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Mother Torn Over Obsession With Son – Part 2

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A MILF Mother is still very infatuated with her teenage son’s BIG cock after seeing it several months ago. This is a True Story.

This is a True Story and the names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Please read Part 1 first to understand the story.

It had been several months since I saw my 16 year old son’s large cock and I hadn’t been able to keep the image of that magnificent beauty out if my mind. I know that I shouldn’t even think about him in that way since he is my son and not to mention that he is underage. But ever since then, I have been wanting to see it again. Several times I have caught myself staring at him and then at his crotch area just about every time that he has walked into the room where I was, especially when I am sitting down. I have often berated myself for even thinking such things about my own son! However, my husband has been very happy because I have been pretty much jumping his bones almost every night since I saw our son’s body and BIG beautiful dick.

One day, my son came home from practice and complained most of the evening that he had an intense practice and was starting to get sore. As his mother, I immediately went into nurse mode and made sure that he had a hot bath with Epsom salt to soothe his aching muscles. I also told him to take 3 Ibuprofen PM tablets so he would get a good night’s rest. I instructed him to take them before his bath and then get right into bed and I would come and check on him a little later. (I didn’t even THINK of how they were going to affect him in a way that I could not even imagine.)

My husband said that he had already taken his medicine for the evening (which would knock him out rather quickly). After 30 minutes, I told my husband that I was going to go check on Nick and he said okay and goodnight. I was wearing my usual comfy clothes for bed, a light tank top and loose booty shorts. I walked towards our son’s bedroom and through the open door I noticed that his bedside lamp and television were still on.

I walked in and noticed that he was snoring away. I quickly grabbed the remote for his television and turned it off. I’m not quite sure why, but I then sat down next to him and just stared at him. I began to reminisce and I smiled when I thought of him when he was just a toddler. Lying there now, nearly grown, he looked so sweet and angelic. At first I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t wearing a shirt and he had a sheet only pulled up to his waist. Then, after I realized that he was topless, I let my eyes wander down over his belly and just got turned on by how his body was becoming so incredibly sexy and well defined by his workouts for sports.

I couldn’t help it; I reached out and touched him. My tiny soft hand caressed his bare hairless chest. My fingers passed over his tiny nipples and they seemed to respond to my touch. I had never touched my son in this way! My heart was pounding and it felt like it was going to burst out if my chest at any moment. I kept looking at his body and back at his face, thinking that he was going to wake up at any minute. Never did I once think that he was COMPLETELY knocked out by the ibuprofen PM that I gave him. I continued to caress his chest and abdomen, totally amazed that the muscles that I found there.

Suddenly my breath became sharper and I was forbiddingly aroused from my innocent caressing. I knew that I needed to leave … but my damn body was betraying me. I looked at his sleeping face and then turned to look at the covers that were over him from his waist down. That is when I remembered about seeing his big cock months ago after he came out of the shower and how I wanted to see it again. There it was … a bulge in the sheet … a big bulge. I stared at it for a moment and started to reach out for the sheet, intending to pull it upward just for another glance. Then I drew back my hand while my mind screamed at me, “OMG Gabby! … Don’t even think about doing what I think you’re going to do!”

I sat there for a few moments trembling. I wasn’t sure if the trembles were from fear or excitement. But that is when my physical body took over my mental morality and my hands started to slowly pull down the sheet that was covering the lower half of his body. My eyes grew wider with anticipation. I saw the top of his boxers and all I could hear was my heartbeat. There was that bulge … that BIG bulge! It was calling to me … but I still feared that Nick might wake up.

As I pulled the sheet further down with shaking hands, I could see the outline of his flaccid dick in the cloth of his boxers. Damn, it looked was thick even when it is flaccid! Gently I laid the sheet down on his thighs and stared for a few more moments. My body reacted and I felt my kitty pulsate as it was getting wetter until it was almost throbbing. It was so wet that it was seeping my motherly essence onto my sleep shorts, leaving a wet spot between my thick thighs. Then once more, reality tried to step in as I berate myself in my mind, “Gabby, what the hell do you think that you are going to do??!!”

However, in spite of that question in my mind, I kept looking at my baby boy’s face to make sure that he didn’t wake up then looked back to his boxer covered dick. My thoughts were going absolutely crazy with the desire to see his cock one more time. My morality and my lust were fighting against each other and right now, lust had the upper hand.

I felt my motherly pussy tingling and it was literally on fire with desire. Finally … the lustful thoughts coming directly from my damn aroused pussy won out. It was almost like I was looking down from above when I saw my hands reach for my 16 year old son’s boxers. Without any further thought, my tiny hand began to slide inside the front fly opening of his boxers. When my fingers encountered bare skin, I thought to myself, “Yeah, he still shaves,” as I slowly and very carefully opened my hand.

Then my hand made contact with his flaccid shaft … I felt it! At that point, I whispered loudly, “Oh God!” My hand was still shaking a little, even then. Then his cock jerked and throbbed underneath my hand! “Oh my God!!” I thought. Fearing the worst, I froze right there with my hand inside his boxer shorts. I felt like a little kid getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar! I looked up at my son’s face but he did not move anything else; he just kept snoring away.

