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On the road again

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Do not read if you are offended easily, weak stomached, have high morals,

As the title said On the road again, been some time off the road, Covid, the prices of fuel, food and anything we need to survive are out of this world, cheaper to park my old Freightliner FLD 120 than it is to drive it anywhere, took a job in town as a mechanic for a fleet company,

I talked with Nicki to see if she was around, she and her lover had gone through hell and they had gone separate ways, Nicki was on her own, I asked you ready to go trucking again, I could hear in her voice what kind of trucking, I told her freight moving, the special kind, she said she was in,

A week later I pick her up from her place on the Coast, she had sold off all but what she needed, clothes, toys, bondage gear, personal hygiene items, she move into the cab of the truck and off we went, picked up a load of raw plastics in totes and headed south, once in Washington State we stopped at the first truck stop, Nicki hunted around, did not find anything,

it took till we got to Buttonwillow before she found are first toy, a cute 13 ish girl with a backpack, a teddy bear and wearing shorts with a pink top and white runners, she was 4ft 5, maybe 80lbs wet, blond hair, and green eyes, she had boy hps and ass and no tits that could be seen,

Nicki seen her sitting in the cafe in the truck stop, no food or drink in front of her, Nicki slid in and asked if she was OK, the girl look scared and said she was ok, Nicki asked if she has food coming, she said no in a small voice, Nicki asked do you need a ride anywhere, she said she did not know, Nicki got the burgers and fries to eat, and a big chocolate milk shake each, the girl sat there and did not move a muscle, Nicki said to her I know your hungry your tommy is making a shit load of noise so eat up,

The girl eat up the meal and drank down the shake, Nicki asked do you have a place to go, you cant stay here, the cops will come and get you and take you back, the girls eye widened at this news, she had not thought that far, Nicki told her she could come and sleep in the truck with her and my uncle I have my own bed and we can sleep in it and then in the morning we can see what you want to do next

Nicki had the girl come to the truck and introduced her to me , this is Fay uncle, hello Fay how are you, Nicki said she would be here for the night if that was ok, I said yes but you know the rule, Nicki said to Fay we have to shower before bed, that way we keep are home clean,

Fay stared at both me and Nicki, Nicki took out three towels and we all went to the shower rooms, I went into one and Nicki and Fay into the other, I took my shower as normal and Nicki and Fay had theirs,

Nicki being Nicki could not help but help Fay, Nicki had stripped in front of Fay, and was totally naked in front of Fay, Fay stared at her, and Nicki broke the ice by tell her that it is easier to wash with clothes off, Fay jumped a little but stripped off her clothes,

Nicki got the water hot and steaming and then put her hand out for Fay, Fay took her hand and Nicki led her into the hot shower, Nicki rinsed herself off and then she put Fay under the water and rinsed her off, Nicki took shampoo and washed Fays hair and then rinsed the shampoo out she washed her hair two more times to get the grim out of her hair,

Nicki’s nipples grew hard as she washed this little girls head, she wanted to rush her hands down this young girls body, she wanted to touch her womanhood, to rub her rose bud, to suckel her sweet cherries, Nicki’s pussy was getting wet from her thoughts,

Nicki then took body wash and a scruby and washed the girls body, paying very close attention to private areas, Fay stood there and could not believe the feelings she was having, a strange girl with a hard firm body was touching her, she had not felt anything like this before,

Nicki hung the scruby up and used her hands to wash Fay more, she could feel the heat the young girls honey pot, she felt her tighten her rose bud as she slipped her fingers over it again and again, Fay was panting slightly as Nicki’s fingers explored her sweet body

Nicki, then started to play with the girls nipples, Fay let out a small moan, Fay looked shocked at the noise she had made, Nicki smiled at her and said it is all right to like this, Fay smiled back,

Nicki rinsed the soap off of Fay and to make sure she was squeaky clean ran her hands all over her body again, as her fingers slid over Fays rose bud again, Nicki pushed the tip of her finger into Fays tight little hole, Fay winsed a little as she gasped, as Nicki did this she took one of Fays little cherries into her mouth and sucked on it, Fay was both enjoying the felling in her nipple and feeling the pain in her ass,

