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Spank Me

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I met the woman a couple of years ago now, she single mom, works full time owns her own house, has twin girls age 12, she is 5ft nothing, 24 D cup, 16 waist and 22 hips, she is super fit, eats only good foods and non drinker and non smoker, no drugs as well, she feeds her girls good food, and she feeds me the same way.

She likes to play on weekends as her job can be very stressville at time, and when this happens we play at my place as she does not want the girls involved or hearing her, she loves to scream and beg,

So one friday afternoon I was at her place and working on her truck, she needed to go into town so I told her take my truck as I was not finished with hers, so Samm goes but Vicki stayed home, she said she had school work to do,

About 1/2 later Vicki come out to the shop and asks if she can help I said sure, she passed me tools and such, I asked for a bolt that was on the bench, she walked over and asked if this is what I wanted, I said yes and she took the bolt and dropped it into the oil bucket and then said oops was that me, I looked at her with a frown on my face and she turned away from me and bent over and said do you want to spank me,

With out a word and walked over to her and swatted her ass hard enough to leave a mark but not so hard to make her cry, her eye widened as she stood straight up as she clinched her ass cheek, I told her to go into the house and make sure the dishers where put away,

about 5 min later I walk into the kitchen and non of the dishes are put away, from the looks of it she put more out, I called her down stairs to the kitchen, Vicki what is this I asked you to put them away, she told me she forgot, I asked then why are more dishes out then, a little devilish grin came across her lips, she turn away bent over and said want to spank me,

I told Vicki if she did not put all the dishes away by the time I reach her bed room door she would not have any electronics for a week, I started to walk, by the time I got to her bedroom door she was right beside me, I asked are all the dishes away properly, she said yes with a panting breath, if I find you did not do as told it will be two weeks, she said she had done as told, I walked into her room, sat on her bed, she stood in the doorway and looked at me,

I told her to come here in front of me, she did, I asked do you want to be spanked, she turn red but nodded yes, I asked with pants up or down, she pulled down her jeans, she had on a pair of pink with red hearts panties on, she looked at the floor, I laid her over my knee, then asked panties up or down, she slipped her panties down, her sweet ass was naked in front of me my cock was doing everything it could to escape my pants, fuck it hurt,

I slapped her ass cheek, the sound of my hand hitting her ass cheek was music to my ears, Vicki gasped, I hit her other cheek, SMACK, she moaned a soft moan, SMACK she pushed her ass up towards my hand, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, Vicki was moaning loudly, her breath was heavy, she was wiggling on my lap, SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, Vicki grunted spank me, o god yes spank me,

I smack each of her ass cheeks 20 times, her ass was giving off so much heat and the sent in the air was wild, my cock was hurting me so much it wanted out and it wanted her ass, I rubbed Vicki’s ass and told her good girls get spankings, I told her to stand up, she did and I could see a large wet spot in my lap from her pussy juices, I looked at her as she stood there staring at the spot, she made no effort to pull up her panties or pants,

I looked at her hairless pussy, so wet and shiny, so swollen from the need to cum, I asked her if she was ok, she snapped out of her trans and said yes, I told her she best go clean up, she walked to her bathroom as she kicked off her pants and panties

she did not close her bathroom door and took her shirt off, there she stood naked, she smiled at me as she rubbed her ass cheeks, she got into her shower and all I did was watch as she soaped up her body, rubbing her hands all over herself, O I wanted to stript naked and shower with her but I did not as the mother would be home soon, and I was right just as I got back out into the shop who comes home,

Samm come in first, gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek, I thought she never done that before, but ok, then Toni comes in and hugs me and asks what would I like for dinner, I shut the shop door and bend toni over the tailgate of her truck, lift her dress, yank her panties to one side and ram my 8 inches into her hungry pussy, she yelps at the first of many pumping actions, she moans and groans as I fuck her hard and fast, I tell her I am about to cum, she goes in my mouth, I pull out and she drops to her knees in front of me, takes as much as she came and swallows load after load,

She sucks me till nothing is coming out, she takes my cock out of her mouth and tells me she wants me to fuck her ass and spank it at the same time, she puts my cock back into her mouth and sucks my cock hard again,

