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Linda’s Story (forced sex)

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My name is Linda and this is a true story about some things that happened to me that changed my life forever.
I’ve sat down countless times to write this and stopped. It’s still a tough subject in my life, but I feel writing about it helps to sort it out, and look at the ways my life has changed.

I’m now 47 as I sit writing this, but what I’m writing about happened when I was 45. I’ve lived in southern California all my life the same town too. I met my husband when I was a senior in high school {he was a freshmen in college}. We dated for several years and married 2 days after my 23rd Birthday. He worked as a police officer and I was mostly a house wife. Till later when I got a job working at an office. We have 2 kids. Are life was pretty normal, we raised our kids, did the normal husband and wife things. Soon both our kids were of to collage, and we had an emptier house. Our daily routine changed a little, when Joe was switched to night shift at the station. He would leave the house at 12:00am to report by 1:00am. He would be off at 9:00 am but I left for work at that time working a 10:00 to 6:00 day shift. So we saw each other less then we use to but adjusted to it. This soon became a routine like before. At 45 I knew I still looked great for my age, and had a great body, so I liked to dress nice even a little on the sexy side. My husband sometimes did not like it because he said guys would hit on me. I mostly wore dresses that showed off a bit of cleavage, I always felt lucky to be blessed with large breasts 32d for my 5’2” frame. I never felt there was any harm in showing off a bit, because I always did it in a tasteful way. Did this helped to cause the start of all this? I’ll never know for sure.

The day started like any other day. I went to work and as offend happens when I’m busy the day seem to fly by. The clock struck 6:00 pm I left work and headed home. My husband and I sat and ate dinner together, and chatted about my day. When 12:00 am rolled around he left for work, and I was left in my empty house. I was board and could not sleep, so I decided to go out to the local 24 hour supermarket to buy junk food and a movie to watch. This was the decision that would change my life forever. Even though it was winter in mid February, the weather was warm so I tossed on a thin cotton dress and headed out. I looked through the bin of movies. Finding 2 I liked and grabbing some popcorn and candy and I checked out, and headed for my car the place was empty except for 7-8 other cars. I put my bags in the trunk and was unlocking my door and about to open it when a man approached me. He asked me if I had the time. I looked at my watch, and was about to say 12:48 when from behind, a hand clamped around my mouth and a very strong arm around my waist. The first man ran up and grabbed my legs. I was quickly carried to a car and tossed into the trunk. My mouth was gagged and my hands taped. Then the trunk lid closed, the car started up, and off we went.

We seemed to drive for ever. The fear of what was happing had me in shock. We finally stopped and the trunk opened 2 men in masks pulled me from it and slipped a blind fold over my eyes. I only saw a quick look at the inside if a house garage before the blind fold covered my eyes. They carried me through a door. I knew we were outside, I could feel the breeze hit me. We were not outside long though, before they carried me through another door, into a house I guessed. My panic meter went off and I tried to struggle and get free, but they pulled me down a flight of stairs where my blindfold fell off, and I saw that I was in a basement of a house.
I pulled free of the guy holding me and fell to the ground. I managed to get to my feet to run but my arms were still tied. So when I took no more then a few steps I was tripped and landed hard on my side knocking the wind out of me. I was grabbed up and carried to a mattress, lying at the end of the room. I was tossed on to it and the gag was pulled off and my arms unbound. The reality of what they were planning to do did not fully hit me till this moment, and with the gag off I tried screaming for the first time. My hands free I struggled and fought with them. I screamed out for help, so hard in fact it hurt my throat. I began screaming NOOO, STOP! When I cried out “PLEASE HELP ME THERE TRYING TO RAPE ME” one of them slapped me across the face saying “shut up bitch!!” it stunned me for a second, then the 1st guy said “hey man just let her scream all she wants no one can here anything down here” the 2nd guy who slapped me laughed, and then they set forth there full attention on me the 2nd guy held my arms above my head well the 1st guy got over top of me and began to pull at my dress. I kept screaming and crying for help and struggled to free my arms. But both men were very big, better then 6’. And at 5”2” 110 lbs I did not stand a chance. The 1st guy pulled at the top of my dress and ripped it open. The buttons that closed it popped off and flew everywhere. My breasts jumped out from behind my ripped open top and were exposed for them to see. The 2nd guy yelled out “HOLLY SHIT!” “Look at the size of those tits!” I had always felt lucky to have large breasts till that moment, now I only felt ashamed.

The 1st guy quickly ripped my dress off me and tossed it aside. Leaving me with just my panties, then he began to fondle, lick and suck my breasts. The emotions of all of it washed over me and I cried out, tears ran from eyes. No one but my husband had ever touched me before, and now some stranger was forcing himself on me. He only spent a few moments mauling my breasts before moving down my body. He reach out and grabbed my panties, with one hard tug yanked them down my legs and off of me. He then grabbed my legs at the ankles and pushed them back to my chest the 2nd guy still holding my arms grabbed hold of my ankles. He had no trouble holding my wrists and ankles at the same time. my left ankle and left wrist in his left hand and the same on my right side. I cried out at them even pleaded with them “Please don’t rape me!” “PLEASE!!” the 2nd guy let out a laugh and said “bitch nottin you say is gonna make us stop” “your gonna take it up the pussy hole all night”. Then the 1st guy suddenly pushed a finger inside my pussy. I let out a gasp at feeling it and I closed my eyes and cried. He worked his finger in and out a few times before saying “this bitch has a real tight pussy were gonna enjoy this one”. He worked his finger in and out till I started to get wet then he quickly slipped his finger out, and I heard him take down his pants. I didn’t want to look, but when I felt him spread my pussy lips open I opened my eyes and looked down. I freaked when I saw his cock. It was huge. Long and very thick.
By contrast my husbands cock was maybe 4” long and about as thick as a small carrot. This one looked more like 8” long and was thick as a cucumber. I screamed out “PLEASE NOOO!” ITS TOO BIG”!!!
He looked right into my eyes and said “you’ll learn to love it.” Then with a hard thrust he forced his cock into my pussy hole. I cried out as my pussy spread more then id ever felt, and after a real hard thrust he had it about half way in me. He then pulled back and pushed in slowly a few times, before pulling almost all the way out and then as before he thrust forward real hard and forced his entire cock up inside me.
He stayed deep inside me for a moment, then pulled back and began to rapidly piston his cock in and out of me. I was so mentally spent from what was happening, I cried out “O MY GOD IM GETTING RAPED!!” and for a second did not even realize I said it. Till the 2nd guy blurted out “what gave it away” “was it the big black cock in your little white pussy”…
The 1st guy kept pumping away inside me. The initial pain of his large cock being forced inside me soon went away, and in its place a tingling started in my pussy and belly. The 2nd guy had let my hands and legs go, and stepped away. The1st guy took hold of my wrists pinning them to the mattress my legs lay hanging out to the side limp. He pinned me into the mattress every time he thrust inside me. Soon the feeling became more intense. I squeezed my eyes shut and closed my mouth to try to hide pleasure that was sweeping over me. My mind raced. How, could this be happing!? I was getting raped! I didn’t want it to feel good!! But try as I could to fight it off, it got to feeling even better. It had long since past anything I ever felt well with my husband. And even past how good it ever felt when I touched myself. It built till I was having a full blown orgasm. Something id never had with my husband. I could not hold back anymore, my mouth opened, and I let out quick sharp moans something id never done before. The 1st guy yelled “YA! see I told you, you would love it”
My orgasm peaked and then I came. My juices poured out of me, and I shut my eyes in the utter shame of it all. I felt like a whore.
Right after I stopped cumming, he shorted up his strokes and let out an “O ya Oya im cumming!” He pushed his cock all the way in, and I felt his cum spray all over deep inside me.

