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I am living in small village.we have small house.we have five members in family .in village we have one room and kitchen out side .in summer we sleep out side and on roof .but in winter we sleep in single room parents on got and three of us on ground mat which include my two small sisters one is 16 and one is 14.I a m 19 years his happens in winter we were sleeping .in night I heard some sound. Phuch puch.it was coming from my fathers cot dad was fucking mom. I got erection my 7 inch cock became hard.my sister wes sleeping
Next to me so started pushing my cock against my sister back.she used to bear desi under bear / short .I put my hand on her under bear
And pulled aside and put my cock on her hole and pushed. My hand went inside she put his hand back to stop me I think she was awake and she also heard sound of mom dad fucking.her pussy was wet..so I ignore her and pushed harder now my cock went inside she had lot of pain .but could not cry as.parents were fucking and sister was Also sleeping next to her .doshe kept mum and was fucking her from behind.I ejaculated inside her.and slept .next day same thing happened but this time it was my another sister.whom I fucked same way..it was a routine .

So sleeplng next to her.

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