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Sam and Yen last job we did

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Warning, you maybe offended, scared, hurt, disappointed and many other things, dont read if you dont like my writings and or train of thought

Sam and Yen are working are latest case, it seems a woman, a lonely secretary has been working for this company for 12 years now and from day one has been stealing right from under her bosses, she worked her way up in the secretary pool over the years, she started at 16 and became full time at 18, she has two girls 10 and 12, husband works for another branch of the company,

We found the woman named Ly has taken items of value, she was good at hiding the thefts but got greedy and took an item that was supposed to go to her bosses boss wife, a small jeweled gold cup, a very old treasured item, Ly was the last one to have it her hands and was told to courier it over, it never made it, as the courier picked up the item so her paper said but the courier company had no log for pick up at the time in question,

We took turns watching Ly and her family. no one seemed to do anything out of the ordinary, parents went to work kids to school, everyone home at dinner time, bed time 9 for kids and they went to bed about 10 ish, we watched for a two weeks, nothing happened

it was Friday morning everyone had left for the day, we took this time and went into their home, Yen watched as me and Sam cased the place, Sam looked in the girls room and I looked in the bed room, we did not find anything,

We stayed in the house, waited for the girls to get home, they got home at 3 ish, they walked into the house and frose as we Stood inside the door and told them to get on the floor, they stood and stared, Sam told them in Mandarin get on the floor, they both just stood there, Yen came from behind and punched the younger girl in the kidneys as hard as she could, she dropped like a stone and pissed her panties, then Yen did it to the other girl and she two dropped and pissed her panties, both girls cried out in pain, Yen and Sam grabbed a girl by the hair and dragged then into the parents bedroom,

Sam told them to take off all their clothes, the older one asked why, Yen kirked the younger girl it the ribs, she screamed out, Sam told the older girl if you dont do as told she will get hurt more, the girl took off her clothes, slowly mind you but she did it, Yen told the younger to do the same strip, she stared at her then her head snaped around to see were the scream was coming from as she could see her sisters nipples being twisted and pulled hard by Sam, Yen told her if you dont do as told your sister gets hurt, she too took off her clothes

Ly was the next one home, she walked in and could not see her girls, she walked around calling for then and found then on her bed naked facing away from her showing her their little hairless virgin cunts and pink assholes,

She asked what was going on it here, she dropped to her knees after the two kicks she got one from Sam and one from Yen, they kicked her at the same time, both in her lower back area, Ly cried out in pain, the girls stayed on the bed and did not move,

Ly looked around and found Sam and Yen looking at her, Sam told her take off your clothes, she just stared, Yen went over to the youngest and slapped her hard across the face, she screamed as she fell off the bed, Ly tried to go to her girl but Sam grabbed her hair and yanked her hard backwards into her knee and smashed Lys nose, blood shot out of it like a tap wide open, Yen grabbed the girl and made her get back into place

Sam told Ly strip or they both get hurt more, with blood leaking out her nose she did as told, stripped naked, Sam told her to lick the oldest ones asshole, to push her tongue up the girls ass, get it ready, Ly asked ready for what, Sam backhanded her across the face, then told her to mind her own business and to eat that ass

Ly got behind her girl and slowly put her tongue to her girls ass, the girl groan and shock as it was the first time anyone had do anything like this to her, she cried the whole time,

I had slipped out and had meet up with a woman I know, she gave me what I needed and asked when would she get him back, I told her tomorrow, she told me the price and we agreed,

I got back just after Ly got home, and that meant husband should be home soon, maybe 30 min later hubby is home, he too calls out but no one answers, he gets to the bedroom and stops dead in his tracks, looking at his bed he sees his girl asses up on the bed and the mother with her face deep in the oldest ones ass,

He yells what are you doing, then hits the floor shaking like a leaf, Yen has teased him, Sam flips him onto his face, ties his hands behind his back so that his hands are pointing up behind him and there is no way this does not hurt like hell, Me and Sam lift him up and put him on a kitchen chair, Sam yanks down his pants and underwear to show his cock, she then tapes his legs apart to each chair leg, and taped his upper body to the chair, he cant move and is exposed, Sam pushes a gag into his mouth and taped it in place as well

He comes to 5 min after Yen shows him the teaser and tells him if he does as told no pain, if he fights, pain, she flts his little cock up and gives him a small quite zap on his nut, her jumps and screams into his gag

Ly has her girls asshole licked and wet, I pull the girl off the bed and onto the floor and tell her ass up head down, she does it, I tell Ly get the other girls ass ready, she moves over and starts to lick her asshole making it wet as she fucks her ass with her tongue as well