I tell her get on the floor on all fours, she does, I take my cock and aim it to her asshole, I place the head at her entrance, I put pressure through my cock into her asshole, she moans as she feels me opening her up, I thrust into her, she takes a very big breath as if to scream, and I slap her ass hard, this takes her scream away, I slam into her ass balls deep, I can feel the head of my cock pushing deep into her bowels, once I hit bottom she grunts loudly, I pull back to the point only the head of my cock is in her ass, I slap her other ass cheek, she gasps, I ram back into her ass balls deep, she grunts and moans and groans, she panting like a dog in heat,

Toni goes, Fuck my ass, beat my ass, make me take your cock deep as you wish it to, I am fucking her ass and every so often I thrust in deeper and harder, she cries out, fuck me please, I keep on pumping and pounding her ass till her is shacking and her pussy is squirting, I keep fucking her and make her talk dirty, what are you, Im a slut, what kind of slut, she would go, Im an ANAL slut, I love to be fucked in my ass, and this would send her over the edge and she would cum, as she cums I keep fucking her clenching asshole, this would set me off I would cum deep in her ass,

I pulled out of her ass and Toni turns around and sucks my cock clean,

Toni goes into the house after we kissed each other hard, she tells me dinner will be in 30 min,

A couple of weeks pass, and it is a friday afternoon and Im in the shop yet again and Toni and Samm are going into town and will be home late as they are going to see a flic, Vicki told Toni se had seen the flic and did not want to see it again, so again she stayed home

Vicki came out to the shop in a sundress, it was about two sizes to small for her, and it was shear, Vicki asked if she could have more of the other day, right away I knew what she wanted, but I played it cool and told her she had to ask for what she wanted

Vicki turn red and was about to leave but she stopped and turn and asked me, would you spank me, I said you did not ask right, she looked at me like I was crazy, I said you did not say please,

Vicki asked me, would you please spank me, I said to her she had to speak up, she asked again in a louder voice, would you spank me please, I told her to go to her room and to wait by her bed as she is now, she ran to her room,

I went to the Toni’s room and took my pants and boxers off and put on sweatpants, I went to Vicki’s room and sat on her bed, I asked her dress up or off, she took her dress off and stood there for me to admire My cock spring to life, Vicki could see it as it make a tent

I put my hand down the front of the sweets and adjusted myself, I told Vicki to lay across my lap, and she did, her sweet as naked and of so eatable, I put my hand on her ass and rubbed it, I love the feel of it so soft yet so firm,

Vicki was moaning from my touches, them SMACK,SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, vicki gasped and moan loudly, she pushed her ass up in the air she wanted more, I asked her do you want more, she went yes please, I told her she had to ask, she asked, please spank my ass, O spank me, make me a good girl, my cock sprank free again and hit Vicki in the belly, she moaned and took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and sweets,

I could not help it I moaned, SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, Vicki moaned I could smell her womanhood, I spanked her ass 25 times each cheek and her ass was red and on fire, I rubbed some hand lotion into her sore ass, she moaned and shook as she let her body cum,

I took Vicki’s hand and put it under my sweets and she wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and started to stroke it, I moaned as she did it, I lifted her up as I laid on her bed and placed her sweet pussy at my lips and started to lick her pussy, she gasped at first but soon had her legs wide apart and moaning and groaning and shaking like mad, she took my cock out of my sweets and was kissing it from top to bottom, I told her to lick it like an all day sucker,

Vicki soon found herself pushing my cock into her mouth she was a natural cock sucker, she was bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could, with slurping and sucking sound filling the room she pulled her head off my cock as she grit her teeth hard as the shot her cum out of her pussy and into my wide open mouth,

She collapsed once the final throws and passed, she laid on top of me panting till she got her breath back,

My cock was rock hard, I told her was was going to be a woman real soon, but we had better get cleaned up, she got off of me and went had a shower, I watched her wash her young tastie body, I went to the other bath room for my shower,

I just got in when Toni gets into the shower with me, we kiss hard and I turn her around so my rock hard cock is pushing into her ass, I pin her to the wall of the shower, I kick her legs apart and push my cock into her open and ever hungry pussy, I fucked her hard and fast, Toni is loving what we are doing, she begs for it more and faster, I whisper in her ear, make me cum bitch, she goes O please master fuck your fuck toy, make your toy eat cum, make your toy, Swallow your cum, make me lick girl pussy, make me eat there asses

