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The Barn

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When I was 10 my aunt got married and moved to the country. My sister and I who is 4 years younger than me adored Uncle Phil. He was a very handsome young man in his early 20’s.

When I was 14 they wanted us to stay for a week. Little did I know this would turn out to be a week from hell for me. They took us to the pool in town and we went out to eat and then went home the first night. They had a huge old farmhouse. I loved it then not now.

Uncle Phil came into my room when everyone was asleep and asked if I wanted to smoke a joint? We did and I was stoned. Want to go check out the animals? It was dark but he said it was cooler if you go at night. We went to the barn. “Hey let’s climb to the loft.” he said. We did.

He told me how much he loved me. I told him that I love him too. He said, “you are old enough.” He pulled out a bottle of rum and we drank it.

Now I am totally fucked up. He cupped my breast and asked if he could see them. I shook my head and giggled, “You are my uncle.”

“Only by marriage!” he said. “Come on. Let me see. I have been dying to see them since you got here.”

I shook my head. Things were not feeling right now. I got the sixth sense that something bad was about to happen. Even as fucked up as I was I told him I wanted to go lay back down in the house.

He said, “Just wait!” and took out his dick. I really wanted to leave now. This is just weird. Even fucked up as I was reason came out. “You are my uncle! Whether by marriage or not. You should not be doing this with me! Aunt Kate will be pissed if she finds out!”, I exclaimed.

“She won’t find out because you won’t say anything.”, He pulled out a knife.

“Cassie you tell on me and I will harm everyone you love! Understand? What you need to do right now is protect them and the way to protect them is to do as I say! I will harm them making it look like an accident and then I will adopt you. Now you can give in to me for a week or for the rest of your life. Which do you prefer?”, He asked.

He had obviously planned this whole thing. In the barn loft was a lantern and his weapon and an air mattress and that bottle of booze.

I was so scared I was shaking. He made me smoke another joint. He laid me down and got me naked. He made me lie on my back and hunched up my nightie and took off my underwear.

He complimented me. “Nice pussy.”, He said. I just turned my head to the side. Not wanting to even look at him. He rubbed it. Weird feelings came over me. Confusing feelings. As much as I hated him for what he was doing it felt good also.

“Have you ever sucked a guy’s dick?” He asked me. “I just stared off into space. He put the knife blade to my neck and said, “you better answer me girl! I will go in that house and fuck your whole world up right now.”

I said, “No.” I started crying. “Hey come on!” he said. “I’m an adult. Have you ever had an adult yell at you and threaten you when you are being bad. That is all I’m trying to do. Come on let’s have some fun. Come on sport! Here I will make you feel good ok? Come on! I am sorry. Let’s just enjoy this. You’re going to like it. I promise!”

Right because women just loved being raped in the middle of the night by their creepy ass uncles at knife point.

He spread my lips and started eating me out. He was actually pretty decent at it. I was getting into it and was rocking my hips as he did it. I felt it coming on. I just closed my legs in motion a couple of times and locked my legs around his head as I came.

“See” he said “you liked that I can tell.”.

“Come on suck my dick.” He laid down and I took his cock in my hand and started licking on his head. I went down and gagged as he pushed my head down. “You got to learn to deepthroat girl. You’re going to have some boyfriends later on in life that are going to love that.”, He said.

I noticed the knife was in reach of me. I could have killed him. I could have killed him and got away and ended it before it went any further but I was a coward. I was too scared. My aunt adored him also and I didn’t want to take him away from her. If that makes any sense. Looking back I wish I had done it.”.

He gave me pointers on how to suck it and I did. I sucked hard coming up and he came. He grabbed the knife and told me to swallow. “All of it!”, He said. I did.

“Here it comes! Life changing moment. Cassie is going to lose her virginity!”, He said. I started crying again. He try to be comforting and said, “Hey hey. Don’t be that way. Don’t be scared. All girls go through this. You should be glad you have a caring uncle that is going to do this with you. Instead of some random boy. I’m going to show you the right way.”, He said.

He put his dick by my vaginal opening and shoved it in. I gasped as his cock slid inside me. It hurt sooo bad. I just made faces. I did not want him enjoying my pain. He took like forever to cum. I just looked away. Not wanting to look at him. He tried kissing me but I resisted. He was getting mad. I could tell as he pounded me harder. I felt his cock swelled in me as he came.

He pulled out and just curled up in a fetal position and wept. “Get your shit back on! We are going back to the house.”, He demanded. I did as ordered weeping.

He said, “Fucking little bitch. You just cannot enjoy it can you? Fucking cunt. Cry you big baby. Cry like the little bitch you are. You are lucky I did that. No one is going to fuck your ugly ass anyway!”

We went back to the house and I wept all night. In the morning I showered. I showered until the cold water came. I just wanted to wash his nastiness off of me. I felt so filthy.

In the morning he was the most charming host! Asking me and my sister if we slept ok and everything. He asked if I had any bad dreams.

I did not answer. My aunt asked me if there was something wrong. I said “no I just got my period.”. She gave me some pads.

He raped me in the ass almost every night through the week. Told me what a piece of shit I was. I started to believe him.

The drive home was like being released from prison. I just could not wait to get out of that car. I never ever went back there again. I warned my sister about him but she did not believe me. She loved her Uncle Phil. I think they did stuff together but he was a lot nicer to her then he was me. She was more groomed for it than I was.

I told my aunt what happened after they divorced. She did not believe me. She still loved him and was infatuated with him even though he left her for someone else. Even though he beat her at times and had a history of domestic violence.

He was arrested for rape. Well they would not use my testimony at his trial however I was able to speak during the sentencing phase. I told my story of what happened in the barn. He got sentenced to 15 years for rape. Hopefully he is getting a daily dose of what I went through in that barn as he rots in prison.

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