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what made me

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A little back round. I was 9 y/o but looked like i was 5

A little back round. I was 9 y/o but looked like i was 5 or 6.
It all started when i was 9, i went to a friends house he was 8. We were playing on the side of the garage when we started wrestling. Richard was on top of me and kissed me. we made out for a little while then he said to take our clothes off. I asked him not to laugh because i was wearing spider man underoos. And yes he laughed but we kept messing around hugging, kissing and feeling each other.
Then Richard put me on all fours and got behind me. He made a fist with his thump sticking out. you know like thumps up, and started dry humping me poking my hole.

He wet his thump and used it like his cock and started pushing in me. i jumped a little and asked what he was doing. He grabbed my underoos and put them in my mouth and told me to be quite, Telling me too relax and take it like a good boy. After a few pokes he was in. About 30 seconds later he pulled out. grabbed my clothes and ran in the house. I ran after him up to his older brothers room.

Chris was 13 about 5’7, skinny As i ran in Richard put me down on all fours again and telling his brother to watch as he thump fucked me again. I looked at chris as he got up and pulled his shorts off’ i noticed his hard on, then he picked me up and put me on his bed with my ass in the air
( doggy style ). Chris spit on his hard cock and started pushing in.
It was a lot bigger then an 8y/o’s finger. Richard was telling me to relax like a good boy. I was scared, and just as i was going to say something he put my underroos in my mouth.
Chris was all the way in now and pumping slowly. Richard was jumping all around asking his brother if my pussy was good. He said i had a tight pussy and pumped harder. I don’t know how long he lasted but when he came he pushed in, lifting me off the bed.
As he pulled out Richard asked if he put his cum in me and that he wanted to see. and he put his fingers in me. He felt the cum inside me and said you’re his bitch now.
After that we played like nothing happend.
A little while later we were all in bed just watching tv when Richard started playing with Chris’s dick and asked me to play with it. We took turns sucking it. i was the lucky one cause i got to swallow his load. Well that’s what richard said.
Maybe an hour later i was lying in bed with chris and he was hard so again. He pulled me on top of him . pulled my underoos down and sat me on his lap. Once i felt his cock i knew what to do, i sat on his cock and slowly rode him as richard put his dick in my mouth. Being only 8 he just peed as he told me to drink it.
Before i left they explained that I was a fag and i couldn’t tell anyone about this.

that night watching the news with my parents. they were talking about aids. that’s when i heard my father say thats what happens when you take it in the ass like a fag

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  • Reply Nathan ID:45xyoqgkd9d

    Kind of a similar story and it was confusing at the time. When I was 13 my uncle had convinced me to suck his dick. That’s another story but anyway, I did it. Then he made a habit of it. Why your story made me think of that is because my uncle’s brother was at his house one time and they were sitting there and I was thinking ok, no dick-sucking for sure but he just blurted out in front of his brother and asked me what I was waiting for. I looked at the brother and instead of looking shocked, he looked like he was interested. I thought that was weird. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to do. He told me again to do the same thing I always did. So like an idiot, I walked over to where he was and he got his dick out. I started sucking it. I was on my knees on the floor and he was sitting on the couch, which was always how we did it. I saw the brother stand up out of the corner of my eye. I mistakenly thought he was leaving the room in disgust. That’s what went through my mind anyway. However, somebody behind me (him, of course) roughly pulled the back of my shorts and underwear down. I started to protest but my uncle put his hand on the back of my head and told me to focus on what I was doing, quit worrying about anything else. I did continue but it wasn’t easy to focus. His brother was rubbing my asshole with his finger. Then he must have spit on it or something because he actually stuck his finger in my ass about 2 or 3 inches. Then he said (I’ll never forget it) “Yes or no question. Does that hurt?” I shook my head no. Then he stuck two fingers in. “Does that?” Again, still sucking my uncle’s cock, I shook my head no. It felt weird as hell but didn’t actually hurt. My uncle said, “Is he ready?” and his brother replied, “We’ll find out.” I had no clue what that meant. It burned, he paused, lubed it up more, etc, but yeah. That’s the first time I ever got fucked in my ass.

  • Reply AP ID:1dahlcf740

    I know too many people that have stories like this.

    • HB ID:4ke7xp5qk

      It lasted a couple months until his mom caught us. I’ve met 2 other guys