I walk the dog a great dane over to the girl, the dog knows what he is there for and mounts the girl, the girl cries out no please stop, no doggy, Sam kicks the mother in the side of the head and she falls to the floor in a lump, I tell the girl get back into position, she does, the dog gets his prize, he fucking away in her ass and she is screaming it hurts,

Her daddy is fighting to get to his girl till he is zipped in the nuts again, Yen smiles and she hits him three time in a row, he has pissed himself and looks like blood is leaking out of his cock as well, the dog is fucking her ass hard and you can tell he is loving her virgin ass, she is begging for me to make the doggy stop it hurts so bad, then she feels his knot trying to get into her asshole, then she feels it, it is in her body, it has torn her apart, then she feels something hot filling her up, the dog is panting like crazy, he turns around to they are ass to ass, and tries to walk away, she screams louder,

Ly gets up off the floor her head is ringing form the kick, Sakm tells her get back to work and she back licking the youngest ones asshole, she can hear what is happening to the older girl and to hubby but knows if she tries anything they will get hurt,

after 30 min the dogs cock slips out of the girls ass, a flood of cum and blood out of her ass, the dog goes over to the girl head and waiting, I tell her to suck the dogs cock clean, she opens her mouth and puts it in, she gagging and choking, I tell her she has to clean it all up off of him and does it slowly but she does it,

Yen tells Ly get over to the girl asshole and lick it clean, suck the cum out of her ass and show us the load in your mouth and then swallow it all, Ly did not move at first then she hear a scream as the youngest girl had her nipples twisted and pulled hard by Yen, Ly got over to the other girl and licked all the cum off her ass and legs she then lacked her asshole and locked her lips to her asshole and sucked out all the cum she could, she did show the amount of cum each time she stopped to swallow it, the girls asshole never closed it stayed open and gapped

The dog was ready for round two and the youngest one was put on the floor head down ass up, Ly was still licking her other girl when the dog mounted the youngest, he fucked her tight ass just as hard as the other girls, she screamed and cried as well, and once the dog got his note into her and pumped his load deep into her bowels, he stayed on top of her instead of turning around and being ass to ass, she felt him take her asshole to its limits, she felt the warmth fill her womb, and as much as it hurt she liked the feeling as well,

Hubby watched his girl be fucked by a very large dog with a massive cock that was bigger than his, he had no choice, his cock gave away how much he licked what he had seen, he was at full hardness withcum dripping out of it, Sam seen this and made Ly suck his cock, as the youngest was still locked to the dog, this gave Ly time to suck hubby off, it was maybe 5 min and he screamed as his balls hurt so much and the cumming only made it worse, Ly swallowed all the cum he was shooting into her mouth

the dog slipped out of the young girls ass, Ly was told to clean her ass of all the cum, she went to her girl as did as told, the young girl sucked the dogs cock clean and she moaned at the taste of her cunt and his cum all over it, she was soon licking and sucking try to get every drop of cum she could,

Ly eat her asshole clean and sucked all the cum out and showed each mouth full and swallowed each time,

about 1 hour later the dog was ready to go again and this time it was Ly on the floor head down ass up, Ly took the dog cock and only grunted when the note went in, she was drooling from her cunt and from her mouth as rs the dog really fucked her ass hard, he was a good 15 min of hard fucking, all Ly did was moan and grunt, then she too felt his load fill her ass, she was locked to him for maybe 10 min and his note came out, Ly ass over flowed with his cum, she sucked his cock clean, as she did this she felt a small tongue licking up her ass, the youngest we eating her ass, all Ly did was suck harder on the dogs cock,

Hubby watch this and was hard again, Yen took the oldest one and told her to ride her daddy, she did not know what to do so Yen showed her and she took the mans cock up into her cunt and slowly rode him, once she had him right on the edge of cumming she got off she placed the oldest girl on his rock hard cock, she had guided his cock up the girls ass, she yelped at first but soon loosened up and was bouncing up and down in his cock, He held off as long as he could, as he started to shoot his cum up her ass Yen zapped his balls and the girl was shaking as well, she cried out daddy its tinkly

Ly was spent and laid on the floor, the youngest laid with her, the oldest laid in her daddy who was still in the chair, Sam and me took Ly into the other room and told her what we are there for, she looked at the ground, she gave up the treasure after we told her she would be the only one going away or it would be her and the girls would be sold, and hubby would be sold to a group of men that live in a prison were they are known to eat fresh meat,

the cup was returned to its owner, her boss saved face, Ly is doing Beastyality movies, the youngest has moved in with the dog owner and the oldest and her daddy moved away to another country,

Sam and Yen and me are back home now, Sam asked if we could get a large breed dog,

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