Fay asked if Nicki would remove her finger from there, Nicki held it in place and said to Fay remove what from where and then started to suck on her tit more, Fay moaned and stood on her tippy toes as Nicki pushed more of her middle finger into Fay, Fay panting loudly, asked can you take that out of my butt, Nicki switched to Fays other tit and pushed more with her finger, Fay tried to push Nicki’s fingers out of her, Nicki pushed harder, and told her she had to ask right

Fay was in pain and pleasure, she did not know what to do, she pleaded to Nicki, please stop, what you are doing in my bum, Nicki asked her what you doing like me sucking your tits, Fay said yes she liked that, Nicki asked you dont like fingers in your ass, Fay said yes that one, Nicki told her to say it, Fay finally said I dont like finger in my ass,, Nicki smiled at her and said you will grow to love fingers in your ass,

Nicki pulled out of her ass and then worked on Fays little panic button, it only took seconds and Fay forgot all about the finger in her ass and was now learning to cum, her first cum was short fast and hard, she had doubled over, once she was upright again, Nicki told her they had better get out of ther and to bed as they had a lot of traveling to do,

they got back to the truck about 30min after me, Nicki said we are both squeaky clean, Nicki pulled off her clothes and put them up on the shelf for the next day, Fay did the same thing, I could see Fays flat chest and flat tummy and her hairless pussy, as she turn and climbed up into the top bunk of the sleeper, I had an eye full of her sweet tight rose bud and that sweet eatable peach of hers, my cock was simi hard as it was till I saw that, then I wanted to fuck that hard,

Nicki seen the bulge in my underwear, she smiled and told Fay she has to pay the rent, Fay looked down just in time to see Nicki drop to her knees as she pulled down my underwear, my cock spring free and stuck straight out, I told Nicki we have missed you, Nicki said so have we, she licked her lips and proceeded to take me into her mouth, I groaned as her hot wet lips closed over my cock,

Nicki sucked me as if I was her last meal, but she always did suck me like that and she loved to suck my cock as I fit in her mouth just right, she had learned so new things since last time, she took me down to my root and never gagged, she held me in her throat for the count of 15 then worked it up to 25,

I had to hold onto the bed as she sucked the strength right out of through my cock, Fay watched wide eyed, I could smell Fays pussy as she was getting wet watching, I told Nicki I was going to cum, she pushed my cock back into her throat, and held me there as her throat worked on milking my cock, I shot my loads, I had to hold on for dear life as she drained my balls and my body, she sucked me so much I was still hard

Nicki told Fay to come down and try this, Fay came down, and as she climbed back down we got an eye full of wet pussy, Nicki got on my bed and had Fay kneel over her face, Nicki right away licked her little cunny, Fay gasped and my cock found her open mouth, Fay gagged at first but as Nicki licked her pussy and I guided my cock into Fays mouth she get the hang of sucking and being eaten at the same time,

Nicki had Fay cumming in no time, Fay got to the point that she couldn’t take anymore, my cock was rock hard and I wanted and hole to put it into, Nicki Told Fay to get on all fours and face away from uncle, she did as told, Nicki took my cock and put it to Fay’s asshole, Fay pulled away, Nicki pulled her back into place by her hair,

Nicki spit lubed Fay’s asshole, she then pushed her tongue up her asshole, Fay gasped and moaned, Nicki took my rock hard cock and spit lubed the head of it and then put it to Fay’s asshole again, Nicki told Fay breath deep baby, big breath in and not let it all out and just relax, you will like it she told her,

Fay did that a number of times, and each time I pushed slowly she would yelp and pull away, Nicki got some anal lube from her bandage cupboard, she told Fay this has a numbing agent in it, it will help for being the first time, Nicki applied it to asshole, she worked a finger into her tight asshole, Fay gasped and groaned and let out a very soft moan,

I put my cock back to Fay’s asshole and pulled Fay back onto me, I told her to push back and she did, slowly ever so slowly I open her asshole up, she was grunting with each inch she took, she got maybe three inches into her and stopped, I held still as she got used to her ass being violated, once I felt her ring lessen its grip on my cock and pulled back and then went forwards, Fay was opened mouth gasping for breath as each move I did took her breath away

I slowly worked the three inches back and forth, her tight little hole is stretched and has a death grip on my cock, Nicki puts more lube on my cock as I try and move it in and out of Fay, then I feel the slip, my cock slipped into her more, Fay is ass up face down on my bed, biting my sheets and gripping the sheets in each hand with a death grip, Fay is moaning louder and is starting to push and pull her ass