I rammed her pussy, my cock kept rubbing her G spot and she shook and told me she was cumming

Once Toni was back on earth, she sucked my cock till I shot my load in her mouth, I make her take my load and then make her show me the load and make her swallow it all down and show me she eat all my swimmers,

A month later, I was at home and Vicki showed up after school on my doorstep, Toni was at work and Samm was at her friends, so Vicki came over, I told her she should be at home not here,

She told me she wanted to be spanked please, she turned around bent over and lifted her school dress to show no panties, I spanked that ass of her, she loved it, she took out my cock and sucked me like no tomorrow, I put my hand on the back of her head and fucked her hot mouth, I got to the point of no return and pushed my cock into her throat, she took me and my load, I told her to open her mouth to show me the load and the to swallow it and then show me again that it was all gone. she did and it was all gone,

Vicki told me the Toni was going on a business trip and that Samm was going to her friends place and I was going to be at another friends place for the week mom was gone,

Toni told me the next night I seen her as she had to go as it was part of her job,

Vicki showed up two days later and told me that her friend she was with had gotten sick and did not want whatever she had, and could she stay here with me, I said ok,

that night Vicki was naked in my bed, ass in the air, she looked my in the eyes and said please papa, spank me, I spanked her and then eat her ass, O M G she is O so sweat, I swear I eat her ass for hours and she just moaned and groaned the shook the entire time, she told me she could not stop cumming, they just kept rolling all over her body,

I asked her if she was ready to become a woman. she ask if it was going to hurt, I told her yes and that we would get through it together,

she laid on her back spread her legs wide and let me be on top of her, I asked her to guide me in, she took hold of my cock, she said it feels bigger, as she put the head of my cock to her pussy, she rubbed up and down her lips, she moaned at the feelings, she stopped moving my cock as she put me to her entrance of her body,

I slowly pushed into her, I felt her hymen, i slowly worked the head of my cock in and out of her, she moaned and then begged, please give me more, I pushed into her and I felt her tear, she screamed out in pain, she beg stop, I pushed in deeper, her body reacted to me inside, her, her muscles are trying to push me out as I working back and worth, getting deeper and deeper, she is thrashing around till I get all the away into her, I stop deep in her, she is panting and has tears in her eyes, then I start to fuck her in and out slow but a steady pace, her body starts to get used to this invasion

I takes maybe 10min before she is gasping for air with each thrust into her, she feels the burning in her belly, she knows this feeling and she knows she wants it in a bad way, I keep fucking with now very wet and very tight but willing pussy, I am ramming into her pussy and she is screaming please fuck me O please fuck me never stop, I ram her as deep as I can and tell her Im cumming, and dump load load deep into her pussy, Vicki cries out I am cumming and her body goes crazy

we lay on my bed in a heap, I pull the covers up and we sleep till morning, I wake up and Vicki sucking my morning hard on, I tell her it is a piss hard on and that if I get ride of it she can have the cum hard on, she tells me she wants both

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  • Reply NorwayPervo ID:1o1rvr1b0b

    love the storry

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1espp5i3zzla

    Damn this we amazingly exciting and had me so hard. Any story with a young wanting female as it should be is always exciting. It seems the sexual traits were passed down to at least one of her daughter. I have dated a woman that had an 11 year old and a 9 year old and trust me when I say these two sexual dynamo’s had all their mothers traits plus some. Being very close and finding them attractive with nice shapely hips I wound up licking the 11 year old one morning when she had been showing interest. She came so heard shaking on her bed for like 5 minutes afterwords. Lil did I know the 9 year old was watching us at the door. I did this for a few days then stopped with her seeking me out when her mother went to work. Eventually the 9 year old wanted to try and from that day forward I had both every morning before and after school. I love lil girls that want to know what it is like sucking a cock and feeling my sperm hit their cervix. They tend to get addicted very fast soon taking it in every hole.
    Plz part 2.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    Good story thank you

  • Reply Horny Boy ID:1dkxjdy67tod

    Hot….Need more …when does mum and sister join in ??