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Never Steel 2

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With Lie now face down between her girls leg and her ass totally exposed I take out some lube and lube up my hands, I tell Lie that she better start licking her girls little cunt as im going to destroy her ass, I push Lie right into her girl cunt as I push four finger into her asshole, she screams, I ram her face into her girls cunt, I tell her if she screams like that again, its her girls ass I will tear apart with my hands,

I work my fingers into Lies ass, she is moaning and cries out into her girls cunt, I work another finger into her ass, as I do this her girl is moaning and crying, she does not want this, I tell her to watch her mother or I will make her watch, she looks at me and then her mother with tears in her eyes, Lie grunts and yelps as my hand slips into her asshole,

I tell Lies girl what I am doing to her mother and she is the reason I am doing this, I ask her did you take my money, she blinks yes, have you take money before, she blinks yes, has your mother taken money, again yes, I push my hand just that much deeper into Lie, she groans and cries out, please stop , I give you your money back, no one will know you ever here, I tell Lie you and your girl will know, Lie goes, we never talk about it, we dont know you, that is right you dont know me but you will know me when I am done,

Lie begs please stop we no talk, I am working my fist in and out of Lies ass, I pull my fist all the way out slowly, I watch and can see her asshole tearing open, she pushes her face into her girls cunt and screams as she feels her asshole being forced open more and more, once my fist is out I shove it back into her ass, Lie is begging and pleading for me to stop, she tells me it hurts so much, I worked my fist in and out of her for better part of an hour, I pulled my fist and she stayed wide open, I dont think she can close her asshole anymore,

I move from Lies ass to her cunt, I push my blood and shit covered hand into her cunt, Lie cries out as she feels me push into her body yet again, she grunts as I push my fist into her cervix, I force my we into her body till my fist and half my arm is lodged inside her, with my other hand I shove it into her asshole Lie screams as I tear her open again,

I work both hands in and out of her body Lie is laying there taking what I am giving her, her face in her girl cunt and every so often she licks the girls wet cunt, the sounds or air being forced out Lies cunt and ass are like loud farts and the suction sound are almost as loud, Lies cunt is so wet and her ass is self lubing as well, I work them faster and harder, pumping her to the point she is now moaning from the pain and pleasure, it is a fight in Lies body as to which will win, the pain or the intense pleasure of her cumming,

Lie is breathing faster and heavier, her mind is fighting her body and it is losing the battle, Lie starts to shake and her muscles in her body are contracting and then releasing over and over, she is going to cum and she is going to cum hard,


I yank both fists out at the same time and Lie drops her face into her girls cunt, Lie is panting so hard she cant speak, Lies girl asks are you ok mommy, she does not answer her, I look at Lies cunt and asshole both are wide open and leaking cum out of them, I push my fist back into LIes cunt and can now push my hand out her asshole from her cunt, the wall has been torn open between the two holes, Lie will be on a liquid diet or shit out her cunt

I pull my hand out of her and Lie does not move she has passed out, breathing softly into her girls cunt,

I take the girl and remove her ties, make her strip the rest of her clothes off and sit her at her computer, I make her open her account and take out the money she owes me and put it back, she does, as told, I open another account on her laptop, with her camera active and I make her clean up her mother naked, the account is one of those on the dark,

she cleans all the shit and blood and cum up off her mother ass and cunt, I tell her to clean out the inside of her mother asshole, she stopped and looked at me, unless you want the same treatment you better get to work, a voice comes over the laptop, make her eat the shit and blood and cum from that slut, make her use her tongue, yet more voices from the laptop, shove your fist in her ass as she does the cleaning of slut ass, make her double fist that sluts ass as you double fist her ass

the girl looked every worried, I took some lube and lubed up my hands, she quickly got to work cleaning her mother ass and cunt,

once she had cleaned up her mother, I told her to come over here and bend over the table, put your arms up over your head and legs apart, if you move with out my say so I will make you wish you never been born

