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Exchanging dick pics and videos with my dad

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Exchanging dick pics and fucking videos with my dad talking about getting together and sucking each other’s dick… (I’m 36 he’s 60)

Over the weekend I was really horny and I had partied a little bit with a friend. I was at my house masturbating and I get really horny. I have thought it would be hot to masturbate with my dad. we live in different states but we talk on the phone and use different apps. my dad is gay and I am bisexual, however, he did not know that was. I ended up sending him a message telling him that I was bi, and I have been for a long time. Since I was partying and all types of horny, I told him that I love sucking dick, facials, getting fucked and cum shots. I sent a message and then waited in anticipation…. when he finally opened it, he messaged me and said wow that’s awesome. I’m so happy for you. I then asked him if I could send him something… he sent me a smiley face and said sure. I sent him a video of me blowing a huge load and moaning.. I also sent him a video of me, giving my boy head, sucking the shit out of his cock… I sent them and waited… this time he opened the message right away… my cock was rockhard, but I was nervous. he replied right away and said wow that was hot. I asked him if he liked it and he said yes I asked if he would like to see some other ones and he said sure. This time I sent him a video of me sucking somebody’s dick and then blowing a load all over my face and then I suck the rest out of their cock. As well as a couple videos of me getting fucked… this time, my dad sent me back a picture of his dick rockhard. I told him that I think it would be super kinky and hot to suck his cock, and that I would let him fuck me. I even told him that I think it would be hot to feel his load inside my ass. I was kind of going a little overboard because I was partying and telling him all types of freaky shit that I would like to do. But he didn’t say no to anything particular and he said that it sounds like we are gonna have some fun when we hang out… I’m going to plan a trip soon to go visit him and I’m pretty sure if we are hanging out and I start sucking his cock once he’s hard he will let me ride his cock if anything. I told him that I definitely want to take his load and he said that sounds hot. For reference, we are both cut. I am about 9 inches and he is about eight with a decent girth. I did send him a bunch of cum shots and he said holy shit you cum so much… throughout the rest of the we were messaging I told him I was masturbating and what I was doing, etc. I continue to send him hot ass videos that I’ve had. He said he liked them all.

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  • Reply Ethan ID:3yvpaeoib

    Good luck! I wish my dad was gay and would try this stuff

    • Tease me ID:pvli0pxic

      When I was young, I used to watch my dad when he pee’d. I really wanted to suck his cock

  • Reply [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Wow 🤩

  • Reply Erotic Writer 2024 ID:19gcaxfu4gel

    So kinky! When I was younger I was turned on by big hairy mature cock too. Older men take so much longer to cum so they are more fun!

    • Joe Kalinowski ID:5unzka4xi9

      Exactly 💯😅