He lay on top of me, his cock still firmly buried in my pussy. He looked into my eyes and said “This is the first time you had a black cock up your pussy, right?” I looked away, not wanting to let him humiliate or make me feel more shame then I all ready did. When I didn’t answer him, He grabbed me around the jaw, and turned my head so we were face to face. He had a look on his face that told me he was pissed and was ready to hurt me. He starred at me for a few seconds then he said “im gonna tell you this just once, I ask a question you are gonna answer it.” “Understand”? I started to shake as I nodded and managed a weak “yes” he gave me more his mean glare then said “good” “also if you try lying to me, you gonna be one sorry bitch.” “DON’T MESS WITH ME” “ NOW, This is the first time you had a black cock up your pussy, right?” I gave in knowing I had no choice. I replied. “Yes, it’s the first time” “you married?” came next, again I replied “yes” “Where your husband at right now?” “Working” I said. He smiled then asked if I ever cheated on my husband? “NO” I replied. His smile grew a bit then he asked “your husband the only man you ever fucked?” I nodded my head well saying “yes” then he laughed a little before asking “do your husband have a small little white dick?” I really didn’t know how to answer him, and hesitated and stumbled with my words, before saying “ ya.” “orrraaa” “its fine” he broke out laughing and said “fine hun?” “how big is it?” I was feeling more humiliated with every question he asked, but knew I had no choice but to answer, but I lost it and just blurted out “ITS SMALL OK!”
“YOURS IS MUCH BIGGER IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW?!” I had yelled so hard I was shaking. Unfortunately for me, my outburst pissed him off, and I took several good slaps to the face.
I was dazed for a bit and very quickly learned not to do that again. The next then he said to me, when I showed I was settled down was. “BITCH, I told you not to mess with me” you do that again and I knock your teeth out your fucking mouth! Got it?” I quickly said “yes” He grinned and said “NOW ill ask again how big you husbands cock be?” I calmly said “about 4 inches long maybe” “And how thick” he replied. I was not sure about the thickness in inches so I said. “If your cock is like a cucumber. His is like a carrot.” My answer, seem to satisfy him so he moved on. “See now that was not hard was it?” he said.

The whole time he was doing this he still had his cock up my pussy, and was still fully hard. As soon as he stopped asking me the questions, He then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of me. The movement of his cock started my pussy feeling good again only after a few seconds. In response I moaned lightly and he said “ya that’s right you know you love having this big cock up your little pussy.” After only maybe 5 minutes I was being brought to another orgasm. The feeling was more intense then the first time it happened, the shame and humiliation of it all was almost too much. My mind was racing, and in a panicked jumble, How many times was I going to be raped? Were they going to even let me go free or kill me!? It was soon made worse by the things he started saying to me well he continued raping me. He started with rattling off question like statements that had more of an effect on me then I’m sure he realized. He started saying.

“YA, bitch im loving the feeling of putting my cock up your tight little pussy.”

“Just think right now well your hubby is working, he got no idea his wife’s getting raped.”

“I wonder how he feel if he finds out you had a big black cock up your pussy hole.”

“You know if he finds out he will think you must have liked this big cock much more then his little tiny white one.”

On and on he went, all the while still rapidly pumping his cock in me, till I hit the peak of my orgasm, and came real hard again my moaning turned into one hard long groin, well my cum juices pored out of me. Not long after he tightened up and pushed his cock deep into me, and again shot a big load of cum deep inside me.

He stopped cumming and pulled his cock out of my pussy, and got off me. I laid spread out across the mattress. I was still shaking a bit, more trembling I guess. My body felt weak and I felt helpless.
When I knew he had went up the stairs, I slowly sat up and looked around the room looking for something or someway to escape, call for help anything , but it looked hopeless. I pulled my legs to my body and lay on my side, curled up in a ball, and cried, flat out cried. The word popped into my head over and over RAPE! I had just been raped! He had cummed inside me. How could I tell my husband that it happened! How would he feel knowing another man, had been inside his wife?!

Worse still, how many times was it going to happen? What if he held me for a few days, a week, MORE even? How would my husband handle knowing his wife had been raped dozens of times over the time I was gone? What if I became pregnant? I’m 45 but it could happen. The more I let myself think, the more freaked I got.

I then realize I needed to figure out what I was going to do, when he, wait they came back. That’s when it hit me. The other guy I was sure was going to want to rape me as well. I was most likely going to be gang raped, which seemed worse for some reason. I set to thinking about what to do. It may sound dumb to some people, but I had to decide, weather I should fight back or not. I knew I could not fight them off. When 1 or both of them came back even if I put up a fight, they would sooner or later [more likely sooner] over power me and id get raped again and again. My other opinion was to give up right away, and let them have me as much as they want. Giving up seemed the smarter thing to do, but I let the shame of doing that get to me. I felt like if it gave in it was like saying I was giving them permission to fuck me and it would not be rape, and my husband would find out and think I was really just being a whore. So I convinced myself to fight back when they came back. I felt it was better to be raped fighting back. I laid there thinking about it and passed out. I was soon awoke by the sound of the stairs I sat up to find 3 men standing around the mattress all were nude except for masks. There cocks stuck out at me the guy who had raped me had the biggest cock, but the other guys were almost as big. I readied myself to put up a fight, knowing full well I could not fight even one of them let alone 3. The 1st guy said “ok Linda [when did he learn my name?] be a good girl and you’ll have a better time.” Trying to maintain my stand of fighting back, I yelled “DON’T TOUCH ME!” “DON’T YOU DARE COME NEAR ME!” It was probably the worst thing to do; because it was like daring them to attack me I just didn’t realize it till it was too late.
They pounced on me almost all at once. It happened so fast I didn’t even slow them down trying to fight back. The 1st guy had my arms pined down and the 2nd guy spread my legs, and stuck his cock up my pussy in a matter of seconds. I screamed out as he pumped away inside me. The 2nd guy shouted. “DAM U WASN’T LIEING, THIS IS SOME TIGHT PUSSY!” I could only lay there helpless as he raped me. Trying to put my mind in another place but my body would not cooperate, and I started to feel the tingle of an orgasm build in my pussy. The 2nd guy didn’t last long and after only about 5 minutes he let out a groan and sprayed his cum inside me. It had already happened twice, but knowing another of them had just cummed inside me, made it worse somehow. He pulled out of me and the 3rd guy stepped up to take a turn. I at this point I was still struggling, not wanting to give in but he stuck his cock inside me just the same, and began rapeing me. The 3rd guy had been rapeing me for only a minute or 2 when the 2nd guy stuck his cock in my face and said “bout time we try your mouth.”

