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I Had Sex With My Neighbor

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Kara is recently married, and wants to get pregnant.

It was a good thing my husband liked tanlines. I loved to sunbathe in the nude, but I could hardly take off my bikini in front of our neighbours’ son. As I basked in the sun Nicky turned the lawnmower around, and I stole a glance of his tight behind. I noticed his body was beginning to develop, and admired his athletic build. He was quite tall for his age. With ease he turned towards me again, and his front came into view. As my eyes were drawn to the nice bulge in his pants, I felt my breasts swell, and a pleasant heat shot through my nipples as they stiffened under my top. ” get a grip, Kara!” I thought blushing ” He’s the boy next door for goodness sake!”What was the matter with me? I was getting turned on so easily… maybe I was ovulating.

I tried to focus on something else, and closed my eyes. I decided to count the days since my last period, and was in fact startled to realize I was indeed ovulating that day. My heart started beating a little faster. Rob would be coming home soon. We had been married for six months now, and we were trying to have a baby. We had been at it since the honeymoon, but the last two months Rob had been increasingly occupied with his work. He was leaving on business again for two weeks tomorrow morning. I crossed my fingers. Perhaps tonight would be the night.

I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my skin, and got some strong signals from my womb that it was ready for the joys of womanhood. I got even friskier. I pressed a hand between my thighs, and without realizing it, slowly started rocking my hips. Then I suddenly realized I was fondling myself in the garden! Hastily I withdrew my hand, and felt myself blushing. Had Nicky noticed? I took a discreet look at Nicky, and sure enough he was leering at me.

I gave him my most angelic smile, but when he turned a deep crimson, I winked at him. When he turned the lawnmower away again, I snickered. I did’t know what had come over me, but I was pleased with his eager looks. My body demanded fullfillement, and my vital areas were begging for some male attention. I decided I’d better go back inside, before I made a pass at Nicky! I waved goodbye to him, and went into the house. As I leaned against the door my mind was racing.

Rob would be in for a surprise tonight. My husband knew I was always more ‘receptive’ in the middle of my cycle. I got real horny, and was quicker to ******. The day I ovulated I was usually on a hair trigger. This time I really hoped to get pregnant. Imagining a baby sucking my breasts in nine months sent a heatwave from my hard nipples to my *****. I couldn’t wait for Rob to come home. I was ready to do it right in the hallway, without foreplay or anything. It didn’t need to last long. I was sure I would climax as soon as I felt him gushing in me. When I finally heard the key in the lock, my heart skipped a beat. My husband entered, and I jumped in his arms.

Rob returned my kiss, and then he sighed, “Hi there, kitten. It’s so good to be home. I’ve had a splitting headache all day.”

I was a little taken aback, but didn’t worry. I had prepared his favourite dinner, and I had yet to meet a man whose headache couldn’t be cured by a good *******. I kissed his forehead and asked, “Oh darling, that’s too bad, when did it start?”

He looked at me with tired eyes. “It’s been bothering me since lunch”

“Maybe you’ll feel better in an hour” I purred. “let me give you a backrub”

“that’s sweet darling, but I think I’m gonna turn in, I figure if I get a lot of sleep tonight, I’ll be fit tomorrow.”

“But you didn’t even had your dinner! ” I objected

“I had a burger on my way home. Besides I’m really not that hungry, just tired. By the way, will you pay Nicky for mowing the lawn? I told him to come over at nine.”

I realized this was not the moment. I promised to take care of Nicky, and Rob kissed me goodnight. He went upstairs, and I heard the bedroom door close. After I had dinner, and done the dishes, I went up to check on him. He appeared to be sleeping comfortably. Soon I would get naked, crawl in bed next to him, and gently wake him up for a quicky. He always liked it when I did that. I could feel a warmth growing between my legs, but it was almost nine and Nicky was coming over. I had to wait until he left.

