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Our loving family: The family love grows

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After an amazing birthday present, the present was just too good to keep it to one day.

After the amazing birthday night with my mom and dad, I thought that would be a complete change to our normal routine. Much to my happiness, the very next night, we had our normal nursing session. This time though, I was rock hard to the point I was leaking precum. Mom had grabbed me gently like last night, but this time, I noticed that moms other hand was guiding my sister in feeling her body like she had done with me when I was sis’s age.

The fact that she was allowing my sister to now touch the same flesh I was just lovingly shown how to please less than 24 hours earlier made me explode in my mom’s soft grip. I thought mom would be upset, or dad would get mad and stop our nursing, but mom looked at me and just licked her hand clean. Mom had done a good job at keeping my sister from seeing me cum. She also made it look like the cum she was eating was just a little bit of overflowing milk. Dad got up and walked over to me, he whispered into my ear that we would have to have a little talk after I was full. After a few more minutes, my belly was full of moms sweet milk, sis let go shortly after I did.

When sis had gone to her room after we were done, mom and dad brought me to their room again. I had gotten super excited in anticipation of a repeat of the night before. Unfortunately, it was not what I had gotten though. My dad looked at me and with a stern voice, he told me to to not let myself cum in front of my sister like that again. I looked at dad and asked him why? He told me that my sister was not old enough to do the same things that they had just let me. My mom looked at me and told me that she wanted to give the same present to my sister on her 13th birthday that I had gotten. They both felt if I couldn’t control myself from cumming when we nursed, it would spark questions from sis. They also told me that they had both enjoyed it so much, we would definitely do it more, as long as I was a good kid. Basically I was rewarded with sex from my parents for being a good kid.

For the next year, I consciously made sure I kept my parents wishes of just enjoying nursing, but not loosing control of my cum. With this, we would have sex at least 3 days a week. My mom loved having sex with me, dad would watch, he would have sex after I would fill mom with cum, then he would shower while mom and I would have a second go with her overflowing pussy. Dad would always teach me more and more as we progressed, to the point where by my 14th birthday, I knew just how to touch mom to make her soaking wet. My parents were so impressed with how well I had learned, they told me that they were proud of how good of a lover I had become.

The day of my 14th birthday, my sis and I had nursed like we always did. We celebrated like we did the year before, I got a few presents, we had cake, and when it was all over, mom and dad took me to their room like they did many times over the last year. This night my parents had planned on giving me a new present. This night my dad told me he was going to have mom first, which I didn’t mind since I had mom many times after he had filled her. Honestly I always liked the feel of mom’s pussy with dad’s cum in it, getting to feel that made me feel so close to my loving parents. Dad was fucking mom really hard, pounding her missionary style in the bed. Dad finally tensed up and buried himself deep in mom. He filled her good and then pulled off of her.

After he finished, I was rock hard and ready for my birthday sex with mom. Before dad would let me in mom though, he pulled me to the side. Dad looked at me and told me that mom and him had talked about what would be a good present for reaching 14. Mom came up with an idea, since she had taken my virginity at 13, she would give me her virginity when I turned 14. Mom had never had anal, and she wanted me to be the one to take her anal cherry. Dad liked this idea because she would never let him have her ass like that, but maybe if she let her son with a slightly smaller cock start the process, he could get to have her ass too. The whole thing made me so ready to try and push in her ass, I started going after mom like a wild animal.

While mom wanted it, she was still nervous about her first time getting a dick in her ass. My dad knew this, and with my youthful excitement in full force, my dad kept a close eye on me. He slowed me down so that i wouldn’t just try and puncture her tender ass. Just like my last birthday, he had me take it slow with mom, kissing her just like I did on my last birthday. I rubbed her body all over, getting mom to the point where she was begging for me to get in her. At this point though, she was not just wet from her own juices, but dads cum was mixed in with it, completely coating her tiny butt hole. My dad could see how ready mom was, and he instructed me to start pressing into mom. I slowly started to push into her, mom was so horny that she just begged for more.

Finally the head of my cock popped through her dark hole. Mom winced and gasped, dad instinctively told me not to move yet, let mom get used to the feeling. Her tight ass was so warm on my head, I felt like I was going to cum just from being in her. Luckily had become very good at not cumming before I wanted to as I had lots of practice from not wanting to cum in front of sis. I just stayed still and enjoyed the feeling of being in moms ass. After what seemed like forever, mom looked at me and said she was finally ready. With that said I started to slowly push more and more into mom. She started to moan in pleasure, she was enjoying the feeling of her son being in her ass.

Mom started to really love the feeling of my cock in her ass, she even began to start pushing onto me when I was thrusting into her. With how long I had waited, it did not take very long though for me to explode deep in her bowels. When I did, she screamed out in pleasure, dad rushed over and stuck his tongue in moms mouth so her scream wouldn’t wake up sis. After dad knew she had her screams under control, he released his kiss on her. As soon as he did, she looked at dad and told him she wanted us both, at the same time. My cock was still in mom’s ass, it was so tight I would have to force myself to take it out, but I didn’t want to as her anal cavity was so warm and tight.

Dad came over to me and told me what mom said, I looked at him with a surprised look. Dad asked me how long it would be before I could get hard again, but with what he just said, I was already getting hard again. I let him know this, so he said once I was hard again, he wanted me to get under mom, but to keep my cock in her ass. It wasn’t more than thirty seconds after this that I was at full mast again. Now that I was rigid in mom, dad had me hold mom tight and I rolled over so she was on top of me. Mom was surprised that I didn’t budge out of her ass, and the motion made her get wet all over again. Mom sat up, and when she did, dad looked at her and helped her rotate so that her back was now to me.

In this new position, she leaned back with her legs spread, and her sons cock buried in her ass. The rotation felt amazing on my cock, but it couldn’t prepare me for what was coming next. Mom told me to grab her tits and get ready. Then I felt it, dad started to put his cock into mom. All of a sudden moms tight ass not only got tighter, but it was rubbing the underside of my cock. It felt absolutely amazing having anal sex with mom while dad was deep in her pussy. After the initial feeling of dads cock rubbing against mine, I started to focus on the feeling. I started to feel my dads rhythm, and I started to compliment it with my thrusts. As I started, mom just about exploded in orgasms and screams. Dad quickly kissed her to muffle her one more time.

With my hands still firmly on her tits, dad kissing her to keep her quiet, mom squirted a full river all over dad and my cocks. with that dad and I knew it was time for us to fill her too. Like only a father and son could, we both buried our cocks in mom and filled both of her holes with cum. When this happened, mom actually passed out for about a minute. Dad looked at mom and had a huge smile on his face as he pulled his cock out. After he was out, I slowly pulled mine out, which is what brought mom back to consciousness. Mom looked at us both and told us how much she loved us both. She looked at me and asked if this birthday was better than last year. I very tired out replied with a hell yes it was mom. Dad looked at us both and smiled, and mom smiled back. They looked at me in unison and said wait until next year!

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