I am getting about 6 inches of my 8 inches in her ass now, Fay is grunting and groaning, she cries out it feels so good, O is so good, Nicki ids rubbing Fay’s panic button and Fay is shacking like a leaf as she is going to cum, my balls tighten and I tell them I am going to cum, Nicki tells Fay to turn around and take my load in her mouth,

Fay pulls off my cock, and turns around, Nicki is right there and I unload on both their faces, I shot on Fay and then Nicki, Nicki takes my cock into her mouth to get the rest of my cum, Nicki licks the cum off Fay’s face and Fay does the same to Nicki, I take my cok and tell Fay to turn around again, she does and I push my cock back up her ass and fuck her ass till she cums, she loves the feeling of a cock in her ass as she cums, Nicki licks up Fay’s cum, I pull out with a soft cock and Fay sucks me clean,

the girl go to bed and I sleep in my bed, next morning the state patrol are asking if we seen this girl and to contact them if we do, seems Fay is a runaway, I wake Nicki as they are both out like lights, I show her the poster, Nicki askes if we can leave,

we get to the unload point and drop the load, we pick up another load and off to eastern seaboard with a load of PC parts,

we stop and talk to Fay about her poster, she looks as if she will cry, Nicki talks to her as I go into the truck stop for food and drink,

Get back and Fay is gone, Nicki told me her family is loaded and that she wanted to be home but she was sent to boarding school, all girl, church type school, nunes from hell, everyone had to do there work and bible studies, only got half of Saturdays off, no tv or radio, no internet unless a nun was there with you

I asked are we on the move then, Nicki said no she will be back, I told Nicki she could bring the cops to us, Nicki said no she wont, she is dress like a guy and looks nothing like she used to

Fay came back, I watched her move and I watched for anyone else watching, nothing seemed out of place, she got back in, and we moved out with about a dozen other trucks, I watched to see if anyone was following us as well, turned on my scanners and listen for anything I should need to hear,

we got three states over when we stopped, I was still wide awake as I listened to the scanners and the uhf and vhf and the old am with upper and lower sidebands,

nothing about us or Fay,

Fay and Nicki are in the sleeper on the floor on their knees, with out a word Fay takes my cock out of my pants and starts to suck my cock, with her big blue eyes she looks me in the eyes and said Im sorry for all the stress, as she takes me as deep as she can, Nicki is working on my balls licking and sucking,

I get hard in no time, Fay keeps sucking me, she bobs her head up and down, she moaning and begging me please don’t be mad, i’m a good girl, im sorry, please let me make it better,

Nicki does the same thing, please don’t be mad at us, we will done anything to make it better, with that I tell them Nicki on your back head over the edge of the bed, Fay on top of her with your head in Nicki’s pussy,

with in seconds they are naked and in position, I take my cock and put it to Fay’s asshole and this time I slid into her she grunts and takes me, I start to fuck her ass, I feel Nicki’s tongue each time my balls bounce off of Fay’s pussy lips, I can feel my balls getting wetter each time as well, Fay is moaning and groaning, O please sir please my I cum, Nicki goes please make her cum I want to eat her juices, this makes me fuck Fay faster, there is a loud slapping of skin on skin and I pound Fays ass, Fay has her face buried into Nickis pussy, Nicki is moaning as she is getting close to cumming from what Fay is doing to her pussy, I al slamming into Fay’s ass as I tell Nicki to give Fay her asshole, Nicki lifts her legs up to expose her asshole to Fay, Fay licks her way down to Nicki’s asshole and Nicki screams as she feels Fay’s tongue tough her asshole for the first time, this pushes nicki over the edge and she squirts her juice all over Fay’s upper body,

This makes me cum deep in Fay’s ass and this triggers Fay to squirt on Nicki’s face,

With my cocks still balls deep in Fay I climb into bed with Fay still on my cock and well all fall asleep, my cock stay hard and in Fay all night, she told me she loved that feeling of my deep in her as we slept,

Next morning, we woke in the pile we fell into, we took are laundry into the truck stop and did that had showers and eat food, the girls decided to change there looks more and got hair dye, are little blond was now a dark brown, and very short haired, Nicki did the same,

two days later we got to the coast un loaded and reloaded, heading north past the 49 yard line

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    Good attempt but sometimes I am not sure how it would be possible physically to be in the position required. Seems like fantasy rather than experience.