I returned to the living room, and installed myself comfortably on the couch. I still felt the warm glow between my thighs. It made my skin tingle. I slowly pulled up my dress. My hand fell into my lap, and my fingers began wandering over my panties along the folds of my ***** lips. With my other hand I started fondling my breasts. My fingers roamed over my clothing from my hardened nipples to my moistening cleft until finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I slid my panties to my ankles, spread my legs and began I rubbing my ****.

As I played with myself, I imagined Rob’s strong tongue lapping up and down the petals of my *****. I let one finger slip between my folds, and then another. I began to groan. As I slowly pushed both fingers into my hot ***** I imagined my husband grunting and thrusting into me.

I felt the flutter of my impending ******, when suddenly the doorbell rang. It sounded like a fire alarm going off, and I almost fell off the couch. I pulled up my panties like greased lightning, and brushed down my dress. Flustered and breathless I fixed my hair, and made for the door.

I opened it and there stood Nicky. He must have noticed I was all hot and bothered, but to my relief he didn’t let on. I let him in, and went into the kitchen. I returned with a soda and his pay for mowing the lawn, but to my surprise Nicky refused to be paid. I insisted, but he assured me it had been his pleasure. As I thanked him, I saw him ogling my breasts. My nipples were still hard, and very visible under my light summerdress. All of a sudden I remembered my little indiscretion in the afternoon, and I understood. “I hope you will at least accept an Ice-tea?” I asked, trying to keep an even tone, “You look like you might need some cooling-off.” In hindsight I shouldn’t have teased. Containing my smirk, I opened the can a little abruptly, and splashed Ice-tea all over him. We cracked up.

After we were laughed out, I went to wipe his T-shirt dry, and he held on to my shoulder. His fingertip stroked my skin. I thought nothing of it, but when his hand moved upwards and he started caressing my neck, I gave him an utterly surprised look! Before I could talk though, he timidly kissed me on the lips. Now I stared at him in shock. A second later he grabbed my shoulders, and kissed me again, bolder this time, and longer. I tried to stop him, but his strong warm lips on mine made me weak in the knees, and I let myself be kissed.

Soon his hands were all over me. A delightful shudder went through me as he caressed my breasts over my dress, and impulsively I started kissing him back. For minutes we stood in the hallway with our tongues intertwined, making little or no sound, as he kept feeling my ****. I never imagined it would go any further than that. Then he reached up under my dress and started caressing my thighs.

I pushed his hand away, but he kept his mouth glued to mine, and his roving fingers quickly found the soft fabric that was his target. He possessively cupped my ***** over my panties. The intimate touch aroused me beyond belief, and silently I allowed him to fondle me,… until his hand slipped under my waistband, and he started to explore my bush. Now I had to stop him. ” Nicky! No! I gasped, ” Not th – o-ooooh” His fingers were on my soft wet flesh.

His finger gently pushed down my slit, finding me very wet, and with a tiny movement, he opened me up. His index gently glided over my moist lips, and dipping in between my slippery folds, he began rubbing my clitoral hood. Immediately I spread my legs to allow him access, and he found my emerging little lovebutton. He rubbed the juice from my ***** on my hardening ****, and soon I was squirming with pleasure. I didn’t seem to be the first girl who let him into her panties.

He kept rubbing my **** in circles until I was gasping for more. “Oh yeah, baby! Just there! Oh yeah! ” I moaned. Rotating my pelvis forward, I tried to increase the sensation against my throbbing ****, and my undulating hips slowly rocked in unison with his agile fingers. Then he slid up and down between the folds of my ***** again and dragged wetly across my slit from my throbbing **** to my opening and then back up. “Oh yes!, slow like that, Nicky!” I sighed “Oh please yes, !” His middle finger teased my entrance, and the feeling was just too good to stop. Then his finger plunged deep into me, and I yelped as it slid into my depths. I bit my lip not to make any more involuntary sounds, but my mind was screaming “So good, so good, please don’t stop!” He fingered my **** until I almost collapsed. I felt my knees shaking, and I gasped “Nicky, wait! Give me a second. “

Reluctantly he retrieved his hand from between my legs and I took him into the living room, where I sat him down on the sofa. My hands went under my dress, and I pulled down my panties. As they slided over my trembling thighs, I whispered ” They’re in the way! ” and as they fell to my ankles, I stepped out of them, and joined Nicky on the couch, where his hand returned between my legs. More kissing followed. I felt like I was in highschool again, making out with my first boyfriend. I used to give him handjobs, and would lift my skirt to let him to come on my panties.