I panicked. I had never in my life sucked a cock and said as much “Please I never sucked cock before, PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME DO THAT!” This of course just made them want me to do it even more. But when he tried to put it in my mouth, I squeezed my jaw shut the 3rd guy who was still rapeing me pulled out, and stepped back well the 1st and 2nd guys tried to force me to suck cock. They pulled at my jaw trying to pry my mouth open. The 2nd guy rubbed his cock allover my face, and lips.
The 1st guy pinched my nose closed, well keeping a firm hold of my head I tried holding my breath till I could not any longer. As a last resort I parted my lips open but kept my jaw shut tight. Trying to breathe though my teeth clamp together the 2nd guy took advantage of this and rubbed his cock allover the inside of my lips and teeth. It was hard enough taking in air through clench teeth, but with his cock rubbing across my mouth I could not breathe. And as a reflex my mouth opened and he quickly slipped his cock in. the 2nd guy took hold of my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I thought about biting him, but just as the idea popped into my mind. The 2nd guy yelled “Don’t even think of biting me bitch!!”
“You do and u will loose all your teeth.” Right then and there I knew it was just stupid to try and fight them. He began pumping his cock into my mouth. When he told me to close my mouth around his cock and suck, I did as I was told. He tried forcing it down my throat, well he yelled “That’s right, swallow that cock bitch!” Soon it was going down my throat almost every time he thrust it into my mouth, making me gag many times almost bringing me to the point of throwing up. The other guys yelled “suck it. Suck that cock you whore!” after a short time. I was able to keep from chocking as much by taking in a breath every time he pulled back. When he said. “FUCK im gonna cum!” I tried to pull back but he held my head and said “your going to take every drop of my cum in your mouth, any spills out of your mouth you be sorry!” then he let loose and shot his cum into my mouth. It shot in big warm streams. Blast after blast hitting me in the top of my mouth and most pooling on my tongue. My mind had raced thinking it would be so much I would not be able to take it all but ended up being just one big wad. “Open your mouth and show us.” He said. I opened my mouth like he said and they all looked. “NOW swallow it”. He said well smiling at me. I closed my mouth and swallowed, and it slowly slid down my throat.
The thing that made me feel most ashamed about having to do it was that I was able to do it so easily. Hell, the cum not only didn’t taste bad, it ended up tasting good.
“I’m no better then a whore now”. I thought to myself. I only had a few seconds to rest when the 3rd guy pushed me face down and forced it up my pussy from behind. As soon as he was pumping away, the 1st guy had his cock in front of my face. I didn’t wait to be told I took into my mouth and began sucking. The 3rd guy was pounding my pussy so hard and fast that I was having another orgasm after only a short time. It wasn’t fair I thought why did it take being raped to make me orgasm? Soon I was moaning, well I sucked the 1st guys cock. The 3rd soon shot his cum in me and pulled out. He then said to the 1st guy “hey I’m going back door.” I knew what he meant and cried “Please not there!” I begged the 1st guy but he looked at me and said in a calm voice “Linda have u never had it in the ass?” I said “NO” he smiled and said “he will take it easy that’s the best I can offer you.” The 3rd guy pulled my ass into the air and began to spread my ass cheeks. The 1st guy yelled “Hey get her some lube she’s been good to us so far.”
The 2nd guy went up the stairs, and soon returned with a tube of something. Then I was made to hold my ass cheeks apart well the 3rd guy spread some cream from the tube on my ass hole. He then slowly pushed a finger into my ass. They kept telling me to relax. Slowly my ass got used to his finger and he then had 2 fingers in. it went easier then I thought it would. The pain was not too bad and I was able to handle it. Then he said “ok I think shes ready.” He pulled out his fingers and slowly pushed his cock head against my ass hole. He gave a hard push and I let out a grunt as he put the head of his cock in my ass.
He pushed slow at first but then pushed hard and forced his cock up my ass. I screamed out as my ass was forced to spread to take his cock. My face was pressed into the mattress as he rammed away into me. It really hurt at first, but after awhile most of the pain went away. And it was just more of a weird feeling. He pumped away and soon cummed in my ass, and pulled it out. I rolled on my side and curled up in a ball. But the 1st and 2nd guy pulled me up and the 1st guy laid on the mattress, and said “Get on my cock.” My legs were wobbly and weak, but I was afraid of what they would hit me if I tried to stall. So I climbed on top of him, and put my pussy over the head of his cock. I spread my pussy lips, and lowered myself on to his cock. The head slipped in my pussy hole, and I slid down his length and filled my pussy up in one move. I gasped at feeling his cock go in me so fast. As soon as I was on top of the 1st guy, the 2nd guy got behind me and pushed me forward I knew what was coming next. He spread my ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock against my ass hole. He pushed hard and forced his cock in my ass. They went at it right away; both working there cocks in and out of me rapidly. Very quickly my body began to respond to what they were doing to me. I was soon having another orgasm, and they took full advantage of it. Saying

“Ya look at this whore, she can’t get enough of our cocks.”

“That’s it Linda show us what a whore you are.”

As this went on the 3rd guy put his cock in my mouth. My orgasm peaked, and I began cumming all over The 1st guy who was below me. He yelled “Ofuck Ya!” “Linda just cummed all over my cock!” Soon, the 2nd guy then let loose and cummed in my ass. Followed, by the 3rd guy cumming in my mouth. When they had stepped back The 1st guy took hold of me and rolled me on my back, and kept pumping away. After a few minutes he shot his cum inside me, and pulled out. They were all standing around the mattress talking about what a great piece of ass I was. I just laid there trying to recover from what had just been done to me. Guys 2-3 went up the stairs well the 1st guy sat and tried to talk to me. He told me if I kept being a good girl they let me go after they were done with me. He got up and left the room going up the stairs. He came back a minute later tossing me 2 towels and a blanket. He pointed to the door at the side of the room saying “if you want to shower or use the toilet it’s in there, night night.”
He left the room and I heard the door at the top of the stairs lock. I laid there wondering what would happen to me next. I happened to look up and realize there was a clock on the wall it read 6:28 am. Id been here for about 5 hours! I rolled over and pulled the blanket around my body and cried myself to sleep.

