mine or his.

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    I can be

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      What can you be?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10zl

    From one dirty old man to another I simply loved it lol!

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:305dce2k0j

    God, I need a sugar baby