On impulse I touched the front of Nicky’s pants, moving my hand along the length of his throbbing hard-on. I knew what I was doing was crazy, but after the lovely way he had been pleasuring me with his fingers, I didn’t have the heart to send him home with blue balls.

Nicky gave a surprised moan, and I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of it all. I opened his zipper… My eyes widened when I got his penis out. I looked at the thing pointing straight up from his groin with eyes like saucers. He was very well equipped for a boy his age! It was almost as big as my husband’s.

I pulled down his pants, and then I wrapped my fingers around his firm shaft. I felt his blood coursing through the warm velvety column. It throbbed it the palm of my hand. The sensation of the cushiony head sliding through my fingers sent an exciting shiver down my back. I rubbed pre-*** over his cockhead with with my thumb. He groaned, and as his hard **** twitched in my hand, I imagined it inside me, *********** ***** in my wet *****. I let go of him with a start, shocked at my own thoughts.

Suddenly though Nicky pulled up my dress, and nestled his head between my thighs. “Oh my goodness!” I thought, and closed my eyes. I felt his hands on my thighs. His breath on my bush sent a warm pleasant rush through my body. When his tongue touched my slit, I clenched his hair. His tongue parted my lips and licked my ****. Each time he lapped up against my button, he drew back toward my entrance a little more. Then he stuck his tongue up my *****, and I thought I was going to faint from pleasure. “Oh Nick! Don’t… Please… Dooon’t… Sssstop…” I gasped breathlessly. His tongue whirled around and sent sparks of pleasure up my spine, bringing me to the brink of ******. Then he withdrew, and I moaned in frustration and confusion.

He crawled on top of me, and started kissing me again. Hungrily I replied. I could taste myself on his tongue. Soon we lay completely entangled on the couch, and his hand headed south. I was eager to get off, so I spread my thighs to get fingered. But his hand didn’t go there. He fumbled. Then I felt something warm and wet nuzzling at my cleft, and suddenly I realized what he was doing. My eyes flew open! In a panic I broke the kiss.

I squealed “Nick, no!! I’m married!” while he positioned his slick **** between my sensitive folds. My breath caught. I realized I never should have taken my panties off. Trapped underneath him, I lay exposed, and totally defenseless. He held the tip of his ***** between my ***** lips. “Just let me rub it against you for a minute! ” he replied in a husky voice, “I won’t put it in! I just want to feel you! Please!” I was too shocked to protest. “Oh my goodness!! I thought, “This has gone too far!”

Nicky still held his throbbing **** aimed right at my pink open *****, and my body shuddered each time he touched me there. Maybe I could let him rub himself against me for a minute. As long as he didn’t enter me, strictly speaking I wouldn’t be unfaithful to my husband. His legs between mine felt warm and rugged against my soft skin.

I stared into his eyes, and threw caution to the wind… “Ok, just for a minute, but please be careful, Nick! ” I didn’t want him to spurt anywhere near my fertile ******. He raised himself up and I gasped as he pressed the bulbous head between my folds. Then he started rubbing. I stared wide-eyed at Nicky as he worked his throbbing manhood up and down my furry slit.

I was trembling with lust, but also in fear of discovery. I kept looking at the door. Any minute I expected Rob to walk in on us, and catch me with my dress over my hips, spread eagled for the boy next door rubbing his woody up and down my ******. I tried to calm myself down, but my whole body was shaking.