Maybe it was the exhaustion from being attacked; maybe it was my emotional state. I didn’t know, but I slept soundly, and when I work up I looked up at the clock it read exactly12:00 pm. My husband would surely be home by now, but would he even know I’m missing? Normally I would have been at work by this time. Unless he called my job or they called him he would never know I was not there. It could take till 7:00pm before he would think something maybe wrong. Even then what could be done no one would have any idea where I was. I got up off the mattress and walked to the bathroom.
My whole body hurt, but manly my ass and pussy. I opened the door, and stepped in. it was very clean, and void of loose items except a towel, some soap, and a roll of toilet paper. There was a big mirror over the sink. I jumped when I saw myself in it. I had 2 big purple bruises on my face and I had little bruises around my jaw. I used the toilet, and then I climbed into the shower and let the hottest water I could stand rain down on me. I never thought about trying to preserve any evidence. I just wanted to clean myself off. I rubbed the soap all over my body, washing until I felt clean. I had been in the shower for over an hour before I finally got out and toweled off. Then I looked around the whole basement. This didn’t take long as it was not that big. There were 2 small windows but they looked to be covered by cement on the outside. A little after 2 o’clock I heard the door unlock. I quickly went and sat on the mattress, and covered up with the blanket. All the fear seemed to rush back into me. The 1st guy came walking down the steps with a tray, on it he had a small carton of milk, an apple, and something wrapped in paper. “Here we are Honey.” “You must be hungry after the workout we all had last night.” He said. He set the items from the tray on a table that was mounted to the floor, and went back up the stairs. He came right back a few seconds later with a plastic chair and some magazines. Once I got my fear under control, I got up and walk over to where he had set everything. He held the chair out for me like he was some kind of gentlemen. I ignore it and sat down. Without pause I tore in to the food. In the paper was a turkey sandwich. As I hungrily bit into it he laughed and said “MY my what an apatite you have there.” “I’ll leave you to eat your lunch and bring you something for desert later.” The way he said it made me think he was referring to something other then food, But I kept eating well he went back up the stairs.

When I had finished my meal I took a look at the magazines he brought down. They were mostly all porno magazines, but there were a few playboy ones that had things to read, so I started with them. Around 4 o’clock the door opened and he came back down. his first words were “Hope you ready for dessert.” He walked up to me nude, and told me to stand up. I got up and he sat in the chair then he said “Now get on your knees and suck my cock.” I didn’t try to resist any longer as I felt id just pay for it in the end, so I got on my knees, took his cock into my mouth and started to suck it. He obviously realized I did not know much about sucking cock. {Which I truly didn’t} So he gave me instruction on what he wanted me to do as I did it. After awhile he said “Dam you a quick learner” “You sure know how to suck cock now.” After a few more minutes he said “Here comes your Dessert” then he cummed in my mouth. He cummed much more then the other guys did and some dribbled out of the side of my mouth, and ran down my cheek. Once he pulled his cock from my mouth, I swallowed the rest of his cum and wiped my face off. Then he pulled me up to my feet and walked me to the mattress. I lie down and spread my legs; he climbed on top of me and put his cock up my pussy.
After only a few minutes as before I felt the string of an orgasm building. I didn’t try to hide it anymore, {not that I did much before} and let my body take control. I was panting and moaning full out. I’d never done anything like that till now. He just kept pounding away in me well saying “Ya oya you know you love this cock” “This is my pussy now” He raped me for almost an hour bring me to orgasm twice. After the second time I came real hard, he followed right after and shot more cum inside me.
He looked down at me and smiled. I turned my head and looked away. “Ya that’s right look away” “You know you love it don’t try to pretend you don’t” he pulled out of me got up and left. I sat up and pulled my legs to my chest and rested my head on my knees. I let my mind drift for awhile, till I heard the door unlock. I looked up to see the other guys come down. They wasted no time and were on me like hungry animals. I sucked the 2nd guy well the 3rd guy fucked my pussy. After several minutes, they switched places, and kept going. The 3rd guy cummed in my mouth, and then had the 2nd guy roll me over, and they raped my ass and pussy at the same time again. They continued rapeing me for almost 2 hours all the while switching places and using me in every way they could. I orgasm twice during that time, and each time they joked about how much I must love there cocks to cum like I did. When they were done they left, and I went back to the shower and washed my body again. When I got out of the shower I looked up at the clock it said 8:23 pm I knew by now my husband would be looking for me. People would know I was missing. This didn’t mean I was going to be found though. The time turned later and later till it was 1:35am. I sat curled up on the mattress, wrapped it the blanket, wondering what Joe thought, hell what anyone thought happened to me. Did they find my car still parked at the supermarket? I finally drifted off to sleep.

In the following days I was gang raped countless times by the 3 men. Everyday was much the same. Id wake up they would bring me food after eating sometimes id be raped. Then I spend time from around 10:00am till about 3 or 4:00pm alone well they were gone. {At work maybe?} I’d spend a lot of time reading what ever they brought down for me. Anytime after 4:00pm they would come back and id be raped, by one or more of them, many times by all 3 at once. Before 8:00pm most times they would give me something more to eat. I didn’t think it could get worse then this, they soon found a way to make it worse. I had woken up one morning, and took a shower like id did several times before, then sat down and read some magazines. The 1st guy came down the stairs with a big bag in hand. He pulled out a dress and handed it to me. I had not worn a piece of clothing since my dress was ripped off me the first day, so I quickly slipped into it. Then he reached into the bag and pulled out a Camera! Even not knowing what he was planning when I first saw the bag, the camera needed no expiation. But he did anyway, He said he was going to take some pictures of me and I “better be a good girl” or “he’d get mad”. So I asked what he wanted me to do. He started me sitting in the chair and began clicking away with the camera. He had me change poses over and over showing more or less bare skin. Soon I was baring my breasts and the camera clicked away then my ass and pussy. Followed by legs spread close-ups then spreading my pussy open using my fingers on myself and so on. The dress was slipped off and he produced sex toys from the bag. Id seen dildos and vibrators, but never used one before. He had me pose with them on me and in me in everyway possible. After I thought he was done, he produced another set of clothes and the process started again.
This went on threw 6 sets of clothes. When he was finally done he left with out saying anything more. He did leave me with a dress to wear, which I did. I sat reading for awhile, and it got later. Around 3oclock he came back down with some food gave it to me and left. I ate the food, and went back to reading.

