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Spank Me 2

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Vicki tells me she wants to try pee, I take her to the shower and tell her to get on her knee open your mouth wide and watch, she does as told, I let go of my stream of piss, it hits her chin and then up her nose, then I get it flowing into her mouth, she moans as my hot piss fills her mouth, I stop in mid stream and tell her to swallow, with a couple of large gulps she gets it all down, and right away her mouth is wide open again and I piss in her mouth more, her nipples and rock hard and stick out about 1/2 inch, she is moaning, I place my cock to her lips and she sucks the head into here mouth and swallows the rest of my piss, she is covered from head to her pussy in pee, she sucks me hard and is pumping my cock to get every last drop she can,

Once I have finished peeing in her mouth I pick her up and we kiss hard, she tells me anytime I need to pee she wants to drink it, I turn on the shower and we wash

it is now noon and are in the kitchen, I ask Vicki if she wants food, she looks at me and tells me she wants tube steak, I smile and tell her to come get it, she gets on her knees again in front of me and sucks me rock hard, she is trying to get me into her throat, she gags at first but less and less as she keeps ramming her head down on my cock,

She is about to stop when I feel her hite the entrance to her throat, a tight ring I can feel on the head of my cock, I put my hands on the back of her head and tell her right there baby, she stops, and I push into her throat, she moans as she feels me slip into her throat, I feel the tight ring travel down my cock as I go deeped, she does not stop till her face is mashed into my lower belly, she pulls back slowly till she can get a breath and back down she goes, she is going faster and faster, I am grunting like a pig as I am about to let loose my load, I tell her im going to cum, Vicki rams her head down to my base and I hold her head in place as I start to shot my cum down her throat, she gags and coughs and my cum shots out her nose,

I pull back and she takes the rest in her mouth, with big tears coming out her eyes, and her face covered in my cum that sot out her nose, she swallowed what shot into her mouth, I pulled out of her mouth once finished cumming, she whipped the tears away and the cum off her face, she got up and hugged me and said thank you, can I call you daddy, In told he yes baby, anytime,

I took her to my bed, and she got on all fours, looked over her shoulder and said, do I get a spanking for being a good girl daddy, I walked up behind her and slapped her ass hard, she yelped and rushed forward and then put her ass right back in place and waited for the next one, SMACK, SMACK SMACK, SMACK, thank you daddy, O yes daddy spank me daddy, SMACK SMACK SMACK, O it feels so good daddy, I took my hard cock, and put it to her pussy lips and she pushed back and my cock slid into a soaking wet hole, she was open but yet tight, soaking wet and dripping from her pussy, she grunted and i rammed into her balls deep as I spanked her ass harder, I was leaving red welt marks from my hard, she pushed her head onto the bed and pushed her ass up higher which open her pussy up so I could push my way into her womb, she groaned and yelped as I kept opening her up, I did not stop spanking her ass the whole time I was ramming her pussy full of my cock,

Vicki was screaming and crying out, O DADDY FUCK ME PLEASE DADDY FUCK ME SO DEEP, YES DADDY MAKE ME YOUR SLUT DADDY, SPANK YOUR GOOD GIRL DADDY, O DADDY IM CUMMING I CANT STOP CUMMING DADDY O PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, MAKE ME CUM MORE DADDY, her pussy was squirting and soaked the bed and her cum was running down the front of my legs and all over the tummy and legs

I kept ramming into her as her pussy was clinching and pulling my cock, I tried to last longer but her body wanted my cum and her body knew who to milk me to get it, I rammed into her pussy and held it into her as deep as I could, she screamed as she felt my cum filling her womb, I grunted and shot load after load deep into her, we collapsed onto the bed panting, Vicki said daddy I love you, I love you to baby girl,

we woke up it was sunday morning, and Vicki had to go home as Toni would be home before noon, we showered together and I slid my cock into Vicki’s ass as we showered, I pinned her to the shower wall and pumped her ass hard, she moaned and said, O daddy that feels so good, I love being a anal slut, I asked her what makes you an anal slut baby, she replied, I love cock in my ass, I will take your cock up my ass anywhere anytime, she turn her head and looked at me, fuck my ass hard daddy as this has to last as I dont know the next time we can fuck, I pounded her ass hard, I pulled all the way out and rams balls deep back into her, she screamed YES DADDY YES FUCK YOUR ANAL SLUT DADDY O FUCK I AM CUMMING, with her cumming and shacking and her body trying to milk me I told her im cumming, she turn around and took me into her mouth and sucked hard and rammed her face onto my rock and down her throat, I dumped my load as she bobbed her head up and down my cock,

we got dressed and she took off home,

next day I showed up at Toni’s, Vicki said high to me and gave me a quick hug and was off to her room, Samm was next and hugged me and she too off to Vicki’s room, Toni pressed her body to mine and kissed me hard, she whispered in my ear, I am in need of a good hard spank and a harder fucking,

I took Toni to her room and forgot to close the door all the way kind of sort of thing, I told Toni it time for some new play, I told her to strip and to get on the bed face down and put a 12 inch wedge shape foam block under her pelvises to raise her ass high, then legs spread and arms above her head, she laid her hard body on to her bed and did as told with her arms and legs, I put her arms in leather straps, and tied them to the head board, her legs, I tied her with her knees pulled to the sides as well, this gave me complete access to her pussy and asshole,

Once she was tied tight and could not get away I put earbuds into her ear then a leather mask on her head, she could not she and I turned on a sex noise recording from the interweb, she spoke load and said she could not hear anything or see anything,

I know she was hear by the girls as I heard someone open their door, I took out a couple of floggers, both leather, one with thick leather strands and the other had thin strands like shoe laces,