Nicky kept his **** glued to my *****, prying my quivering folds apart with the tip of his stiff, dripping ****. Sliding across my ****, then slipping in between the folds of my *****, gliding along the length of my furrow. The sensation of the cushiony head sliding between my slick inner lips sent sparks of pleasure through me. I felt his body weigh between my legs. His wiggling hips parted my thighs even further, and after a while our combined lubrication had made me so slick, he was stroking the entire length of his **** along my slit. Each time he moved little more toward my vulnerable entrance.

As I felt my body being shoved into the couch, he gradually shifted his hips, and I felt him pushing the slippery nob of his **** faster and faster into my moist cleft. I was breathing rapidly. Then of course the bulbous head found its way into my opening.

I gasped in shock. My breath caught in my throat. “Nick, what are you doing!” I squealed with muffled voice as the head of his tool wedged itself into the split of my womanhood. Nestled snugly in the entrance between my slippery folds, the head of Nicky’s invading presence chiseled in between my clenching lips. I urgently whispered, “Nicky, No!!”, and struggled to get out from under him, but I was so wet down there, every move lodged him a little further into my moist cleft. Then Nicky thrusted forward, and his shaft easily slid all the way in. My whispered protests turned into a incredulous squeak as he pushed his stiff young **** where it counted. His full length slid into my hole in one fluid motion. He was almost as thick as my husband, and I yelped as I felt my **** being pushed open.

Nicky grunted in ecstasy as he eased his **** into me. I tried to push him off, but the moment he invaded me, intense pleasure fountained from between my legs. My birthcanal contracted, and my body trembled in pleasure as his hard, broad shaft pushed into my vital young lovetunnel. Still I hissed, “Nicky, stop it!! What do you think you are you doing?!” “Just for a minute! ” he pleaded with a husky voice, “No one will ever know. “

I felt his pubic bone grind firmly against mine and realized his **** was completely buried inside my narrow passage. I could feel him throbbing deep inside my belly. I was breathing fast, my breasts heaving, nipples hard with excitement, and my vagina wet and ready.

I longed to give in, but I whispered with rasping breath,”Nicky, I can’t! I’m a married woman!” The fact that my husband was asleep just a floor up secretly turned me on though. Nicky pressed his mouth tight onto mine and pushed me back onto the couch. Locked together in a kiss with his bloated flesh tightly lodged in my ****, we just lay in this intimate embrace as man and woman. My heart was beating like crazy. He grabbed me by the shoulders. Slowly but firmly he pushed into me with his strong young hips. In spite of myself I responded by rocking my hips and ever so gently pushing back, to meet his thrust. I couldn’t help it.

I was on my back with my thighs wide apart, and so excited I couldn’t protest anymore. Nicky kissed my neck. “I know you want it too…” he whispered in my ear He was right. I felt the warm moistness down there. It had been ten days since I had a man between my legs. My juicy peach was ready to be creamed. Then our eyes locked together, and I held on to his waist with both hands. I clamped tightly onto him, and pulled him into me. He moaned in pleasure. As I started ******* him a tidal wave of pleasure flowed between my legs.

My body was finally getting what it needed. I cried out with lust as he filled me with rapid thrusts. His hands moved down my back to my bottom and, cupping my buttocks, he drove himself into me. I bit my lip to muffle my moans of ecstasy.

My breasts wobbled up and down under my dress, as Nicky thrusted in and out of me. I felt my pounding hips rising and pushing, and Nicky’s hands under my butt as he rutted fast and hard, running on instinct… “Oh my goodness, this is it. He’s ******* me! ” I thought, still overwhelmed by the realization. I caught myself hoping he wouldn’t climax too quickly, when suddenly alarmbells went off in my head.

He was riding me bareback! There was no barrier whatsoever between his bloated purple nob and the entrance to my fertile womb. I could feel his cockhead nudging my cervix with each thrust in my eager *****. I was right in the middle of my cycle, and highly fertile. A tiny egg was just about ready deep inside me, and Nicky was old enough to get me pregnant. Did he know he had to pull out?

Urgently I whispered “Nick, be carefull… it’s the right time of the month for me… do you understand, honey? “Uh-hu” he just grunted. “Make sure you pull out in time!” I insisted ” I’m not protected.”