I was not bugged till almost 6:00pm when he came back down with the 2nd and 3rd guys in tow this time they had a video camera. I was told what to do and we began. I stripped the dress off and the 1st guy raped me on the mattress well the 2nd guy taped it after he finished he held the camera well the 2nd guy raped me. The 3rd guy taped well the 1st and 2nd guys gang raped me and well I sucked there cocks. They used the still camera to take pictures of more of the same. When they were finally done and left, I climbed into the shower. The hot water ran down my body well I cried. What more did they want from me? How much worse could the nightmare I was living get?! I finally got out of the shower and pulled the blanket around myself and went to sleep almost hoping I would not wake up again. I awoke around noon the next day. My food was brought down to me by the 1st guy. I ate it, and as often happened after, he made me suck his cock and then he raped me. he left and I took another shower. The day went by and I awaited my next meal, and excepted id be raped several times that night as that is what always happened. At 8 o’clock I was brought food by the 1st guy and left alone for a little while. When the 1st guy came down the stairs again I thought that he was looking for his nightly time with me on the mattress. When he tossed me a dress, I thought it meant more movies, and pictures. As I put the dress on though, he said. “Linda since you been a good girl this whole week were going to let you go tonight.” My knees almost buckled when I heard him say it. The first thing I could think to say was “what do I need to do?” he smiled and then he grabbed me and began to tie my arms behind my back, then he put a hood over my head, picked me up, and carried me up the stairs. I was soon being put in what I was sure was a car trunk “You keep quiet and you be home soon.” Was all he said before closing the trunk lid. The car started, and the long drive began. The whole time I thought to myself, Is this really happening? Are they really going to let me go? Or kill me?! Finally the car came to a stop, the trunk opened, and I was lifted out. They laid me face down on some grass. And for a moment I thought they were going to kill me! I even began to beg “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” I cried. They started laughing and the 1st guy said “Linda, sweetie were not going to kill you.” “Were letting you go, you just need to follow our rules.” “OK?” “YES, ok” I replied. My arms were undone and then he said “Now count to 100 and then you can get up and go where ever you want.” “It’s that easy.” I started counting, and made sure to go slow. In the background I could hear the sound of there car pull away. When I finally reached 100, I rolled over and sat up. I pulled the hood off my head and looked around. I realized I was in a park just down the road from the supermarket and my house!
The realization of it hit me and I started crying. I finally got to my feet and started to walk home. The fear of what I would tell my husband when I got there hit me like a ton of bricks. If he asked what happened to me. What was I going to tell him? That 3 men abducted me and I was repeatedly gang raped for the last 2 weeks! Would he be able to handle it? I didn’t know. My fear was I knew how cops were after being married to one for over 20 years. I knew that most of them, if not all have huge egos.
Finding out your wife had been getting gang raped by a bunch of men well she was missing, would hit him right in his pride. Maybe even worse, if other cops found out it happened.

I was thinking about all this, because I suddenly remembered a time back when Joe had only been on the force for a year. I over heard Joe and some of his buddies from the force talking about a drug case, well they were sitting in the office room in our house. I listened in threw the door and heard them talking about some women being raped by some drug dealer as pay back for her boyfriend stealing drugs. What was said about it is what came rushing back. One of the guys said “Dam that is a tough break, I know I would not want to touch my women again after I knew some nigger had put his greasy cock in her.” “You aint lying man you’d always remember some nigger tainted that pussy.” Another said. Then I heard my husband say “Ya I would dump my wife in a instant if I knew she touch some nigger.” At the time I just wrote it off as macho cop talk and never really thought about it again, till that very moment. When I reached my front door, I had told myself I would try to hide the rape. Saying I was abducted for a ransom, but when they realized I was the wrong women they let me go. I knocked on the door and my friend Judy opened it with a look of shock on her face. “LINDA!!” she screamed, and grabbed hold of me in a big hug we both cried. My house was filled with about 10-12 people at the time they all came running up to see me. Joe ran up and pulled me into his arms and kissed me and held me tight, my kids’ right behind him. After everyone calmed down a little bit, I went with my story about the ransom and being the wrong women. Everyone seem to buy it, and soon I was questioned by the cops for all the details. They even asked if I was sexually assaulted. I said I wasn’t and lied, saying I was treated fine. The parts where I told the truth were about being abducted, and held in a basement, and how, and where they let me go. Finally everything was settled and my story taken as the truth.

It was a week later that Joe out of the blue walked up to me well I was sitting in bed reading a book and said. “Linda I know you lied to the investigators about what happened to you.” “I need to know the truth.” The book fell out of my hand and I started shaking, and began to cry a bit. “You don’t want to know” “I can’t tell you.” I said. He kept saying he needed to know, that I had to tell him. Finally I broke down and told him exactly what happened. He asked me questions till I had finally told him everything. Every detail, nothing was left hidden. When I was finished he just sat staring at the floor. He finally looked up and spoke “LINDA, no one can ever know about this.” “If it ever was known that my wife got raped by some low life niggers, id never be able to go back to work.” I shook my head saying “I understand” And we kept it a secret. Not long after though I began getting morning sickness, and found out I was pregnant. Soon after Joe and I split up. He felt he could not love me enough anymore to stay with me. Being a pro life person I could not bring myself to get an abortion. I had planed to give the baby up for adoption after it was born, but when the day came I couldn’t do it and I now had a beautiful baby girl. It did not matter to me now, that she was created when I was raped. The talk around town later was that I had cheated on my husband with a black guy and got knocked up. I even lost some friends from it who thought it was true. No one ever found out id been raped, and I’ve tried to move on in my life. Maybe writing about this will help, me maybe it won’t, I don’t know. I do feel like a weight is off my chest writing about it. Well for what its worth that’s all of it. please Any comments you wish good or bad.

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    Hi Linda I’m sorry to about what happened to u it’s not right to any woman to force to do anything that she doesn’t want to do but u did say wen they fuck u with their big cocks u cum loads it’s sad Ur hubby left u I would have stayed by Ur side I’m glad u brought up the little girl I live in the UK hope u r living a good life take care xx

    • g ID:fzq6hxy44

      No women is forced women are on this world to have sex with anyone at any time if she feels she got forced then she is garbage

  • Reply Kitty Cat ID:7ylren8fij

    God bless you and your beautiful daughter. Joe is a total ass for not standing beside you. What happened was not your fault. How dare he pick his career and “ buddies “ over his own wife. You are an amazing women and deserve so much better than that tiny carrot cock cop.

