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Favorite Student 2

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The thrilling conclusion to Favorite Student.

For future reference I am planning on making more stories. I don’t know how many, and I also don’t know when I will have time to. I am also very new to this, so if you have any critiques please let me know. You can contact me at [email protected]

Favorite Student Ch.2

“How was your night?” Nate’s mother asked as he and his sister returned home from school. “It was fine ” he said trying to hold back a smile. He was still processing everything that had happened last night and this morning. Not to mention the fact Grace now wanted to be his girlfriend. And it was all because of Rachel. “Me and your father are going out tonight and your teacher Ms. Goode said she would do it.” Nate hated the idea that his parents thought he still needed a babysitter, but considering it was Rachel he didn’t say anything. He went to his room, did his homework and waited for Rachel to show up. When he heard the doorbell ring he ran over to it and opened it. “Hello, big boy.” She said seductively. They both got comfortable and then Nate introduced Rachel to his 13 year old sister Mia. Mia was wearing another one of her short skirts today and and couldn’t stop himself from looking at her legs. Rachel noticed this and smiled, because she now knew what they were going to do tonight. Once Mia met Rachel she retreated to her room. Rachel leaned over and said to Nate “You totally want to fuck your sister.” Nate was shocked by how forward she was. He knew what she said was true, but he would never admit to anyone. Except, Rachel wasn’t anyone. “Yes, really badly.” He replied after thinking about how much it turned him on. “Who wouldn’t? The way she parades herself around in that little skirt I’m surprised no one’s just taken her on the street. Luckily, I’m here to make sure she doesn’t go to waste. Now the only question is consensual or not?” Nate pondered what she was asking. Was he really thinking about raping his little sister. And then he thought about all those times he saw his sister in those short skirts and how he wanted to take her. “Hell, no.” He said with a lustful tone. “Good.” Rachel said with a devious smile. Without another word she got up and walked towards Mia’s room. Nate followed her and they both walked into Mia’s room. Mia was laying on her bed listening to music and didn’t notice them approach. “You got this. I’ll be watching over here.” Rachel said as she took a seat and pulled out her phone to record everything. Nate stood there looking at his sister. He had no idea how he was going to rape his little sister, until that feeling of lust completely took over again and within seconds he had pounced on her. “What are you doing, Nate?” Mia asked with a little fear in her voice. “Anything I want.” He said with a tone she had never heard before. He started by pinning her down and kissing her on the lips. He never thought just kissing would turn him on so much, but his sister was so beautiful for her age it just felt so good. “STOP IT!” she yelled once he stopped kissing her. “HELP!” she screamed. Nate knew how to shut her up, so he pulled out his dick. He scooted up closer to her face. “Ms. Goode please help.” She exclaimed before Nate shoved his dick in her little mouth. Rachel stood up from where she was sitting and said “I will gladly help.” She walked over to the little girl whose young mouth was being violated by her brothers dick. Rachel lifted Mia’s little skirt up and pulled down her panties. Nate had full on mounted his sisters face at this point and was ramming his dick as far down her throat as he could. He rammed her mouth one last time and came inside of it. He pulled out of her mouth and pulled out his phone and took a picture of his little sister with mouth full of his cum. Mia thought it was over, until she realized her panties were pulled down. She began to feel a weird sensation on her pussy and realized Rachel was licking her. Mia couldn’t help, but groan with pleasure since she couldn’t deny how good it felt. Nate got off of Mia and let Rachel go to work on his sister. After a few minutes Rachel stopped and walked over to Nate and whispered “She’s ready for you.” Mia had finally finished swallowing the huge load in her mouth and when she realized what Nate was about to do she tried to get up and run, but Nate grabbed her and slammed her back on the bed. He immediately got on top of her and pinned so she couldn’t move. The look in his eyes told Mia everything. This was not her brother, but something evil. She did not speak for she had nothing to say. She stopped struggling because she had no hope. She stopped caring because the person she knew as Nate was gone at the moment. She knew that there would be no more normal car rides home. No more annoying Nate for fun. She felt alone in this moment. She felt like she had lost a friend. But worst of all she felt betrayed. If Nate noticed this he did not show it. He rammed himself into his sister. He ripped through her hymen and began pumping back and forth. Mia only winced a little. The feeling of betrayal was worse than whatever he did to her was. Nate did not care. He raped her repeatedly until he came inside of her. Mia just layed there. Nate wanted to do more to her, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He just got up and left the room. A realization just came over him. He probably just ruined his sisters life. In the moment he didn’t seem to care, but now, it hurt him to think about. After about an hour of sulking in the guilt of what he had done he came to one conclusion. It was all Rachel’s fault. Filled with a sudden rage, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and walked into Mia’s room where Rachel was sitting. He stabbed her in the chest. She looked at him one more time before falling to the ground. He ran over to Mia and did the only thing he could think to do in order to help her. He just held her. “I’m so sorry.” He said beginning to cry. The guilt was overwhelming. “I will make this right.” He said before leaving his sister for the last time. He walked to the local police station and said his last words as a free man “I would like to make a confession.”

End of Favorite Student.

Future stories will be less depressing and will have more sex in them, but I will no longer be making rape stories. It depresses the hell out of me after I submit them. I wanted to end this one in a good way. Please provide feedback.

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    Sorry to those who don’t like it. My heart (or dick) wasn’t in this one. After about an hour this story became a hassle to me instead of something I enjoyed writing. I will write more stories in the future, and probably will do more forced stories. I also don’t have much time to write these so I will only release a story when I can put time into it.

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