Then he closed his mouth over mine, stifling any reply from me with his mouth and tongue. First this reassured me. I figured he knew, and didn’t need to be told, but then he increased his tempo, and I got a nagging feeling he had no intention of pulling out at all. Maybe my words had only fired him on. Emptying his balls in a willing woman’s babyhole had to be a teenage boy’s idea of paradise. Suddenly I was struggling under him, bucking and squirming, as I tried to push him out before he shot his load right in there. It was bad enough I let a horny boy in my panties in a moment of weakness. I couldn’t very well let him give me a bellyful!

Strangely enough though the notion of getting knocked up suddenly sent some very strong ‘yes! yes! yes!’ signals to my lovetunnel, and pleasure gulfed between my legs. As the wonderful feeling increased, I couldn’t resist humping back at the stiff thickness shoving and ******* inside me. ” just until I come…” I told myself. ” I’ll get him out in time.” I moaned with joy as intense pleasure rippled from between my rutting hips. I passionately welcomed each thrust, and my fingernails dug into his shoulders.

I rhythmically began grabbing and pulling at his grunting, trembling body, and as the pleasure grew stonger my legs locked around his waist, allowing him to push deeper and deeper. I didn’t realize that was all he needed to put him over the top. His thrusts quickened. He grabbed my hips tighter and his body stiffened, grinding firmly against my pubic bone to get as deep as he could. As I started to come myself, my body shuddered under him, and I was too far gone to notice the tell-tale swelling of his manhood in my love tunnel. I just squealed in delight with the sudden thickness of his nob as it kept pumping in my enraptured crevice.

Then he grunted loudly. I felt something warm hit my spasming cervix, and my eyes flew open. My mind went “Oh! ****!” He was *********** inside me! I was getting creamed! I tried to push him out, but the young male on top of me was now determined to plant his seed, and instinctively held his spasming **** nestled deep in my fertile ******.

Again I felt the familiar sensation against my cervix. With devlish precision his virile ***** jetted where nature intended. With my helplessly lunging hips urging him on, he fiercely kept jabbing away in me with quick short thrusts, keeping his spurting cockhead tight upon my cervix. To top it all off, when I realized I was being inseminated, I orgasmed explosively!

I moaned in exctasy as his warm wetness spread deep in my vagina, feeling the syrupy spurts striking my cervix again and again, demanding entry into my unprotected womb, and my climax left me helpless to stop it. I just humped back at the stiff thickness inside me that throbbed and spat stream after stream of ***** deep into my *****. My thirsty **** nursed at his gushing **** as it kept on squirting lovejuice into me, spraying my depths with pearly-white ***. Pulse after pulse of his rich virile ***** surged into my belly, where it belonged, filling my fertile womb with fresh young *****.

Finally his balls finished draining into me, and as my throbbing cervix feasted on the last drops from his quivering cockhead, he collapsed on top of me and gave a deep grunt of satisfaction with his **** still buried deep inside me.As the waves subsided, I lay there catching my breath in a dreamlike state, with his body shivering as it lay spent on mine. What had happened didn’t seem quite real, but when his thickness slowly softened deep inside me, I came to my senses.

“Nicky, ” I hissed at him, ” you little bastard! you came inside me! What if I get pregnant?”

“I-I h-hope” he whispered out of breath, keeping his **** embedded in my *****.

“Nick! you’re crazy! I laughed out “you don’t know what you’re saying”, but I looked at him with liquid eyes. Suddenly I wanted to be completely naked for him. I slowly managed to take off my dress over my head with him still in me.

“Do you want to look at me? ” I asked, as my breasts fell free. He did.

Soon we were kissing again. As I savoured his tongue in my mouth, I suddenly felt his ***** throbbing in my *****. It was growing rigid again inside me! Fascinated, I touched his balls, and as he grew thicker, I felt my sheathe tighten around his hardening ****. It was a wonderful sensation. A little incredulous I continued caressing his balls, and soon he was completely hard again inside me. I moaned in delight as I marveled at his youthful vigour, and I quickly opened my thighs wide again, digging my heels into his buttocks, to take his manhood deeper in me.

