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Playing with the crackheads

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Hi I’m back last time I told a story was when my cock was basically used like a dildo. Well this time things got a lot more interesting. I wanted to make things a lot more interesting I bought one of these toy bugs it’s called a hexbug and it’s basically a tiny vibrator. I took a rubber band and attached it to my cock so now my cock was constricted and vibrating. I put on pants and a sweater and shoes that’s all i wore. It was late and chilly. I tuned on the toy and it started vibrating and my cock was leaking precum. I got close to the camp there were 3 people there 2 girls and one old guy. The girl who had my coat was shooting up by the fire while the other 2 watched. I sat next to her then they all looked at me. I asked if I could sit down for a bit, they allowed me. After a few seconds the other girl asked about the humming sound coming from me. I asked her if she wanted to see. She agreed and I pulled my pants down revealing my swollen, vibrating and wet cock. She looked at the other two and looked at my cock. She moved closer and touched it a couple times. At this point I was extremely horny. And I started stroking my cock the girl who had my coat pushed me down and pulled my legs apart and called the old guy over and I got scared. He was jerking off but his cock was small and looked gross it was covered with weird crusts.I tried to tell her I’m not gay. But the other girl put her disgusting pussy on my mouth and held my hands down I couldn’t move or scream. I felt something pushing into my asshole then he was inside I let out a muffled moan then I felt my tip being guided into a hole it felt so tight and warm. The guy fucking my ass kept thrusting faster and faster until I felt a warm sensation inside my ass. Then what ever was fucking my cock got off and it was being rubbed up against something else, it was the other guys cock he was jerking off both of us using my ass juice as lube. He then came all over my cock ad I felt warm liquid all over my cock and drip down to my balls. The girl got off my mouth and put herself over my cock then she fucked me. The taste of her disgusting vagina still in my mouth. Someone grabbed my legs and put them together IT was the guy he was fucking my thighs. The girl riding me was tight and extremely wet because of my cock being covered in someone else’s cum. The girl who had my coat started biting my nipples while using my hand as a dildo. Then I grabbed the girl on my cock and thrusted deep as I got and I had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had. We kept fucking switching holes and the guy fucked my ass and the girls I lost count how many times I came. But when were done I was covered in juices my cock was dripping with liquids. I ran home and showered and jerked off on my bed I couldn’t even shoot a drop off cum.
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