  • Reply Johnny ID:fzq35049k

    I’d love to be with you. I think it so hot when you have a good wife and she enjoys being black bread. You’re a trophy wife girl. 🥰🌹💕

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      No, you are by no means any whore or any kind of slut, for brutal sexual abuse, but a hot woman with a higher libido and greater sexual abilities. Yes, you were raped, which is not very nice of them, but it was still a very nice and positive experience for discovering from al of your sexual talent and your great sexual ability with more of men in sex with you, which you are able to do and i hope with pride on your so nice female body. In addition to everything, it’s nice that they were still carefully and kind with you and your body during sex, that they didn’t hurt your little pussy, but first makeing her well wet with nice foreplay. In any case, you deserve a man for a husband who wants to enrich your sex by exploiting your whole body with careful and reliable persons for your much greater sexual enjoyment. I’m not the only man like that, there are many of us who would be proud of a woman like you are.

    • John James sherrier ID:vzge8vm1

      I agree with you buddy she’s a great with I would of keep linda

  • Reply Ernest ID:5u1d7cdk0b

    At least you are alive! My wife was raped like that also bit she reay enjoyed and started going out at night in skimpy dresses and getting g gangbanged. I stayed with her till one day she left and neverca.e back. I was in the Navy then.

  • Reply Emmanuel ID:2x0gwlybqra

    Sorry about that,just try ur best to get over it okay,and dont have the hatred of those rascals for the kids God will fight for u

  • Reply Guest ID:1frlmp49i

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  • Reply Bearclaw ID:7zv3a3ik0i

    Well I’ve read a lot of these. This is the first to have this many comments that I’ve seen. It was a great story to get off your chest. Maybe I helped you. Until you read all of these comments. Its so hard for me to Beleive that my brothers in arms would be so tasteless in color. Maybe they should look in to you. About friendly fire accidents. If it wasn’t for a few brothers having my back over there I wouldn’t be here not. Grow the Fuck up. And drop the color bullshit on both sides. Or there won’t be a America for the children.

  • Reply Pdh123 ID:fzq60i6id

    I’m sorry you went through this. I hope this helps you move on. I’m not racist. So reading about someone being shallow to you like your husband is seems messed up to me.

  • Reply AlbertJ ID:dglyadt0i

    Hey a good time was had by all

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2kyee16vv4

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      Linda keep ya head up baby, you shared a good story, I’m sorry what happened tho baby girl

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      I belive that you should do every thing you can to put those NIGGERS in jail and get rid of that NIGGER baby,and do what ever you can do to better your self. By keeping that baby,it will only be a reminder each day of what you went thru,but then again maybe you enjoyed getting raped because from what I have read and from what I have been told by other people,I belive that these animals should be made to take the punishment of getting thier dicks and nuts cut off and be made to piss thru a plastic tube. I just can’t fully belive all of what you said,and I wonder if you really enjoyed getting raped,some women do enjoy it,but don’t any one elce to know? You just mite be a SLUT at heart?

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    • Holly ID:eq6cwsoij

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  • Reply Jai ID:60af5r6ib

    A really hot story but I don’t believe a word of it.

  • Reply Embarrassed by pathetic white men. ID:fyh8erb0i

    ohhh yes, true story. come on lol. white men are so ridiculous

    • Lover ID:c1z6b72d0

      Initially I thought that this was a good sex story but this is not just a story this a growing problem of this human world

  • Reply Itz King Glorious ID:rz5vjd9c

    Dat Was Awesome Nd Erotic Bt Sad Nd Heart Touching

  • Reply Gwen ID:2nhj65nozl

    My son has raped me on several occasions. I just don’t have the strength to fend him off. What I don’t understand is that I sometimes have one or more orgasms while he’s raping me. That’s why I don’t tell his father.

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  • Reply Honeyy ID:5te7gufwd2

    I’m so happy that you’re moved on. Finally you found your baby as a light in the dark. No worries. You would be good mother. Keep going Linda!!!

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  • Reply Tia taylort6 ID:2y8t470m9i

    if u ever wanna talk i will listen i understnd ur situation verry much keep ur head held high and proud xxx

    • Lisa ID:1zfwofs9d4

      hi, like to talk

    • JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

      I am a very good listener most people just hear, but I actually listen.

  • Reply Tia ID:2y8t470m9i

    im gad u shared ur story i hope it has help u move on u were right to do what u did it was what ur gut was saying tht is somthing u should listen to no matter what love and support xx

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  • Reply Jerox Bowin ID:2wcha5aqrj

    Those people who raped you can go to hell, I hope you are living a good life now and I really hope this hasn’t traumatised your to much, stay strong Linda.

  • Reply ANONYMOUS ID:rz5vjb0b


  • Reply Brian p. ID:5u1d7chd9i

    After reading your story it’s very clear that you followed your survival instincts.to keep from being harmed ar killed.and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.or feel guilty about.its very evident your now ex-husband wasn’t your ride or die soulmate anyway.his ego was bigger than his manhood.there is a bright side if you Cann see it.you are now a much stronger person and will go at lengths to protect your child from this kind of situations in her life.adoption abortion.no matter children didn’t ask to be brought into this world.and I know you will provide and protect the child til the end of days.so if you still feel ashamed.let it go.if you feel guilt let it go.hold your head high linda.and the folks with the negativity can’t say what the hell they would do if this was there situation just remember noone can have a bright future if they live in a dark past.

  • Reply Paul ID:bifaaxyxi9

    Sorry you went through an ordeal like that. You came out of that being a strong woman and you where very honest with your story. People judge all for the wrong reasons. If you where my friend I would be proud to be your friend

    • KelleyJane ID:fx7i91542

      Linda, I totally understand. These people saying they were in the Marines and they will kill the Men that did that to you, they are squares. Must have grown up in some red neck town. Never been around anyone black. I know you were so wet writing that. That is your fantasy. I was a male and had the same thoughts and dreams. I wanted to sexually serve black men so badly I got on hormones. My hips and ass got bigger and I grew 38 double D’s. I grew my hair out bleached it blonde and when this old white man hit on me I told him what he wanted to hear. I had all facial and body hair removed which he paid for and got a bunch of new clothes and lingerie. I had to suck his cock for a couple months but it was worth it. I hate white dick. Anyway my plan was become a black man’s property. I succeeded. Only he is a pimp. So yes he sells my body daily. But his black cock is so long and so good it’s all worth it. Follow your dreams. All white girls need to be with black men. They all need to be ho’s and breeding should be done at 13

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      I hope you die from AIDS.

    • BL ROBERTSON ID:4hvd6s6v2

      i feel sorry for Linda and at same time good for her as she has finally got what she was needing and not getting at home. i just can’t believe her husband couldn’t under stand what she had been through.