He began to rotate his hips slowly, and my body responded enthusiastically as his **** glided up and down in my slippery sheathe. My ***** felt even fuller than before. His strokes came faster now, and the base of his slick shaft was grinding deliciously against my ****. I felt the orgasmic flames flaring up, and licking at my insides for the second time. His stroking hips ignited a firestorm in my body. I arched my back, pushing my body up into his to increase the friction against my button, and before I knew it I was orgasming again! Clutching on to him, I bit my lip not to scream as I went over the edge. I just squealed as the sudden ecstasy jolted through me. My whole body shuddered in climax, the familiar spasms making my body quake. I felt my inner muscles clasp and release. The ****** coursed like lightning deep within me, spasming through me over and over. I had never come so fast.

I felt Nick’s mouth on mine again. Excited by my quick climax Nicky forced his tongue in my mouth and kissed me possesively, while his virile young **** kept thrusting in and out of my wet ****. Any second I expected Nicky to come inside me, putting out the wildfire that was raging in my loins, but he lasted longer than me. Meeting his every thrust, I eagerly welcomed his tongue with mine, and although my climax slowly subsided, waves of pleasure still flooded through me, as I humped back at him. Moaning in unison we continued to **** eachother in a slow steady rhythm. I marveled at his stamina. As my lover slowly increased the length and speed of his strokes, I heard the squishing sound of his rutting in and out of ******* *****.

I playfully put my fingers around his shaft to feel it moving up and down in my hand, as well as my quim. He groaned joyously. Having his supple member slide through my fingers and into my wet open pussyhole felt incredibly sexy. I felt yet another climax starting to build.

Nicky increased his tempo. His hands moved down my back to my bottom and, grabbing my buttocks, he pressed his face into the hollow of my neck, pushing himself in me. My hands grabbed his hips and pulled him deeper inside me, increasing his rhythm. Slowly a deep ****** welled up from between my rutting thighs.

Then he began to moan loudly and when his jabs grew quick and insistant, I knew he was about to come again. I was almost there myself, and I bit my lip. If he hadn’t already gotten me pregnant, it seemed crazy to take another chance. I felt a pre-orgasmic flutter in my abdomen, and I knew exactly why. I wanted a baby, and with an able and potent male at hand to breed me, my body had it’s way to make sure I got serviced.

On the treshold of a fabulous ****** I hungered again for the subtle impact of Nicky’s come spurting into me, and I decided to seize the day. “Nick… ?” I breathed. He looked into my eyes without stopping “Please come for me! Come in my *****!” He gasped. His eyes went wide, and as he he planted himself deep into me, his **** expanded in my tight passage. In utter bliss I moaned; ” oh yes baby,… do it in me… !,” Then I felt him squirt, and I orgasmed explosively, sqeaking unintelligible sounds as the dam broke and a tremendous ****** took possession of my helpless, convulsing body.

The contractions of my spasming ****** seemed to suck the *** right out of Nicky’s balls. Shooting a torrent of hot white seed into my gulping *****, he gave a triumphant roar as he blasted his load into my baby-factory. I clawed at his back as he was seeding me, urging him on with cries of rapture. Oh **** Nicky, Yes! Yesss! **** me! Do it to me! Do it in my hot wet ****!”

Delirious with lust, I felt my contracting cervix open, and I could swear he was shooting his load right into my womb. I was coming so hard I thought I would pass out. With each grunt, Nicky’s ***** expanded in my narrow tunnel and each time his cockhead swol in preparation for another blast, the tightening in my ***** triggered another wave of orgasmic spasming, grasping and milking his spurting ****, sucking thick white gobs of creamy ***** right through my cervix, and into my ripe and ready womb. I fully realized he was breeding me, and I was actually helping his eager swimmers on their way to go ******** my innocent little egg. My tunnel was slick with his *****, and still he kept coming. I couldn’t believe how much there was in those teenage balls, and I reached under his shoving **** to fondle them, and coax it all out. Drunk on passion, I wanted every drop of his virile nectar inside my adulterous *****. As he emptied his balls into my gripping, sucking ******, I milked every last drop of honey from his ****.

