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Snapping a 15 year old as a 20 year old pt. 2

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!5 year old keeps showing her slutty side to a 20 year old over Snap.

Wassup guys, as you guys know my name is Isaiah and I’m 20 years old and for the past couple of days I’ve been snapping a 15 year old named Ilaria.

It’s still happening. She’s so obedient and submissive. I did something crazy this morning. I texted her good morning and told her that I looked up her TikTok and looked at the photos she had sent me and jerked off to her and came so much. She loved the message. I can’t believe that I’m living my craziest fantasy in real life. Though I told her that, I wasn’t the first time. Obviously. I’ve been jerking off to her photos every night since we started.

Earlier today, she sent a picture with a caption saying “I wish we lived closer” and the other day she told me to come over. I told her to stop teasing me and that she knows I live far away. I’m doing all of this as I’m dating someone. I love her don’t get me wrong, she has a great ass and beautiful face and I enjoy fucking her anytime we do. But man, something about little girls that just make my cock just a little more harder. That was proven once I downloaded things like Reddit and Telegram where I started trading pics and vids with people my cock would get ecstatic any time someone sent pictures of little girls ages 12-16. With Ilaria obeying my every command, how can these fantasies stop? The answer is they can’t.

I watch daddy daughter porn videos and I spent nights on this website just reading the stories of goobers like e who see young little girls in the their most vulnerable times and take full advantage and show them how great sex can be. Listen, say I’m babysitting a girl who’s 10. And I’m watching TV at night and she’s supposed to be sleeping and she comes into the living room and watches TV with me while she rests her head on my lap. If she starts rubbing my leg my cock is getting rock solid. Then if she notices and starts fidgeting with my cock, I’m allowing it. If a girl is in desperation for some cock I’m giving it to her, no matter the age. I’d show that 10 year a good ol time and fuck her brains out.

Back to Ilaria, I’m playing it slow. I’m aiming to get nudes from her but as of right now I’m just getting comfortable. Making sure she knows that I “care” about how her day was or how she slept or what she did throughout the day. I do that until I go to the gym and begin sending her pump pics which then she returns with sexy slutty pics of her own. Ilaria along with the other little girls around the world have my mind and cock right now. And I have no control. But I have no regrets.

Here’s some photos of Ilaria for you dirty perverts. Leave comments on what you would do to her.


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  • Reply anon ID:3yvndg3d4

    post more pics next time

  • Reply add me back ID:hd2yw0i8k

    was just talking on snap then you disappeared add me back

  • Reply add me back ID:hd2yw0i8k

    yo bro i just had u on snap we was talking but it removed u whats your snap??

  • Reply Please ID:1d0os96iqysr

    Post more pics of her on ur next part