I took the thin one and swung it around to get the feel for it, I swung and struck Toni hard on her ass, she jumped and yelped out loud, WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK, each time she cried out, Tonis ass grow redder and redder with each Wack on her ass,

WACK WACK WACK WACK, Toni was starting to breath heavy, I could see dampness on her pussy lips, the more I flogged her ass the higher she tried to push her ass up in the air, WACK WACK WACK WACK Toni was moaning now she wanted to be flogged, she cried out beat me, beat my ass,

Vicki and Samm has heard Toni, they both came out of Vicki’s room, they both had snuck up to the open door, and the both listen and one of them pushed the door open more to be able to see, more, Vicki watched and her nipples could be seen through her tee shirt, hard as rock her nipples trying to rip through the shirt,

Samm watched and listen as, her nipples hard as rock as well, and could be seen through her tee shirt, Samm had put a hand down the front of her shorts and was rubbing her little button, she was shaking as she watched her mother cry out for more, she rubbed faster with each word she spoke

Toni was in heaven as her ass was on fire and her pussy was pouring her juices out all over, I moved around so I could see if the girls are watching and so I could flog Toni so that the end of the floggers strand would strike Toni on her pussy lips and across her asshole,

Vicki see me turn and look right at her, she smiled and pushed her hand down the front of her pants, Samm was watching her mother ass and pussy to notice me, but I watched her

WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK, toni lets out a howl that the dogs and coyotes could hear miles away as I flog her pussy and strike her clitty hood dead on, Toni screams im cumming, and she squirts

Samms eyes go wide as she see her mother shut her cum all over the bed, Vicki licks her lips and pulls her soaked finger out of her pussy and sucks then clean, she puts them back into place and is rubbing her pussy and moaning

WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK as Toni is cumming and screaming, Toni scream fuck me I need to be fucked, O please fuck me,

I take the thicker flogger and WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK across Tonis ass, the groans and yells O GOD YES, BEAT MY ASS, O I NEED THIS, WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK, Toni is shaking non stop, she is leaking cum non stop, she is panting so hard, I wave to the girls to come into the room Samm stops dead, she turns red and looks as if she will run, Vicki goes to her and tells her its ok, and Vicki walks into the room, Samm stands there, still not sure, Vicki walk up to me and opens my pants takes my cock out and kisses it and then takes me into her mouth,

WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK, Toni is still fighting for control of her body, and I keep flogging her, she begs, please fuck me, o god I need to feel your cock in me,

Vicki is deep throating me, Samm walks up to her mother, I tell Samm go ahead, she cant see you or hear anything, Samm puts her hand on her mothers ass, Samm said, holy fuck it is so hot to the touch, Toni moans at the feeling of a cool small hand on her ass cheeks,

I shot my load down Vicki’s throat, she gets up and kisses Samm hard on the mouth Samm does the same to Vicki, Vicki touches her mother dripping wet pussy, she runs her finger through her pussy lips, she feels how soft and velvety they feel, she runs her finger over her mothers clit hood, she feels the heat and how swollen they are,

Samm keeps rubbing Tonis ass, Samm works her finger around tonis asshole, she pushes a finger into it, Toni moans as she feels that cool hand turn into two on her ass and then pushing a finger into her ass, then Toni mind catches up to her body and she feel three hands on her body, Toni yells what the fuck is going on, the Girls stop dead and pull away,

WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK, Toni moans and cries out, O FUCK YOU BASTARD, Vicki puts her hand right back on her mothers pussy and keeps pushing her button, Samm goes back to playing with her mother asshole, she gets two fingers into it and she is working then on and out faster and faster,

Toni, is screaming I AM CUMMING, the girls work faster and faster, Samm has four finger in Toni, and Vicki has also put four finger in Toni, but in her pussy as she still pushes her button,

Samm has almost work her hand into Toni, Samm takes her hand and rubs it on Tonis pussy to get it lubed up then pushes back into her ass, Vicki in the mean time has gotten her hand into Tonis pussy, and is pumping away, Toni has lost her mind and is grunting, groaning, and moaning,

Samm got her hand into her mother ass and is pounding away at her asshole, Samm pulls it out and licks her asshole for more lube and then pushes her fist back into her, Toni has stopped any and all mind control over her body, she has been made to cum so much she has lost count,

Vicki puts her ass up in the air and askes me to fuck her in the ass daddy, Samm looks as us as I take my raging hard on and push my cock up Vicki’s ass, she moans and tells me it feel so good daddy, Samm watches me fuck her sisters ass, all the time they both keep fisting Toni, Vicki tells me I amd going to cum daddy, and she starts to shake, she grunt and pushes back on to me, I feel her cumming but able to hold off,

Samm puts her ass high in the air and goes to me, please fuck me in the ass too, I tell her she has to ask right, she looks at Vicki, Vicki goes you have to say daddy and please, I look at Vicki with a knowing smile, Samm goes Daddy will you please fuck my ass, Yes baby

I put my cock to her asshole, she pushes but onto me, she is tight but not virgin, I slid in, Samm moans and then grunts loudly as I bottom out in her, I move slow at first but soon I am pulling all the way out and bottoming out in her ass angina and again, she loving it as she pushes back with each stroke, and harder she pushes but onto me, her ass know how to milk a cock as well, it did not take long before I was cumming deep into her bowels,

WACK WACK WACK WACK Toni did not move she was done, the girl pulled out of their mother, I untied Toni, took her to the bathroom and bathed her, the girls changed the bedding and waited, I carried Toni back to the bed and put her in it, the girl got into bed and cuddled with their mom and I slipped in behind Vicki, she pushed her ass up on me and said to me thank you daddy,

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