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Twins, we do everything together

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Being a twin is annoying at times, never lonely, and has endless adventures. My brother and I look almost exactly alike. At 16 we hit the 6′ mark. At 23, we are both 6′ 3″ and fucking strong. Our little sister, 20 years old and 6′ tall, is also super fit. She is also horny as fuck. Most guys are intimidated by her hot good looks, tall strong body, and outgoing personality. Not us.

When she was 11, she already had 32 C breasts and looked 15. She was a head taller than everyone in her class and was proud of it. She got that puffy nipple thing about 8 y o and they just kept growing. She couldn’t stop playing with them. At 10, she asked if she could touch our cocks. That quickly turned into sucking them. By 11, she was sucking us every chance she got. By 12, she discovered she loves anal and throat fucking. Not just giving deep throat, which she loves and is super good at, but actual deep hard throat fucking. Split roasting her asshole and mouth became a natural activity for twin brothers from then on.

At 13 mom walked in on us standing there, split roasting her in the kitchen. It was the early hours of the morning, and we were all super surprised, as we all thought mom was asleep. Mom poured orange juice and had a long talk with us that night, about sex. After breakfast mom took our sister out for birth control pills and us condom shopping. It wasn’t until after her next period that we finally got to enjoy our cocks in her vagina for the first time. It was worth waiting for. Oh My God, it felt so nice in there. No hymen, who has one after years using toys and tampons anyway. LOL.

Her vagina is pure heaven. Soft, hot and slippery inside. And delightfully wet. That first time enjoying her vagina, was something we will never forget. Our parents were gone for the weekend, and our sister just walked into our room and crawled into bed with me. As my brother watched from his bed, she pulled the blanket off of me, took my morning wood in her hand and mounted me. She rubbed my cock head against her clit until she had an orgasm. Then laid my cock against my belly and slid her vagina back and forth against it for a couple of more orgasms, soaking my belly and making my cock super slippery with her juices.

Then she stuffed my wet balls up inside of that marvelous vagina while stroking my cock until I shot cum all over my chest and belly. I could feel her vagina pulling my balls up inside of her as her vagina rippled and squeezed through her orgasms. What a feeling! I love having my balls sucked, but her vagina pulling them up inside of her and feeling her vagina muscles as she orgasmed was incredible. I decided Ball Fucking was now on my list of fun things to do. It is kinda hard getting them into a tight vagina, like hers. But once they are in, the feeling is absolutely incredible. Especially with her strong talented vagina muscles. Wow.

She leaned forward to kiss me. Her breasts getting wet from the sperm on my chest. Her vagina holding my balls tightly, pulling them with her as she leaned forward. It reminded me of videos we had watched of girls being knotted by the family dog, and the dog tugging trying to pull out. LOL. She really pulled my nut sack, stretching it until my balls suddenly, just popped out. Only to be quickly replaced by my still hard cock. She slid it all the way in with one slow deep stroke. Sitting straight up, pressing her full weight on me, she smiled. Scooping my sperm off of us and bringing it to her mouth, she asked, “How does my vagina feel?”

Oh My Fucking God, her vagina felt way beyond anything I had felt before. Her vagina muscles were stroking me. An absolutely incredible feeling. At that age, I had no idea how few women could do this. She rocked her hips, rubbing her clit against me. My cock felt so fucking hard, I couldn’t hardly believe it. Her vagina went wild gripping me through what felt and looked like her having an incredibly intense orgasm around my cock. I held her hips, praying for her to start stroking my cock with long up and down strokes. Instead, her wonderful super wet vagina kept gripping me, pulling my cock up into her in rippling motions, her hips started a slow rotation, making my cockhead go round and around her cervix, driving me wildly into an explosive orgasm., Fuck yeah!

During my orgasm, she kept rocking her hips, forward and back, flipping my sensitive cockhead back and forth across her cervix, making my orgasm scream with enjoyment. Then those wonderful long hard pounding strokes began. She fucked me silly, coming down hard, rocking and gripping me tightly through each of her orgasms. Then more of those wonderful long deep thrusts, gripping me with each upstroke, releasing me with each downstroke. God I love her vagina! When I finally came deep inside her again, she repeated the flipping my cockhead across her cervix like before, with her vagina doing its incredible pulling and squeezing. Fucking wonderful!

My cock quickly went soft after that. She bent over and kissed me tenderly. Then went over to my brothers bed and did pretty much the same thing with him as I got up to shower and pee. Yep, I peed in the shower. Who doesn’t! After my shower, I made coffee and then sat on my bed, avoiding the huge wet spot, drank my coffee, and watched them. Everything was pretty much the same with him, except after cumming inside her, she got on her knees, dropped her hands down to the sheets, winked and smiled at me and told him to fuck her vagina hard from behind. Fuck! That was HOT watching her get pounded doggie style.

