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Special needs therapy

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After college I wanted to work with special needs children helping them as best I could. I got into this program where they work with animals. Especially goats, dogs and horses. It helps kids with intellectual disabilites. This one girl I work with, Isabel, is a 16yo autistic girl. Her grandfather was running late due to car problems. I told everyone I would lock up and wait with Isabel. She was a loving child. She always told me how much she loved me and hugged me. She told me about the man on her block. She told me how he shows his “thing” to her and asked to see mine. I told her “no”. She begged me to see it but I said “no”. I told her ” I can get in a lot of trouble and lose my job if I did that. Then we would never see each other again. You wouldn’t want that would you?” “No”, she said, ” but you said you love me! John says he loves me and he shows me that.” I started feeling weird. One part of me wanted the thrill of it the other part wanted this to stop. The angel and devil on your shoulder. She hugged me again and grabbed my crotch. “Isabel you can’t do that. There are cameras. I’m going to get in trouble!”, I exclaimed. She pouted. “I can’t!”, I said. She pouted some more. “Um. Shoot. Um. Ok. Lets go check out the horses.”, I said. We walked out to the horse barn. She begged me again to let me see it. “Ok ok.”, I said. I unbuckled my pants and she looked at my dick. “Go ahead”, I said, “you wanted to touch it.” She lifted it and put it in her mouth and started blowing me. ” Where did you learn that”, I said. She said her neighbor taught her. She started sucking on my dick and licking on my head when I heard the gravel noise from a vehicle coming. “STOP! STOP! SOMEONE IS COMING!”, I exclaimed. I pulled up my pants and made myself presentable. I told her to act like we’re playing with the horses. I called to her grandfather so he knew where we were. “She loves the horses”, I said. He thanked me for staying and took Isabel and left. “You wouldn’t be so thankful if you knew what I was doing with your granddaughter”, I thought. I locked up and left. I went home feeling like dirt. I had really really crossed the line. And yet it felt so good when she was doing that to me. Having a conscience sucks. Yet still part of me was feeling horrible and part of me was looking to Thursday when she would be there again. “What the fuck is wrong with me”, I thought. So Thursday came and there was only two other kids that day and they were going to leave at noon where Isabel was coming after. I told everyone I can lock up if they wanted to leave early and I can work with her and wait for her parents. They said okay and left. Instead of actually doing any therapy things with her we just went back out to the horse barn. She didn’t even ask this time. She started undoing my pants. He started grabbing my cock and licking the head. She had some good experience at this. The neighbor must have taught her well. She asked if I can make the white stuff go in her mouth. She liked eating it she said. “I can do that.” I said. She was doing great licking my head and going down on me. I have had better blowjobs but still for a 16yo autistic girl she did great. I felt it coming on as my cock swelled and I held her head as I came. She swallowed it and went back down on me for seconds and thirds cleaning my pole. “You did good Isabel!”, I said. I hugged her and slid my hand down her pants. Obviously the neighbor guy did not do this with her. I felt her nice soft bush. She asked me what I was doing. “Just returning the favor” I said. She wasn’t a very pretty girl but she did have a nice developing body. Skinny with small tits. I opened her pants and threw a blanket on the hay for her to lay back on. I slipped her pants off and I told her, ” just relax you’ll like this!”. She actually had a cute little red mound. I told her to spread her legs. She gasped as I touched her for the first time. She had a cute little dot that was her clitoris. I licked it once to see her reaction. She jerked and moaned. I started doing it more. I’m glad everybody was gone because she was a very loud lover. She was moaning loudly as I sucked and licked on her swollen dot. She let out a loud gasp as I stuck two fingers inside of her. I started sliding them in and out. As she moaned and gasped. She started seizing up. She tried getting away to get me to stop but I held her. She was feeling things she never felt before. Finally she exploded. Her legs just locked around me as she came. I kept going. My head in a vice between her legs. Her pussy juices squirting out of her and my face and hand was covered in her juices. Ah this is heaven. She started lauging as it was tickling her now and rolled over about breaking my neck. So I stopped. She jumped up and gave me the biggest hug. She told me she loved me. I checked the watch to see how much time I had before her mom got there. We still had about an hour. I got one of the horses and we rode around on it until her mom got there. I wanted to make it look legit like I did something that day with her other than what actually happened. I saw the car pull up and we dismounted the horse. I started chit-chatting with the mom. Told her we had a fun day riding horses. I was thinking about her daughter riding my horse eventually. I knew she would eventually let me. To my surprise the mom asked if I wanted to go get some dinner. We went to the local restaurant and had dinner. I told her about the great progress her daughter was making. “Especially with blowjobs and getting eaten out.” I thought comically. Isabel sat next to me and held me. Resting her head on my arm. The mom asked me to a party she was having for Isabel’s 17th birthday and asked me to come. I agreed to come. The party went well. Seeing Isabel in a two piece bikini was really nice. She looked hot. Nothing happened between us at the party obviously because of the people but another door did open for me as her mom asked me to come over again. We actually started seeing each other more and more and dating. I could not believe the luck I was having as of late. I usually didn’t have that great luck with women but now this is going on. Patty, Isabel’s mom, was pretty. 5 foot 6 skinny with small tits. She had the gorgeous red hair. Isabel went to bed one night when I was there. Patty and I stayed up and we’re talking. She fixed a couple drinks and things got a little looser. We started making out on the couch. She was a great kisser. I unbuttoned a button on her shirt and I reached in. I got her bra open and started to cup her breast. She giggled. She asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom. She got undressed and had a gorgeous body. She had a beautiful trimmed red bush. She grabbed my member and started stroking it. She put the head in her mouth while licking the tip and then she went down on it. She came back up and repeated what she did before. I got in a supine position and she got on top of me. She kept sucking on me as I buried my face in that beautiful red mound. He was a moaner just like her daughter. He was trying to keep the noise down so she wouldn’t wake Isabel. But I could tell she was a loud lover just like her daughter. I danced my tongue on her swollen dot. She started moving her hips against my face. I knew she was about to come. I held her hips still and really dug in on her clitoris. She was a squirter just like her daughter. My face was covered in her juices as she came. I got her supine spread her legs. I rub my penis head on the clitoris a few times. She moaned again. I stuck my head in her and she let out of gasp as I slid it in. I began doing her. It felt so good my cock sliding against her wet walls. I decided to start pounding her. I was ramming my dick in her and she was loving it. She pulled me down to her and kissed me as she came again. I wasn’t far behind as I exploded inside of her. I slept there that night Isabel was surprised to see me in the morning. He gave me a big hug and told me she loved me. I told her the same. She had therapy that day. So this became the routine. I had the daughter in the daytime and the mother at night. It was bliss!

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  • Reply John ID:99uwotzm

    Had a special needs girl live next door to me she was hot no cross eyed was probably autistic she was very friendly slim blond has a nice ass and tits said she wants to marry me she smiles every time I grop her

    • Jack ID:3zxisyc3qrc

      I hope you came in her holes

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I just love redheads

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhk

    Yeah I really liked this one as my sick side says hell yes!. Two fucking red heads would be so great and maybe someday a threesome.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I see a time when you will be fucking them together

  • Reply Jack ID:7zv1lwo743

    I hope you get the mother and daughter pregnant.
    And give them horses should fuck them

  • Reply Cal ID:14s751pf20d

    I have to say I enjoyed the scenario a lot. The overall writing could be improved, but it was enjoyable and turned me to think about. Perhaps I could write a story like this myself.