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My dad fucked me

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This is my story about how my dad forced his huge cock inside my virgin hole..

It was a beatiful summer morning, I just woke up and see the light shine trough the curtains until I hear the door open. Its my dad,

My dad is somewhat tall. Maybe 5’10? Fairly muscular and is 50 years old. While im really short 4’9 with developing b-cup breasts and a really nice ass. Im 14 btw.

Anyway, He comes in my room WEARING NOTHING making me startle. He stares at my body and clothes (Grey bra and black booty shorts) with a seductive smirk.

Not long after he opens his mouth and says:
“You’ve developed a lot girl.. Daddy likes that” as he gets on top of me.

This makes me scream in panic, I start to realize what’s going to happen to me too.

“d-dad? W-what are you d-doing..?” I ask, Scared.

He proceeds to slap me in my face making me squeal.


He stares at my breasts and starts to fondle them around. I close my eyes and pretend this isn’t happening.

“Open your eyes bitch!” he shouts again.

I open them in fear of getting slapped again.
He takes off my bra with lust on his eyes.

As he removed it, He throws it to the other side of the room.

“Now what do we have here..”
He squeezes my teen-breasts with his hands.

“Mmh.. Daddy please be gentle im sensitive..” I try to plead out.

“Dont worry.. Daddy takes good care of his toys..” he says as he dives in to suck my nipple.

I squirm around a lot now since my nipples are the most sensitive part of me..

He then starts to slightly bite down on my nipple. It stings A LOT, I moan in pain.

“Ouchh.. Plesse don’t” i say so quietly that he didnt even hear that.

After a while making out he gets up, Making me think he’s done.. Not at all!

“lets get to business..” He says as he takes off his underwear Revealing his hard, big, 7 inch, wide cock.

I stare at it in disbelief, Thats going to go inside me?

He rubs at the entrance of my pussy trough the cloth of my shorts with the tip of his cock.

My mind is horrified and scared, Wanting to scream and for all of this to stop..

But my body isnt. I can feel my pussy pulsate and getting wetter and wetter.

And my nipples hardening and my body getting hotter too.

He rips off my shorts and continues teasing my pussy, Now without the cloth in the way.

“You like this dont you..? I can see your pussy getting really wet..” he says with a seductive tone in his voice

“Prepare for my cock slut.. I wont be gentle anymore…” he says as he puts only the tip and some of the end inside me.

Im already quite in pain only with 1/4 of his cock inside me.

“Ahh! Ahhmm~” i moan out.

He starts to push it in, Slowly. Making me feel every inch stretch me out..

Hes fully deep now, And im already exhausted.. Im not sure i can take this.

He starts to fuck me with a steady rhytm. I scream out in pain.

“Yeah.. Take your daddy cock like a good girl..” he says.

After a what felt like an eternity he pulls out and turns me around on my stomach.

“Ass up face down girl..” he orders me.

“Yes daddy~” I do as he says

I feel vulnerable in this position, Really fragile too.

Finally he rams inside me making me scream out in pain, Again.


He starts to fuck me harder until he comes on my ass.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    Short and sweet, got me wanking anyway!

  • Reply Satanist Atheist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    How does a fully naked man take off his underwear FFS…..piss poor

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Die kleine Fotze bekommt genau das was die verdient und braucht als du die Hure sich auf den Bauch drehen hast lassen hast du ihr da deinen Schwanz in ihren kleinen Ardvh gestoßen ich würde sie gerne ficken

    • hihiniunbue ID:cttjj2boh


  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    You lucky slut , all girls should be treated like that by their daddy from 8 or 9 years old

    • trucker ID:5z0pbrdm1

      That is correct Joe. At 7/8/9 they are already thinking about sucking cock and fucking. I did mine at 6 she was a natural. Did you start your daughter at that age

    • Mads ID:1cyit7azvkhz

      That’s when my dad started putting his cock in me

  • Reply hihiniunbue ID:cttjj2boh

    So good, keep writing

  • Reply Well ID:1cmyb7cbdgnl

    I’ll fuck a 14 yr old and I want a 10 yr old to bounce on my dick

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      I use to baby sit for the neighbours. Their kids where 6 and 8. Then their grandfather moved in. He was late 50s and in wheelchair and bribed me with cash to let him see touch and suck me. Had my first orgasm with his magic tongue. He had a thick ugly big veiny cock that i got to explore with.