  • Reply None ID:14s6a90tk0a

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    • steve wonder ID:22lqbi2i41

      this sucks!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1jybr2m1

    Now Leave Your Comment…good sex story

  • Reply Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

    Why do some people doubt the story? There are 234,000 sexual assaults each year. 90% of victims are women (1 in 6 women are victims of rape or attempted rape). 27% of rapists are black. So. one can assume that at least 40,000 white ladies are raped by black men every year. If only 10% of these women get pregnant each year that’s 4,000 unwanted bi-racial babies and if half the ladies keep the baby we are down to 2,000 raped white women delivering black babies every year. Due to racism this has been kept quiet. Now no stigma so white ladies & men should love these babies. Similar story happens every day in America!

    • Good luck ID:2kyee16vqk

      Hi how are you my dear?

    • BL ROBERTSON ID:4hvd6s6v2


  • Reply Rob ID:5u1ci0soic

    A Good Man Would Of Stand By You And Help You Through And Loved Your Baby And You

    • Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

      Absolutely right!

  • Reply dickson ID:7d2yo5uqrk

    sorry linda

  • Reply Kaythom ID:1ekc7wahri

    You are a strong women. You tell the truth to your husband only so he keep his EGO. Your husband is the one who lost by leaving you,
    Be strong and have a good life with the real friends that stay with you, The other that you lost were not really you friend,

  • Reply Kaythom ID:1ekc7wahri

    Your husband was not fair to you. You told him everything and after that he left you. He is the one who loose something important and very brave.

  • Reply Pro choice ID:3yww3hhrb

    How can you still be pro life? A fetus doesn’t feel any pain….. But you should tell people the truth. Your friends are asses for unfriending you just bc they assumed you cheated, and your husband doesn’t deserve you. Racists suck.

    • Gusbus ID:2bh6lenqr9

      After saying she liked it? What a whore

  • Reply Bigwilly23 ID:fx7itbt09

    Thats what you get for going out to the store without your husband

    • Tina ID:c39pueqr9

      Are you for real? Are you saying any girl or woman who goes out alone deserves to be raped?

    • sweddeer ID:2joupumv9c

      Yes that’s what he means

    • jbean ID:c3b4d6seql

      bigwilly get lost trash can
      she is a strong woman

  • Reply Gerald ID:mzi5kb0b

    If this is really a true story am sorry. I pray the same incident will not happen to your daughter and you will still have your son’s love.

  • Reply Charles ID:37ge2dj5t0c

    One of these guys know you. How your dressing and every day going back and fourth on your job your dressing make this guys to rape you.
    So one good thing is your lovely husband said to you earlier but you didn’t expect this kind of things, your husband knows because of your dressing but you didn’t mind it.

    • Elena ID:bj0ffsbhi

      What …..?!!thats pure shit

  • Reply Vans ID:1ftrornoib

    I feel very sorry about how your asshole husband left

  • Reply Barbara ID:1gt0sybvm9b

    It must have been terrifying at times you poor thing. But I’m sorry love but it’s a fantasy of mine to be gang raped and I’m very wet reading this. Please forgive me darling, I hope you have a beautiful life x

    • Daddy ID:99uzdoic

      I’ll give it to u barbara good and rough
      Email me [email protected]
      Send pictures

    • Ron ID:45mjppwnqrb

      It’s all fun till one of them knocks your teeth out or hits you so hard in the chest you almost stop breathing trying to make a point!!!

  • Reply Michael ID:2auew3g20j

    If true you should have told the investigators and pro life or not an abortion would have been proper.

    • Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

      Why should the baby be aborted because it has dark skin – that’s racist! She should have the black baby and be proud! No shame.

      There are plenty of black men who will marry her so her racist dumb white husband can get lost! Every bi-racial baby is precious, a reminder of how the races should mix, make love and make lots of babies!

  • Reply Exterminator4u ID:29kedr1e42

    If this was real those 3 boys be found swinging by the neck in Central Park with there hands ziptied behind their back. I bet my Confederate Flag on that..

    • Jon ID:1list9lzra

      First off Im sorry this happened to you. I would use DNA gets them every time. That is wrong that it happened to you. And that ex husband sorry ass should do his job and get the DNA. And prove he is a real man. Not some asshole with a badge that can’t do his job. Step up ex. Or be a worthless son of a bitch that hides behind badge. Or maybe grow a pair. Sorry Linda.

    • Stephen ID:1etuovleqz91

      She obviously wanted to have a brown baby!

  • Reply Kesha ID:bliva2dsz

    I’m so sorry that happened to you Linda, u didn’t deserve all that but u can’t hide it forever, the truth will set u free, n Joe was stupid, immature n not man enough to stick with u, especially when you needed him the most

    • jas ID:1er17s8j

      agree with kesha jas

    • Tia ID:2y8t470m9i

      true u deserve better xx

  • Reply Tyrone ID:28xjo80k0i

    Yeah Dcups aren’t THAT big the average size is 34DD

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oothj

    if you would have stayed home instead of going out that would not happend!

  • Reply Lizzy ID:2liruvqr9

    Now Leave Your Comment…i felt sorry for you

  • Reply Peacockman ID:fx72amlfq

    Wow really hot story wish I could meet you, you sound so fucking hot

  • Reply Dragon ID:hd33o4vqj

    Really felt sorry for you

  • Reply ^X^ ID:1idzxvilm9d

    #RapeFantasy – inconsistent passion throughout the story, disconnected emotions from “Linda” and making mistakes when being too creative. The beginning simplicity is lost by the complexity of the ending. The style changes and you lose authenticity. Your mindset changes from Linda to the rapist and back. The men would have criminal records, gang/rape associations and a DNA test against the child would identify them, issue a warrant and discovery of the images/videos. You would receive money from your ex for your current children and money from the rapist for the daughter. The anger would fuel the “cop” to find them especially with a DNA link. They would have to establish a relationship to defend rape. An implication that your husband used you to pay off his debt to the mob is referenced. You are honest about one thing you did stop and rewrite this many times, the rush to finish becomes obvious and where it all falls apart. You need to stay in the same mind set when writing at different times, your different moods, happy and angry emotions shine in your words or maybe you just kept jerking off to your own story and stopped writing. #LazyWhenSatisfied?

    • Nigga ID:pvkjy0k0j

      Lol bro

    • Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

      I believe the law requires that her husband pay child support even though he is obviously not the biological father. Linda will easily find a black partner who obviously accepts her black child and resumes her life (possibly even having another baby with her new black lover). This story easily has a very happy ending.

  • Reply THinking ID:lkf159k0a

    boring story

  • Reply simple_man ID:16d45lz0b0b

    It is not real, because cant believe women can be dishonest with husband, maybe he would have understood if you had been honest and not left.
    And you say orgasm when forced, do not give such idea to true people, it will be just one more motivation to criminals.

