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The things that War brings out in me

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Fiction, this story is very dark in nature, violence, rape, murder, and more, WARNING THIS MAY CAUSE NIGHTMARES, NOT FOR THE THE UNDERAGE PERSONS

I land in the war torn country, its morning, just starting to get light out, as I am a white male I will stick out like no other, blond hair blue eyes, 6ft5, 250lbs, I slip into a dark side street, find what looks to be a empty building and slip into it, I stop and listen, I hear breathing, a person is sleeping in here, I need to find them, and see if it is friend or foe, I move quickly and softly toward the breathing, I hear in my head my regulated breathing as well,

I find a boy maybe 12, small skinny, I take out my knife, I put it to just above the boys throat,I put my other hand over his mouth and nose, his eyes jeck open wide and with fear, he is trying to cry out in his native tongue, all one can hear is muffled cries, I put my lips to his ear and tell him to shut up or I will kill him,

He stopped, I slowly take my hand away from his mouth, I ask him in a very low whisper who else is in here, he replies no one, I ask are you sure, yes he tells, me, I ask what is this place, he tells me it was his school, but it was closed and everyone was forced to leave, he goes why are you here, I tell him, I am paid to do a job, he asks what job,

I take out my sleeping gear from my backpack and lay it out where he was sleeping, I tell him to strip, he asked why I tell him do as your told or I will kill you, he stripped naked, I strip and he sees my 9 inch cock and he looked scared, I told him get in the bed, he did and I laid on top of him once I got the lube and the poppers, I gave two to the boy and he swallowed them then I flipped him onto his belly and lubed my cock and his asshole

I placed the head of my cock onto his tight little hole, he grunted as he felt my cock pushing against he hole, I grabbed his mouth and nose in my hand and started to push he drew in a large gasp of air and I clamped my hand over his mouth and nose, he tried to scream as my cock tore open his asshole,

I grunted as I felt my cock sink into the tight little hole of his, it was hot and O so tight, it took me almost 30 min to get my cock worked all the way into him, I would stop and let him breath in and out and then back to pushing into him, I fucked him for a good hour before I shot one of my loads deep into him,

By the time night was coming around I had fucked him 12 times, his ass was wide open and he laid there sound asleep, I gaged him and then I picked him up and tied him to a table face down with bailing wire and twisted the wires in place, the wire was cutting off the blood to his arms and legs,

I left at dark, I took a persons truck and headed north farther into the war zone, I got to my next location and parked my ride inside what was left of a persons house, put lumber all over it to help hide it,

I made my way on foot to another building half of it was gone, blown to bits, I set up camp, did a perimeter check, set up my watch station,

day light came maybe 2 hours later, I watched people move around, they are looking for items they can use to rebuild with,

I see a mother and daughter come out of a building across from me, they work together picking up wood, things to eat, then a truck comes and they run and hide, the truck drives by, they quickly move the items they found and are gone back into the building,

This goes on all over the place, people trying to survive,

that night I slip into the mother and daughters’ building, I stop and listen, I only hear mother and daughter talking quietly, I hear a noise from outside, mother and daughter stop talking, they are listening,

I slip out to have a look and its a dog looking for food, I slip back, I get into the room they are both resting in, I grab the mother and tell her to keep quiet or she watches her girl die, the mother is shocked to see me, but does not make a sound,

I take the mother away from that room and led her to a room at the other side of the building, I tell the mother to strip, she stands there, I tell her, your child could be here as well, she obayes, the is in her mid 30s, slim build, c cup tits, and a hairy cunt,

I tell her to bend over the damaged table, she does, I take out my rock hard cock and push the head into her cunt lips, she gasps, I tell her she makes loud noises the kid dies, she just stood bent over the table,

I rubbed my cock up and down her cunt lips, I did this till I got what I wanted, a wet cock head and then rammed it home in her cunt, she gasped out loud and was about to scream in pain but I told her, your girl will not live, I started to pump her cunt harder and faster, she was tight but not as tight as her ass will be, I rammed her hard as I could as I wanted her to wake the girl,

I slapped her ass hard as I fucked her, she could not help herself as a low moan came from her lips, she was shocked and hated me even more for making her body enjoy what she hated, I kept pumping her cunt as I would also reach for her nipples and twist and pull on them as well, her body was doing good but her mind was trying to stop her from enjoying what I was doing,

I got to the point she could not fight it anymore and she started to shake and just as she was starting to cum I pulled out of her cunt and shoved my cock balls deep into her asshole, she pissed and came and screamed all at once, she let out a blood curdling scream, the girl woke and came looking for her mother

All she could hear was her mother screaming, NO STOP, NO NOT LIKE THIS, O PLEASE STOP, I WILL DO ANYTHING PLEASESTOP,

the girl came into the room and seen her mother bent over the table, hanging on to the edge of the table as I kept fucking her ass hard and fast,

The girl came to the table and asked her mother, what is going on, she looked at me and told me to stop that I am hurting her mother,

I pumped that ass harder, I slapped her ass as well she howled each time i did as that made her clamp her asshole, I grabbed mother hair and pulled her head back as I thrusted forward, Mother was now moaning and grunting with each thrust, I asked mother if she wanted to cum, she did not answer, I slapped her ass harder and hammered it home, I asked again and she said in a small voice, yes,

I pounded her ass and each time I asked the same question, do you want to cum, and each time she send yes and each time she got louder, till she was screaming YES O PLEASE FUCK MY ASS, MAKE ME CUM, O PLEASE MAKE ME CUM, as she went off and all she could do was stand and shake as I held her in place,

I told the girl to come here, and she did, how old are you, 13 she said, good strip off your clothes you have cleaning duty, she stood there and stared, then she felt my hand across her face, she started to cry, I told her is she did cry I would give her a reason to cry

She stripped, like her mother a slim body, boyish ass, almost b cup tits, and not a drop of hair yet on her cunt, Pulled my cock out of mother ass, and told girl to suck my cock clean, Mother was about to turn around when I told her to stay right where she is.

Girl look at me and I pushed my cock to her mouth, told her open and she did, I pushed it into her mouth and told her to start licking my cock and open your throat as Im going to fuck it deep, she gaged as I pushed deeper in, I pulled my cock out and slipped her face three time in a row, and then pushed my cock back into her mouth, she learned to suck cock real quick, she did not like being slipped around,

Once she had me clean I made her get behind her mother and eat her asshole, she used her tongue slowly as I could tell she did not like licking her mothers asshole, I made her push her tongue up her mothers asshole and to keep fucking that open hole with her tongue

I got behind her and took her tight cherry cunt, o she was wet, I made her scream as I pushed balls deep all in one stroke of her cunt, I fucked her hard and fast she was so tight it felt so good, I was about to cum so I pulled it out the girl dropped to the floor, I pulled her up and made her lay on top of her mother, I took my leaking cock and rammed it into the girls ashole, again she screamed in pain,

I raped her asshole till I came twice in her, I pulled my cock out of her ass and told her mother to clean my cock, she got to her knees and sucked me clean, I told her to stand up, she did I took her daughter and her and tied then together in a 69 to let the blood from her daughter drip all over her face, I left them like that,

I moved on the next night to the next area,

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