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Punto Anaco Women’s Prison (Part One)

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Women serving five years to life, gave the female wardens carte blanche to treat the prisoners of Puerto Anaco Prison as brutally as they wished.

The over head lights flashed at 7.45 pm in the women’s section of Punto Anaco Prison ,it was the signal for the prisoners to take off their day clothes and put on the knee length black nighties that were to be worn at bedtime. It was also the signal the 60 or so inmates dreaded. Even those that didn’t believe in the Good Lord would lay in bed and pray that they would not be one of ” The Chosen ” for that night .

The prison had a Governor, and a medical staff, various paper pushers who basically ignored the inmates and their rights, the Prison was very simply run by the head warden and the female guards. By 8.15 pm the inmates would hear the first cell doors being unlocked and the women who occupied them were led away to the top floor of the prison, where they would be handed over to entertain one of the female guards who had been on the day shift, and now wanted a woman to share their bed for a few hours.

The third floor of the prison had been converted into living quarters for the staff, who worked for 21 days of 12 hours before returning to their homes for a 7 day furlow , in the meantime they stayed on the third floor and enjoyed the company of an inmate at night if they so wished. Maria Gonzales a pretty 24 year old serving 10 years for vehicular homicide stood outside the door of Officer Suarez, the guard who had escorted her there knocked on the door. Officer Suarez opened the door, looked at Maria, smiled ,thanked the guard and told the young woman “to enter”. Once inside she told the young woman ” to take off her nightie ” and taking hold of both her nipples between her fingers and thumbs pulled a squealing Maria Gonzales towards the bed.

A few minutes later on the second floor other cell doors could be heard opening and closing, five prisoners were escorted to the staff break room, for one of them a slightly chubby scared 41 year old Lula Lopez it was her first visit outside her cell in the three days since she had arrived after being sentenced to life for stabbing her abusive husband . She began to cry when the half a dozen guards sittings drinking coffee had her climb up on a chair and then onto a table . One of the guards told her ” to lift her nightwear and show them all her fatty pussy “, she hesitated ,tears running down her cheeks sobbing before she said ” I can’t do that “, a fateful thing to say in Punto Anaco Prison.

Less than two minutes later a tearful Lula Lopez laid on her back on the table , her wrists handcuffed to the table legs,her nightwear pushed up and bunched around her neck ,showing her large 38 inch tits , her ankles spread uncomfortably wide apart, as two of the laughing correction officers took several lengths of kitchen string doubled for strength and tied her ankles to the table legs at the other end of the table to her wrists. One of the guards slapped her big tits from side to side causing Lula to cry out in pain which in turn gave the guards a good laugh. It was going to be a long night for Lula Lopez, she sure had a lot to learn . One of the guards began rubbing her nipples until they were hard and then started to tie a length of string around each one, which a little later she took great delight in pulling hard and making Lula’s big breasts jiggle around in pain .

The sound of the guards entering the corridor from delivering their prisoners to the break room make the remaining prisoners hearts beat faster. If there was no one to take to the basement for a punishment session ,the guards would just choose one or two women at random , accuse them of some minor infraction and take them to the basement for their own amusement . That night the sound of a woman begging and crying as she was dragged out of her cell made every other woman want to cover their ears and pray to a saint like Saint Raphael the Archangel even harder than they already had been, begging him not to cause them pain that night, or to the poor woman being taken away.

Being taken to the third floor to be used by an off duty staff member or a trip to the Break Room was normally more preferable than being being taken to the basement to be punished. It was almost impossible to get through a day without falling foul of some unwritten law at Punto Anaco Prison. Something as simple as not saying ” Yes Ma’am thank you Ma’am ” when told to do something by a guard could get you a trip downstairs and saying” NO” to anything was a guarantee you would be spending a few hours down there,your body totally at the mercy of the guards .

It was not fifty year old Victoria Garcia’s first trip to the basement, in the three years she had been incarcerated she had fallen foul of the prison laws several times, resulting in two trips previously to where she stood now. The other woman brought down with her was Camila Martinez a 30 year old newbie in Punta Anaco, but she had already heard of the evil that went on of a night time in the basement where no one could hear you scream, but she could not imagine in her worst nightmare that one group of human beings could be so cruel to another.

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