So, I wrapped my tiny soft hand around his shaft while not my taking my eyes off of his face. It is so damn thick that my small fingers just barely went all the way around it! I stroked his shaft gently a few times and when he still didn’t wake up, I got really brave and pulled his shaft out of his boxers. Then I just stared at his dick as I held it in my hand while I’m thinking, “This isn’t a dick … this is a COCK!! It is a man’s cock attached to a boy. It was rather mind boggling. With my hand wrapped around his shaft I confirmed in my mind that he is definitely bigger than his father.

As my morality and lust still battled it out in my mind, I could not believe what I was doing. Here I was, an upstanding PTA/soccer mom, and I’m holding my 16 year old son’s flaccid but thick teen cock in my hand. Almost by instinct, my hand started to slowly stroke him, even though I knew that I shouldn’t be doing that.

His cock jerked again and my eyes darted from his thick young shaft to his face. “Please don’t wake up! Please don’t wake up!” I thought to myself as I did this unbelievable act to my own firstborn son. My eyes grew wider as I felt his cock get harder and grow bigger in my tiny hand. I was so out of it mentally that it was as if I was floating above my body, watching myself stroke my son’s hardening shaft. It grew so thick and long that I almost couldn’t wrap my hand completely around it anymore. I simply could not believe that my 16 year old son was blessed by this abnormal sized cock. My pussy was on fire with need by now. I could only just stare at my teenage son’s thick hard shaft while I stroked it. I mumble to myself, “Jesus! It looks to be about 10 inches!!! It is Much, MUCH bigger than his father’s!!”

A scent wafted up from his crotch and my nostrils flared when his young intoxicating pheromones hit me. I got full body chills as I inhaled the heavenly scent of his arousal. “Oh God!” I whispered loudly as I continued stroking my baby boy’s large cock. Then, I saw I huge dollop of his precum seep out of the tip of its thick head. Nervously, I licked my lips and looked at his face. Then I looked back at his thick helmet. Without thinking, I started to lower my face towards it … but I stopped myself before I got there. “GABBY NO! This is your own son for God’s sake! What the hell are you thinking???”

Just then, I felt his thick beautiful shaft pulsate and a HUGE dollop of pre-cum seeped out of his head, only this time, there was enough that it oozed down his shaft onto my hand. I stopped, took my hand off his cock and brought it to my face. My fingers were completely covered in his essence. I brought it to my nose and inhaled. “Oh my God!” I lightly moaned as the pheromones were so intoxicating. Without hesitation, I licked my fingers and moaned “Mmmmmmmmmm!” I was almost having an orgasm right then and there. I wrapped my hand around his thick, throbbing shaft once again and continued to stroke him.

Here I was in my own little world, stroking my 16 year old son’s big thick beautiful cock when I thought that I heard a noise downstairs. I froze for a moment and then quickly put my son’s cock back in his boxers, and covered him up. I kissed his forehead and told him that I loved him. I looked at him before I left and he was completely unaware that his own prim and proper, PTA/soccer mom had been stroking his young shaft.

I went to the door, carefully opened it and looked around to see if the coast was clear. I was relieved that it was. I closed the door behind me and went back to my bedroom. Then I went to my bathroom and looked at my hand that still glistened with my young teen son’s pre-cum. I got so aroused when I licked it off of my fingers and I moaned as I did it. Then, unable to control my own arousal anymore, I slipped my hands into my sleep shorts. Then I rubbed my drenched pussy with abandon until I had one of the strongest orgasms that I’ve ever had. It was so intense that I had to bite into a towel to muffle my moans and screams.

A short time later, after I gathered myself, I looked at myself in the mirror and the intense feeling of guilt and shame suddenly came over me. “Oh God, what kind of mother am I?” I asked myself. Just then, my half-asleep husband walks in the bathroom to pee which startled me. He asked, “What are you doing up so late?”

“Remember? I went to check on Nick and I had to go to the bathroom.” He nodded and did his business and went to back to bed. I felt fortunate that he did not detect the scent of my aroused pussy as he passed by me. And luckily, he didn’t lift my hand to kiss it like he often does. Still trembling from my intense orgasm, I finally went to bed too. Not surprisingly, I dreamed about my son.

The next morning, I woke up early and went downstairs for some coffee. After pouring a steaming cup, I sat down on the recliner and reflected on what I did the night before. Now it was almost like a dream … but it was way too vivid for a dream. I’m still harboring some guilt for what I did, but I’m glad that it didn’t go any further. That might have been bad … especially if he had woken up. I have a newspaper headline go through my mind, “Soccer/PTA mom caught stroking son’s cock.” I shuddered a little. I was in mid-thought when my son came down. “Hi mom,” he said, bringing me back from my daydream.

I smiled my best “mom” smile and replied, “Hi baby. I was just thinking about you.” Of course this was very true He just didn’t know HOW I was thinking about him.

“What are you doing up so early?” I asked him. He told me that he felt so much better and that he slept like the dead. He thanked me for the medication. Naturally he had no idea how heavy he slept … or why. Thank God!

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