    • Boo ID:5s4vmilzrb

      Of course you can orgasm during rape. Bodily functions are bodily functions, they are not “controlled” by he mind , the worst of it being that if it happens the female (or male) thinks they are somehow deficient! And they are less likely to seek help! Ignorant tool. Passing on your made up ideals. Real rape isn’t about sex, it’s about violence and control. Rape fantasy is common. The only reason I don’t think it’s a female writimg is frequency of misspellings and grammer patterns…

    • Boo ID:5s4vmilzrb

      Besides, this site is called sex stories 69…. Uh, duh

    • MysteryMan ID:cxsci0pzri

      Your wrong women lie all the time to their husbands on such matters not to mention everyone including yourself think rape is normally some stingy guy forcing a girl in some dark ally way when in fact rape more often then not consists of exactly what happened in this story an people rape women to make them have a forced orgasm an such an break their mind, it’s like how your dick can get hard from a gust of wind when your not even horny even though you dont want it the body will still respond in full not the mention it’s a natural god given trait for women to be used a fuck whores and want to be forced to submit by a dominant alpha, keep telling yourself lies to make you feel better baby carrot cock simp man.

  • Reply Am469 ID:30rzgumm9k

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  • Reply A concerned citizen. ID:20phf7lt09

    You need to report this. Have a DNA test done on the child and if the father has an arrest where his DNA was taken, he could be arrested and likely reveal the other two involved. If this is “real,” these vermin are not going to stop with you!!! If you condone this behavior, you are as guilty as they are AND they very likely will end up KILLING someone at some point. That would make you complicit in their MURDER!!!

    BTW, your husband is scum. He maybe even more than you had a Fiduciary Duty to DO HIS JOB!!! You were a VICTIM. He should KNOW that. His effectively “blaming you” for being raped and not doing his job makes him complicit on all if the rapes of their future victims, too.

    • Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

      Instead of being ashamed he should be happy his wife survived. The baby is not responsible for the rape and needs a dad. Within a month he’s going to love the baby and not even care about the skin colour. He is giving in to old racist thinking. “Fear that the sexual black man is going to impregnate his white wife” Get over that shit and get on with it – take care of that baby and keep your wife.

  • Reply Bob ID:2dd0w1649c

    Linda go and rot you white slave btch ,

  • Reply Bob ID:2dd0w1649c

    I don’t give a fcking fck , these white rats choose this sht, they mean nothing, cheap used sick evil weak filth

  • Reply Adoro ID:2or2ykezrd

    I dont know if you tell the trughs. Because many years ago i did read a Book and the details are Specific the same. Ok if you mean, you have tell the Story then its ok. Sorry for my Skeptical but here are too many lier.

  • Reply K ID:bmsex53hk

    I cannot say .. I understand your grief Linda .. however, it was really brave of you to pen your emotions as such… I hope you doing well with your life now…

  • Reply i dont no ID:5py2oviqd9i

    why did u write a story that has happen to u

  • Reply David ID:fx7itakqi

    You were a victim. An should be proud of yourself, surviving .not giving your baby away or aborting it . Your ex. Was a low life . thinking of himself. How Ridiculous .. what a wonderful woman you are ..

  • Reply Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

    OK good story. I believe it although the specific details may have been altered & think it has happened many times before because under these circumstances women cooperate with the rapist. Afterward its difficult to decide whether it was rape or not. The woman feels some shame that she cooperated or even enjoyed some of it and doesn’t want to report it. Anyway I can see it happening – maybe.
    I would like to see a Ch2 I assume Linda remarries – maybe black husband? A black man would probably be more accepting.
    Or does she try to confront the rapists – find out who is the biological father and get him involved at least supporting the baby. Has the makings of a great story. Hope to see Ch2

  • Reply Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

    Nice story but needs a follow up Ch2.
    I believe it because I think its happened before to many other ladies who are then too ashamed to go to the police since eventually they have cooperated with sex with their kidnappers. What happens to Linda. With her black child I assume she will get a lot of interest from black men. She lives with/marries a black guy…..more children and hopefully lives happily ever after! Or take it down a different road… find the rapists, confront them and find out who is biological father …..get him involved and make him a responsible father. If you rape a woman you are responsible for the baby!

    • Boner ID:c33xvdqk

      ” It was fantastic loved it.

    • K ID:bmsex53hk

      I really don’t agree with you, everyone has different way to deal with situation and you can’t say what would have been right…

  • Reply Timothy Williams ID:1dakil1oi9

    What a great story I really loved every bit of it Linda I have to be honest with you it made my cock so fucking hard I live in California and if you read any of these comments I would really love to hear from you if you’re not married yet I am totally in love with you and your daughter and want to know more you can text me or call me at 1-209-324-7633 I am really tall leave in like with you hope to hear from you

    • Jen ID:10cp6len20d

      Wow you’re a weird mofo. Wtf

    • Jen ID:10cp6len20d

      Wow you’re a weird mofo

  • Reply Esteban Zorro ID:2bgqrj5pzl

    Good tale of white tail blacked hard, long, often and Totally. Don\’t quite believe it but a good, hot read.
    Maybe she should marry a black cop. Or get her tubes tied in case somebody wants her again.

  • Reply 030 ID:1d7bj39n7ubi

    if it is real or not i think it was a well written story and if it was in fact true that i am sorry for that

  • Reply the truth ID:y0z5lnoytvw

    Yeah ok \”Linda\”. Funny how you remember each and every sentence uttered during these multiple rape incidences. Linda is some old white guy sitting in new orleans fyi.

    • Mother Fucker ID:1ed9zfdd5knw

      Good story, but can’t believe people think its real.

    • Hhhhh ID:21c8q4rfii


  • Reply Anonymous ID:2ljgkb9hi

    Oh l\’m so sorry to hear this. I\’m jxt placing myself in ur shoes to know how ur\’e feeling.
    Ur husband shd hv stood by u, cos lt\’s nt ur fault. JUST BE STRONG…

  • Reply Rachmael Jacobson ID:1dafd0l0mhpp

    That\’s a harsh thing to live through, a harsher thing that your husband did. My wife was gang raped early in our relationship. The guys were never caught, but I couldn\’t have ever loved her any less for it having happened to her. In some ways it made her a stronger person, and even strengthened our relationship as she realized just how strong I was committed to her. Even though she worked as an escort when we first got together, she never did anything to deserve to be raped. Neither did you! Nor does any woman. Shame on your husband for his inadequacy and stupidity. I hope you truly get what you want from the rest of your life. I wish only the best for you.

  • Reply f ID:14gt4hgev9d

    that was very stupid nobody would not call the cops and no husband would tell her not too

  • Reply Anonymous ID:ysqg9b0a

    Thanks for sharing this story. You told the truth.

    • Nainan Joy ID:1jkjnnp42

      I feel sorry for Linda .She suffer it was not her fault.

    • Hitman ID:7ylren6t0k

      Hitman there is no amount of pain I could give them to make this right. I believe u I have no reason not to hope rest of you’re life is wonderful.