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Backseat disappointment

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Rae always hated her dad and her step mom so she sinned and made sure she let them know

Rae sat in the passenger of Micheals dodge charger in the middle of an parking lot Michael took a look at her while he was a senior she was a senior too but her parents treat her like she’s some freshman he thought as he looked over her nice full b cups slight curves and thick thighs and a baby face with a pair pouty plump lips he’d definitely spray his load all over her adorable light skinned face.

While he checked her out rae looked at him he was white with blonde messy curls in a slight mullet and a strong body the typical bad boy who certainly had a reputation and wasn’t very fond of the Christians such as her parents.

“Can I record it?” She bite her lip and fiddled with her plaid school shirt she was supposed to be home for dinner now but she had other plans. “Yeah record it all and send it too me after” he nodded and set his phone up a nice view as he pulled her in the driver’s seat after pulling the seat back and he kissed her shoving his tongue smoothly down her throat his rough yet soft hands rubbing her thighs.

She kissed back and put her hands on the seat on the each side of him the kiss was rough and passionate his hands moved to her waist grinding her on his black dickies that had tightened due to his raging member her eyes widened as she pulled away to catch her breath and whimper

She had humped against guys but only felt the slight butterflies this was more a whole swarm fluttering as she moaned he could only smirk and leaving love bites and hickeys on her neck fueling the fire.

After grinding she sat back with her legs up holding the phone recording him feasting away on her wetness she had shaved everywhere she saw hair even after seeing him text hair is okay he doesn’t mind.

His tongue lapped through her folds while his thumb stimulated her clitoris he switched and twirled his tongue around her clit while pumping 3 fingers in.

After 3 minutes she laid tired and naked heater squirting into a small hand towel he had pulled from the glove department the windows fogged and he smiled loving her pants as he stuffed her panties in his glove department.

He lofted her the best he could I the hot car and laid her in between the passenger he held the phone as he slipped the tip in kissing her neck telling her to relax after he slowly pushed in and was on a verge of Nutting from the tightness he slipped the condom off with her consent of course.

He slowly stroked gripping her hips “you can be rough Micheal” He wasted no times lifted his foot ramming into her over and over going deeper and deeper destroying her guts as she moaned and screamed

The car rocked and the slapping and sloshes of the homemade cream pie they were cooking up was loud. He kept recording getting a good angle of his dick going in and out.

She climaxed gripping the edge of the compartment not able to comprehend how deep he was “i-aghhb” he smirked “be a good little slut tell your dad how good it feels” her eyes rolled back her boots pressed against the compartment “so good daddy my stomach feels so full” he used one hand to move his hair gripping her neck pulling her up against him while he sat down the camera showed a great view of his dick plunging into her and her face as he choked her “look at that mr.jhonson I’m so deep in her it would be a shame if I got her pregnant she was so dazed she didn’t even care as her kegs curled and his abs tightened and he pushed deeper his tip entering cervix as he spilled his seed they went for hours by the time it was 1am she she was pimping to her room not caring about her parents fussing.

She did get pregnant and her dad gave her money just for her to move out of town with Micheal mKing up some bills hit excuse that she moved to London with her moms family.

I didn’t full proof read sorry

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