she did as told, I got behind her with her laptop and made sure the camera could see her little cunt and asshole, I told her the spread her ass, she reached back and did as told, I took out my rock hard cock that was leaking precum in my under pants and rubbed it up and down her ass crack,

she gasped as she felt it rub her asshole, a number of time, with her asshole lubed up enough for me I pushed the head into her virgin asshole, she screamed into her didlo gag she still had on, she tried to stand up straight, but I pushed her back down and pushed deeper into her at the same time, she screamed somore, I kept pushing and my hard thick 8 inch sank into her ass, I just kept pushing into her till my balls touched her ass cheeks,

I kept the pressure up till I felt her asshole swallow my cock, O she felt O so good, tight, and very hot, I pulled back and she gasped as she felt my cock almost slid all the way out but then felt the pressure in her ass grow again and I pushed back into her in one long slow deep stroke, she tried to pull away from me as I pushed, I told her spread your ass, she did not do it, I slapped the back of her head hard, I rang her bell, she slowly spread her ass, I started to fuck her ass, moving in and out of her deep strokes, she was out of her mind in pain, her ass was starting to show signs of blood, I told her, Blood is a form of lube and we are going to use it all,

I fucked her ass for a good 30 min and I can hold off for that and more, trick is slow and steady, she on the other hand was going crazy as the pain never stopped but the feelings in her guts told her she wanted to cum, a cum she had never felt before, she felt dirty for wanting to cum, for needing to cum,

I could feel her body wanting to cum, she was breathing hard, her body was trying to work my cock faster and faster, I started to ram my cock deep into her, she grunted and groan each time i did, she was soon panting the best that she could,

I asked her what kind of girl was she, was she a slut. she did not reply, I told her to reply with yes or no. and asked again are you a slut, she blinked no, I slapped her ass her, she moaned, I told her she was a slut and that she liked being fuck in her ass, I asked again are you a slut, she hung her head and moaned as I pushed deep into her ass again, she looked at me and blinked yes, are you an anal slut, do you love being fuck in your ass, she blinked yes,

I picked up the pace and she was pushing back with each thrust into her, she banged her ass onto me repeatedly, she was thrusting back into me as hard as I was ramming into her ass, I pulled the gat off of her and asked her are you an anal slut, she cried out yes, I asked why, she replied I LOVE IT UP MY ASS, O GOD FUCK MY ASS, PLEASE FUCK ME DEEP, MAKE ME TAKE IT ALL THE WAY UP MY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS she came and just like her mother sprayed her cunt jucies everywhere, the more I rammed her the more she sprayed, I pushed as deep as I could and pulled her up against me so her head was at my lips and I told her, she is a good little anal slut and that I was going to destroy her cunt and make it only good to push babies out of, she said yes please daddy, rape my cunt, and fuck my ass and many times as you want, sell my cunt sell my ass, sell mommys ass and cunt as well,

I shot my load deep into her ass, it seemed like I would not be able to stop cumming, once I was done I pushed her off my cock, she lay bent over the table, cum leaking out her gapped asshole, it running over her cunt lips and making a puddle on the floor,

Voice came on the laptop, how much for the mother, another said I will give 5000 for her, yet another said 5500, more chimed in and the price got to 15000, that was the highest price, I asked are you sure she is damaged, I told the girl to push her hand up her mother cunt and out her asshole, she did as told, anther voice said 25000 for her, what about the girl one said, I told them not for sale at this time, but rental yes,

the mother was packaged up and shipped once the money was in escrow, the girl was moved to a different location, and the we used yet another place for play times, she learned very quickly what men and women licked, she has a number of clients and she knows how to please them, her cunt is still in tack as the women really like to make her take punishment with it and then service them for hours,

the Gas station is still there but under new management, the girl and her mother get paid percentages from it as they still own it on paper, this does make things easier on me and others, gas station are cash gold mines,

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    So wrong on so many levels and fucking great!!

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    Loved it. Do you have snapchat