When my incredible ****** finally ebbed away, his **** slowed down in my throbbing ****, and after a few gentle final thrusts he collapsed on top of my rutting body, panting rapidly from the exertion. After the last incredible wave crested, and the fabulous ****** had ebbed away, I just lay completely exhausted under my impetuous young lover. He’d been pounding into me for ten minutes, satisfying my every need before he put his load into me. I had never been so fulfilled in my life. It left me breathless.

Finally he got off me, and as his shrinking penis slipped out, I let out a sigh. It was over. When I felt the warm moistness of ***** leaking out of me, I got up from the couch to get my clothes back on. As I stepped into my panties trembling, I felt ***** dribbling down my thighs. “Nicky, listen, Rob must never know!” I panted, still catching my breath. Nicky just nodded. He seemed as confused as me.

As Nicky pulled up his pants my eyes focused on his dripping ****. It was softening and his ball-sack hung loose. He reminded me of a young bull. I couldn’t believe what I had just done! When Nick had his clothes on we quickly whispered our goodbyes, and after some last kisses at the door, I closed it, and mounted the stairs. I took off my dress, and went into the bathroom, to prepare myself a warm bubblebath. I couldn’t help a nervous giggle. When I took of my panties I felt Nick’s nectar pouring out of me. Suddenly I wanted to see it, and took a little handmirror. I positioned myself on the edge of the tub with one leg up and watched the pearly white syrup flow from my open vagina like honey from some exotic pink flower. I was mesmerized. It felt like a dream. I had to convince myself it was actually as real as it got.

I cleaned up as best as possible and stepped into the hot water. As the comforting warmth relaxed my body, the utter foolishness of what I had done began to overwhelm me. “O-oh m-my goodness,” I thought, “How did I let this happen? I got creamed like a schoolgirl!

Without any protection I had let a boy half my age shoot ***** in my *****… twice! I had mated with him… willingly, eagerly even, and at my most fertile time! The fact that I orgasmed only increased my chance of pregnancy. Just one of those little swimmers was enough. Millions would probably get into my unused womb. Again that thought spread a warm glow through my body though. I sighed. I imagined Nicky’s little swimmers alive and kicking inside me, flowing around up my birthcanal, wriggling into my womb by the millions, teeming deep inside me and swimming up my tubes. I might be conceiving as I lay there. I was at the peak of my cycle.

Suddenly I realized the quicker Rob gave me a good ****, the better. He would leave at the crack of dawn, so I had to seduce him tonight. I got out of the tub, dried off, and slipped into bed naked. I felt alive and very female. I also felt shameless. I actually wanted it again already, but just when I was about to wake up my sleeping husband, I felt ***** leaking from my swollen slit. A big load can be quite a mess to clean up afterwards, and boy, this turned out to be a big load! I felt it dripping down my thigh, and knew how slippery I had to be. Rob was bound to notice the abundant slickness of my ******* *****, and he might find out I had just been ******. I knew I couldn’t risk that, so I put on some panties, and after some tossing and turning I fell asleep.


Now seven months later I’m walking around with a big belly, very pregnant with what I know is my young lover’s baby. My period, always regular as clockwork, was due two days before my husband got back, and it didn’t come. I had a bun in the oven. I was knocked up. There was only one thing I could do.When Rob came back, we made love every day, and a month later I told him I was pregnant. Since I broke the happy news to him he walks around on cloud nine. If we’re lucky, he’ll never find out whose child I’m carrying, and the next one will be his. My inlaws are elated with what they think is their first grandchild on the way. I ‘ve been avoiding Nicky since the night he made the baby in me, but sometimes I catch a glance of him in the garden, or the driveway and he just gives me a shy smile. When I see him staring at my bulging belly, I blush, and I get a feeling he knows it’s his

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