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Second Hand

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Fiction 100%, not real, made up, BS, a story only

I was out looking in a second hand store the other day, I was looking for uranium glass or depression glass as some call it, I hand my UV light out and looked over all the glassware, as a force of habit I went into one of the change rooms in the back of the store with a couple of pieces to see how well the lite up with my light, a girl about 10-12 asked me what was I doing, I told her and she seemed satisfied with what I told her, I asked what was she doing, she told me her and her older brother was there with mom looking for new cloths, I said dont you like shopping for clothes, she said no because as soon as they get home mom has to go to work and her brother will have his friends or and she will have to let then touch her, I looked at her and asked what did she mean touch. she looked at the floor and with a deep breath told me.

My brother and his friends have been touching me every night sense mom started night shifts at her new job, she works in a factory making parts for machines, she told Danny that he would have to watch me and make sure I had eaten dinner done my home work and bathed each night,

It was about the second week of night shift for mom that Danny told me after dinner I was to take my bath and get to bed, he had two of his friends over, one had a bottle of booze and they had gotten drunk off of it, I had bathed and was in bed when Tommy came into my room and pulled down my bed sheet and told me to left up my night shirt, I told him to get out, then Danny came in with Nick in tow and told me he lost a beat and that I had to do as told

I told Danny no, Nick and Danny both jumped on my bed and held me down as Tommy lifted my night shirt, I screamed and all Nick did was put his hand over my mouth, Tommy put his hands on my little nipples and he pinched them hard, I tried to kick him but he sat on my legs, he then pushed a hand between my legs and told the others she is wet, they both looked at Tommy with smiles on their faces,

Tommy pulled out his hand and sniffed his fingers the touched my woman hood, Danny was next as he touched me there then Nick they all sniffed their fingers, Tommy pushed his fingers back to my woman hood and started to rub me, I tried to scream and tell them stop, but no one could hear my cries as they had all started to get more excited

Tommy pulled his fingers away again and this time licked them, he told the other she is sweet as honey, Nick was next and his finger found my entrance to my body, I felt him slip a finger into me, he pulled it out and he too licked his fingers, Dam she tastes so good,

Danny said to Tommy hold her arm as they changed places, Danny forced my legs apart and pushed his face to my little wet pussy, he took a very big breath and then started to lick me, I tried to fight him off but all he did was laugh and then slapped my pussy hard I cried out, he grabbed my throat and told me to stop fighting and screaming or he would tell everyone at school that I let them do this to me, I stopped

Danny want be between my legs and started to lick my pussy, at first I hated it, but the more he licked the more I wanted it, I had never felt anything lick it, he pushed his tongue into me, I moaned very softly, he sucked my clit softly and that made me jump, the other had let me go and had taken their clothes off, Tommy had put his cock into my hand and was pumping my hand, Nick was right by my face and told me to kiss his cock, I turned and there it was touching my lips, I kissed the head of his cock, it was soft and smooth, he moaned as I kissed it, he told me to open my mouth, I did and he pushed his cock into it, I pulled my head back and head grabbed my hair and pulled me back into place,

Nick told me to suck his cock as he pushed back into my mouth, I sucked on it, it tasted salty, he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my mouth for a little while, his breathing got heavy fast and he said Im going to cum and grunted and then pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, his first shot hit the back of my mouth and I pulled off his cock just as the second and three shots came out of his cock and hit my face, I was shocked at what he had done be quickly forgot about him as my body ripped me apart with what was my first orgasim of the night, I had never felt anything like it before,

Danny had been licking me and teasing my pussy all while Nick fucked my mouth, Tommy was watching all of this and had shot his load onto my flat chest as Nick had cum in my mouth and face,

Danny had slipped out of his clothes at some point and was now climbing up on me and that was when I felt his cock touch my dripping wet pussy, he pushed the head of his cock into my pussy entrance, he moaned as he felt my pussy open to let him in, he thrusted his hips and he was in, my eyes widen and I screamed from the pian and shock of his big cock, he worked his cock into me, it took some time for me to be able to get him all in but he made me take it, he got all 9 thick inches into me,

Danny pumped me hard and fast, the harder he pumped the more he moaned and groaned, he was dripping with sweat as he worked my pussy over with his cock, i was in pain for most of it but felt the feeling again in my belly as before, and then it hit me, another orgasim, I did not know I could feel this way, feel like I was watching my body being used and enjoying it, an out of body experience, Danny rammed his cock deeper into me as he felt me cum and yelled im cumming, and forced his cock into me as deep as he could push it, then he rammed me about 12 times in a row and collapsed on top of me panting like a wild animal,

Danny rolled off of me and Tommy got on and put his cock into my pussy and pounded the hell out of my pussy, his cock is smaller it 7inch and not as thick as Danny, Tommy fucked me like a man possessed, he did not last as long as Danny but he filled my pussy with twice as much cum he flooded me out, his cum poured out my pussy and right over my asshole and made a big puddle on the bed, Tommy pulled out and Nick was right there to push his hard cock in, Nick is 7inches as well but skinny, he pumped my pussy just as hard as Danny and was slamming into me when I felt him stop dead pull out and then put the head of his cock to my asshole, without any words he pushed, I felt my asshole open and he was in me and fucked my asshole, it hurt like hell and I cried out it hurt, but by the time I was crying there was a new sensation of pian and pleasure, and the more Nick fucked me the more pleasure I was getting out of the ass fucking, Nick rammed into my ass three hard time and then held it deep and said im cumming, as I felt his cum fill my bowles, I shook as I felt him, and my pussy squirted,

Nick pulled out of me and the boys went home and Danny told me not to tell mom or the hole school will know about this, I never said a word,

How long has he been touching you I asked, this started when I was 8 and he was 14, how old are you now I asked she told me 12, she could see the bulge in my pants, she got up from the bench and looked around, she closed the curtain on the stall and walked back to me and asked if she was the cause of the bulge, I told her yes, she smiled and lifted her dress up and off her body, she was naked under it, I took out my cock and she took me into her mouth, and sucked me like there was no tomorrow, she slide my 8inch cock into her throat and it was all I could do not to moan outload and dump my load into her throat

once my cock was good and wet and climbed up onto my lap and sat her pussy down on my cock, she rode me slowly and rocked back and forth with each stroke, I was in heaven, I whispered into her ear I wanted to fuck her hard, she looked into my eye and told me she would not be able to be quiet if we did, she rode me for a good 5 min and the climbed off and get down on her knees and sucked me again, she slide me back into her throat and she kept swallowing, her throat muscles working to milk my cock, again she stopped and climbed up on me again, this time she took my cock up her ass,

As she sat down on my cock she bite her lower lip and moan as she sank down, her ass was so tight and hot, she rode me again slowly and worked her body, she put her little tites to my mouth and I sucked on them hard , she throw her head back and moaned louder, I grabbed her hair and pulled her down onto my cock as deep as I could get it into her and shot load after load into her ass

she rode me till my cock slipped out of her ass, she put her hand under her ass and pushed some of my cum out of her ass onto her hand and showed it to me and then she eat my cum off her hand, she them went down on my solf cock and sucked it clean, once I was clean she came up and whispered in my ear, I love the taste of my ass on your cock with your cum mixed in with it,

She picked up her dress walked to the curtain and walk out into the store, I watched as she did this as she walked up to the brother, he looked at me and smiled and she put the dress on and then pushed her ass into the clothes rack and pulled her brother cock out and started to suck him off,

The mother came by the two of them and seen what her girl was doing, she turned and walked away,

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