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My guilty pleasure part 2

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So previously I wrote about how everything started and how I found about the connection between my daughter and Bruce, now I’ll continue writing right from where I ended last time, enjoy.

So while we were having breakfast I was thinking about what should I say to her, if it was ok what she was doing or tell her that she mustn’t do that again with Bruce. I decided to ask her some questions to see how she was feeling. First I asked her for how long has Bruce been making her “happy” to which she replied maybe a week, then I asked when was the first time, she told me the first time happened late at night when she went to the bathroom. She had left the bathroom door opened while sitting on the toilet. She said that Bruce went in and sat down in front of her. She had started petting him when he slowly started to move his head towards her “pee-pee” said she. Of course she had no idea what were Bruce’s intentions. Then she said that she felt how Bruce was licking her. Then I asked her if she liked what was Bruce doing to her to which she instantly replied yes, but I wanted to know why, I asked her why did she like it. Her answer was what would you expect from a 7 year old child. She said that it was feeling ticklish and it was making her feel happy. I asked is she was imitating what mommy was doing. To what she said that she wanted to be happy with Bruce just like mommy. Now I was realizing that my daughters, especially the oldest one, were paying close attention to what was I doing.

We finished breakfast, I was cleaning up in the kitchen. And there he was Bruce ready for action. I thought that this would be a perfect time to show them what is really happening. I called my daughters and told them to watch closely. I took of my shorts and panties and Bruce instantly started to lick my pussy, at first I was standing while he was licking me. My oldest daughter and the twins were watching and listening to my moans. I asked my daughter if this is what she’s been doing with Bruce, she nodded and smiled at me. I was so horny at that time, so I just told her to take her clothes off and come and join me. This was the first time I’ve told to my daughter to take her clothes for this kind of purpose, but for sure it wasn’t the last time. Without questioning me she got naked and walked to me. Honestly I didn’t know what to do. I just picked her up and wrapped her naked body around me. But Bruce was still going at my pussy I wanted to see him lick her. So I grabbed her ass and spread it as much as I could I shook of Bruce and placed her tiny ass in his face. First I heard him sniffing her and second later I heard him licking and it wasn’t my pussy. Her face instantly changed and she started to let out the cutest moans. I asked her if she was having fun with me and Bruce, to what she said yes. My hands were still on her ass and I started to feel curious. Slowly I started to move my hands near her pussy, I was really nervous, but it felt necessary. If I was going to do this kind of stuff with my daughters I needed to get comfortable with touching them and them touching me. So first I started touching her little butthole and I didn’t got any reaction from her. I wanted to touch her more, but Bruce was still licking her. I turned her around, opened her legs and let Bruce to continue now it was easier for him. I said to my daughter, when Bruce finishes would she like it if I do the same thing as Bruce to her. I couldn’t believe that I said that to my daughter. She didn’t seem to be scared or unwilling so she said yes mommy. I was really really nervous, but also really really horny.

So maybe after 10 minutes of Bruce having fun with her I decided to do the unthinkable. Bruce went away and I took my daughter to the bathroom to have a shower, I told her every time after having fun with Bruce that she must get washed. We both were already naked, I told the twins that the should come with us and watch what was going to happen next too, they listened and came. If I was going to do this kind of stuff with my kids at least I wanted to prepare them. While we were taking the shower I was thinking about how should I approach her, what would be the best way to start doing stuff to her. I didn’t know, I wasn’t sure, I was really nervous and scared I mean that was my adorable babygirl. Was I really about to use her for sexual pleasure, but the more I was thinking about it the more confused I got. So I said fuck it and decided to start by touching her chest area, I started feeling her tiny nipples I squeezed and pinched them a little and while I was touching her I was telling her how much I love her, how much fun we are going to have, we were laughing, having funn, stuff like that. After some time I started kissing her body and eventually I picked her up hugged her and started to make out with her like she was my husband. I felt amazing my thoung was doing work inside her mouth. After maybe 5 minutes of kissing with her I was ready for the ultimate pleasure. I decided that I was going to eat her out. I told her that it was time for mommy to make her happy.
She seemed excited, that just gave me confidence and made me even more exited. She was on her back and her legs were wide opened, I couldn’t believe that I was going to lick her small tight pussy. After embracing her I finally made my move. I gave her a big lick all over her pussy and right away asked her if she liked that. She told me that she loved it and that it was ticklish. At this point I was very confident and decided to let my self off the leash. I started eating her really intensively, she even started to moan that was the cutest thing that I’ve ever heard. I felt amazing, I wanted to that forever. I was licking and sucking her pussy without any concern anymore, I wasn’t worried about the fact that she is my daughter and that she is just 7 years old. I tried to put my finger inside her, but it was impossible she was just to tight for now, but I knew that was something I wanted to do with her down the road. So I was probably eating her out around 30 minutes and I decided that’s was enough for the first time.

When we were getting dressed I asked the twins what did they thought of that. They just said that it looked fun, I said that it was fun and that they were next. They seemed happy, but I was going to do something with them another day. Unfortunately I was still horny, my daughter didn’t eat me so my pussy saw soaking wet, but I knew that someone would be happy to help me. I went to my bedroom and called Bruce, I was laying in my bed playing with my pussy when he came in the room. He immediately jumped on my bed and started licking my pussy. I was feeling really horny and the thought of Bruce fucking me popped up. I’ve never let him to fuck me, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So I did it. I bent over and waited for him. First he sniffed my pussy and ass hole, but moments later he mounted on me. I could fell hi hard dick touching my ass, I helped him by placing his dick inside my pussy and now it was up to him. He immediately started to fuck me. I screamed loudly. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been fucked. He was fucking me so viciously, I was moaning so loud, so loud that all four my daughters came to my room and watched. I didn’t noticed them until the youngest daughter climbed on the bed where Bruce was pounding me and she asked in the cutest voice ever what was mommy doing. When I saw her first I was surprised, but I was so turned on that I was thinking only about sexual things. I told her that mommy is playing with Bruce and asked her if she wanted to play with us, she said yes and at that moment I had the opportunity to use my 3 year old daughter for sexual purposes. And I did exactly that. While Bruce was still fucked me I took of her clothes and immediately started kissing and listening her body. Then I started to touch her pussy if you can all it that. I started to make out with her I was licking her mouth and neck. And then I decided to tast her. I dived straight into her small pussy and immediately started licking her, she Is so small that i could fit her entire pussy area in my mouth, I was doing work with my thong. I don’t think that she was moaning, but she was definitely releasing some sounds. After some time I felt Bruce’s knot inside me, his dick was stuck inside me, and maybe after 10 minutes he came inside my pussy, he came so much cum was coming out of my pussy endlessly. After that he left, but I was still in bed with my 3 yo baby naked and the other girls were still watching. I decided to wrap things up, for now.

This was my crazies day yet, but I knew there was plenty more crazy to come.

If you want to get in contact with me leave a comment and I’ll make sure I’ll reply.

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