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Author: Nightmares

Never Steel 2

With Lie now face down between her girls leg and her ass totally exposed I take out some lube and lube up my hands, I tell Lie that she better start licking her girls little cunt as... # # # #

2032 words | 2 |4.18

Never Steel

I made a with draw at a gas station with a private ATM machine, I dont normally use any of those, but I was new to the area and had no cell service to speak off, so I pulled out cash... # # # #

1195 words | 1 |3.75

Spank Me 2

Vicki tells me she wants to try pee, I take her to the shower and tell her to get on her knee open your mouth wide and watch, she does as told, I let go of my stream of piss, it hits... # # # #

2686 words | 3 |4.14

Spank Me

I met the woman a couple of years ago now, she single mom, works full time owns her own house, has twin girls age 12, she is 5ft nothing, 24 D cup, 16 waist and 22 hips, she is super... # # # #

2949 words | 4 |4.61

Second Hand

Fiction 100%, not real, made up, BS, a story only I was out looking in a second hand store the other day, I was looking for uranium glass or depression glass as some call it, I hand... # # # #

1970 words | 1 |4.50

The new parts girl

We got a new parts girl at work last month, I watched her from afar, waiting for the right time and place, well it came last night on night shift, we run are shop 24 hours 5 days a... #

1032 words | 3 |4.78

O look its pee time 2

Once I told cunts sis that she had fire in her eyes, she cursed me, she told me she would kill me and then beat me to death, then burn my body and shit on my ashes, I laughed at her... # # # #

2313 words | 2 |4.29

O look its pee time

I having my lunch at my local supermarket, im standing outside my freightliner eating a woman walks over with her kids in tow, said nothing to me and then turns to her boy, ok you there... # # # #

3317 words | 2 |3.95

Ho Ho HO

This story may not be for all, lines are crossed, incense taken, and maybe a life, this is the way we play here in candy land # # # #

1497 words | 2 |4.73

Mall rats 2

I took loud mouth out to my truck and made him lay down in the box, I covered him with a tarp and some wood I had in there, I told him dont move and not a sound, I told the other two... # # # # #

1161 words | 1 |4.30

Mall rats

Im in the mall for a quick bite to eat in the food court, I get my usual chinese food and go and sit down to eat, as it is close to closing time the food court is almost empty except... # # # # #

887 words | 1 |3.83

Bath room break

Years ago I was in Sears store headed for the bathroom when a boy about 12 literally walk into me as I was about to walk into the bathroom, I said to him excuse me, he turned and looked... # # # # #

541 words | 8 |3.97

Basement fun

It is 0200, I walk into the basement as before mask and boots, I remove the hooks and fishing line from her body, she wakes as I do this, she whimpers please let me go, I grab a whip... # # #

702 words | 1 |4.10

Forced to leave home

She was forced to leave home at the age of 12, her daddy had been touching her for a number of years before, then her mommy walked into her room with her riding her daddy cock, she... # #

1056 words | 1 |4.63

Wild fire part two

I take the woman outside and cut her open and clean out her gust I save the liver as it is clean and the heart, the rest i dump into a pail and put it to one side for letter, I take... # #

1706 words | 6 |4.00

Carefull what you ask for 3

Mis goes out with the girls and drags the new one into the house, she is put in the wash tub and scrubbed till she is pink skinned, Mis and Jan June and Jane take the girl to Mis’s... # # # #

1503 words | 3 |4.09