They fucked for a long time, then showered together while I made breakfast. We ate breakfast together nude, which felt great. Everyone in our household enjoys being nude at home, except dad. He is a prude and expects clothing on everyone outside of our bedrooms. Fortunately, he works 10 hours a day 5 days a week. He is a really good dad. Except for his prudish ideas. Mom puts up with it, we tolerate it because mom says that we must, dad makes the rules.

Our weekend without parents and our sisters now unrestricted vagina was really fucking fun. We did not get to DP her that weekend, but have done so many times over the following years.

My brother and I do everything together. Every GF we have fucked together. We have DPed and splitroasted other mens wives together. When we were twenty, we even got another mans wife pregnant when his company sent him out of state for six weeks. She actually asked us to impregnate her. So we both happily filled her womb up with sperm. It was a girl. A really cute girl. I bet she will grow up taller than both of her parents. She is still tiny, but clearly our child, not his. She looks exactly like our sister looked at that age. Her mom is a redhead with super pale skin. Her dad has blonde hair with fare skin. Our daughter, has thick brown hair and creamy soft skin. Just like our sister.

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  • Reply Cum sniffer ID:4bn00en3fia

    No shit sherlock

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Lovely story, Cappy, nicely told. Have never managed to get my balls in a pussy. Interesting!!

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Getting your balls inside a wide vagina is easy, keeping them there is hard, they just fall out.
      A tight vagina, well it can be frustrating at first trying to get them in. LOL
      Ball sack stretchers help a lot.
      Often it takes helping hands. The feeling is fantastic once inside.
      Especially if she knows how to use her vagina muscles. Oh yeah.
      With bigger vaginas, some men can get both cock and balls inside her, or balls in the ass.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I absolutely love your very graphic descriptions of sex in this hot story cappy ! Especially the sister being spit roasted in her ass , and that huge dick down her throat in which she could hardly breath , and her eyes are basically bulging out of her head , with tears running down !!! Oh my god ! that really turns me the fuck on !! great story Britney

    • SexKat ID:2xbw0ornzrb

      Same here I sat in my husband’s lap and rode his cock as we read this…made me remember my teens and being spit roasted by my now husband and my brother or my uncle’s or cousins and a few times my dad grandpa and brother filled all 3 of my holes with their cum during a 5 hour fuck fest…almost the entire 5 hours I had a cock in my ass pussy and mouth…each man came in me 3 times…once in my ass once in my mouth and once in my pussy…and on another occasion just a few weeks before my wedding my dad and brother my 2 uncles my grandpa and 3 male cousins and my bf now husband all gangbanged me…my husband being bisexual that after he had came in me 2 times he then got on all fours next to me and we both got gangbanged for 3 hours with us both getting at least 1 load of cum from each cock then we ate the cum from each other as they stood over us jerking off…then before they started to cum they had us get on all fours again and they took turns cummin on my ass or my husbands ass…then they had us lick each others ass clean then suck there cocks clean…as my dad got his cock sucked by my husband and he looks down and says welcome to the family son looks like you’ll fit in even better than we imagined then my dad has me get under my husband in a 69 and suck his dick as he eats my pussy while my dad fucked his ass then he slides back into my husbands ass while around us my grandpa was on his back my brother riding his cock reverse cowgirl (well cowboy in this case) while one of my uncles was on all fours in front of my brother getting fucked by his son as he is suckin my brother as he rode my grandpa and the other men began sucking and fuckin each other..as my dad fucked my husband as we 69d my husbanfs cock oozed loads and loads of cum down my throat…then he begins shooting a huge load down my throat…he came so much i gagged on it…while he ate my clit and fingered my ass my dad kept pounding his ass then he pulls out shoots all over my husbands ass

    • SexKat ID:2xbw0ornzrb

      My dads cum ran down my husbands ass balls and dick as I greedily licked it up…my dad slid out my husbands ass and my grandpa slid in his ass soon as it was empty…my brother moved below me to where he was in front of my husbands face…and had my husband lick my clit as he fucked my ass …we 69 as we both have our asses fucked till they fill them full of one last load of cum

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Thank you Britney!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjploi9

    Hehehe Loved it and had many woman father my children thinking it was his. One such couple has had three of my kids yet he knew about it and was sterile so I was the surrogate father. God that red headed wife of his was a sexual dynamo keeping both of us highly satisfied and balls drained. She had a clit the size of my middle fingernail and I simple loved to suck on it with her squirting on my face.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I love hearing from you Gonzo. You always have something interesting to say. Thank you.

    • gonzos a dickhead ( and cappy too now!) ID:4bn00en3fia

      ya but all that ” interesting ” shit is made up u dumb ass nigga